Ableside Manor Ch. 04

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Close Up

Lord Fenwick was woken by a knock on the door. “Enter.”

“Begging your pardon, mi Lord, but you said to wake you if you slept past nine o’clock.”

He looked over to the grandfather clock in the corner: five past nine. “Thank you, Jane.” He swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat there rubbing his eyes.

“I’ve brought some warm water for you to shave. Shall I open the curtains, mi Lord?”

“Er, yes, please.” He watched as she reached up to draw the curtains. As she did so, her figure showed clearly through her dress in the vibrant morning sunlight and his hand moved automatically to stroke his rapidly growing morning erection. It was Monday and his friend and business partner, Sir Reginald was due at 10:30. Did he have time for her before then? He decided he did.

“Will there be anything else, mi Lord?”

“Yes, Jane, disrobe.”

Smiling, she removed her hat, let her hair down and then took off her dress. Those tits, they were fabulous. He never tired of mauling them. Standing up, he walked over to her, turned her round and started to squeeze them from behind. That was one of his favourite pastimes. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a movement through the window. A coach had just turned into the drive. “Shit! He can’t be this early, surely: I must have got the time wrong.” There was no time to shave now, no time for breakfast and no time to … No, he needed it, but he’d have to be really quick.

“I’m sorry Jane; it looks like Sir Reginald is about to arrive, but I need a fuck – it will have to be a quickie. I’ll make it up to you another time.”

“Yes, mi Lord.”

He led her to the nearby table and bent her over it. Whilst stroking his cock with one hand, he spread her juices round the entrance to her cunt with the other. He could hear the sound of horses’ hooves outside. Aiming his cock, he pushed himself in and after a few gentle strokes, was fully embedded inside her. The horses had now come to a stop and he could hear voices. Shit. I’m running out of time. Hopefully James will … Shit. I don’t have a butler any more – must get another one. Taking hold of her hips with both hands, he began to thrust hard. He prayed that Mary or one of the other servants would greet his friend and let him in.

He continued thrusting. He needed to empty his balls as quickly as he could. There was a sound of a female voice outside – must be Mary. Thank God for that. He was now pounding away as fast as possible. Someone knocked on his bedroom door. “WAIT – I’LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE!”

A few moments later, he felt that familiar tension building in his cock. After half a dozen more strokes, the hole at the tip of his cock was forced wide open by the flood of sperm, eager to get into the body of whatever woman he was fucking this time. Once he was done, he withdrew, ran over to the bowl of water brought up for him to shave and wiped everything clean with a wet cloth. Then he threw on some clothes as quickly as he could. “Thank you, Jane. As soon as you’ve sorted yourself out, could you please bring some coffee and some of Edwina’s cake to the drawing room?” That would have to do for his breakfast. “And could you tell Edwina that an early luncheon would be appreciated, if that’s possible?”

“Yes, mi Lord; thank you, mi Lord.”

He turned and rushed off to greet his friend, leaving her to wipe away the cum, which was now running down her legs, to dress herself and make herself presentable again.

* * * * *

“Regi, old boy, welcome!”

“Nice to see you again, Ralph – you look a bit red. Have you been out in the sun?” Mary, who was standing nearby and who had guessed the probable cause of her master’s absence, forced herself not to laugh.

“No, you know me; I avoid the sun as much as possible. Apologies if you were kept waiting. I don’t have a butler at the moment.”

“Not at all, this young lady here has been looking after me very well.”

“Mary, could you please get Nelson or one of the other men to take Sir Reginald’s trunk up to his room?”

“Yes, mi Lord.”

Lord Fenwick led his guest to the drawing room, where they sat down and after exchanging small talk for a few minutes, got down to the business of planning the new paper mill. Jane eventually arrived with the coffee and cake, which Lord Fenwick had eagerly been waiting for. He consumed several slices.

Luncheon was served at 12:20, by which time the two men were hungry. After eating, they continued with their work until 7:30, when Mary announced that dinner was ready. The two men made their way to the dining room and sat down.

“Mary, could you ask Mrs. Roberta for the key to the cellar and fetch a bottle of Château Margaux for us, please?”

“Begging your pardon, mi Lord, but how will I know which is the right bottle?”

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry, I forgot you can’t read or write. What about Jane?”

“She can’t either, mi Lord.”

