Anniversary Gift

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My wife, Emily, and I were celebrating our anniversary and I decided to take her to Chicago to celebrate. We got a room at an upscale hotel. Emily had dressed up for me in the way that she knows I like. Sexy little dress, thigh high stockings with no panties and a pair of high heels that made her legs look fantastic. I was ready for action, but she was teasing me. We had done the fancy dinner and decided to kick back in the sauna for a while.

I knew she was naked under the skimpy little towel she wore in the sauna and I wanted my hands under it. She sat right by the entrance to the sauna so there was no way I could play with her. She would occasionally get up and bend over, giving me a glimpse of her sweet ass and her pussy. I wanted to dive in, but she wasn’t letting me.

I told her how hot she was making me and that I needed to fuck her. No one had come in for quite a while so we moved to the back corner. It was an L shaped room, so we had a little bit of privacy and the thought of doing it in a public place had both of us worked up. I pulled Emily’s towel off and ran my hands over her body. She was slippery with sweat from the sauna, which made my hands glide easily over her skin. Apparently she was more turned on than she had let on because she started moaning as my hands traveled up and down her body and I hadn’t even touched her in her most sensitive spots yet. When my fingers reached her nipples, she pushed closer to me and begged me to touch them more. I licked those beautiful tits as if I was a man who hadn’t eaten for a month. She had her first orgasm just from me playing with her tits. If we kept up at this rate, it was going to be a hell of a night.

Emily was standing in front of me. I told her to lie down on the bench and she happily complied. As I buried my face between her legs and started to work on her sensitive clit, she moaned again and thrust her pussy into my face. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole and fucked it while my thumb kept rubbing her nub. She ground her pussy into my face as her juices ran down my tongue and face. Damn she was hot. I was ready for fuck her when she knelt down in front of me and started to give me one hell of a blow job. I’m not one to pass up a blow job and Emily has one hell of a mouth. I was enjoying watching her mouth slide up and down my pole. I looked up and saw a man standing, watching us while he stroked his cock. I debated on whether or not to tell Emily that we had company when he bahis firmaları said, “Don’t stop on my account. I was actually hoping I could join you.” Shit. Emily and I had talked about this, but didn’t think it would ever really happen.

I wasn’t sure if she had heard him, so I leaned down and told her that someone was watching us and that her expert mouth had gotten him hard. Then I told her that he wanted to join us. Her mouth never stopped moving. In fact, she sucked me harder and faster. She must have been as turned on as I was. I couldn’t stop her, and I didn’t want to so I shot my load down her throat. She still didn’t stop and worked my cock like she was a porn star. When she had finally drained me and licked up every last drop, she gave me a quick kiss, and then turned around and started to give the same treatment to our visitor. Damn my wife looked sexy as hell as she swallowed the length of him down her throat. He had either been standing there longer than I realized, or had never had anyone suck his cock as well as Emily, because he only lasted a couple of minutes before he shot his load. Just as she had done with me, Emily swallowed every drop.

We were both spent but Emily was still ready for action. She laid down the bench, spread her legs and started working her pussy. She alternated between stroking her clit and diving her fingers deep inside. Our visitor went over and sucked her fingers when she withdrew them. He told her that she tasted sweet, and dove down to taste her for himself. Watching my wife getting her pussy eaten by another man started to bring my cock back to attention. It wasn’t long before he pushed her legs up and slid his cock into her wet pussy. I straddled Emily’s face, putting my cock back in her mouth but facing her pussy so I could watch her getting fucked. I wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of her. It looked so damn hot I reached down between her legs and stroked his cock as he pulled out of her. Soon he was fucking my hand and her pussy. I had never held another’s man cock before, but the feeling was sending jolts of excitement straight to my own cock. I had to pull out of Emily’s mouth before I lost it again. I still hadn’t been inside her tight pussy and I wanted to fuck her after our visitor.

We switched places and I finally got to slide in. She was so hot and wet. I felt her muscles grip me as she had an incredible orgasm. I was so involved in the feelings Emily’s pussy was giving me, I didn’t notice kaçak iddaa that our visitor was now behind me. His hand was on my balls and I could fill his prick pushing against the crack of my ass. I had thought about this, and now it was about to happen, at least I hoped it was. I was about to get fucked by a man.

