A Night Going Both Ways

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After my convention weekend with Ken, where I was introduced to man to man sex for the first time, I started looking for more opportunities for it. I placed ads on the net and was soon meeting guys. Being in my late 20’s at the time, with no long term relationship, this gave me time to check things out, I wasn’t ready to settle down just yet. I saw Ken from time to time, he would stop by for an evening of good sex. He would show up and we would spend the evening naked, fucking and sucking all over my apartment. He told me he loved my ass. Ken had promised that I would meet his wife.

Ken invited me to dinner at their place on a Friday night. He promised me it would be a good time. Ken and his wife Tami had an open relationship. She knew about his bi side and let him indulge it as long as he was safe.

I arrived at their apartment as soon after work as I could. Ken opened the door and let me in. He gave me a good hug as I entered. Tami came out of the kitchen.

“I can see what he likes in you.” She said with a smile. She came over and hugged me while Ken closed the door. Tami was the same age as Ken, was about 5’9″ and had an average size chest. She had a pretty smile. She broke the hug and moved back towards the kitchen.

“You two talk, I’ll finish the prep of dinner.” Tami said as she headed off. She was wearing a nicely cut not too fancy dress that she wore comfortably.

“Let’s go sit down.” Ken motioned to the living room area. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Yes, a soda is just fine.” I answered.

The living room area as basic with a large L-shaped couch and few chairs and an entertainment center with a television and stereo. Some music was playing. Ken headed for the kitchen and soon returned with my drink. He and chatted for a bit and Tami announced that dinner was served. We moved to the dining area table and sat down.

The dinner was excellent and the conversation ranged over many topics. Tami had a keen intellect and sense of humor. When we finished, I offered to help clean up, but was turned down. We then adjourned to the living room.

Tami got out a photo album. “These are the photos bahis firmaları that the relatives don’t get to see.”

I opened it. It contained nude photos of both Ken and Tami in various poses and shots of them having sex with each other and with other people.

“I think he likes it.” Tami said with a smile. I smiled at her.

It was in sections. The first was Tami nude in various poses. The second was Ken doing the same. The third was the two of them doing each other. The fourth was two of them doing other people. The fifth was Tami doing another woman. It was very hot looking at the photos. My cock was quite hard.

“What we’re looking for is someone for Ken to do his bi section with.” Tami said. “Are you interested?”

I smiled at her. “Sure.”

“Cool.” Tami said. She looked at the two of us. “Shall we start?”

Ken and I started stripping as we stood up, Tami got the camera ready. She directed us. She had us start by kissing and hugging. Then she posed us. She had me partly undress and had Ken pose sucking my cock with my pants at my ankles. She had us completely undress and then posed us sucking each other in various poses. Ken and I were having fun as well playing with each other.

“Ok.” She said after finishing a shot of me getting as much of Ken’s cock in my mouth as I could. “Let’s do some fucking shots. We’ll start with Ken fucking you, Tim.”

Tami took pictures as Ken prepped my ass, fingering and lubing it. Then she took a series of shots as he penetrated my ass with his hard cock. She had us try different positions as well. Again we were having fun while she posed us, although it was hard not to keep going. After she had those shots, she had us reverse positions and had me penetrate Ken.

“Ok, that was great guys, very hot and very erotic.” Tami said. We were both still sporting erections when she put the camera down. “Now you guys have earned that first orgasm. Go ahead and get each other off and then you can work on me.” She said with a smile as she finally stripped her clothing off. She sat her self in a chair and spread her legs. She had a trim bush which left her pussy slit exposed. kaçak iddaa It looked pink and wet.

Ken told me to lay back on the couch with my legs up and he kneeled down between my legs. “I’m going to give you a good fuck and fill that ass, lover boy.”

Ken slid his already lubed cock into my ready ass. It felt good as he first slid it into the hilt, leaving it in all the way for a moment. All three of us sighed with delight. Tami was fingering her pussy, watching as Ken started to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. He was hot and ready to go. Ken fucked me with nice strokes, sliding his cock into the balls. Soon he was getting ready to cum. I was feeling warmth spreading from his cock’s massage of my prostate.

“Oh yeah.” Ken said. “I love your ass.”

I moaned with delight, watching Ken as he fucked me and looking at Tami as she with her clit. Ken started fucking a little faster and soon he was at the brink and groaned loud with one last thrust, and shot his load into my ass.

“Oh yeah.” Ken moaned as his cock squirted cum into my ass. “Oh, that was nice.”

Ken then slid his softening cock from my ass. He leaned down and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. It never took very long for him to get me off after he had fucked me. He mouth worked up and down on my cock shaft. Ken also worked two fingers into my still lubed ass. He sucked up and down, taking my cock deep into his mouth. Soon I was moaning as my cock erupted and I shot my load down his throat.

Ken sucked me dry, then sat on the couch next to me. We watched Tami play with her clit. We looked at each other and got up and went over to her, bringing her back to the couch and laying her down. Ken went to work on her breasts, licking and nibbling on her nipples. I spread her legs and licked my up to her very wet pussy. I licked around the opening, deliberately not going for the clit right away. I licked up each side, getting her outer pussy lips. She tasted just the right kind of musky and salty. I ran my tongue up the center of her slit and stopped at the clit, licking it gently.

“Oh, yes.” Tami moaned. I started licking it harder. Ken and kaçak bahis I had talked about all kinds of sex during our sessions, including his descriptions of how he licked her out. I was happy to put that knowledge to use. I alternated strokes on her clit, with sliding my tongue just into her vagina. Ken was working on her breasts and taking time off from that to give her deep kisses on the mouth. They were both moaning. Soon our combined effort brought her to orgasm, she moaned and arched her back and finally pushed my head away.

Tami rested for a while and then gave us both a happy smile. “Thanks guys.” We sat on either side of her and she reached down and played with our new erections. “These are nice.” Tami leaned over to Ken and gave his cock a suck. Ken lay back in the couch and closed his eyes in joy. Tami then stopped and leaned to me and did the same. It was very nice. She did this for a while, alternating sucking on our cocks. Then she stopped and looked at Ken.

“Is it ok if I take his cock for a test ride?” Tami said with a smile.

“Certainly.” Ken answered. “You are free to enjoy.”

Tami kissed him on the mouth, then broke off. “Thanks,” she said.

Tami moved so that she straddled my hips. She smiled at me. “Your cock tasted quite good, so I know it will feel good in my cunt.” Tami smiled and kissed me. I felt her reach behind and fondle my cock for a moment, then she guided it into her wet cunt. I moaned into her mouth as she did that. She broke the kiss and sat straight up.

“It does feel very good.” Tami smiled and leaned into me and began moving her hips. Her wetness and warmth around my cock felt great. She rode me slowly to begin with, then shifted and started moving faster until she brought off to a loud orgasm. Tami smiled as she slid off my flat cock and moved over to Ken and did the same thing to him.

After we rested, we spent the night playing. Ken and I did a double penetration of Tami, with my cock in her cunt and his in her ass. We also gave her a break and 69’ed each other to a nice mouthful of cum each. I stayed the night and we played more the next day as well. Ken and Tami invite me over every couple of weeks for a hot session. We’re having such fun we’re thinking about adding some more people. Ken and Tami know another bi couple they might have join us, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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