“Alright, then please ask Mrs. Roberta to fetch it – Château Margaux – can you remember that?”

“Yes, mi Lord; thank you, mi Lord.” She went off to casino şirketleri sort out the wine. The two men studied her as she left the room.

“What those two lack in academic skills, they make up for in other ways.”

“Yes, I noticed that – very easy to look at,” replied Sir Reginald. “Have you er, … you know, with either of them?”

“Regularly, both of them. That’s why I was delayed this morning when you arrived.”

Sir Reginald laughed. “And that’s why you were red in the face. Had I known, I would have driven round the town to give you a few more minutes.” They both laughed. At that point, Jane arrived with a tray of food, so the men had to change the topic of conversation. Mary walked in a couple of minutes later with the wine and the two men started their meal. The food outlived the wine, so Lord Fenwick sent Mary off to fetch a second bottle.

By the end of the meal, the men were feeling contented. They had been working hard all day and the wine had hit the right spot. After the meal, they decided to relax; tomorrow they would continue with their work. “Jane, could you check whether there are some brandy glasses in the drawing room and if not then bring some up for us? Then after you’ve cleared the dining table, done whatever is required in the kitchen and prepared our bedrooms, I don’t think we need anything else from either of you tonight.”

“Yes, mi Lord.”

The men returned to the drawing room and after opening the drinks cabinet with his key, Lord Fenwick poured two large brandies.

“Excellent!” said Sir Reginald. “There’s nothing like a good brandy to finish off a superb meal.”

“Yes, indeed … well, I can think of one thing I prefer, but after all this alcohol, I doubt whether I could get it up.”

“I thought you said that you’d already had it up one of them this morning.”

“Yes, that was Jane, but that was twelve hours ago. If it wasn’t for the wine, I’d now be ready for the other one.”

Sir Reginald laughed. “I suppose if I had them working for me, I’d be the same.”

“Would you like to try one of them tomorrow?”

“Well, that’s exceedingly generous of you; I certainly wouldn’t refuse an offer like that.”

“Given a choice, which one would you prefer?”

“Ah, now that’s a difficult question: the short one, what’s her name?”


“Yes, Mary, nice and petite with a pert bum and a very pretty face, as compared with …”


“Ah, yes, Jane, with a bit more to hold on to and tits heavy enough to topple the poor girl over.”

“They’re even better in the flesh.”

“I bet they are. Well, either girl would do very nicely, really. But would they agree?”

“Jane probably would, but I’m not sure about Mary. I don’t believe in forcing women to do such things against their will. But gentle persuasion – that’s fine.”

“Ralph, your ethical standards are one of your top qualities and why I’m happy to be in business with you. Many masters simply force their servants to do whatever they say.”

“Thank you. Alright then, I will ask.” He fell silent for a moment, thinking. “How’s this for a plan?” He outlined what he had in mind.

Sir Reginald grinned. “That sounds excellent to me, but if she doesn’t agree?”

“Then we’ll just have to resort to plan B.” He outlined plan B.

“Well, I prefer plan A, naturally, but plan B is far more than I could have wished for even half an hour ago.”

“I suppose I ought to mention plan C too.”

“What’s that?”

“If neither agrees, then we’ll just have to open a couple more bottles of Château Margaux.”

Sir Reginald laughed. “Followed hopefully by some more of your excellent brandy.”

“Yes indeed; well, I’ll see what I can arrange.”

After a second brandy, both men were ready for bed, the alcohol having finally got the better of them.

* * * * *

In the morning at breakfast, Sir Reginald had problems keeping his eyes off the two girls. He imagined Mary bent over the arm of a chair, his cock thrusting in and out from behind. He imagined Jane lying on her back with her tits wobbling all over the place as his cock rammed in and out of her cunt. He just hoped that Lord Fenwick’s powers of persuasion would mean that he’d get his cock wet one way or another that night. It had been several days since he’d been with his wife and the bulge forming in his breeches was a clear indication of his mood.

When he finished eating, he forced himself to think of something else; he needed to get rid of the bulge to enable him to walk out of the dining room without embarrassing himself. After finishing their coffees, the two men moved to the drawing room to continue their work.

“Did you notice how Sir Reginald kept looking at us?” asked Jane as she cleared the dining table with Mary.

“Yes and judging by the tent in his breeches, given half the chance, looking is not all he would do to us.”

