A Girl and Her Family Ch. 02

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‘Oh wow, Mia; your pussy is squeezing my cock so nicely!’

‘Thank you,’ I said with a mouthful of cock, and pushed my hips back, simultaneously clenching and unclenching my pussy muscles.

‘Mia is also squeezing and sucking my cock just as nicely with her mouth!’ said another man.

‘Thank you too,’ I said, rolling up my eyes to meet the man whose lovely cock was in my mouth, also sucking and un-sucking so that both my mouth and pussy were mirroring each other.

My name is Mia, and at the moment, I was on all four on a couch in my living room, being fucked by two family members.

The one fucking my pussy was my father’s brother, my Uncle Robert; and the one who had his cock down my throat was my tall, blonde and distant Uncle Chester.

I hummed with the cock deep down my throat, making Uncle Chester almost buckle to his knees, while thrusting my hips back at Uncle Robert’s direction. Uncle Robert complied by pounding in to me at the same time I thrust back so that the combined force was enough to rock the couch.

Overseeing the whole shenanigans was my Grandpa who was now panting on the couch opposite us; his flaccid cock dangling loosely. He had just finished flooding my pussy with his potent cum and was now trying to catch his breath. As soon as he had pulled out, his son, Robert, immediately took his place; shoving his own in the freshly fucked teen pussy that his father just emptied.

Uncle Robert’s 9-inch cock slid easily in to the slippery puddle of my cunt that his father left behind. I moaned and writhed at the invasion of my fuck hole as he pounded in and out of me. Uncle Robert was tall, 6 feet, and had pitch black hair just like me — just goes to show that we really are related! Tee hee!

The thick, meaty sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room as my Uncle’s body collided with mine and the sweet aroma of cum wafted all over us.

My eyes rolled back in to my head at the pitiless pounding. I was almost about to clamp my mouth shut on the cock with teeth, when Uncle Chester gently shook my shoulders.

‘Wake up, Mia; don’t go biting off my cock now, that’s a good girl!’

‘If she bites off your cock, you’ll be thankful that it got eaten by such a sexy man-eater!’ Grandpa said jovially from the couch, his pot belly quivering with laughter.

They all laughed; I too managed a smile even with a mouthful of chunky, man meat.

‘Awww, just look at her trying to smile with my 9 ½-incher down her gullet,’ Uncle Chester cooed. ‘Such a cute little thing!’

I sucked on his cock even harder; jutting my lips out and hollowing my cheeks on either side so that they pouted like a fishes’.

‘God, I so gotta take a picture of this,’ Chester claimed as he hunted for his camera phone on the trouser that was draping the back of the couch. ‘Hey Robert, fuck Mia’s pussy a little slower, will you?’ he said as he prepared for the shot. ‘The camera just picks up blurs when you’re mercilessly pounding in to her!’

Robert rolled his eyes. ‘Whatever!’

‘Now Mia, be a good little girl and make your fishy face again, okay?’ Uncle Chester urged.

”kay!’ I said jubilantly, and did as was told.

Uncle Chester happily took several shots.

‘I too have pictures of her fucking with me at all times,’ Uncle Robert ventured as he pounded ruthlessly in and out of me. ‘One of them is even the screen saver to my laptop!’

Suddenly, I shuddered.

‘What is it, Mia?’ Uncle Chester was all worried.

‘Oh, it just means that she’s cumming,’ Robert informed as he continued thrusting. ‘See, I know because I fuck her a lot on a regular basis because I’m her flesh and blood uncle! So of course we’re pretty close,’ he then rotated his hips in a circular motion so that his cock rubbed all along my pussy walls, but not at the same time.

I gasped. ‘Amazing, Uncle; that fuck technique is truly amazing! Where did you learn it?’

‘Oh you know; I’m out on the fields all the time, thinking about you of all things,’ he said shaking his head. ‘So I lay down in my little hotel beds and think of all the ways that I could fuck you!’

‘Awww,’ I cooed. ‘That is so sweet of you, Uncle!’

‘No, it’s not sweet,’ he said sullenly. ‘It’s your fault, Mia, for having such a perfect pussy that no other pussies could compare!’

‘Amen to that, brother!’ Grandpa said, nodding his head.

‘You mean, “son” right, as in “amen to that, son”?’

Grandpa shrugged. ‘Whatever.’

As I happily sucked and fucked, I truly thought that I must be the luckiest girl on earth.

As if to prove my point, both my Uncles unloaded their jism inside me then and there. I enthusiastically opened my mouth wider so that Chester’s cock slid right down my gullet further; at the same time, pushed my ass back at Uncle Robert and let him bury his cock, balls deep. I moaned as I felt them emptying their load inside me; I came…

After they were both done, Uncle Chester dislodged himself off of me, and collapsed on the floor.

