An Invite… Friday

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Friday afternoon…

“Want to grab a drink before you head home to hubby?” Vic asked as she and her co-worker, Meg, walked out into the late afternoon heat.

“No hubby this weekend,” Meg replied, “he’s on a ‘guys-only’ fishing weekend up in the mountains and, yes, I’d love a drink.”

“Good. I feel like a drink…shit, I feel like getting drunk,” Vic declared.

“Well, yeah, you can do that and still walk home,” Meg remarked, “I can’t get drunk, I’ve got to drive.”

Vic lived downtown, in a loft, a few blocks from the law firm at which she and Meg were but two of a seemingly endless chain of lawyers in a huge firm.

But, the pay was good, the overtime rare, so they suffered the ignominy of being two of many for a very nice six-figure income.

“Hubby’s gone, no kids at home…spend the night at my place, get drunk and drive home tomorrow when you’ve sobered up,” Vic offered in argument for spending the night.

“You know I’m straight, right?” Meg probed.

“Yep. Straight. Married. Yep. Know all that,” Vic replied with a smile.

Vic was not straight. Vic was a pussy-loving, pussy-eating lez. Been that ever since her best friend’s older sister taught her about eating pussy when she was a freshman.

Vic hasn’t look back since.

Of course, Meg knew that Vic was gay. The whole office knew. Wasn’t no big thing anymore.

“Don’t mean you can’t try,” Meg teased as they turned to walk to Vic’s loft, decisions obviously having been made.

“Don’t mean I won’t,” Vic replied in a teasing tone but, in her head? Vic wouldn’t mind seeing what Ms. Meg had ‘under the hood…

“Here, throw these on,” Vic said as she tossed a pair of shorts and a couple of tees for Meg to change into, “I’m going for comfort, so should you.”

“Works for me,” Meg replied, catching the tossed garb, “be out in a minute,” closing the door of the spare bedroom so that she could change.

Good thing Vic and I are of similar build, Meg thought as she slid the borrowed shorts over her butt, then snapping them shut, the fit very comfortable thought Meg in the moment. Leaving her bra on, she then slipped a tee over her head, thought twice, then reached around her back, unsnapping, then removing, her bra.

Aaah, that felt better she immediately thought. Checking herself out in the dresser mirror, she was pleased. Her ‘girls’ were only a C-cup but they sat high, hardly any sag. All in all, not bad for an office-bound thirty-two year-old, not bad at all.

“Looking good, Meg,” Vic offered in comment as she gave Meg a slow up and down appraisal, liking what she saw, indeed she did, a lot.

Meg smiled her acceptance of Vic’s compliment, saying, “Not so bad yourself, Vic,” and feeling a bit of a stomach-twinge when saying it.

What the hell was that? Meg quickly wondered, feeling it again when Vic smiled at her, asking, “What would the lady like to drink?”

“Whatever you’re having, I’ll have that too, I’m easy.”

“Oh really,” Vic commented drily, her right eyebrow lifted in question, “If only it were so,” laughing as she handed Meg a tall Whiskey and soda.

Meg laughed, then facing Vic, added in a more serious tone, “You know, don’t know why I never went down that road…probably could have now that I look back on my high school and college years.”

“Oh? How’s that?” Vic asked, joining Meg at the counter on an adjoining stool.

“Well, you know how after you’ve gotten some age and experience behind you? You look back at events in your life and see it from a different perspective, that sort of thing?” Meg explained.

“Yeeaah?” Vic probed, eyebrow arched.

“Oh, looking back, I think there were a couple of girls I hung with that might have been sending me those signals but I was too obtuse to catch on to them,” Meg laughed in reply, “What about you? When did you know? You know, really ‘know.”

Smiling, Vic answered.

“Freshman in high school. Spent the weekend at my bff’s house. We were being ‘watched’ by her older sister, a senior, while our parents were off playing golf at some sort of tournament,” Vic said, sort of wistfully, Meg thought at the time.

“We got drunk on her parents’ booze,our ‘watcher’ making the drinks for us all. By ten o’clock, my friend was passed out upstairs in her bed and her sister and I were still drinking.”

“Annnd?” Meg urged.

“One thing led to another and we wound up sitting close to each other on the couch, you know? And we just sort of starting kissing, quick little pecks to the cheek or ear.”

“Annnd?” Meg urged, feeling a little bit of warmth between her legs as her mind played snippets of visualizations of what she was hearing.

“Next thing I knew, her hand was between my legs, her fingers under my panties playing with my clit and her tongue almost into my throat. I was sucking on her tongue like it was a dill pickle…I realized that while I didn’t know for sure what I was doing, I did know for sure that I was really liking the feelings it was giving me.”

