A Weekend with Badger

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Relishing a real break with Badger was a real nice experience, being married it was difficult for him to arrange for us to share a weekend in a local Premier Inn but somehow he achieved it. As said in my other stories about Badger and I relating to our wonderful episodes in his allotment shed. Badger is happily married and has been for some years, but the intimate part of their marriage has worn off but they are still good friends so he aimed to explore something that had been within him since an early experience in his RAF service days when he slept secretly with another airman, He said it never worked out because they didn’t seem compatible but he has always felt this passion to be with a guy of his own gender and when it happened with us, quite by accident, me taking up a plot on the same allotment as Badger, so both of us having that leaning in common – although he is 50 years my senior. it all sort of started when we were comparing our freshly harvested carrots. It was like we were having a banter competition really, he saying his was bigger than mine and me replying “yes but mine is longer!” and suddenly we are sharing laughter realising the sexual connotation of what we had just said.

It was magic really just how all that led to our affair, he offering me coffee every time we met doing our allotment, me noticing how he was eyeing me up to the extent it felt really thrilling and, deep inside I realised I was actually having wet dreams about a possible affair with this great old guy, who looked to have such a lovely ‘breakfast box’ tucked there inside his corduroy trousers.

That day he ventured to showing me his ‘carrot’ – that being a regular joke then. I gladly responded in just touching at first, it seemed to be the natural thing to do, and soon quite instinctively, because it really did look so scrumptious to me as it grew between my gently moving fingers.

I heard his response, the sensual sound in his throat as I started to massage it back and forwards, exposing all the vibrancy of a well defined red plum-like bulbous knob with that very tantalising ‘jap-eye’ as he wanted to call it. That day I soon discovered my true leaning, I was bisexual like Badger but the sheer venture of just being with bahis firmaları him on that day in the confines of his shed was really magic and soon I felt what I had always wondered would feel like, the planting of his ‘carrot’ in my ass, so much better than all those implements I had experimented with, like candles, screwdriver handles and the like, this was really good, his fresh and beautifully defined cock inside me, the way it bent so flexible into me was better than any rigid intrusion which I then thought of as repugnant to the extreme and too, before I knew all the moves – because I was doing it myself, it is like wanking really, have someone else do it for you and it is so much more thrilling because you don’t know what the next move will be.

And that very first oral venture was magic too. Badger had asked me before if I would do it but I needed time, like I did afterwards when he ventured to spunk in my mouth and would I swallow. The best way I was able to do it was him standing there before me as I knelt between his legs apart, gradually getting accustomed to the close- up view if it as it rose and swelled, the smell of it as he pulled back the foreskin, so pungent and earthy – and then the taste of it as I gradually touched it with my lips and the tip of my tongue to sample the goods. The utter saltiness there was really so wonderfully stimulating I got to the mode I could not stop, and this turned out to be one of our favourite oral positions, me with my hands squeezing each side of his thighs, finding his cock with my mouth – no touching at this stage, and then gradually feeling it grow inside my massaging mouth was sheer ecstasy and very soon he was mouth fucking me and I felt the strong hot stream of his white cream fill my mouth, the feeling of it swishing around, the urge to suck it more, to feel his cock throbbing all the time I sucked deeper and deeper until I heard his groan as then I squeezed his balls dry, urging every last drop of cum into my mouth and then over spilling and shooting onto my face, feeling it drip down my chin and down the front of my neck was true intimacy.

For my very first experience with a man it was a wonderful starter and initiation and soon we were regularly sharing kaçak iddaa everything together, he even fitted his shed out so that we could be more comfy, the way he cushioned his bench to afford me to bend over comfortably to receive his wonderful deep probing fucks was heaven on earth.

But all that past we were now sharing a brand new adventure of simply just being alone with each other for a whole weekend and, no sooner had we git to our beautifully comfy room with a huge double bed than we were sampling the luxury of each other’s nakedness, watching him rub my briefs over his face and his cock rising to its seven and a bit extent as he chilled there stretched out on the bed his cock staring to jiggle up and down like it was anticipating our fuck. We could not wait for any foreplay, just needed the plain fuck at first, we had the whole weekend to explore and enjoy each other in which was we wanted.

I sat on his face like he wanted before I moved my ass over his hard cock, felt him split my cheeks apart and go for it, mouth and tongue and I was soon lubricated good and proper for his service.

The feeling of belonging and being wanted was everything, maybe it was the biggest turn on of all, the feel of Badger’s enjoyment of me, and me of him, sucking and licking cock and balls and sometimes more depending on his moods. But for now his fuck entered me as I moved into the right position, legs wide apart to accommodate him into me. Soon he was in top gear pounding my ass like a steam hammer, for an old guy he knew how to move and create just the right build up as he lifted me up with each thrust, his hand squeezing my cock, my balls as his cock went fully inside with each thrust, the pausing every so often, the feeling of that wedged into me, the throb so wonderful and exciting, ad then that last thrust as he shot his load. Divine. If this was going to be how it was for the weekend I knew I would be thoroughly fucked and gratified and yes, exhausted by the time the weekend was done!

Later we enjoyed a wondrous sixty nine position – now the taste of his newly fucked cock tantalising my taste buds and the feel of his tongue probing my freshly fucked and well cock stretched hole. It was wonderfully soothing kaçak bahis doing that, just forgetting all the strains of everyday life and simply concentrating and enjoying in what was in hand, exploring the fruits of sexual wonder, seeking out the best way I could excite him as well as myself, he tying my wrists to the bed head, me laying there helpless, he tantalizing me in just moving his throbbing extremity nearer and nearer to my face, me trying to reach it with my mouth and he teasing me in just holding back until I was swearing at him to give me his cock.. All these things to tease up and exploit our sexual adventure, he wanting to wank into my briefs , feeling my cock swell with his inside, then he rubbing them both, balls too which made for a wonderful feeling of sexual extravagance.

His wanking into my face, feeling the strong spurt as he yelled and swore at me, making it all the more thrilling – he smearing it all over my face and chest, and then wanking over my cock and me too simultaneously until we both reached that wonderfully warming and thrilling climax.

We breakfasted in the restaurant and dined there too, we didn’t go out at all and when the cleaners knocked on the door we told them we could clean up, they would have been shocked if they had seen the mess everywhere, it was just all part of the weekend , just to eat and expend all our sexual wants. I had never felt cock inside me so often to the extent that, when it was out of me, I felt empty and numb, and when I told Badger and he needed to wait a little before he was able to raise another strong erection for me, he fucked me with our favourite anal vibrator called twister, a wonderful interval of pure erotic venture as I moved my tight ass the way he loved me too, wanted to be all ass for him as he worked the vibrator into me, his mouth nibbling my cheeks and giving them the occasional firm slap too all so wonderful that when again he was soon ready to fuck me silly I was well and truly stretched for him.

Then again and again as always he enjoyed sniffing and tasting me before and after as I sucked u the dregs of his fresh fucked drooping cock, to make it half rise again, feeling the lovely suppleness of it in my mouth as I wrapped my busy tongue around it, until we were both so well spent we just dozed off, each sucking each other like a baby does with a dummy, the smell and taste of our sex everywhere.

That was some weekend I shall never forget…

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