My halkalı escort Uncle Robert was still hard, and still inside me.

Suddenly, he yanked me off of the couch, before sitting himself down on it with me on top.

Uncle Robert plunged his enormous 9 inch cock straight up my pussy as we sat on top of the expensive, leather sofa. I slid my pussy up and down his massive pecker with delight.

He helped too. His hands clamped around my waist and he helped me bounce up and down his pole with equal enthusiasm.

He pulled me up once, the tip of his cock-head just barely inside my pussy; with my juices pouring down his pole. Then he rammed me down on his cock so hard and so fast, that the impact took my breath away.

As I sat there panting for breath, Uncle Robert suddenly stood up with me clinging to his shoulders for dear life. His hands moved to my ass cheeks and he clamped down on each as he shoved that cock again and again in to my womb. My legs automatically wrapped around his waists.

There was no stopping him now. As his hands were clamping down on my precious ass cheeks, my Uncle thrust his cock in to me again and again, harder and harder, faster and faster, my Uncle Robert tore in to his sweet little niece’s pussy.

I couldn’t take it any more. My eyes rolled back in to my head and a scream tore from my lips as I came. Uncle still kept pounding inside me…

Suddenly, he kissed me, and I complied enthusiastically, my eyes still closed, enjoying the wet, hot sensation of his mouth in mine.

‘Goddamn it Mia,’ he said after a while, emerging from the kiss. ‘Your pussy’s gotten tighter!’ Uncle exclaimed as he tried to pull his cock out.

‘Oooooh, thank you!’ I cooed, rubbing his hair as he began nursing from my breast, all the same while clamping down on his cock, refusing to let it go as he tore in to me.

‘No matter how many times your pussy gets fucked, it just gets tighter and tighter!’

Uncle Robert lost the tug fight and poured his seed inside me, with his cock still jammed up in there.

He stayed with us for two whole weeks; during which time the whole family had a lot of fun.

We ate together, we played together, we slept together, and we fucked together! A whole lot of combo-ing ensued as well.

That is until, Uncle Robert left…

To say that I was blue was an understatement. Nothing I did ever cheered me up. Both Dad and Grandpa would look at me forlornly for they did not know what to do. But still, for their sakes, I tried to stay cheerful, but they were not fooled for there were moments when my true feelings would bubble up in the surface for everyone to see.

One morning as I was having cornflakes breakfast with my Uncle’s pre-stored thick cum as a substitute for milk, Dad and Grandpa marched inside the kitchen. Dad tapped me on the shoulders and pointed my attention to the window outside.

‘There is your new cock!’ Dad announced dramatically.

Carefully getting off the stool, I looked out the window and a small smile crept up my lips.


Little Timmy was my next door neighbor with freckles, curly brown hair, and bright brown eyes.

‘I’m so glad you could make it, little Timmy,’ I heard Grandpa’s voice from downstairs, and quickly arranged myself on the bed. ‘Normally we wouldn’t have called you to baby-sit the house with Mia still in it,’ Grandpa continued. ‘But unfortunately, that girl is just not up to it for the day!’

‘Why, what happened to Mia?’ came Timmy’s panic stricken voice.

‘Well, she recently broke up with her beloved boyfriend,’ Grandpa lied expertly. ‘She was madly in love with that boy, I tell ya! She would be in agony when she would be awake, and couldn’t get to sleep properly when she tried to; thoughts of her ex kept her depressed and awake! That’s why the doctor prescribed her very strong sleeping pills!’

Grandpa was having so much fun lying his pants off. ‘That reminds me, I too will be going to sleep soon.’

‘But its only 5 in the afternoon,’ Timmy said, perplexed.

‘Well, you know me,’ Grandpa reasoned. ‘When you reach a certain age, the sooner you can get to bed, the better!’

I stifled my laughter; I could only imagine Timmy’s amazed expression at Phil’s words.

‘Little Timmy?’

‘Yes sir?’

‘Why don’t you check up on my Mia honey-pie? See how she’s doing? I hope she hasn’t fallen off the bed or something! Did you know with the pills she is taking, I could blast the TV on high next to her, and she still wouldn’t wake up? Did that a few times too! She was also supposed to have taken a shower a while ago; I hope she has put on some clothes…’

Instantly, I heard Timmy’s footsteps thundering up the stairs.

‘Her rooms the last one on the left!’ Grandpa yelled after him; but he shouldn’t have for Timmy knew exactly where my room was.