He told me to change places with Emily. I lay on the bench and he gave my cock some quick attention, licking the shaft, then swirling his tongue around the head. He took me deep into his mouth a few times, and told Emily that he wanted her help so that he could fuck me. Hearing him say he was going to fuck me made me want to explode. Emily knew I was curious about sucking cock and getting fucked. It looked like she was going along with it, so I lay there and let them work me over. My legs were bent back and my ass was totally exposed. I felt a tongue travel from my balls followed immediately by another. I looked down to see the two of them working me together. I felt two tongues probe my ass. Emily spread my ass cheeks as he probed deeper and slowly put his finger in my ass. Emily played with my ass on a pretty regular basis, but having both of them work it together was amazing. His finger pumped in and out of my ass as Emily licked my balls. I was soon begging to get fucked.

He told Emily to climb on top of me, but he wanted her facing him so she could watch him fuck me and he could play with her tits and pussy. He rubbed Emily’s pussy and took her juices to spread on my ass. I was prepared for it to hurt as he entered me, but the excitement had me loosening up and what Emily was doing to my cock was magic. He started very slowly, easing into my hole. Every nerve was feeling the sensation as he slid into me. He withdrew just as slowly, until just the head of his cock was inside. When he stroked in again, he did so a little faster, each time increasing his speed slightly until he was able to easily slide in and out. I raised my head to see that he was stroking Emily’s clit as he slid in and out of my ass. We had a rhythm going as Emily rode me and he fucked me.

I could feel her riding my cock a little bit faster, followed by a loan groan as she came. Her pussy tightened around my cock, squeezing it tight; contraction after contraction. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I unloaded in her pussy. A few seconds later our visitor gave a few loud grunts and I felt him grow harder. He came in my ass and I felt his cock throb as he shot inside of kaçak bahis me. Emily climbed off and went to work on cleaning out my ass as our visitor sucked my wife’s juices off my cock.

I asked Emily if she was done. She replied, “I’m just getting started honey.” She invited our visitor up to our room. I have one hell of a wife. We grabbed our clothes, and wrapped just in our skimpy towels, went back to our room. No one wanted to take the time to get dressed again, and hell, what was the point. We were all going to get naked again soon anyway. In the elevator we were a tangle of bodies as everyone had hands and tongues everywhere. As we felt the elevator come to a stop we quickly readjusted ourselves and damn near ran to the room. As soon as we were in, clothes were dropped, towels were dropped and we went back to working each other over.

We got on the bed and formed a daisy chain. I sucked our visitor’s cock, as Emily sucked mine and he ate her pussy. As she had done with me, she helped me open his ass as I prepared to fuck him. She mounted him just as she had done with me. His ass was tight as I slid in. It took all my control to not just start fucking him fast and furious. The feeling of sliding in and out of his tight ass was sensational. Looking in my wife’s eyes and watching her fuck him at the same time I did was a unique experience and I’m sure one most men never get to experience. I tweaked her nipples several times and saw her throw her shudder in delight with the pleasures she was receiving. I reached down to finger her pussy and felt how wet she was. I rubbed that little button that I knew would make her come. She let out a loud groan as she did. Watching my sexy wife combined with the sensations my cock was receiving sent me over the edge. I unloaded in our visitor’s ass. He had not come yet so Emily and I bent over him and worked his shaft together. We took turns sucking his cock and licking his balls and ass. He shot his load and Emily and I lapped it up then went to work on cleaning out his ass.

We collapsed on the bed, with bodies intertwined. We finally learned our visitor’s name was Gary and he was visiting Chicago as well. It turned out we didn’t live far from each other and we made plans to get together when we returned. We spent a little more time together and gave Emily a double fucking. I got her ass while Gary got her pussy. I could feel his cock as we both fucked her. After Gary left, Emily told me that watching me fuck and get fucked by another man gave her the most intense orgasms she had ever had, and I was welcome to do it any time I wanted, as long as she wasn’t left out.

Have I told you I have an amazing wife?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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