A New Beginning

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The building had a red brick facade with three large blacked out windows that were protected by thick rusty bars. The door was painted bright red with black oversized hardware. It was early morning, 5AM, a damp fog hung low muting any sound coming from the docks nearby. To my left, three seagulls sat on a gun barrel piling fluffing their wings to ward off the morning dampness. They scattered when the door opened shedding a warm light out and into the gloom.

I was on time for my appointment with Karla, she welcomed me in via an intercom with a proper business voice, terse but friendly. The door was securely closed and automatically locked. It was a small room with a maroon carpet and white walls leading to another door in a far wall, above it, an eye of a surveillance camera was recording everything in the room. One overhead light fixture provided a soft light that flattered the emptiness of the space.

I took a deep breath as I stared at the camera and identified myself. There was no response, I became a little apprehensive but then the door opened, I entered. Karla sat at a desk reviewing papers, taking notes related to my visit. It was a dark room lit only by her desk light. She looked up with a pleasant smile directing me to a couch by one wall. We talked about the reason for my visit, defining boundaries. She was a dominant woman, supplying services to men and women of exotic tastes, she was stunning. I stuttered as I tried to explain what I thought I wanted to experience.

We found an agreement on the money transaction and settled the deal, she walked over and escorted me into an adjoining room. She closed the door and locked it for our privacy. A faint smell of perfume filled the air, the room was empty except for a large wardrobe closet and a leather covered raised platform. Dim red lights hung from the ceiling directly over the platform. The walls and ceiling were dark maroon, the floor was covered with black tiles. I was a little nervous but my goal was clear, to experience sensations I had only read about and shamefully craved. After some small talk we were ready to begin.

She removed her business suit exposing a bright red panty and bra set that emphasized her dominance. She had the body of a wild tigress, dangerous and bakırköy escort lethal, much better than my expectations, I could not take my eyes off her. The wardrobe closet doors were open, I could see it was filled with all sorts domination tools including lots of evil looking insertion toys and restraining equipment. Just seeing all that put me in an aroused state right away, I could not wait to get started.

I disrobed, the tight black spandex body suit under my street clothes caused her to chuckle. She directed me to lay on the platform as she sorted thru the array of things in the closet. I wanted to feel the sensation of loss of control, secured movement, at the mercy of a woman. I was sure I had made the right decision to enlist her into the mental destruction I was seeking. The room was comfortable, she was beautiful and come what may, I wanted the experiences she could supply.

We met at a b&d fetish site on line. It was decided, I had the money, she had the talent. During one of our many conversations about my interests she asked exactly how far I wanted to delve into my fetishes. It being my first time, I could only leave the details to her, she readily agreed with a knowing it will be my pleasure.

Flat on my back on the platform I began to realize how tight my body suit was, it covered me from head to toe with long sleeves, like a second skin. I raised myself up to allow her to wrap a corset around me, she teasingly synched it up, reality knocked, I closed my eyes.

She moved like a cat adjusting the buckles on the corset. The spandex opened front and rear with zippers exposing my ass, cock and balls. Next came a chastity device with an extended probe, it was chrome plated metal, custom made to her specifications. With a little KY she slid the probe into my urethra then locked my cock into the cage. Thoughts of being neutered came to mind, somehow it made me feel confident. Pulling my balls down and back away from my body she wrapped a long cord tightly around the base and tied it off, the excess cord went between my legs. Then she closed the front zipper and had me turn over onto my stomach.

A butt plug, even with lube, hurt quite a bit but I was determined to experience the plugged beşiktaş escort sensation, first time for me. It had a ring on the end to run the cords attached to my balls thru to keep the plug in all the way and then tightly up the crack of my ass to one of the rings on the corset. The plug itself was long but not too wide made of stainless steel, about six inches long. She zipped up the rear opening and stepped back. I gingerly rolled onto my side testing the cage and plug for comfort. The cord was knotted, an extra sensation I had not expected.

She explained the cord, any movement of my torso would put more strain on my balls, she smiled as she said that. Savoring the moment, she went on to tell me that when we get straps on my legs, my balls will be crushed, or at least they will feel like it.

That was a turning point for me, I had serious doubts I could handle it. I asked her if she would leave me alone for a couple minutes. After she left I relaxed into my situation. I could back out with no hard feelings but I would still have to pay for her services, sixteen hundred dollars for three hours of pleasure.

The way my body was responding focused my attention to the strange new feelings happening inside me. I relaxed and began to look forward to more of her expertise. I knew I could not back out, I was hooked. I laid back and waited for her return. She returned with a bottle of beer and a couple Viagra pills. The beer tasted great, I gulped it down with the pills. Smiling she turned to retrieve more things to use on me.

I turned over onto my stomach for her to cinch my hands together behind my back then my elbows. She did it with the expertise of a bondage queen. Bondage gloves were put on my hands, palms together. I lifted my head for a penis gag, she pulled it into my mouth and buckled the harness behind my head, it tasted like rubber. Straps four inches wide were next, she started at my ankles then just above my knees and finally my upper thighs. It became clear with the latter as my balls felt the crushing sensation she promised. The straps around my torso, over my arms, were next, she tightened two of them as tight as she could. I could not move a muscle as she rolled me over onto my back.

A beylikdüzü escort fleece lined blindfold snuggly buckled behind to the gag harness was next. As a post script, she wrapped bondage tape around my big toes and then wrapped the rest of my feet with it.

I was totally in sub space, the experiment was much more than I had expected, with my body out of my control, all I could do was savor the sensation of helplessness. It was very warm, no, it was hot inside my bondage and as the Viagra kicked in, it got hotter. I wondered why my desire to try this was so strong but as time crept by I knew I had made the right decision. I began feeling intense pleasure by having my whole life removed, left only to a mental vacation. My body on the other hand was fighting for release and at the same time enjoying the building sexual frustration of helplessness. I visualized being offered up for a sacrifice.

It was not only the pulling against the straps or the squirming for the added pleasure of the knotted cord thru my crotch, or the frustration of my cock trying to get hard inside the cage, there was an element of danger, a risk. Without a way of communicating directly with Karla, surely I could suffocate. That was a moment of panic, it did pass quickly though as I stretched into my bindings and remembered the panic button encased with my hands.

When the time came to release me, she expertly undid all the restraints quietly humming as she worked. I removed the plug and cage myself, they were going home with me. She had changed into a black leather bustier, black panties and thigh high leather boots. Her wonderful breasts were on display, her long black hair severely pulled into a pony tail, she was not smiling.

As I shakily stood to get dressed to leave I looked around and saw a woman hanging by her wrists, suspended naked by a mechanism above, she was covered with angry red stripes. I assumed whipped while blindfolded and gaged. Against a wall there was a gaged man tied spread eagle to a standing pyramid frame with clips on his nipples and a heavy weight hanging from his balls. Karla had other clients to attend to. I wondered what diabolical tortures those two were experiencing. Witnessing that helped me make a decision. I would return for more of her special talents, next time, she will torture me.

We settled my bill with cash, a hug and a promise of my return. When I left the building I felt like a new man as I breathed the warm salty mid day air, the dampness was gone, the sun was out, it was a new day.


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