“Well, he’s quite handsome and very polite, so given half the chance, I might even let him.” Jane had always been the more adventurous of the casino firmaları two of them, particularly when it came to men.

“Well, you’re not going to get a chance, so forget it. Anyway, Nelson hasn’t had it since Sunday, so he’s bound to want at least one of us today, though I don’t know when we’ll be able to get away for long enough.” The two girls giggled, cleared everything away and went to help in the kitchen.

While the men continued their business discussions, the two girls helped Edwina with the cooking. It was not just Lord Fenwick and his guest that needed feeding; all the servants also had to be fed. “Mary, take this basket out to Nelson, please. And don’t take forever, we’ve got loads more to do here.”

“Alright, Edwina.” She took the basket of food and set off to the stables to find Nelson. She hadn’t had a good fuck since Sunday and neither had Nelson, but there wasn’t going to be time.

* * * * *

As soon as she walked into the stables, Nelson rushed over to greet her. “Where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since Sunday.”

She put the basket of food down on the stable floor. “His lordship has a guest staying with him and Jane and I have been running around like headless chickens looking after them both, helping Edwina prepare elaborate meals, making coffee every ten minutes and generally rushing about for them.”

“I’ve missed you and I want you so bad. Come over to that stall at the end; I need you.”

“Nelson, we haven’t got time.”

“Can you come to my cottage tonight, then?”

“I very much doubt it. They’ll be having another big dinner tonight and I’ll be on duty.”

“Have you gone off me; is that it? You had plenty of time for me on Saturday and Sunday? What have I done wrong?”

“Nelson, you haven’t done anything wrong. Saturday evening and all day Sunday, their lordships were not at home, so we had plenty of time, but Jane and I are working now.”

“But my balls are going blue. If I can’t have you soon, they’re going to explode!”

She conjured up a picture of a pair of enormous blue balls exploding, ripping out through the front of his breeches and she started to laugh. “Blue gooey cum flying everywhere – that would be a bit of a disaster!”

“I’m serious; it really feels like they’re going to explode.”

“Why don’t you … you know?”

“It’s so much better with you – now that I’ve got you, I don’t do that any more.”

“And Jane.”

“She hasn’t been to see me either; I’m desperate.”

She stood there, looking at him. Both she and Jane had fucked him on Saturday and again on Sunday and now it was Tuesday and he was clearly in pain. She was aware that whereas women can often take it or leave it, men, particularly at Nelson’s age, need release regularly and often.


She thought about it for a moment or two. Poor Nelson, he was desperate. “Well, you’ll have to be really quick. And I don’t want to get covered in straw again.”

He grinned from ear to ear and led her to the stall at the end. “Look, I’ve cleared this stall out and cleaned up the spare coach. Why don’t you get on the coach?”

She stepped up onto the coach, lay down on her back and waited. By now, Nelson had got his cock out and was stroking it. It was rock hard. He lifted her dress up and folded it onto her stomach. She opened her legs and began to finger herself.

Nelson stepped between her legs and aimed his cock at her slit. She removed her finger as he pushed forward and slid gently all the way in. He started pumping.

“You’ll have to be quick.”

“I know, but I like it best when I can satisfy you too.”

“So do I, but unfortunately, we haven’t got time for that.”

He was now thrusting hard and having not had a woman for a couple of days, was soon flooding her cunt with his cum. There was a lot of it too and it dribbled down onto the coach. He pulled out, panting.

“Well, that certainly didn’t take long,” said Mary. “I wish I could come that quickly.”

“Look,” he replied, “they’ve turned pink again.”

Laughing, she got up and let her dress fall back down. “So, you better now? I’ll spend some longer time with you as soon as I can, but I’ve got to rush now, otherwise we’ll both be in trouble.”

She kissed him on the cheek and ran back to the kitchen, trying to think of some excuse to go up to her room to get rid of the cum that was running down her legs. Fortunately, shortly after she got back to the kitchen, Lord Fenwick rang and when she went to find out what he wanted, he ordered some fresh coffee. Mary delivered it to the drawing room and took the opportunity to nip up to her room to wipe away the mess that Nelson had left under her dress. She was back in the kitchen feeling fresh again in no time.

* * * * *

After luncheon, Lord Fenwick suggested a stroll round the grounds before they continued with their work. They had been cooped up in the drawing room since yesterday morning and what with the alcohol he’d consumed last night, Lord Fenwick needed to clear his head. Sir Reginald was feeling güvenilir casino the same way, so he readily agreed.

