A Tale of Kink

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Harry eyed his young wife as she walked into the library. Voluptuous breasts swelling succulently above the daring neckline of her skimpy white top, her pierced belly button visible above the waist band of a navy blue mini skirt as it hugged the sweet curve of her hips. Her mane of ebony flowed like a waterfall of satin about her svelte frame, giving her an aristocratic appearance. Her features were almost feline, her nose long and narrow, eyes bright and widely set in her oval face, her lips full and pouty. Harry sighed as he watched her approach. His cock already stirring within the confines of his pants. She always had that affect on him. Nadine was a stunning woman.

Harry was himself in his mid forties. A wise, and extremely wealthy man. For if he were not, would he be able to keep and afford a woman like Nadine? Harry smiled to himself as he patted his lap. “Come here baby.” He watched the way her ample breasts jiggled beneath the flimsy material as she came closer in a cloud of expensive perfume. Her nipples like twin pearls poking forth wantonly to adorn the front of her shirt.

Nadine nestled down upon Harry’s lap, her deliciously rounded bottom giving an enticing little wiggle into his loins, her long tapered legs draped casually over his as she smiled saucily, purring in his ear. “Have something on your mind Harry?”

Harry’s hand rose to fondle one creamy globe of flesh, kneading it with familiarity. “Why, yes. I do as a matter of fact.” Giving a pinch to an unusually large, rosy nipple.

Nadine moaned as she began to squirm upon his lap, grinding her perfect heart-shaped bottom against Harry’s swelling cock. She was very aware of her husbands appetites. She also new of the secret desires he harbored and that she herself shared, though would never admit to. It was more fun to let him assume those sorts of thoughts were his alone, and that much more exciting. Eyes twinkling as they lifted to his, her own hunger apparent within her chocolate orbs. “Care to share what is on your mind Harry?” Her fingers toyed with his tie as she spoke.

Harry cleared his throat, and by doing so attempted to clear his mind. For his thoughts were being steadily superseded by the apple like head knocking at the zipper of his pants. “I have a surprise for you Nadine” He smiled evilly, a hushed tone to his voice. This piqued Nadine’s curiosity.

“Oh? What sort of surprise Harry?” Her husband was not one to spring things unannounced. He was methodical and carefully planned anything he undertook.

“If you would kindly stand my dear and accompany me to the pool house, I would be glad to show you.” Harry’s hand left her hardened nipple to give a not-so-playful swat to her sweet ass.

Nadine started as his hand connected with her firm flesh, sending a shiver of anticipation up her spine. A dampness already smearing itself upon the warm insides of her thighs as she hurriedly arose from his lap and to her feet without a word.

Harry himself stood and taking Nadine’s hand, lead her from the library. Without any words exchanged between them, they were soon at the door to the pool house. It was larger then most. More like a caretakers cottage, but with an open floor plan. Nadine herself oversaw its design when it was built. Inside was one overly large room, on one wall a small wet bar. There were a couple back rooms for changing and a small kitchen nook.

Oddly Harry knocked upon the door before opening it. This caused Nadine to arch a brow inquisitively. If Harry noticed her curiosity he ignored it and stood waiting. Nadine had little choice but to wait as well with a light shrug. Soon the door opened a just a crack Harry smiled again in that dark way as his hand tightened upon Nadine’s. He then pushed the door inward and led her inside.

Nadine gasped loudly! There stood at least 15 of the biggest men she had ever seen! Huge strapping bucks all garbed in nothing more then boxer shorts. Barrel chests bulging with muscles, arms and legs as thick as tree trunks. Some were hairy, others smooth. Some darker tuzla escort skinned then others, but all were incredibly BIG!

Nadine trembled as her eyes roamed over each in turn, missing nothing of their exquisite physiques. She then turned her gaze slowly to her husband to find him watching her, an animalistic gleam in his eyes which caused her breath to catch in her throat. Her eyes widened slowly as she began to stutter. “Harry! You….you can’t mean….no!” Harry nodded ever so slowly, never easing that vise-like grip on her hand as she attempted to step back from him. “No Harry…please.” Though she was indeed apprehensive, she was also extremely excited, for she understood now what the surprise was that her husband had referred to earlier.

“Nadine, be a good girl now” One of the larger men stepped forth, speaking softly as if to a frightened animal. It was then she noticed the rope in his hands. She fought him, but to no avail and mostly for sport. He was much larger then she and incredibly strong. He wrapped a massive arm about her waist and hefted her up as if she were a rag doll, light as a feather and carried her to saw horse in the middle of the room. She kicked and screamed, but the blows fell upon him unnoticed.