Many a times when I would feel lonely because my family members haven’t taksim escort been able to fuck me for a while for one reason or another (be it Dad coming home late, or Grandpa sleeping like a log, or Brian still at school practicing), I would throw the curtains wide open, turn on all the lights in my room to max, get naked, whip out my sex toys, and start stuffing my cunt with the massive dildo’s until it stretched and stretched, and I moaned and moaned!

Little Timmy from the house next door would see it all, for his room corresponded to mine. Within seconds of my masturbation, the lights in his room would go off, and I could make out his outline on the shadows, dragging a chair to his window before he started fapping off.

Fap, fap, fap; would come the noise to my ears. He thought I couldn’t hear it, but I so could!

Not only that, but every time I had any guys over, I would make sure that Timmy got a front row seat! For example, at one time, I had 8 guys over from my school for a little gang banging in my room and I made sure Timmy saw every minute of it! I could even see the little lights on his video camera blinking as he recorded the whole thing from his window. Oh, how I hope he used it to masturbate whenever I was not around! But having said that, I had gotten little Timmy so accustomed to watching my exploits anyway, I fear he might not do well if he hadn’t seen me in over a week. For that is exactly what I had done.

For more that a week, I had neither opened the windows, nor made any sounds when masturbating. I knew little Timmy had no girlfriend and I was the only thing closest to any sexual exploits he ever had. So for me to take that away must truly be hell for him; no wonder he agreed to baby-sit the house so easily.

But I had a good reason for doing that. I knew little Timmy was little no longer, and he had turned 18 a while back (but people just loved calling him little Timmy! Tee hee!). Which is why I had decided it was high time for me to bang him. But having known little Timmy for so long, I knew he was very shy. For instance, even though he regularly saw me masturbate (and would synchronize his masturbation with mine, albeit in the dark). But whenever I would go to his house to borrow a cup of sugar in my see-through cotton chemise, and short shorts; Timmy would blush nonstop, stammer, and then run away! Hmpfh! That was no fun!

His father would stare at my unfettered tits nonstop though; just not Timmy… So, how to get a guy to bang me when he is obviously so shy? Why, pretend that I’m out cold from sleeping pills, of course!

I saw the knob on my door turning, and I quickly feigned sleep. I was wearing a long robe that was not tied. I had positioned myself in the bed so that the lapel of the open robe caught at my erect nipples, leaving the bulk of my 36DD tits for all to see. My stomach and my pussy glistening with moisture were also exposed. My legs were folded on the bed on either side, with the robe just managing to cover my knees. I might as well have been wearing anything at all.

I clearly heard Timmy gasp.

‘Little Timmy, are you coming?’ Grandpa yelled from downstairs.

Timmy quickly closed the door. ‘Yeah, I’m coming,’ he yelled and ran down the stairs.

‘So how’s my honey-pie doing?’

Timmy laughed nervously. ‘Sleeping like a log.’

‘That’s good. Here, I made you some cordial, and some snacks; eat up. There are also some foods in the fridge, why don’t you have a go at them later; I’m sure you’ll be hungry. You’re not taking any medication at the moment, are you?’

‘No, of course not; why do you ask?’

‘Oh nothing, lets just say that I’m not too fond of people taking medications at the moment, what with Mia and her sleeping pills and all! Did I mention that she won’t wake even if a bomb went off near her ear?’ Grandpa reminded.


‘Well, drink your cordial now, come on!’

‘Hmm… It tastes a little funny though…’

‘Well, that’s because it’s an imported cordial,’ Grandpa lied, fast on his feet. ‘My son, Dave, imported it from Italy! He’s very rich, you know?’

There was a long pause, in which time I assume little Timmy was finishing up his juice.

I smiled to myself, that cordial was spiked with Viagra; not that any one in the family needed it of course, we just had it for just in case. It was also good of Grandpa to ask Timmy if he was taking any medications, if he was, the consequences would have been devastating. But as it is, he isn’t, so I can look forward to some long, hard fucking later on the night! Tee hee!

Timmy and Grandpa talked for half an hour more or less in which time, the Viagra started to kick in to action. Rule number one of Viagra: you take it when you know you will be having sex, and you take half an hour before having sex.

Just as about the half hour was up, Grandpa raised his voice so that I too could hear it all the way from my upstairs room, loud and clear.

‘Well, it’s almost close şişli escort to 6 o’clock! Little Timmy, why don’t you help me to my room? Its two rooms right of Mia’s, hmmm?’

‘Yes sir!’

‘Did you know, I too sleep like a log even without any pills?’

‘Really?’ Timmy sounded excited.

‘Oh yes; it’s my age I’m afraid! But once I’m asleep, I stay out cold all through out the night and well in to the morning! Within two minutes of laying my back to the mattress, I’m out like a log! Haha!’

