A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 31

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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a lot of severe discipline and a good deal of focus on all bodily functions, so if inclusion of those bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Eleanor woke and started packing to travel to the capital for her reuniting with Annette, for now they would be living together, and their engagement was for real. Denise and Linda also stirred in Eleanor’s bed as they arose to go to the capital with Eleanor to take up their new postings at the Correctional Service retraining center where they were now to be assigned.

The two sergeants—blonde Denise and auburn-haired Linda—once more donned their dress travel uniforms and made sure they put on clean underwear, knowing that their new boss, MSG Wendy, might very well inspect them. Linda, who had been sent to the center for retraining after she had embarrassed herself in front of Eleanor’s wife-to-be, GEN Annette, had filled Denise in on MSG Wendy. Linda adored her because she had taken to Linda and made her stay at the center much better than might have happened.

Eleanor realized that she too was facing the challenge of a new office. She would now work out of Goose Cookers’s capital office. She would maintain her working relationship with her mentor, Janet, the executive vice president who ran the company from the Women’s Republic’s second city. Frequent trips back to headquarters would make this work, Eleanor thought.

She did worry, though, whether her special rapport with Janet, who had given her a chance when Eleanor was finished with her court-imposed punishment and had few prospects, and her creativity, which had enabled her to develop some of the company’s most popular products, would carry her along.

Eleanor arrived at her apartment now shared with Annette and stowed her belongings that she had brought with her. She made herself known again to the staff of the building, who made it their business to recognize all residents on sight and greeted her warmly. Then she left to make her first visit to her new office.

She arrived and was greeted by the office manager, Deirdre. The manager was all smiles and told Eleanor that the office was delighted to welcome her. She took her round and introduced her to the staff, which consisted of Nancy, a government relations professional; Sandy, a technical specialist; Mary, an IT specialist; and Beverly, a copywriter. Eleanor told each woman she met that she hoped to work closely with them because they would be crucial to her in helping to evaluate ideas and proposals and then to get them accomplished.

She pointedly did not mention that she clearly outranked all of them in the company hierarchy because she felt that was both counterproductive and unnecessary. Everyone knew she had been promoted and was quite close to Janet, whom they all admired and respected.

She was reassured when Janet had taken her aside in their last meeting and calmly told her that she, Eleanor, would be in charge of the capital office.

“I’m not going to send out any announcement or memo about this yet,” she said, “because I want to give you and them a chance to get comfortable. I will send out the announcement to them when it’s time for personnel evaluations which you will be doing.”


For their part, Denise and Linda arrived at the retraining center and were welcomed by MSG Wendy, a pleasant-looking woman in her 40’s, who smiled at Linda and told her how pleased she was to see how well she had been doing, and seemed happy to have Denise join their staff as well.

“We are a small outfit here,” Wendy began, “and we like to think we are elite. Our job is to evaluate those sent to us for retraining and then to make sure we do what is necessary and do it efficiently and expertly. These officers who are sent to us have erred or gotten into some kind of trouble and know they are in danger of being cashiered from the service. Our aim is to reorient them and send them back as you were, SSG Linda, with obviously excellent results.”

Then Wendy told the two new deputies that she was going to inspect them.

“This is what happens to every officer who arrives here,” she said, “so you will see how it’s done and what our goal is. Remember, that the goal is not to punish them. Being sent here is punishment already; we will impose treatment on them that they likely have not been used to receiving or have only seen in the re-education camps. They must be imbued with the idea that this is for their benefit.

She then told them both to unzip and remove their uniform skirts. Denise was surprised at the quick change in Wendy from welcoming sponsor to rigorous disciplinarian.

Then she walked behind both women and unceremoniously yanked their panties down to their knees. They were ordered to spread their legs apart as far as possible, which they did.

Wendy had a glove on now and they felt her press her finger into each of pendik escort their anal openings. Then she removed the glove, put another one on her hand, and walked to the front of them.

‘Hold your cunt lips apart,” she ordered, and the two again complied with the humiliating order.