Several of the men then approached, a multitude of strong, rough hands now felt all over her ripe young body. Undoing buttons and buckles, straps and snaps. Soon her clothing fell away like Fall leaves caught in a Chinook wind. Her supple silken flesh exposed to their ravenous gaze as they feasting their eyes upon her tender body. She found herself being bent smoothly over the back of the saw horse, its scabrous surface biting into the delicate skin of her stomach. Hands quickly seized her ankles and wrists, binding them to the legs of the saw horse.

Nadine protested loudly through the entire process, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears. When the hands left her, she found herself helpless. Her delectable ass now raised high in the air, her flesh flawless. Bountiful breasts hanging under her, her dark locks cascading downwardly to brush the floor. She could not even struggle she was constrained so efficiently.

“Harry?” Nadine whimpered.

“Yes Nadine?” Harry’s voice came from somewhere behind her. She tried to turn her head in his direction but could not see through her thick mane of black.

“W-what happens now Harry?” Her voice could have been mistaken for fearful, but in truth Nadine was so excited she could barely contain herself. Already she could feel her sweet honey flowing from her pink petals to moisten her thighs.

Harry chuckled lightly before answering, “I think you already know the answer to that Nadine. Don’t you?”

Nadine could only nod as she felt another tremor over take her submissively bound form. It was then she felt the first caress. Light as the brush of a butterflies wing. Down over the appetizing curve of her firm ass.

Then another touch felt, a lone finger, toying gently with her little puckered hole. Rubbing in small circles, then gently applying pressure. Forcing its way within the heated tunnel of her rosy hole. Deeper slowly, then easing in and out teasingly. Nadine moaned low in her throat.

Then another, a light flicking to her swollen, oversized clit. Tickling it back and forth, up and down, causing it to increase steadily in size. So sensitive was her little tickle button as those fingers diddled and massaged.

More hands now, pinching her nipples, twisting and pulling. Waggling her breasts back and forth as if clapping them together. Stretching her tender nipples.

On her ass, this time the sharp report of a blow as the cane struck her supple flesh, leaving raised red welts. Repeatedly striking, easing not in its quest to bruise her beautiful ass. Nadine cried out repeatedly, in both pain and pleasure. Squirming and fighting at her binds.

Even more hands now, on her thighs, her back, in her hair pulling her head up as a blind fold was secured over her eyes.

Then a cock immediately forced between her lips, gliding tuzla escort bayan onto the hot carpet of her tongue, forcing its way down her throat as hips pistoned that thick meat in and out of her hot sweet mouth. Her tongue immediately going to work, licking and swirling as she sucked instinctively.

Unable now to cry out, her mouth full of cock, as she felt that lone finger toying with her ass become two, then three. Slowly stretching her, demanding her tight ass to loosen and relax. Four, then five. Nadine would have screamed were she able. Her strained ass opening, widening, distending her hot pucker. Her ass began to quiver, humping now that hand as it coerced her ass to yield. Having no choice….it did. An entire hand slipped up Nadine’s luscious ass as the stranger fisted her, ramming his knuckles in and out of her tender opening up to his wrist, and then his forearm. Again the caning started, the blows marring her delicious flesh.

The fingers on her clit grew more insistent, circling and rubbing. Teasing that sensitive nub. Soft laughter as they listened to Nadine’s muffled moans, her mouth stuffed with prime grade A cock. Fucking her throat hard.

The men crowded Nadine while Harry watched with a satisfied smile on his face. He watched as they took turns burying their hot cocks in his wife’s sweet young mouth, one by one. Then took turns shooting all over her lovely face. Cum dribbling down her cheeks and dripping off her chin. Globs of rich creamy cum streaking her hair as Nadine continued to keen and mewl.

That fist buried up her ass was mercilessly fucking her. Punching deeply into her bowls with each thrust, up to the mans elbow now. Sawing in and out of her stretched hole. Nadine’s ass wiggled and jerked with each blow delivered deeply.

Her cries gaining in intensity, though still muffled as the men now took turns fucking her hot cunt. Hands on her hips as they drove repeatedly into her, an endless string of men, hammering her sweet pussy. Nadine was so wet that with each forward lurch a slurping sound accompanied. As if her pussy was trying to suck each cock deeper within her.

Nadine was beside herself, never had she experienced such. To be used to completely, to be so helpless and at the mercy of strangers. She wanted to beg for more, but each time a cock left her mouth another replaced it. HUGE fat cocks, massively thick and long. Choking her as they fucked her mouth. That fist relentlessly plowing inside her ass. Driving her to heights she had never experienced.

Just when Nadine thought they could go no further she felt the hot splashing as they began to urinate on her. One cock in her mouth, one in her wet pussy, a fist up her ass, left 13 men to line up and aim. Splattering her with salty spray as they doused her face, tits, ass and back. Nadine bathed in their waste as they initiated her. Then the man before her let out a mighty cry as he too began to urinate, down Nadine’s throat. She was forced to drink every drop, and she did so most willingly.

