Ann’s Deepest Desire

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It was just a degree or two shy of one hundred when Ann’s flight landed in Denver. The sun was beating down on the pavement beneath her feet but thankfully the hotel she had booked was only a few blocks away, so instead of hailing a cab she grabbed the one bag from the luggage carousel, pulled out the handle and headed off down through the huge parking area. With the pandemic still hanging around Ann figured walking was much safer also.

The lobby of the hotel was surprisingly quiet for two thirty in the afternoon so checking in was a breeze. She took the stairs up one flight, rested a moment on the second floor landing then carried on to the third floor finding her room just three doors down the hall. Inside the room she went straight to the air conditioning control and cranked it up high, ripped off her clothes and stood naked in front of the large window gazing down on the pool which was deserted because it was just too darn hot to be there. The cold blast of air on her naked breasts made her large pink nipples pop out hard and proud.

Rolling a nipple between her thumb and finger while enjoying the cool rush of air washing over her body, Ann had thoughts of the last time she flew into Denver. That was just a little over a year ago for three days of seminars and two nights of unexpected fun. Lost in those thoughts Ann found herself slipping a finger between the two soft and wet folds of her pussy.

That man was so strong yet caring as he fucked her for what seemed like hours in a room much like the one she was in now. His thick cock with bulbous head plunged to her depths over and over and over and every time she reached the height of another orgasm he would slam deep forcing another scream of pleasure from her.

Ann closed her eyes as she fell back on the bed, spread her legs wide and brought herself to a quick orgasm by rapidly rubbing her swollen clit with one hand and fucking as deep as two fingers would go with the other. Ann’s temporary desires faded away as she drifted off to napland.

This trip to the Mile High City was not for business but instead she was doing a favor for her brother in law who owned a used car business back in northern Ohio. Her mission was to pick up a certain car he had located on the web at one of those national auto auctions. It was purchased a few days earlier and all she had to do was show the paperwork and drive it away. The only issue was, the car was a Tesla and the trip was nearly 1,400 miles. Also the two hour time difference was in play. She couldn’t pick up the car until nine o’clock Denver time which was eleven o’clock eastern time. That meant too much time for Ann to kill in the morning.

Ann awoke in an hour feeling refreshed but the thought of that man rushed back into her head. “What was his name? Rob? Rod?” She grabbed her phone remembering they had exchanged numbers. His last words were, “If you’re ever back in town, send me a text.”

Two things Ann karaman escort knew about him was that he worked in the city and he was a married man! They had both laughed about it when she told him she was married also.

“Oh my god! I do have his number. Rodney with no last name,” Ann said aloud and immediately felt a rush surge through her body. Her hand went back to her still soggy pussy, reached over to her bag and pulled out that large vibrating dildo, shoved it up her cunt and fucked herself to another loud orgasm. “I wanna’ fuck him again!”

It was still around 4:30 when Ann stepped out of the shower. Now clean and refreshed but still having Rod stuck in her head she reached for her phone and bravely texted, “Hi Rod. Ann from Ohio.” That was all. “He’ll never remember me,” she thought.

Fifteen seconds later her phone beeped. “Hi Ann! What’s up with you?”

“Not much. I’m in Denver and you said to text if I was ever in town.”

“No kidding? Where are you?

“Quality Inn near the airport.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes.” Right now Ann was wondering what to say next. Excitement yet nervousness was flooding her brain and body.

“Well I’m only five miles from there and leaving work soon. Want to have a drink?”

“Sure. Room 320. Bring a bottle of Pinot Noir. lol I believe we had that last time.”

“Lol. Good memory Ann. Be there in a half hour or so.”

“Room 320.”

“Got it.”

Ann flopped naked on the bed. “Oh fuck! Can this be real,” she questioned herself. “What should I wear?” Ann had only packed clean panties and a baggy nightshirt for sleeping. The dress she wore for the trip wasn’t at all sexy and the shorts for driving back home were just a pair of cut off jeans. “Fuck it! Naked is where we will end up so might as well begin that way,” Ann chuckled to herself.

With time to spare Ann slipped the dress back on and her sandals to go to the ice machine down the hall. There were two younger guys standing there chatting and when she bent over to scoop the ice one of them said, “Nice ass lady.”

“Too bad you can’t have it, asshole,” she quipped then walked away pulling the dress up for a full view of her nicely rounded ass.

Ann glanced at the clock radio on the nightstand when the much anticipated knock on the door came. 5:35. Still in the sundress she peeked through the peephole and her heart raced, almost feeling faint for a moment. There he was as she remembered. Tall, tanned, a scruffy beard unlike before and dressed very well. He wore tan slacks with a pinstripe white shirt and what looked like a rather expensive silk tie slightly loosened at the neck.

“Hi Rod,” Ann stuttered nervously as she opened the door. “You look great!”

“Well thanks Ann. You haven’t changed a bit since last seeing you,” Rod replied as he handed her the wine.

“Wow! That ain’t the cheap stuff, Rod,” she giggled then threw her arms around karaman escort bayan his neck and broad shoulders then planted her wet lips on his.

