A Hot Day at the Pool

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On a hot June afternoon, Caroline suggested a swim at her pool. Patrick carried out the sun lotion towels and a cold bottle of champagne in a beach bag.

Caroline was dressed in a black bikini that showed off her curves nicely. Patrick was wearing his swimming trunks and a t-shirt. He walked just behind her as they entered the pool area. Watching her hips sway, he fixed his attention on her hot ass.

Caroline dove in first. As experienced swimmer, she cut through the water with grace and poise. Patrick admired her body and her form as he she turned laps without effort. He set down their bag and moved toward the deep end of the pool.

When she looked up at him, Caroline was smiling. Patrick, as usual, was being silly. He was standing on the pool deck flexing his muscles. He them took a running start and performed a belly flop of epic proportions.

The water splashed all over Caroline, and Patrick asked for a score. “6.8,” She said. “Robbed,” He retorted. A splash war ensued and they laughed and played for a long while.

They decided to lie out in the sun for a while. As Caroline lounged in the pool chair, Patrick applied canlı bahis suntan oil to her warm body. He undid her top, as she was face down. The oil and her skin heated up as the sun warmed them erotically.

He got an idea to really enjoy their day. Patrick placed a towel across her ass. Without warning he slipped off her bikini bottoms and placed them in the beach bag. He pulled her top the rest of the way off, as well.

Caroline was now naked, except for the towel covering her butt. As he oiled her up, Patrick leaned down and whispered in her ear. He told her all the things he wanted to do to her at the pool.

As he kissed her neck, Patrick’s hand eased under the towel. He traced his finger from the cleft of her ass to the edge of her pussy lips. Caroline was already wet. He began to finger fuck her wet core, as he kissed where her neck met her shoulders.

When he rubbed her hot nub at last, it was swollen; engorged with blood. Caroline raised her hips enough for him to thumb her clit while he fingered her pussy. She was already on the verge of an orgasm when he added a second finger inside her.

His finger, the bahis siteleri sun, the drinks, and their passion, all combined to give Caroline a powerful climax. She came all over his fingers and thumb. Patrick felt her cum on all over. He withdrew his fingers from her wet snatch and licked them. She tasted so sweet. Caroline needed a swim to cool down from that explosive orgasm. Patrick helped her back into her bottoms and Caroline replaced her top. As he helped her up they reentered the pool.

They swam, languidly. Patrick paused in a corner and Caroline swam up to him to give him a big kiss. She gazed into his blue eyes. Caroline saw the love and passion that light his eyes, like the hottest part of a fire. Caroline knew what she wanted. She wanted him to fuck her; right here, right now.

She reached down and placed her hand on his cock. It was already hard for her. Caroline rubbed it slowly and Patrick’s heart beat faster. When she pulled down his suit and freed his hardness, Patrick felt a jolt shoot trough him.

Caroline places his cock near her pussy lips, atop her suit. The cool water and his hot penis combined to make him bahis şirketleri harder still.

Patrick reversed their positions so she was in the corner of the pool. He stripped down her bottoms and his large from shield her from any onlookers, who might walk to the pool. Caroline took his dick in her hands and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She used the head of his cock like her favorite sex toy. When she rubbed it across her pussy lips and up and down her hot clit, Caroline’s pussy grew wetter and hotter.

At last, he eased his hard on into her. The pool water and her sweet pussy juice were almost too much for him to take. Patrick put his hand under her ass and pulled her into his cock. Fucking her faster and deeper, Patrick knew he wouldn’t last long. With Caroline tilting her pelvis out, he had room to reach between them and rub her nub. Caroline’s clit throbbed and her pussy was on fire as he fucked her faster, deeper and harder. Patrick felt the cum boiling in his balls. He wanted to flood her sweet core with his sperm. Caroline’s moans told him she was close to orgasm.

When he felt the spasms or her climax, Patrick released his hot cum into her slit. The continued fucking until they were drained. Patrick gazed into his lover’s eyes and said only one thing. “I Love you”

Caroline rested his head on his shoulders, and she felt at home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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