Vic paused, took a big swig of her drink, licking bahis firmaları her lips with the tip of her tongue afterwards.

Meg saw this and felt an odd sensation in her pussy, the same sensation she felt when she was about to give her husband a blow-job.

Didn’t have to be her husband though.

About once a month or so, she and her husband would go out trolling for good-looking guys for Meg to give blow-jobs to.

The first time it was because Meg had lost some stupid Super Bowl bet to her husband. The loser had to do whatever the winner said, no matter what it was. And what he wanted was to watch her suck some strange dude’s dick.

Surprisingly, they found that her husband liked watching her suck cock and Meg found out that she liked being watched as she sucked some stranger’s dick and swallowed their cum.

Continuing, Vic said, “So, when she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her room, I went willingly.”

“She had me naked and her head between my legs almost as soon as she closed her bedroom door…man, I can almost get off just by remembering that first orgasm with her,” Vic’s voice, now soft, tender.

“But, you know something Meg? As much as I enjoyed her eating me, it was nothing compared to how much I loved it when she led my head between her legs and talked me through my first time eating pussy.”

Meg was definitely wet between her legs now she realized, sort of squirming when she did.

Vic caught the squirm out of the corner of her eye as she drained her drink, realizing that little ol’ Meg was getting all hot and bothered with Vic’s tale.

Well, well, well, thought Vic.

“We ought to figure out something to eat,” Vic said suddenly, breaking the awkward silence but taking control of the situation in truth.

“Um, yeah, we ought to do that,” Meg agreed, taken out of, well, out of what, Meg wasn’t sure. But, she was definitely wet down there.

“Want to go out or order in?” Vic asked.

“Let’s order in, I’m too comfortable to re-dress in my work outfit,” Meg opined, Vic nodding in agreement.

“Fix us another drink and I’ll order…pizza okay?” Vic queried her guest.

“That’d be great…want your drink stronger or weaker?” Meg asked as she was about to pour.

“Stronger. Remember? We’re going to get shit-faced, blind-ass drunk tonight.”

“No regrets in the morning, right?” Meg averred with a strong nod of her head.

“Oh, I hope not,” Vic said, her tone, somewhat mysterious…

Vic answered the door when the pizza arrived, dumb-struck at the vision before her, the girl holding the pizza.

She was late-teens, black-haired cut super-short, and a really cute face with dark blue eyes. She was short in stature, maybe five-two, Vic quickly guessed. Her breasts were on the smallish side, her nipples erect in the cool hallway of Vic’s building. Her arms, bare in her tee shirt, were all roped with detailed arm-art, flowery, trailing vines, the colors bright and eye-catching.

Vic was still ogling when the silence was broken by the delivery-girl clearing her throat.

“Oh, I’m sorry…I was just so caught up in your art-work…I’m so, so sorry, how rude of me,” Vic said, trying to recover her social gaffe.

“You should see my back, the arm-art connects to a huge oak tree on my back,” the smiling girl said.

“I’d love to, drop by sometime when you’re not working, I’d really love to see all of your art,” Vic replied with a smile that was really more of a leer. You’d have to be both deaf and blind to have missed the innuendo.

The delivery-girl was silent for a moment, sort of sizing up Vic and paying attention to whatever vibes she was receiving from the tall, attractive woman holding a pizza in one hand and a wad of cash in the other.

Quickly settling up the bill, Vic was very generous with her ten-dollar tip to the girl. Turning to leave, the girl stopped and turned back to face Vic.

“What you said, about wanting to see my body art, were you serious?”


“I’m Maddie,” the girl said in way of introduction of herself, “I’m off tomorrow night.”

Smiling, Vic replied, “You know where I live…seven’ish?” the smile now lustful.

“That’d work,” Maddie replied, her eyes now locked with Vic’s, “and, in case you were wondering, I’m old enough to drink. I just turned twenty-one.”

“Wouldn’t have mattered, sweetie, we were going to drink regardless,” Vic smilingly answered, closing the door after a quick wink to the smiling Maddie.

“Dinner’s here, Tinkerbelle,” Vic cheerfully announced, her mood buoyed by the thought that regardless of whether or not she’d be able to bed Meg tonight, she was really sure that she’d be fucking li’l miss Maddie tomorrow night.

Yeah, she was smiling…

Fortified by the sharing of the large, thick-crust, everything-on-it, pizza, the two women began an earnest quest to reach their shared goal of getting shit-faced tonight.

They were on their fifth cocktail, each one stronger than the one before, sitting on opposite ends of Vic’s humongous, kaçak iddaa plushy couch. Each was leaning against the arm of the couch, facing each other, drinks in hand,,regaling each other with various tales of their lives and such.

