A Spit-Roasting by Dad and Brother

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Bent over the counter, my slim eighteen year old, perfect body, ample breasts hanging beneath me, my dads cock slid into my virgin vagina, my brothers cock spit roasting me in my mouth. The pair of them banging on me with all their might. And it had all been a freakishly funny accident!

All the boys at school say I’m a bit of bimbo, which makes me super popular. I guess guys like girls who don’t think so much. Which is fine, because I really hate to think too much. I know some girls don’t like it, but I don’t care. To be honest, I kind of like it. Life should be carefree and easy, there’s no time to waste on thinking too much about too many things. So when the boys tell me I’m a little light headed I just smile.

So when my older brothers hard cock slid into my mouth at the exact time that my dad’s hard cock slid into my vagina and took my virginity – both by total accident of course. I simply shrugged it off! Accidents can’t be helped I thought, as my breasts bounced up and down beneath me. As my bothers cock ploughed my mouth, my saliva dripping down it’s shaft. My dad deep in my vagina, my virginity finally taken, by none other, than my own dad!

All through high school I was popular with the boys though. When they told me I was a little lightheaded they never meant to be mean. Truth is, I’m the pretties girl in the school, and I know I have the sexiest body and every guy in school has probably already told me a hundred times. For me, my body is art. I dance ballet and I’m also the cheerleading captain. I know every guy in the school wants me and every girl at school loves me, but I have a rule I vowed never to break. I’ll never date a guy or girl from school. Never!

I hadn’t realised how powerful an adult man is, when he is wanton beyond control, with his cock buried deep inside a tiny teenagers vagina. And I guess ataşehir escort bayan it’s even more powerful when her vagina – as mine is – is an untouched, pristine, hairless virgin tight slit as mine is, or rather was. Right now of course, deep inside me, blasting me with every ounce of his strength, my dad has made sure it’s no longer quite as tight as it was.

“Oh, fuck princess,” he wildly screams at me as he’s banging me from behind. “I can’t believe I’m fucking my own virgin daughter.”

To be honest, I already had two guys that I was secretly, desperately in love with, and I so desperately wished I could be with them both. When my mother left us, so many years ago, I was left with my older brother and my dear devoted dad. I loved them so much and so deeply, yet as I passed the age of eighteen, the strangest thoughts, desires and urges for them, grew strongly within me. Many times when I saw them, I could hear my heart beating and pounding like a drum, and butterflies fluttering inside my tiny heart.

And now, both of them were literally pounding on me, like drums, as the butterflies flittered around inside me. Spit roasted like a pig, by my dad and brother, my pretty little ankle bracelets crashing back and forwards on my legs. My pretty pink choker tight around my neck, my dad tugging on it, just enough to feel the dizzying crescendo as he fucked me in unison.

Every time they came to watch me perform ballet or as a cheerleader I gave it my all just for them. I wanted them to see how much of a woman I had become. I wanted them to want me the way I wanted them. And so, on the many occasions when I performed for them at home – as their little, pretty, private dancer – all I could think about, was the passion of the dance ending with me passionately in their longing arms. Yet of course, the ultimate escort kadıöy taboo, of a daughter with her own brother and father, has always been such a powerful barrier between us, that we have always, and should always, be forced apart.

That was of course, until now! Now, when this crazy unthinkable accident brought all three of us crashing lustily together. Losing us in the this wild, perverse threesome of pleasure with a tiny hint of pain, I noted. My dads hand reigning down on my ass as he choked me gently. My brother using my head as his private whore hole.

Silly me! I knew I was too stupid for words. Coming home from school after ballet practice I slipped out of my sweaty clothes. There was never any time to shower at school. The hot day roasting me, the sweat pouring from my naked body, glistening in the heat, when I found the interesting new furniture that had been installed whilst I was at school I was immediately transfixed.

Now I was sure my holes would be filled for the first time with the delightfully warm insides of my first erect cocks. Cocks I’d wanted for so long, yet was sure, I would never truly indulge myself in. My dream of this double penetration by my dad and brother had always ended in their white cum filling me at exactly the same moment. Yet, it was my dad that came inside me first, ploughing harder on me, as the sensations reached their climax. But my brother wasn’t too far off, as his own wad of white cum filled my throat, making me choke and gag.

Seeing the ankle chains on the floor, and the handcuffs on the table top, silly girl that I was, I’d gotten myself trapped when playing around with their sexy silver shininess. Oh how they looked so much like bracelets around my ankles and wrists. How I got my head stuck in the metal neck collar I will never remember! All I know, is maltepe escort that I couldn’t move my head at all. Trapped, I was at the mercy of any man that came into the house and saw me here, hanging, a piece of man meat, ready to be fucked, fondled, fingered and fellatioed at will!

I was in pure heaven!

I apologised so much to my dad and brother when they finally came home and saw me, hanging here, naked, vulnerable, shameless. They tried everything they could to free me. To unlock the bindings that held me there. Yet somehow, the keys were nowhere to be seen. As my dad tried to pull me out from behind, there was no helping it. I could feel his massive cock on my ass. And as my brother tried to free me from the front, his huge manhood slid against my face from within his trousers.

Both of them, slid their cocks from out of my holes, my knees and legs bucking, my body collapsing on the countertop. Their cum seeped out of me in unison. Oh how happy I was, thought, a secret smile creeping inside me.

It was no use, the keys were lost forever, they thought. Or at least until I told them where I’d put them, I knew. But that certainly wouldn’t be for many more hours yet, I knew. I was a rabbit caught in a trap, and I certainly wasn’t going to let them free me, before my most wildest of fantasies had been fulfilled.

“Will you tell me where the keys are now?” My dad asked.

“I want my brother to slide under me first, and enter me from beneath. And you daddy. When he’s fucking me this time, I want you in my ass.” I teased them both.

“Maybe then, I’ll tell you where I accidentally lost the keys. Or maybe I won’t!” I smirked. “Maybe you’ll just have to fuck even more and see.” I laughed.

When a woman as would as I wants a man, or two. She gets makes sure she gets her man, no matter what. And when a daddy and brother know their daughter will give herself to any man and perform the most perverted of acts, in their own home, just to get what she wants. They have no option but to submit. And so, as they say, in such situations, the wildest, most craziest accidents happen!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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