“You look like you have to pee,” she snapped at Denise, who confessed that she hadn’t had a chance to use the toilet at the airport.

Wendy handed her a small bowl.

“Pee into this right now,” she ordered.

Denise placed the bowl between her legs, holding it tight and tried to aim her stream as close to the bowl as possible. The yellow liquid burst out of her crotch and poured into the bowl. She worried that her pee would overflow the small bowl, but it mercifully stopped in time.

Wendy took the bowl and left it on a side table. She resumed her embarrassing inspection, this time peering into Denise’s vaginal opening as the blonde held her labia apart in the humiliating posture. Then she moved over and looked into Linda’s vulva. She seemed satisfied that there was nothing untoward and told them they could pull up their panties and let their uniform skirts down.

“You have two major responsibilities here,” Wendy now instructed them. “You will each be assigned to give them lectures on how officers are expected to perform their assigned duties. These will cover both the re-education centers and the camps. You both have worked in the camps. So, you’re familiar with the whip that all the officers carry on their belts. You will have one of those here. Anyone who even slightly gets out of line gets called out, brought to the front, told to lift her skirt and lower her panties, and you then give them at least three quick hard strokes with your whip.”

She looked each of them in their eyes. “You worked in the camp, so I assume you have no problems with that procedure?” she asked. Both nodded that they were on board.

“The first night,” she went on, “each officer is placed in locked vinyl panties with dorks. Linda will no doubt recall them. They will be told that if they need to use the toilet, they will come to you to be unlocked. However, you will not permit them to use the toilet. You will either give them a bowl like I just gave Denise to pee in or if they need to have a bowel movement, you will tell them to squat and do it on the floor in front of you. Then you will have them clean it up.”

She again asked if they had any problems and both nodded in the negative.

“You will tell them that how long they will be wearing the panties will depend on how quickly they learn to obey and show a good attitude,” Wendy explained. “You will grade them every day in their attitude and behavior—we have the booklets here that you will have for each assigned officer. If there is any resistance or misbehavior, you will enter a special note. You will also emphasize to them that every day the staff will review all officers for attitude and behavior; depending on the grades you give them and especially any special notes for misbehavior that are entered, the duration of their stay here will be determined.

“Special notes are required when there is any outburst or obviously bad behavior,” Wendy stressed. “However, we don’t want them entered for minor offenses. You are both mature women, so I expect you to be judicious in your grading and your award of notes. This discretion is one of the traits we expect from you and it will serve you well to exercise it properly and with some finesse.

“I’m going to start out by having you two work together,” Wendy continued. “I like the chemistry I see, and I think it will get you off to a good start here. Now come along with me and you will formally meet LTC Rachel. I’ve told her how we’re organizing this so she will be aware of that.”

They followed MSG Wendy to a large corner office and after hearing a voice call them to come in, they opened the door and saw a tall, sandy-blondish woman standing behind her desk in a large, well-appointed office.

MSG Wendy saluted, and Denise and Linda did the same.

LTC Rachel acknowledged their salutes, said “As you were,” and pointed to chairs for them to sit.

“Wendy has filled me on both of you,” she began. “You are well aware that this is a very important facility. This is where we determine whether officers who have somehow misbehaved or messed up and have been sent here will be sufficiently retrained to resume their duties and succeed in their careers. So, it is a big deal when an officer comes here. There are a few officers sent who seem to show issues as discerned by their commander who are also sent here. They will be treated in the same way as those who got here for misbehaving.”

She looked directly at each of them. “We are relying a lot on you,” she continued. “Wendy no longer can handle the volume by herself, so we are pleased to have you here. But you will be called on to exercise a lot of discretion wisely. SSG Barbara will get you up to snuff escort pendik on the lecture topics and you will need to do some reading of our manuals. Because of the sensitivity of our work, we have very high standards. If you make a mistake, we want you to admit it immediately. Wendy in the first instance will decide what will follow. If you are to be disciplined, take it in the spirit we intend.”

