A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 01

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I was pretty pissed to be spending the first summer out of college in a house full of strangers. Driving my old Tercel down the road, I had a hard time appreciating the magnitude of how awkward that day was going to be. Here I was, a promising young architect about to set out on his own. And yet, was I starting my internship and getting good experience? No, I was visiting my family.

That felt so weird to say…family. As far as I’d ever known, family consisted of a dad who drank himself stupid after Mom left, and an idiot sister who blew guys that bought her nice purses. But this was apparently my real family. After a biology assignment for a class in school, I realized there was no way for me to have brown eyes with my parents both having blue eyes. The ensuing interrogation yielded a startling realization: I was adopted.

I was shaken from my thoughts as my GPS flashed to indicate I had arrived at my destination. I pulled up the gravel road and groaned at what I saw. A battered shanty of a house sat lazily on a hill at the end of the driveway. It looked like something out of a horror film, complete with peeling paint and a screen door that groaned in the breeze. Despite my adopted family’s problems, we had always been well off due to my father’s restaurant chain. This was a nightmare though. Not only would I have to put off starting my career and getting out on my own, I’d have to spend a whole summer in this godforsaken shack.

I’d sent a letter to the McCoy’s, letting them know that I was their biological son and that I wanted to meet them. I received a letter that same week saying that I’d be invited “with open arms,” but not much else. My Dad decided it’d be best for me to meet them by living with them for the summer. It was only a shallow ploy to keep himself from paying for my summer place while I looked for a real job. I still didn’t know anything about the family, and had no idea what to expect.

I parked the car and cautiously worked my way to the front door, surveying the property. Up close, even more of an eyesore. Each board on the staircase and porch squealed under my feet despite my small frame. Rust encroached on every inch of metal exposed to the harsh elements, indicating that whoever lived here clearly didn’t care about the way it looked. As I gently knocked on the door, I saw someone approaching.

“You must be Jimmy,” questioned the lady with a suspicious voice. As she neared me, I could see her stern facial features. “I’m Barbara McCoy, your mother.” She opened the door and offered her hand for me to shake, but didn’t smile. Her cold nature was exaggerated by her plain, white tanktop and muscular arms. Clearly she had been working hard on something, as her hair was a mess and her skin was glistening with sweat.

“Sure am,” I replied as I took her hand, “nice to meet you…Mom.” I smiled and looked only to see her completely unphased. Suddenly I felt as though I was intruding, and was nervous about spending an entire summer here. Barbara gestured me to come inside, and I obliged after putting my duffel down and closing the door behind me. As I was walking through the house, I noticed how Barbara’s tanktop showed off her curves. She had a bit of a mean face, and I got the sense that she was a total bitch. And while she wasn’t the prettiest woman, she had a nice chest whose cleavage was peaking out from underneath the tanktop. I found myself gazing too long, mentally rebuking myself for checking out my own mother.

“I bet you’re curious about this whole…situation,” Barbara started as she pulled out a chair bedava bahis for me to sit. “Let me put on a pot of tea and I’ll tell you the whole story.” She sure did. Long story short, Barbara and my biological father were young and she got pregnant. They weren’t able to raise me themselves, so I was put up for adoption. It was an understandable story, and as I sipped on my tea I was ready to accept that I was just born out of unfortunate circumstances.

Then I saw someone coming down the stairs. Thin as a twig, and built nothing like her mother, this bubbly young girl bounded towards us with a huge smile. “Hey there, bro!” she squealed with a playful punch to my arm. As I would learn, this was Vicky, one of my sisters. Vicky had a very pretty face, almost pixie-like. I wouldn’t be surprised if SHE were adopted, based on how different she looked from Barbara. Gone were the curvy hips and luscious breasts. The long dark hair was replaced with blonde, jagged cuts that went just above the shoulder. “I hear you just graduated too?” questioned Vicky. She sure didn’t look like a college graduate, and my confused face betrayed me. “Oh, well I just graduated high school,” she giggled. I tried to congratulate her, only to find out that she had no college plans. In fact, she only seemed excited to be out of high school because now that she was 18 she could by her own cigarettes.