Of course it was heavy on office gossip.

“Wait. What happened on that weekend? After…after that night, what happened afterwards?” Meg suddenly blurted, her voice somewhat slurring.

That’s okay, Vic’s voice was slurring also.

“With the sister? Or my bff?”

“You did your bff?” Meg asked quickly.

“That very night. ‘Course, she did even know I did it, that’s how drunk and passed out she was. I didn’t care, I ate her anyway and played with myself while doing it. It was fun,” Vic said somewhat smugly.

“Did you ever tell her that you did that to her?”

“Eventually. But, that next night when we went to bed, I had gotten her just a little tipsy and put the moves on her. She didn’t try to stop me with any of my plays so I just kept on going until I had her naked and my head bobbing between her legs,” Vic replied, taking note as she did, that Meg was sorta’ squirming around as Vic talked.

“Did she do you?” Meg asked, aware, once more, that her crotch was beginning to feel damp and warm.

“Oh yeah, she did me,” Vic chuckled, “Here’s the kicker…turned out that she and her sister had been doing each other for about a year. When she told me that, right after she had done me, we went straight to her sister’s room and fucked her.”

“The three of you? She and her sister? Wow…that’s all I can say, wow.” Meg replied, taking a big sip of her drink afterwards.

“Threesomes are fun…ought to try them sometime,” Vic remarked casually in reply.

“Oh we have…I mean…,” Meg stammered, her words leaving her mouth to quickly to take back.

Vic caught it, tilted her head, a smile beginning to creep across her lips.

“Oh no, missy, I told you all of…well, not all…but still, I told you about my sex thing. Now, you dish, bitch…your turn,” Vic said, her voice leaving no doubt that Meg would not be able to back-track on her mis-speak.

So, unable to get around it, Meg shared she and her husband’s ‘kinky’ sex-secret with Vic.

As she told it, Meg felt herself getting aroused, getting, well, getting horny. Meg couldn’t help but notice that as she told her tale of giving blow-jobs to strangers with her hubby watching, Vic’s non-drink hand was sorta’ moving around casually in her lap.

Kinda’ turned her on, Meg would admit, if she were being honest with herself. She also liked that Vic asked her about sucking cock, never having done it herself. So Meg explained what she liked about sucking dick…her husband’s, a mutual friend, a stranger…didn’t matter Meg really liked sucking dick and so she said.

Sort of on a roll with her ‘confession’ of their kinky sex-play, Meg also said that the last few times had been with Meg and two other guys while her husband watched and videoed.

“Oh damn, girl, I’m fucked up,” Vic suddenly announced, her slurred speech another indicator that she was, indeed, fucked up.

“Yeah…me too,” Meg managed to drag out, falling silent afterwards as Vic had done.They stayed silent, both looking at each other through Whiskey-fueled eyes.

Without preamble, without a fanfare, Vic cocked her legs, moving her right leg slightly further out, opening her crotch to Meg’s viewing.

Keeping her eyes locked with Meg’s, Vic began to boldly stroke herself through her shorts, slowly rubbing her fingers and palm up and down her pussy’s swollen lips which was straining against the tight fabric of the shorts she was wearing.

Meg kept her eyes locked with Vic’s, not being able to miss Vic’s slow masturbation of herself. As she continue to silently watch Vic play with herself, she found herself pulling her legs up as Vic had done, her head feeling as if in a fog of semi-consciousness.

Continuing to keep her eyes locked with Vic’s, she began a slow masturbation of herself as well, a sense of relief at being able to give in to those feelings of horniness that had built up.

They were silent, watching each other playing with themselves, the loft seemingly charged with sexual energy when Vic broke the silence first.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… and I really want to see yours,” Vic cooed, her voice dreamy, her hand cupping and squeezing her pussy through her shorts.

“Why do you want to see mine?” Meg asked, her voice soft and dreamy as well.

“I want to compare the real thing to your fantasy pussy that I’ve visualized in my head,” Vic answered.

“You fantasize about me?” Meg asked, somewhat surprised at what Vic had just said.

“Uh-huh…I have ever since we started working together…you and I have had some great sex in my fantasies,” Vic admitted.

“I guess I’m…I’m…flattered?” Meg finally was able to say in reply.

“You should be. I’m very particular about pussies I lust after,” Vic replied, laughing softly afterwards.

They both fell silent, still kaçak bahis sort of lazily playing with themselves, Meg weighing her choices. But she knew, she knew when Vic offered her to spend the night that something could happen.

