Accidental Forbidden Fun Pt. 02

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About two weeks have passed since the incident at the hotel with my nephew. I could not get it out of my head, but I kept avoiding him and ignoring his messages. I had to sort it out in my head, before I did anything I would really regret. Not that I regret what happened, really… just thinking about it made me break out in goosebumps, make my nipples hard, and start to get wet.

Just thinking about the hot tub and how he took advantage of the situation, and how he made me cum, made me want to do it again. On the other hand, he was my nephew and this was a taboo and I should be disgusted by it. He was less than half my age at 19, younger than both my sons, only a few months older than my daughter. I should feel disgust about what happened, but no… I feel lust. I feel wrong about that, not the actual acts we did.

After the hot tub, I tried to avoid being alone with him the next day, but he got me alone for a few minutes here and there. I was annoyed and turned on at the same time. He would only get some touches and gropes and some grinding in. Next evening, I was in bed with my husband, checking messages on the cam site to see if any fun could be had to get my nephew out of my head, when my husband came out of shower in a towel. I was in bed in a nightie with nothing under it, and he took notice.

He dropped his towel and I could see him grow a little as he came over to the bed. I thought it was about fucking time that he was in mood for some sex. I reached for his hand and pulled him down to kiss me, which turned into making out. We ended up side to side on bed, kissing and fondling. I was stroking his dick, fully hard now, as he was grabbing my ass. Then I pushed him on his back and moved, kissing down his chest and tummy, until the tip of his dick was on my lips. I closed my eyes and started to suck it slowly in through the lips, circling it with my tongue.

When he was half in my mouth I started thinking about my nephew’s dick, and how it would be hot if I was sucking him off. I tried to not think about that, but it kept coming back. I moved my lips up and down over his head, stroking him with my hand slowly. I loved the taste of it. My tongue kept making circles around it, just as he loved it. I was kneeling on my legs, between his spread legs. I could feel my pussy being so wet against my calves. I took my time going down on him, bringing him twice near orgasm then stopping. It was too fun.

After the second time, he could not wait anymore, and he pulled me up, took off my nightie, and pushed me down on my back, pulling my legs up on his shoulders. He slid in slowly and it felt so good. Thought crossed my mind that he was so much thinner than my nephew, then I felt a little guilty about being fucked by him last night. He picked up the pace from slow to fast and a little bit rough, and we enjoyed it. He kept kissing me, telling me how wet I was. I looked into his eyes between kisses and kept coming so close to my peak, but my guilt kept getting in the casino şirketleri way of cumming. In the end I faked the orgasm after a few close calls and let him finish inside me. I went to the bathroom to clean up, and had a little cry. By the time I got back, my husband was snoring.

I put on my nightgown, and lay next to him in bed. Half an hour later, I was still wide awake and horny. I quietly got out of my bed, took the laptop, and went to the bathroom. I loaded the cam site and went to look for some hard dick to masturbate to. I was looking for some nice piece of meat, when he messaged me what I’m doing. Then he initiated a cam chat with me, and showed me how hard he was because of me. I kept mine off, until he told me to show him what I was wearing. I am ashamed to admit that him commanding me to do it was a massive turn on.

I turned on the cam, and he asked if I was in the bathroom. I said yes, then he asked why I was hiding in there. I told him about sex with my husband, in detail, including no orgasm for me. He told me it was such a pity. Then he told me to wait, he had to reconnect. Two minutes later, he was back, and told me to come to the suit door or he will knock and wake up everyone. I had no choice. I closed the laptop and went to the door, ready to kill him.

He had the biggest shit eating grin as I opened the door. I wanted to strangle him. He pushed by me, entering the suit, and asked where my kids were. I told him out, only the husband in our room was asleep. He took me by hand and practically dragged me to the balcony, pulling the curtains to cover the view from inside and leaving lights off. That way, if someone walked into the suit they would not see us. I just stood there, afraid of what’s going to happen next.

Next, he had me sit on a bench on the balcony and pull my nightgown up, and finger myself. He pulled out his dick and stood in front of me, stroking himself. I couldn’t stop myself from doing it, I just wanted to do what he told me. It didn’t take long, I was just rubbing my clit for a couple minutes when I came. After I came he pulled me up by the hand to stand, and he sat in my spot, then he pulled me over his lap to stand as he stroke himself. I had to spread my legs so I could stand like that, and that made me stand lower. I could feel the tip of his dick against my pussy lips and thighs as he moved it. I kept looking at the door and over the balcony if someone was watching or going to catch us.

Whole situation was too hot. He told me to lower myself a little more so he could feel my pussy on the tip as he stroke it, and I did it. It was such a teasing feel, his tip sliding against my lips, touching my clit, moving everywhere. I kept whispering to him to hurry up, we’re going to get caught. He told me to kneel on him, I told him no – that he was not going to fuck me again. He told me he will, and pulled me down by my hips when the tip was at my entrance. I “resisted” a little but let him pull me down, complaining all the time casino firmaları he did it, telling him how he’s a bad person, forcing me into this.