“Vicky, will you take Jimmy upstairs and show him where to unpack his things?” Barbara was already clearing the dishes. “I need to get back to the water-heater downstairs.”

Vicky finished her glass of milk and started heading towards the staircase. I ran to the door to grab my duffel and catch up with her. “So…what do you guys do around here?” I asked, trying to make conversation with my new sister.

“Oh, well Mom came into a bit of money when Dad left. It’s enough for us to live modestly, and Mom moonlighting it really helps.” I was confused by her mentioning of our father leaving, and also wanted to ask her how she came to be. She couldn’t be but a few years younger than me, and didn’t really fit into Barbara’s story. Something was awry. Vicky gestured to the left, allowing me to walk ahead of her. “Oh, it’s the second door, sorry,” she mentioned as I tried a room. “That’s Bella’s room. She’s your other sister, but she’s on vacation right now.”

That raised even further questions. She showed me my new room, which was spacious enough and surprisingly elegant. “This room’s beautiful. I didn’t expect it after…” I started to trail off, not wanting to offend my sister with my opinion of the house’s exterior.

“Haha don’t worry,” she said as she unzipped my duffel. “Mom’s so busy with work that she can barely keep the inside of the house nice. And we’re so far out here that it’s not even worth it to have someone come decorate the outside.” My face went white as I realized what I packed at the top of my bag and Vicky reached in. “Condoms, huh?”

Well this was embarrassing. All I knew was that I was going to the backwoods, and that in the event that I did meet a girl at a bar or something, I wouldn’t be able to stop at a 24-hour pharmacy to pick up the needed supplies. “I…wasn’t sure if…and…” I began to get flustered.

“Do you have a lot of sex?” Vicky cocked her head in genuine curiosity.

“Well, I guess a normal amount, I don’t know…” I blushed as I tried to take the box of condoms from her hand to put into my duffel.

“What’s it like?” she asked, her eyes beaming like a child hearing their favorite fairy tale.

This bedava bonus I could not believe. Here was this nice, cute piece of ass and she’d never been with a guy? “Are you serious? You’ve never…”

I could tell that my tone upset her as she turned away. “Nevermind, I shouldn’t have asked.” I tried to apologize, keeping my hand on hers as she grasped the condoms. “It’s just that all the guys in school are jerks, and Mom always warned me about how sex can cause problems, and I didn’t want to make a mistake.”

“Like me?” I asked, surprised by how casually I referred to myself as a mistake.

“Well, yeah. So? You never answered my question.”

“It’s…intense. Everything feels so much stronger than when you do it by yourself, even the orgasms.” I noticed she didn’t seemed intrigued by the mentioning of the word orgasm. “Have you…ever even had an orgasm?”

“Well yeah, sometimes by myself. I DO have needs…how is it different from that?”

“Well I don’t know about for girls, but I’ve heard good things I guess.” For some reason, I didn’t find the conversation awkward until now. This was, after all, my sister. Although she was a stranger. “And it feels much better to me at least. Now I can’t go for a few days without it!”

“So, what are you going to do out here?” Suddenly Vicky had a devilish gleam in her eye.

“Well probably just the usual,” I chuckled. “But I figured I’d meet a nice girl out here at some point.”

“Do you think I’m a nice girl?” she coyly asked as she started playing with the box of condoms.

“Well, yeah.”

“If I weren’t your sister, would you have sex with me?” And there it was. She was flirting with me. And quite well, for a girl that’s never been with a guy.

“Vicky, I don’t know…that’s a weird thing to ask.”

“Is it? I’m hardly your sister, cause we just met.” She grabbed my hand and started moving it towards her breasts. “I’m just a nice girl that wants the same things you do.”

I yanked my hand back. “Vicky! Look, you’re a beautiful young girl, but I just don’t think this a good idea.” She looked crushed. Pouting, she stormed out of the room. Great, I thought to myself, I’ve already pissed off my new nympho sister.


Later that night, I was finishing unpacking when I remembered the whole Vicky encounter. Truth be told, if it weren’t for the weird sister factor, I would’ve fucked her senseless. I thought about her puffy lips, and how good they would look wrapped around the head of my cock. I knew that under her tshirt she had tiny, pert breasts and could picture her little pink nipples. After a long drive and a day of unpacking, my cock started aching for attention. I closed the door and decided to lay down on my new bed, fishing it out of my pants.