Suddenly all stopped. Leaving Nadine panting heavily, her chin cum soaked as it lifted. Sightless eyes straining at the blindfold to see what was going on. But of course she could see nothing.

She heard only murmuring, soft and low. Indistinguishable. The fist left her ass slowly. She was then completely untouched. “Harry?” Nadine asked timidly.

No answer echoed back, only complete silence.

Then the tongues….hot, wet tongues. Licking at every inch of her body. Every crevice, every cranny and hole. Her ass twitched as a tongue slithered into her hole, tongue fucking her, soothing the ravaged tunnel. A tongue curling about her engorged clit, suckling at it, teasing it. Drawing it into a sweltering mouth and suckling. Tongues on her legs, under her arms, around her bound ankles and wrists. Forced into her mouth and down her throat. Nadine was enraptured, her orgasm swiftly taking wing under these scorching tongues.

She whimpered and gasped, and babbled incoherently, begging for release as they took her escort tuzla time and time again to the edge, yet pulled her back unfulfilled amid soft laughter.

She then felt the cold steel vibrator burrow its way up her ass, and one in her sopping pussy as she mewled. A switch flicked and Nadine was screaming loudly, her orgasm ripping through her body like an electric current. She let loose with a stream of piss, splashing down onto the floor even as her cunt twitched and spasmed, it too shooting her cum in rivets. Nadine shrieked endlessly, the sensations mind blowing as her body was wracked by her orgasm.

Just when she started to relax and the tongues and vibrators were removed, she heard the crack of the whip and her blood chilled, even as her pussy gave another quiver on excitement.

“Oh god please Harry!” Nadine cried out as the first lash fell upon her back, the multitude of hands returned to abuse her tender nipples. Pulling, stretching, distending those cinnamon pearls. So large and hardening under rough fingers attentions.

Another crack of the whip as it struck her ass, making her jump, pressing her stomach into the back of the sawhorse as she sobbed pitifully. Nadine writhed beneath the whips caress. A beautiful dance of pain and pleasure.

More hands joined in, teasing her pussy. First one finger, then two. Fucking her wet cunt to the music of her moans and sobs.

Another bite, the whip sailed repeatedly through the air. Cutting into the sweet tender flesh of her back and ass, over and over again.

Now even more hands, this time at the opening of her back tunnel. One finger easing up into her pinched pucker. Circling to widen her, forcing her ass to open as demanded. More fingers slowly joining the first.

The whip ruthlessly partook of her satiny skin. Leaving no exposed inch of her unmarred. Those fingers probed deeper, coupled with more fingers until Nadine could feel the fist once more forced deeply up her brown shoot, and another up her tight pussy. Each taking turns punching up into her body.

The force jostling Nadine forward as she was bent over that saw horse. Her cries of pain soon turned to moaning whimpers of pleasure as she was fist fucked in both holes. She was nothing but these men’s little fuck toy, a piece of ass to do with as they would.

Nadine lifted her head, her eyes glazed as they saw Harry standing before her, his thick hard cock in his hand. He stroked it, pumping it up and down as he watched, precum bubbling upon its tip, glistening wetly.

Nadine was transfixed upon the site. The purple angry looking head, the long dense shaft. Harry’s large sac hanging down low between his slightly parted thighs as he stood before her.

He watched the men fondling her, fucking her ass and pussy with their fists. Punching repeatedly into his wife and her pleasure. Their tongues as they licked at her flesh, fingers probing and flicking. Her enlarged clit, so tantalizingly bloated with her desire. Harry’s fingers worked faster. Driving his hand up and down rhythmically, the wet sounds of Nadine’s pussy being ravished driving Harry wild. The tight sucking noises her ass made every time that fist was thrust inside her hot hole. He quickened his pace. Milking at his cock with his hand as he gave a loud moan, thick ribbons of cum shot forth as he aimed at Nadine’s face and breasts, coating her richly with his jism.

It was too much for Nadine to withstand as she came again, screaming out with her orgasm just as she felt the first hot splatter of her husbands cum. Her pussy convulsed as she too exploded, her cum squirting forth, projecting onto the face of the man whose fist was ramming her pussy, and the man who was ravaging her tender ass.

Nadine collapsed against the saw horse, spent and exhausted. Her husband smiled softly as he petted her cum soaked head, cooing softly, “Such a good girl Nadine. You did well my pet. Did you enjoy that lovely?”

Nadine lifted her head with some effort and managed a smile as the fists left her body. She murmured softly, “Yes baby, oh yes I did. Thank you Harry. Untie me now please?”

Harry shook his head slowly, “Nadine,” His voice so low she could barely hear, “We aren’t done yet.”

Nadine merely moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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