The thing was, Meg thought to herself as she sought rationalization, I’ve sucked plenty of dick but have never fooled around with another woman. Might not get another chance to explore that she thought further. She was incredibly horny after their story telling and all the Whiskey they’ve had, soooo…

“Me first?” Meg suddenly asked, her fingers poised to unsnap her shorts, her decision obviously having been made.

“Here, let me, sugar,” Vic cooed as she struggled to knee-walk on the soft couch, her hand gripping the back of the couch for support. Finally reaching Meg’s end of the couch, Vic smilingly unsnapped Meg’s shorts then slid them off of Meg’s butt when Meg lifted it off the couch to make it a little easier for Vic to remove them.

Tossing the shorts to the floor, Vic then slipped her fingers under the waist band of Meg’s panties, sliding them slowly down Meg’s long legs, revealing a neatly trimmed landing-strip of pubic hair and slightly puffy pussy-lips that were glistening with wetness.

“Its pretty. Your pussy is really pretty,” Vic declared as she admired Meg’s nakedness, Vic’s fingertips slowly rubbing along the inside of Meg’s still-cocked legs, “can I have a closer look? Would it be okay for me to get closer?”

“Uh-huh,” was all Meg said, her eyes closed, enjoying the feelings of Vic’s fingers on her legs. Feeling some shifting of weight on the couch, Meg then felt Vic’s warm breath on her clitoris, followed by a fingertip that paused to rub a slow circle across her clit.

Meg’s breathing increased, the sound slow and heavy in the quiet of Vic’s loft.

“Like that?” Vic casually asked, knowing that there was no way that Meg couldn’t like that.


“There’s no way I can be this close to your lovely snatch and not have just a little taste, is there? Would that be okay if I did that?”

Meg hesitated but a second before murmuring,”Uh-huh.”

Lowering her head at the same time that she wrapped her arms around Meg’s cocked legs, pulling them a little further apart as she did so, Vic played the tip of her tongue across Meg’s ‘taint’, that area between the asshole and the pussy.

“Ummmmm,” Meg cooed in response, her hips beginning to move in small circles on the couch. Her hip movements increased as she felt the tip of Vic’s tongue slowly trace a path up and down her pussy-lips, Vic’s tongue slipping into Meg’s love-slit periodically.

“That feel good too, baby? Want me to do some more?”

“Ohhh yesssss,” Meg answered, her hips now slowly thrusting towards Vic’s dancing tongue.

Sliding her hands up Meg’s body and under her tee, Vic cupped Meg’s breasts in both hands, letting her thumbs play with Meg’s hard nipples. Softly pinching Meg’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, Vic lowered her mouth to surround Meg’s now rock-hard clit, sucking it into her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a small cock.

And when Vic began biting her clit with her teeth, the only thing Meg could do was scream her pleasure at the instant orgasm that Vic had produced by doing that.

Holding Meg’s clit tightly with her teeth, Vic’s head rode Meg’s hip-thrusts with practiced ease, smiling to herself at her conquest of her co-worker.

Pulling her head from between Meg’s legs, Vic slowly embraced Meg as she inched her mouth up Meg’s body with small kisses.

“Here, have a taste of yourself, baby,” Vic said as she leaned in to kiss Meg. Opening her mouth, Meg eagerly sucked Vic’s tongue into her mouth when she felt it enter.

If that’s what my pussy tastes like, Meg thought at that moment, I need to start licking and sucking my fingers when I masturbate.

Breaking their kiss, Vic pulled Meg to her feet from off of the couch, taking her by the hand and walking towards the master bedroom.

“Let’s go play,” was all that Vic said.

“Alright,” was all that Meg answered…

Once inside of the master suite, Vic turned and faced Meg.

“On your knees, sweetie, here in front of me so that you can take off my shorts and panties, okay?”

“Okay,” Meg softly replied as she knelt a bit uncertainly as she was asked, no, told to do.

“Take ’em off, baby, take off my clothes,” Vic cooed as she traced her fingertips across Meg’s cheek.

Reaching with her hands, Meg unsnapped Vic’s shorts and slid them down her butt and legs, throwing them to the side when Vic stepped out of them. Sliding her hands up Vic’s legs as she raised from the floor, Meg then slipped Vic’s thong from her shapely butt and legs, her nose passing close enough to Vic’s pussy to smell the scent of lilacs.

“Kiss it, Meg, you know you want to,” Vic urged.

She did want to did Meg and just as if it was no big thing, as if she’d done it a million times, Meg leaned forward and softly placed a kiss on Vic’s moist slit. Hearing Vic softly sigh when she did that, Meg then slipped her tongue out to run up and down Vic’s increasingly wet pussy, pausing at some point to suck on Vic’s large clit which caused a bit of a shudder in Vic’s legs which Meg was holding onto.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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