“I hope you are able to deal with that,” she said. “If you can’t, now is the time to say something.”

“You are going to be disciplining correctional officers in what they will regard as embarrassing and humiliating ways,” she went on. “And I know, SSG Linda, that you should well recall your own experience being here in that capacity. If MSG Wendy or I determine that you have misbehaved, hopefully without intention, you will be disciplined. It is the only way we can operate effectively here.”

She stood and the three noncoms stood immediately. MSG Wendy saluted and then SSG Linda and SSG Denise followed suit. MSG Wendy led them out as LTC Rachel smiled at them.

When they returned to Wendy’s office, she looked at them and said, “You did exactly what was needed there. She is really a good boss and she will back you up, just so long as you always tell her everything and tell the truth.”

She remained standing, as did they.

“Now I have to perform one required step here,” she said firmly, “and understand this is because you will be the ones dispensing discipline every day and quite often. I’m going to give you a short caning, so you appreciate what is involved. You will rely on this as your standard disciplinary tool. If any officer sent here is even slightly sarcastic or worse to you, this will be the way you deal with it, on the spot. Rarely will they persist and if they do, you refer them to me.

“All right,” she went on, “both of you, bend over my desk and lift your uniform skirts above your waists and keep them up. Then pull your panties down to your knees and keep your legs spread far enough apart so they fall no further.”

She watched as they did what she had ordered and now two attractive bottoms were facing her as she stood behind them. MSG Wendy then took her thin cane and lay it on Denise’s bottom. She drew it back and fired four deliberate strokes across her bottom, moving from top to bottom and then did the same on Linda’s bottom. The strokes were clearly stingers and both sergeants let out moans and finally, screams.

“That’s OK,” Wendy said calmly. “You’re allowed to scream. But I hope you remember that because that is the standard punishment when anyone gets out of line. You do have discretion: depending on how serious their conduct is, you can award between two and four strokes. Anything more must be a formal punishment. Pull up your panties now and let your skirts down.”

Both sergeants rearranged their uniforms and used their pocket handkerchiefs to pat their faces. Wendy then took them to the facility’s staff café where she joined them for lunch.

After lunch, she took them to their new offices. They shared a comfortable office outfitted with executive-quality desks and a couch. Later that day, after they had had time to get settled, she came by and said that she was sending an officer to them who had just arrived for retraining.

“SGT Paula has been referred from one of the re-education camps,” Wendy told them, “where she told off the deputy commandant of the camp in front of other cadre. You need to discuss what happened with her and make her understand that this is her last chance. You will tell her that she may find herself very embarrassed and even humiliated here, but if she sticks it out, she will be allowed to resume her service; otherwise, she will be dismissed. I want to see how you can handle her.”

She then left the room and soon there was a knock on their door. Denise said, “Come in,” and the door opened for a large, red-haired woman in the re-education camp uniform.

Linda introduced herself and Denise; then she said coolly, “I assume you know why you are here. Do you understand what will happen and what the objective is for you and for the service?”

“Yes, I do,” SGT Paula said with a tone of petulance in her voice. “I dissed the deputy because she was always getting on me, so I’ve been sent here. She wasn’t being fair, but I should have realized that I messed up by taking her on like that. I know that this is not for continuing ed.”

“You’re correct,” Linda responded. “You are still in big trouble. If you make it here, you’ll be back in good standing and you can go on and have a successful career in the service. That is the way it works. But if you screw up here, you’re out. Now you’d better be ready for what will happen. You will likely be embarrassed and even humiliated by what happens to you here. We will grade you every day on your performance and your attitude. Some of the things you will experience are being done to see if you are up to resisting the urge to strike pendik escort bayan out at us or other instructors here. You’d better resist because you will be immediately punished, worse than if you were a man referred to a camp.”

“Do you get what we’re telling you?” Denise then asked.

“I think so,” Paula said. “Will I really have a chance again if I manage to get through this here? Or is this a cover for getting rid of me?”