I had tons on my mind, but gently moving my hand up and down the shaft of my cock I found myself thinking more and more of Vicky. As I pumped harder, I pictured her nubile body laying naked in bed next to me. I was nearing the point of no return when I heard the door creak.

Mortified, I tried to cover myself, roll over, and close the door all at the same time. The result was me falling on my face on the floor and the door peaking open a bit. “What the hell Vicky?!” I yelled to the figure in the doorway.

“I…I came back to apologize but I didn’t realize, I mean…” Vicky was stumbling over her words as I stuffed my dick into my sweatpants. Her eyes were fixated on the clearly-outlined boner jutting its way through my sweatpants. “Your thing is…huge!” While flattered deneme bonusu by her observation, the fact that this girl had never seen a penis before became even more evident with her reaction to my average-sized member. “Can I touch it?”

Nine times out of ten I would have thrown her out of my room. Due to how close I was to the breaking point, however, and the look of awe as she gazed upon my wood, I had no choice. “Yes.”

She slammed the door behind her, making me jump to alert. “Don’t worry, Mom works the late shift tonight.” I sat on the bed and pushed her shoulders down, having her kneel in front of me. She worked my waistband down until my cock sprung up, as if it had been starving for air. She inspected it, gently touching the tip and running her fingertips along the shaft. “I didn’t expect it to be so warm,” she cooed. “What do I do with it?”

Part of me sighed at the idea of teaching this girl how to get me off, but I also found it highly erotic. I grabbed her by her hair and moved her head so that her mouth was hovering right above the tip of my penis. Understanding the gesture, she opened her mouth and slid my cock into her mouth. Her tongue began working around it. She definitely wasn’t an expert or a natural at giving head, but her curiousity made it even sexier as she tried to get used to the feeling of a dick in her mouth. She looked up at me for approval and I smiled back at her, wrapping her tiny hand around my throbbing cock. “Now bob your head up and down, rubbing your tongue on the tip while you stroke it.” She eagerly obliged, moaning a bit as she started working my cock.

It felt so wrong, but I knowing that this hot little bitch was sucking me off was too good to pass up. Her tongue started swirling around the head, and my moan encouraged her to continue exploring techniques. At this point I knew I had to try deepthroating, but as she started massaging my leg I could feel that familiar sensation welling up. “Viccky….ngh,” I started to grunt as the orgasm built up inside of me. “I’m about…to cum…a lot…be ready to ss-sswallow…” As I was getting the last words out of my mouth my cock started shooting rope after rope of cum into her mouth. At first she jumped a bit, overwhelmed by the sticky substance that was filling her mouth at an alarming rate. She continued pumping without missing a beat and swallowed every drop in her mouth as she pulled my cock out and grinned at me.

“Holy crap, that was fun!” she beamed, a thick glob of my sauce dripping down her chin. I tried to point it out, but she beat me to the punch by scooping it up and licking her fingers clean. “Can we do that more?”

I wanted to explain that she’d just given me the best blowjob of my life, but I was too overwhelmed with the fact that I’d just been blown by my 18-year old sister. “Vicky that was amazing, but we can’t keep doing this, you’re my sister!”

She sat down next to me, lightly rubbing her breast through her nightgown. “Then why’d you do it this time?” She had me there. “Besides, I’m not REALLY your sister.” I tried to interrupt and explain that we were still related, despite being strangers. “I’m adopted!”

That was a new one. She proceeded to explain to me that after my parents put me up for adoption, they made a small fortune by playing the lottery. Given their newfound fortune, they wanted kids. Since the adoption process had been so good to them, they decided to help another couple that couldn’t keep their baby. It was poetic in a sense, but deeply disturbing to know that my parents gave me away only to take someone else’s baby mere years later. It also explained Bella, my other sister. Suddenly I didn’t feel as bad banging Vicky. “Vicky, I think we’re going to have a really good summer.” Her eyes began to shine with excitement at the prospect of a summer alone together.

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