But it felt so good as he opened me up sliding inside me while he was pulling me down. I let him lower me all the way and then moved my legs so I was fully sitting on him. He was fully inside me, and I was sitting there with my nightgown coverwing us. I put my hands on his shoulders for stability, and I could feel his heartbeat inside me, as his dick was pulsating. I decided I won’t move, and after ten or fifteen seconds he realized I’m not going to move, so he took me ass in his hand and started to move me. I was pressing against his pubic bone with my pussy, and of course that movement caused pressure on my clit. I shuddered.

He kept pulling me toward him, then letting my weight pull me a little back, then did it again. His dick was not moving much inside me, but it didn’t matter – my clit was very stimulated. I started breathing hard, there was no helping there. A moan escaped my lips and I hated myself for that. I should not be doing this. He’s my nephew for christ’s sake. But I was doing it. I could feel him inside me. Pulsing and warm and thick. So much thicker than my husband. I bit my lip to stop the moans. I closed my eyes trying to focus on not enjoying it.

He was working me slow. It must have been ten minutes, silence broken with me only whispering he has to stop, that it’s not right, or my whimpers and moans. He didn’t say anything. He just kept looking at me for the first few minutes, then started sucking and nibbling on my nipples and breasts. It was pure torment how good it felt. Then I involuntarily moved forward when he didn’t push up on my ass when he should’ve, and I knew I was fucked. I hoped he did not notice it. But he did, because he moved hands from my ass and told me to keep doing it.

I did what he told me and kept grinding him slowly. He put his hands behind my back and pulled me closer to kiss my neck and shoulders as I ground against his pelvis. I was breathing very hard and I could feel sweat dripping down my back. I was having hard time holding back my moans. Between our sweat and my juices, there was a little pool between our pelvises, from which drops moved each time I moved down and back up. I kept shivering and muscles in my thighs were burning with strain from the position. Then I just started cumming, pushing my face in the crook of his neck to muffle my moans, and he moved his hands on my ass and kept pulling me to grind.

When I stopped cumming, he moved my face from his neck and looked right into my eyes. He told me to keep grinding, and I did because I didn’t know what else to do. He put his hand under my chin, holding it so I would have to look into his eyes as I was grinding. Then he whispered that he will not pull out of me when ready to cum. I was going to tell him no fucking chance, but he pulled my face down and kissed me and I kissed him back.

We were kissing maybe güvenilir casino 10 seconds when I felt him tense up and his arm around my back pulled me in closer so I couldn’t get up. Then I felt a pulse in his dick, and the warm liquid feeling and I knew that he was cumming inside me. It pushed me over the edge and I had another orgasm, moaning into his mouth as he was filling me with his cum.

When we stopped cumming, I caught my breath a litle, then stood up on shaky and weak legs and told him to fuck off before I slapped him again. I reached down and held my hand against my crotch so I would not leak, and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, he was gone.

I lay in bed, and couldn’t sleep all night long, going through all the things I did. How fucked up it was, how my marriage and family would suffer from my actions if anyone found out. Next couple of days I made sure I was never alone with him. Then we left for home, and it’s been two weeks now that I haven’t been online and ignored his texts. I have been working out what happens next, how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It was Tuesday night, I was home from work late, and my husband was already asleep. I was bored and restless and opened up the cam site, and went through messages and requests. I read his messages, thought about it all a little, and wrote him a message to ask if he was up. When he replied, I checked if he was free in the morning because we had to talk.

I went to the office for a short meeting, then drove over to his place. I had a blouse, suit jacket and skirt, with stockings and plain cotton underwear and sensible flat shoes. Nothing inherently sexy, just to make sure he got the point I’m not there to fuck.

I got there, he took my jacket and made us coffee, then we sat at the table, and I told him how what happened happened. That was it, and we would not repeat any of it again – camera or sex. He said he understood, but he disagreed – if I really wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again, I would not have met him at his place – I wanted to fuck him again.

Worst part was that he was right. I wanted to keep fucking him, but it felt so wrong and taboo. I tried to deflect that point and reiterate that nothing else will be happening. He told me I was full of shit, and I should not lie to myself. He stood up, leaned over me and kissed me on the lips. Then he pushed his tongue through my lips. We kissed.

He pulled me up, took me to his bedroom by the hand, and started undressing me. I just let him. He sat me down on the bed, fully naked, and undressed too. He stood in front of me and I started sucking his dick. I asked him if he fucked his girlfriend. He said he did, about an hour and half ago. I could still taste her pussy on him. It made me hotter. He pushed me back on the bed, then turned me face down, so my face was in the pillow. He pushed himself into me from behind and asked if I can still smell her on the pillow. I’m not going to give you details of the sex now, but he fucked me twice. Both times were amazing with multiple orgasms. Both times he came inside me. He is only the second man who came inside me with no protection.

After that, I left home. I’m seeing him again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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