I heard two pairs of footsteps climbing up the stairs.

‘Daddy, I gotta go,’ I informed my Dad over the phone. ‘Little Timmy is helping Grandpa to his room! Won’t be long now until his cock is pounding in to my pussy!’

‘About time!’ I heard Dad’s irritant tone over the phone. ‘Why that boy is so shy, I would never know! His father can stare at my precious baby’s boobs nonstop, but he can’t?’ Dad sighed. ‘Well, I guess not everybody is like father, like son!’

‘Tell me about it!’ I said fervently. ‘Anyways Dad, it’ll be 6 o’clock soon, and that Viagra works for 4 hours, so make sure to come after 10!’

‘Will do!’ Dad too sounded excited. ‘Ah, I can’t believe my daughter will be having her pussy pounded nonstop for the next 4 hours! It’s a good thing too since Brian and I are out of the house.’

‘Okay, bye!’

‘Wait, wait!’

‘What Daddy, hurry up!’

‘Baby, after fucking little Timmy, do you have any plans in scoring with his father?’

‘Let me nab the son first, Daddy; then we’ll talk about his father. Bye!’ I whispered eagerly before hanging up.

‘Well, bye then and happy fucking!’

I could hear Timmy and Grandpa’s muffled voice, and quickly rearranged myself on the bed. A minute later, I heard the door on Grandpa’s room closing, and footsteps outside the corridor.

A second later, the door to my room banged opened and I squeezed my eyes shut.

Timmy came rushing to my side and dropped to his knees on the floor beside my bed. He impatiently brushed the robe away that was still hanging on to my nipples, and started to maul my tits. Timmy grabbed handfuls of my breasts on each hand, but my tits were so massive, that there were still leftovers of fleshy mounds that he couldn’t fit in to the palm of his hands. He started squeezing and garroting my breasts, it was both intense and pleasurable all at the same time. God, I so loved his crude, rough touch!

Suddenly, I heard sniffling from the side where Timmy was.

‘Oh Mia,’ he sniffled. ‘I’m so sorry for whatever that bastard of a boyfriend did to you!’ he started pinching my nipples with two fingers and a thumb each. ‘If I only knew who that bastard was, I swear to you, I would go up to him and punch his lights out!’ he brought his head down, and tried to stuff as much of tit in his mouth as he could. ‘I love you!’ he said through a mouthful of my breast. ‘Please, don’t cry about that bastard any more! I’ll make you forget about him even if it’s the last thing I do! Please Mia, please!’

I felt him getting up, and I opened one eye just the tiniest of increment to see what he was up to.

Timmy was busy taking off his clothes. He discarded his T-shirt in one second flat, and then started undoing the fly in his jeans; it dropped to the floor in two seconds. Timmy was naked underneath. He tussled with his pants around his feet for a few more seconds to get it off of him, and I was provide with a nice view of his hard dick flopping in the air.

Timmy had a massive 8 ½ inch dick! It was also 2 ½ inches wide. How can a boy with such a lovely cock have no girlfriend was beyond me! Timmy’s dick definitely fell on one of those massive categories that were so big, that they couldn’t really bend backwards towards the stomach. It was left flopping in the air, all big, veiny inch of it! Tee hee!

Back in school, if I so much as got a whiff of a guy with a dick that size, I was the first one to suck it, and then stuff it up my pussy. Other girls would be so envious of me, for even if they fucked that dick afterwards, they knew I was there first.

Oh well, can’t really say that every girl in the tri-state area had the same ability to hunt down massive dicks as I did. That, or Tim was so shy, that he swatted away any girl that tried to get close to him. Oh, dear…

Finally, Timmy had disentangled his feet from the jeans. He quickly jumped on the bed on top of me, pressing his body against mine, so that my tits mashed against him. Timmy kissed me full on the lips. His cock was warm, no HOT, pressed up against my stomach. I felt every single vein in it getting bigger and hotter like wires as they pressed up against me. Oh, I couldn’t wait until he pressed that cock deep inside my womb!

As if reading my mind, he let go of my lips, and spread my legs even wide. I could feel his eyes boring in to my pussy; it even oozed a few fresh drop of juice on the surface.

Suddenly, I felt a hot breath there, and opened an eye the tiniest bit to see Timmy sniffing it.

‘Gawd, you have such a nice pussy; all shaven and bald! And it smells so sweet, too!’

I smiled inwardly, and waited for the moment when little Timmy would be ramming his not so little dickey in my pussy! Tee hee!

I need not wait further, for within seconds I felt Timmy’s slightly shaking hands parting my pussy lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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