Once outside, Sir Reginald enquired: “Have you asked yet.”

“No not yet – I’ll do so after dinner.”

“How do you manage them both, plus of course your wife?”

“Both? I’ve got two mistresses as well and of course several more ladies that I service from time to time.”

Sir Reginald was stunned. “How do you cope and in any case, why do you need so many?”

“Coping is not a problem. I just do them one after the other, in a random order. Sometimes they have to wait a couple of days for a turn. As for why I need several, you can never have too many women. Each one is different. They feel different; they taste different, they smell different; they fuck differently and different positions suit different body shapes. I just love them. You can’t have too many. Sometimes I envy the Ottoman sultans of the past who had harems containing over a thousand women. Take me a whole year to get through that many.”

Sir Reginald laughed. “That long?”

“Well, alright, maybe two years, now I’m getting older … I guess with that many, you’d never remember which is which. On second thoughts, a thousand probably is too many – I like to get to know their bodies so that I know what works with each one. I’m meeting a new one on Thursday – a bored housewife. I’ve already sampled her daughter and she was a great fuck, so I’m hoping the mother will be the same.”

Sir Reginald was stunned again. “I don’t know how you do it.” They continued their walk in silence, each man lost in his own thoughts.

“Well, I guess we’d better be getting back, we’ve got quite a bit more to cover on the paper mill this afternoon.” They returned to the drawing room and continued their business discussions.

Shortly after 7:00, Mary walked in. “Dinner will be ready in five minutes, mi Lord.”

“Thank you, Mary.” They had covered just about everything anyway and were ready for something to eat. Lord Fenwick asked Mary to fetch another bottle of wine, but this time neither man drank very much. They were both saving themselves for what they hoped was to follow.

After dinner, Sir Reginald went up to his room and Lord Fenwick asked Mary to come to his room as soon as she had cleared the table. He went up and waited for her.

When she knocked on the door, he asked her to enter.

“Mary, I’ve got a favour I want to ask you. Sir Reginald and I have been working hard these last two days, planning a new business venture, which hopefully will provide more income, which of course is what pays your and everyone else’s wages.” That was not strictly true, since he had more than enough income already from the estate, but it reinforced what he was about to request. She nodded.

“Sir Reginald is in need of relaxation in the form of some female company this evening and since he finds you very attractive, I wanted to ask whether you would be prepared to spend some time with him in his room.”

She thought about it before replying: “What would I be expected to do there, mi Lord?”

“Well, that would be up to you. As you know, I don’t believe in forcing women to do anything that they don’t want to do, but if you were to do whatever he asks, I would be very grateful and I would make sure that you didn’t regret it.”

She looked down at the floor and fidgeted about for some time. “Would I have to let him fuck me, mi Lord?”

“Erm, well, as I said already, you don’t have to, but I would make sure that if you did let him, you would not regret it.”

“Begging your pardon, mi Lord, but I’m not sure I could let him do that.”

“Please, Mary, for me.”

She continued to fidget about while she thought about it. “Well, if you say it’s alright mi Lord, I suppose I could do it, if that’s what he really wants.”

“Excellent. I will make sure that you do not regret it. So, go on up to his room and just take things as they come.”

“Yes, mi Lord. Thank you, mi Lord.” She turned and walked out, closing the door behind her.

* * * * *

Sir Reginald heard the knock on the door and invited her in. He didn’t know who to expect, but when he saw that it was Mary, he smiled and muttered “Plan A.” under his breath. “Come on in, Mary. Did Lord Fenwick tell you I wanted some female company, yours in particular?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Excellent, come and sit down.” He patted his knee to indicate where she was to sit. She wasn’t expecting that, but shuffled forward anyway and sat down gingerly on his knee, facing sideways.

“Lord Fenwick is indeed a lucky man to have such an attractive girl in his household.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He started asking questions, trying to get her to talk. It took some time, but eventually, she relaxed and the conversation started to flow. She told him about her childhood, about how she had joined the household and what her duties were, missing out the personal services that she provided for her master. During this time his hand had been across her lap, gently holding her waist, but after a while it started to creep up until it reached her tits. When she didn’t stop him, he began massaging them. He noticed a definite change in her breathing. “You know, you have a very beautiful figure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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