“What was said is absolutely true,” Denise answered. “It is also true that you will have to do what you’re told, without any backtalk or resistance. Forget about your deputy commandant or anyone else. Focus on you and changing yourself while you’re here. You’re getting this one chance; make the most of it. Now you will be very pissed at us in the beginning and perhaps longer. Get over it. We are here to make sure you are changing the way you act. So, stand up now.”

SGT Paula rose.

“Now lift your skirt above your waist and keep it up there,” Denise ordered sharply.

SGT Paula looked at her weirdly as she complied with the order.

“Pull your panties down to your knees, keep your legs apart enough so the panties don’t fall any further, and bend over my desk, grasping the other side,” Denise now intoned.

The red-haired sergeant complied, and Denise now faced a large bottom and a hairy crack.

“You know that you have been reduced administratively to the rank of PVT during this duty,” Denise said. “When you complete retraining here, you will get your SGT grade back.”

She picked up her cane and lay it on Paula’s bottom. Then with a practiced motion, Denise proceeded to slowly deliver six hard stinging strokes across Paula’s bottom. Paula held tight and then began to groan and scream at the last strokes.

“You did all right there,” Denise said. “Now take off your panties altogether and hand them to SSG Linda.”

Linda then said, “You’re now going to be inspected. First, bend over the table and hold your bottom cheeks open.”

Paula grimaced but bent over and held her ass cheeks open for Linda’s inspection.

Linda put on plastic gloves and a little lube on her finger. Then she gently probed and pushed her finger into Paula’s tight little bottom-hole. She took out her finger and told Paula to turn around and hold herself open in front.

When Paula did what she was told, Linda put on a new glove and pushed her finger into Paula’s vagina. Paula showed her sensitivity to being touched there. Linda moved her finger out and grazed the tip of Paula’s big clit. This elicited sighs from the red-haired sergeant.

“She’s ok, no shit on my finger and no cum in her cunt,” Linda reported bluntly.

Paula took a deep breath and now Denise handed her a pair of the black vinyl punishment panties.

“You will put these on,” she said. “But first, do you need to use the toilet? If you do, say so, because you won’t get a chance for a good while.”

Paula now blushed for the first time and said she did.

“Then squat down over there,” Denise said, “and do your business on the floor.” She pointed to the corner where there was a large pad.

She could see that Paula was now both surprised and fearful.

“Go ahead,” Denise said. “You’re not the first woman we’ve had here and seen her piss and shit.”

Paula squatted, very embarrassed, and after a while, a strong pee stream poured out onto the pad. Her face was totally crimson now. She let out a fart as she squatted and then two large dark smelly turds emerged and fell on the pad.

“There’s paper there,” Denise said, “take some and wipe yourself. Then use the paper, pick up the pad with your shit and pee on it, and put it in the container in the corner there.”

After Paula had disposed of her excrement, Linda told her to bend over again.

“You’re going to whack me some more?” Paula asked in a complaining tone of voice.

“If we think you need to be smacked, you’ll be smacked big time,” Denise rejoined quickly. “Now do what she tells you or I’ll give you a few more with the cane.”

“I’m actually going to wipe you and powder you,” Linda said calmly, “because when you put those panties on, two dorks will go into your vagina and your rectum. You will learn to walk slowly because it will hurt if you don’t. How long you get to wear those panties depends on how you behave. You are being locked in them. When you need to piss or shit, you come to us, whenever. We’re not going to be very happy being woken up in the middle of the night, but we don’t want you to lose control and pee or shit in them, so you can wake one of us. We’ll show you how to get our attention anytime.”

Then she held out the panties and helped Paula step into them. She had selected a pair that would fit the large-framed sergeant. She pulled them up carefully seeing that the two dorks went where they were intended. Paula felt them and cringed.

“See what I meant?” Linda said to her. “Don’t worry. Behave yourself and we’ll let you out of them soon.”

“Now take a few minutes and tell us exactly what happened and why.” Denise said warmly. “We need to know what this was about. Had you had issues before with your deputy commandant?”

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