Associate Scheme

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[Thanks to Willow for inspiration.]

“Mrs Rupnar, can you come out back for a second?

“I’m sorry, I just needed to say this so nobody else would overhear. I’m afraid your card has been declined. “Insufficient funds”. Have you any other means of payment… cash, cheque?

“I see. Obviously, we have a problem here. You’re a good customer of ours, and we wouldn’t want to lose you, but we can’t just ignore this.

“Janet! Janet – can you get me her bill?

“Thank you. Reflexology massage, pedicure, painting nails – that’s £110.

“No, please don’t cry, Mrs Rupnar, let me get you a tissue. Here…

“I wonder… since you are one of our most loyal customers…

“I could tell you about our Associate Scheme. You would, however, have to agree not to tell anybody about it – it is for, shall we say, our most exclusive clients.

“Thank you. Let me tell you all about it – would you like a seat? Janet! Janet – can you get Mrs Rupnar some tea?

“Okay. I first set up the Foot Parlour five years ago, when I moved here from Beaconsfield. For the first couple of years, everything went well; we made a good profit. But do you remember when the bank moved offices out of town? We had a very sharp drop in customers who could pay for our services.

“That’s when I came up with this Associate Scheme. As well as providing services for the women of Saxwich, we also provide them with a little income by enabling them to, shall we say, ‘service’ some of the men…

“No, not like that at all! Please, no, I would never get into anything like that. Let me show you; would you like to come back into the store room?

“After you, Mrs Rupnar. As you can see, we have a stock of items which we sell over the Internet. These are sold to us by customers to pay off part of their bill. Over here we have stockings and tights; that shelf is socks; down there is shoes and boots.

“The sealed bags are to ensure that they preserve their, shall we say, ‘atmosphere’ in transit. That increases their value to our mail order clients.

“Here – as you’ll see, there’s a certificate of authenticity with each one – a photo of the seller’s feet, a few details about them, and a description of what they’ve done in them.

“Please, Mrs Rupnar, I’m sure we are both women of the world – it’s perfectly clear why people would buy these. Anyway, it’s bolu escort better they’re bought from us rather than stolen from washing lines, don’t you think…?

“That box down there? I don’t think you’ll want to look in there. That’s “especially soiled” items, for some of our more, ummm, exclusive customers. They do sell for high prices, I must admit.

“These don’t produce a lot of income – just a little pin money for the women who participate. Would you be interested in this? I must stress how discreet we are and how no customer would ever have your details. We don’t have any other women from your, shall we say, ‘background’ on the Scheme, even though we do get requests; so I’m sure there’d be lots of demand.

“That’s fine, Mrs Rupnar. There’s a little paperwork to do, but I’m sure we can handle that. Shall we go upstairs? Janet! Janet – where’s that tea?

“Do sit down, Mrs Rupnar. Ah… here’s your tea now. Thank you, Janet.

“Since you’ve had no objections to the first part of our Associate Scheme, let me tell you about the second string to our bow. We do occasionally entertain some of our more… ‘distinguished’ customers here. It’s much more lucrative, and I can guarantee that nobody else will know about these business arrangements. I’d only recommend this to people I know I could trust with such delicate matters, like yourself, and since we have our problem with the bill…

“No, no, only with the feet. Perhaps not even that, but with whatever you have on your feet…

“Oh – excuse me. Yes, come in? What is it, Janet? Yes, thank you very much.

“We’re lucky. One of my best and most trusted customers has just come for his 2pm appointment. Would you like to assist me with him? We’ll call this payment for your bill. Okay? You follow my lead. Don’t worry, he’s very nice and polite, and I’ll make sure there’s no funny business…

“Simon! Do come in and sit down. Janet! Janet – coffee for Simon, please! Do meet Mrs R, I’m just introducing her to our Scheme. Have you had a good week?

“Excellent. Would you like to wait for the coffee, or are you eager now?

“That’s good. I’m sure Mrs R is delighted that you find her so attractive… don’t you, my dear? Yes, the jewelled sandals are lovely: excellent taste in footwear is something I find a lot of women from her culture share. Do they excite bolu escort bayan you, Simon?

“You’d better remove your trousers, then. Come now, Mrs R, this is no time to be shy. To save your blushes, perhaps, Simon, you should lay down on your front?