Rod’s arms reached around Ann and his hands went to her ass giving her cheeks a gentle squeeze. “Nothing but the best for the best, Ann,” Rod said as their lips parted.

“Why don’t you get comfy while I pour us a glass,” Ann purred while giving Rod that sexy look she could always make men melt with. “I hope you don’t have any plans for a while. Like being home soon.”

“No, I’m working with a client and going to be late,” Rod answered with a wink as he removed his tie, shirt, and undershirt.

“Could be very late, Rod,” Ann winked back while handing Rod a hotel plastic glass of wine. “This client doesn’t have much money but I’d really like to employ your services,” she added with a giggle then unbeckled Rod’s belt and unzipped his fly.

“We can negotiate that Ann,” he said while lifting up the skirt of Ann’s dress to expose her smooth pussy. “Might as well take that off for the negotiations which I’m probably going to come up on the short end of, Ann.”

“Oh Rod. I think both of us are going to come out on top,” She giggled.

Ann pulled the dress over her head while Rod slipped off his pants and shorts. Ann nearly gasped at the site of his nearly erect cock. That purple mushroom head and the heavy dark veins along the shaft made Ann want to immediately jump right on it, but instead she fell back on the bed pulling him down beside her.

Rod wrapped his muscular arms around her slightly sweaty body and the two embraced in a long and sloppy wet kiss. He knew exactly what Ann wanted and she felt the stiffness of his manhood pressing against her thigh. Ann raised one leg and swung it over Rod’s leg as they lay side by side. Rod rocked back and forth, his throbbing cock rubbing against her now parted and wet cunt lips.

Ann’s head was spinning. “Fuck me, Rod!” she cried out as she reached between their hot bodies and guided his cock head into her love canal. With a gentle rocking motion from Rod’s hips his cock pushed into her wanting tunnel. “Oh yes!”

With her hand still at her pussy, Ann rubbed her clit rapidly and began to gasp heavily. Rod somehow remembered how often Ann could orgasm so he gave a deep thrust and Ann let out a cry that was likely heard all over the city of Denver.

Ann’s body quivered and convulsed for what seemed forever then a flood of juices flowed out over his cock and onto the bed.

“Oh fuck, Rod!” Ann gasped, then she rolled onto her back and reached over to the nightstand for the glass of wine. Ann then handed the glass to Rod and as he sipped from the glass Ann leaned down to take his glistening shaft into her mouth. With a hand she fondled his tight full balls. She remembered what great stamina Rod possessed and how many times he had got her off the last first time they met.

Ann escort karaman placed the glass back on the nightstand, grabbed two pillows to prop under her ass and spread her legs wide. “Come on Rod. I want every inch of that glorious cock.”

Accepting the invitation, Rod positioned his body above her and gently eased his thick shaft into her. She loved the feel of that bulbous head opening her hot cunt and feeling all eight inches buried deep into her. In all of the men she had fucked, none felt like him.

Ann closed her eyes as Rod plunged in and out, each time pulling out nearly all the way and sliding back into the depths of her cunt. With every deep plunge Ann grunted slightly and as his motion increased, her grunts turned to little cries of pleasure until finally she cried out, “Oh Rod! Yes!”

Rod slammed into her pleasure hole one more time and Ann went into another wild orgasm. “Yes! Oh fuck, yes,” she screamed out and again began to shudder and shake. But this time along with her own orgasm, Ann felt a gushing flood against her cervix. Rod’s cock pulsed three, four, five, or six times. Each time pumping his cum into her. Then Rod’s manly body fell forward, the entire weight of his body heavy on hers. Sweat dripped from his chin and nose onto her face but Ann didn’t mind.

After several minutes both had steadied their breathing and Rod rolled onto the bed. Ann rolled over and leaned down to take his now soft cock into her mouth. His semen mixed with her own juices tasted sweet. She knew that Rod was as pleasantly satisfied as she was and she really wanted him to stay for more but common sense had overruled that wish.

“That was fucking awesome, Rod, and I would like for you to stay for another round but I really think you should tidy up and go back home to where you belong.”

“I know, Ann. You were great too and I look forward to your next trip to Denver, if that should ever happen again.”

Moments later Rod went into the bathroom to wash up a bit and returned to dress. Ann went to pee and let his thick cum bubble out of her cunt. Few words were spoken from that point on and Ann gave Rod a little kiss as he left the room.

Ann turned around and went back to the bed and emitted a big smile when she saw two crisp one hundred dollar bills on the nightstand. “Very generous this time, Rod! Thank you,” Ann giggled to herself.

Yes, that’s right. Ever since her years in college, Ann knew that her body and talents in bed were an asset and on occasion she was known to put them to good use. This guy, Rod was an easy one the first time and even easier this time.

Two hundred dollars didn’t seem right considering all the pleasure she received in the process, but he could afford it.

With many hours left in the evening, Ann decided to run the iron over her dress and go down to the restaurant and lounge for a bite to eat, a drink or two and see what kind of excitement she could find there. Maybe another two hundred dollar trick would land in her bed tonight?

Tomorrow she will head out on her 1,400 mile trek back to Ohio. She would drive several hours and hopefully make it close to Chicago where she knew a couple other generous men. It just might be chapter two!

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