“Now, Mrs R, if you could stand up? Simon does like to be trampled. Let me show you – just apply a little weight here, and perhaps here… in fact anywhere around there. Perhaps even lower down…

“Oh, I assure you, it’s better for him if you’re wearing heels, don’t you agree, Simon?

“Do be careful where you stand, but give it a go. …Good! You can hear how he enjoys it. A larger lady such as yourself…

“Move yourself forward slightly, Simon. That’s good. Now you can see back there, on the rug… You do have to be quite gentle with that, but it’ll take a little weight.

“Excellent. Be careful of his balls, they can hurt very badly. I do know one man who likes to be kicked there like that, but that’s not really Simon’s thing…

“But feel free to press on his bottom. Simon will tell you if it’s too much… he’ll say “Aberystwyth”, which means ‘stop immediately, I’m not enjoying this.’

“And let me show you… he likes it if you press your heel between his cheeks, as if you’re going to penetrate him with it. What’s that, Simon? You know you enjoy it, even if you say you don’t…

“Don’t actually do it; you’ll rupture him. And anyway, why would you soil your pretty shoes on him?

“Okay, time to turn over now, Simon. I can see how you’ve enjoyed that! Come and sit by me, Mrs R.

“You don’t trample on the top side, because he’s weaker there. But he makes a nice footstool… you take his face, and I’ll take care of lower down…

“Yes, allow him to sniff and kiss all around your shoes and feet. Actually, because you’ve just had your treatment, you’ll smell rather fragrant; Simon prefers something a little more, shall we say, ‘earthy’…

“Meanwhile, I’ll slip off a shoe and… he’s very much enjoying that, aren’t you, Simon? Having your tiny little prick rubbed up and down between my feet? Having Mrs R’s feet all over your nose and mouth?

“Yes, allow him to hold one foot if he wants, but not both. You’re in control here…

“Would you like to change positions, Mrs R? Don’t worry, we’ll know when he wants to escort bolu finish. That’s very good. Just slowly back and forth.

“Oh, I forgot about the little stones on top of her sandals, didn’t I? Are they digging in, Simon? Are you getting pain as well as pleasure from her beautiful brown feet?

“Lightly on his balls, too. Your big toenail just there? I like the way he yelps.

“Let’s change back. Give him some toes to suck, too. I’ll fix it if he messes up your polish. I’ll fix him, too. Pathetic man being wanked by feet and paying lots of money just so you’ll stand on his face…

“If you want to play with yourself, Mrs R, that’s fine. But outside your sari, don’t let him see up. He doesn’t deserve it.

“Put your heel in his mouth, let him suck it. No teethmarks, Simon – they’re expensive! And I don’t care what she’s stepped in on her way here today…

“He’s getting close now. Would you let him cum on your feet, or would that be too invasive? …Fair enough, I understand completely. The next best thing, though…

“Slip off your sandal, Mrs R. I’ll just put it here, and when he goes… Simon, you want to drop all of your nasty cum on Mrs R’s shoe? You want to be allowed to spurt where her foot goes? Ask me. Ask me if you may cum.

“Now ask the shoe if you may cum. Respectfully!

“Yes. Yes, Simon, cum on the shoe. Cum on her sandal. Now! Good boy.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get rid of that pathetic spurt. Get to work, Simon; I don’t want to see a drop of your mess on her sandal.

“Thank you, Simon. Janet will be up in a minute with your coffee, and to settle up. Usual payment, please. Mrs R, shall we go downstairs and leave him to recover? Ah, yes, let Simon have one last kiss of each foot to thank you…

“Well done! That was absolutely faultless. I could tell he was especially pleased by the amount he produced. He’ll be a happy man for a week now.

“Now, I’d advise that you go and think about the Associate Scheme, and the opportunities it provides – as well as the pleasure it obviously gave you. If you’d like to become a regular Associate, then next time you come for your massage I’ll take you through the fine details and the little bit of paperwork that’s needed. Are you booked in next week? …Excellent. Then I’ll see you same time on Thursday.

“Goodbye, Mrs Rupnar! See you soon!

“Janet? Janet! Would you get Mr Rupnar on the phone for me?

“Ah, Mr Rupnar. I’m pleased to say everything went perfectly to plan. I’m sure she’ll be much more open to your, ummm, ‘requirements’ now.

“You’re very welcome. I shall expect a cheque in the post…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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