A Fairy Tale Wedding

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It rained, one of the many things he didn’t particularly care about – rains. Well, his friends ought to be mad planning a wedding, in the monsoons, at the beach. Did they even consider the threats heavy rains caused every other season on this shoreline of the country? But then they had to be mad to have a wedding in the first place. He smirked at his own musings, oblivious to all the frenzy of wedding preparations around him. Oblivious also to the pair of kohl-lined eyes following him from one of the guest rooms in the beach home turned marriage marigold yellow hall for the marriage functions to begin.

That was the year of pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings in India. That was also the year he had finally decidedly conceded a marriage was not his game. And so here he was watching two of his closest friends getting married, in a picturesque bungalow, overlooking a beautiful part of the Mangalorean beach. Well, currently they stood awkwardly clad inexpensive designer wear, waiting for the rain to stop. People hurried all-around; some safeguarding their precious clothes, some trying to salvage the decor and updo, and kids just running around for no reason. Kids- the other thing he absolutely didn’t care about. A wet shirt would do, a screaming toddler wouldn’t. He did everything possible to put distance between them, including walking alone in the rain towards the dangerous beach.

Only he wasn’t really alone, there was someone else trying to sneak out to the solitude of the beach. For albeit different reasons. She had absolutely no problems with kids, even when they spilled things over the bright blue of her new blouse. She absolutely loved the rains. And would have totally wanted to skip this wedding if not for the sea view and the showers. Giving each exasperated aunt a hand, she happily pranced in the rain. Conspiring her inconspicuous escape to where she had seen him escape. He wasn’t the most handsome man she could meet, not remotely, but something about him made her warm. So were her cheeks when she realized where! Well, she also so needed the smoke badly, it had been hours since the last one on the roof!

Closing the In the shade of some coconut groves he found his clothes. Someone seems to have gone for a swim. Looking around she stealthily pulled out a smoke. He bangles jingled with every drag. Like the smoke her thoughts wandered, Resting on his discarded clothes. Finding herself picturing him minus those layers then minus a few more, she felt the heat rise to the cheeks. A lighter and the pack of cigarettes lying underneath the clothes told her it was a match. The rains had stopped. The sun would be out any minute now, she quickly butted the smoke away and clearing the air around her in an attempt to blow the smell away, she jingled and swished her way towards the ceremonies.

Wedding rituals bored them through the day, till he spotted the orange lehenga making a way away from her cousins, he knew she must be headed for a smoke. Despite the distance, he couldn’t have missed that bright orange skirt near his clothes earlier in the rain. They were back in the cove.

“Can I borrow a light?”

“Sure,” she answered turning her back to fetch a battered matchbox from inside that gorgeous blue blouse! “The niece is constantly hunting down my purse for ‘bua’s lipstick’!” she answered to his amused look. They smoked in silence. He fingered the tiny matchbox imagining what it might mean to finger the nips it had been so close to. As the smokes finished and the trail of thoughts got murkier, watching her blow a puff of smoke, he wondered if she could read his mind.

“Shall we..?”

“Go up to your room .. yeah”.

“Go back to the ceremonies, I meant..but if you.. umm, yeah why not…” He stammered to her unexpected boldness

“Oh sorry yeah, why not?” They laughed their way in.

“So, see you in a bit, 106 right?”

“How do you…? Yes! See you” He replied to her back, prancing away to join a group of cousins clicking selfies.

The wait inside his room was shortly after he had hurriedly tidied up a bit – a lot actually, a hook up amid such a family affair hadn’t been on his mind. Upon the soft knock, he checked his breath, one last look around the room. Seems neat. A jingle of bangles greeted him as the door was opened.

“Must say I had expected an open door mister???”

“umm, yeah.. was just…” The rest of his sentence was drowned in a wave of her rosy perfume. He found her lips on his.

No words were said, none were bahis firmaları needed. The rain had begun once again. The crowd outside was a mess of frenzied activities.

In a matter of minutes, he felt his shirt buttoned. The cool of bangles and the warmth of slender fingers felt their way up his bareback, under the shirt, up to the collars. Responding to the passionate kisses, he lost his self to her embrace. His eyes closed on her beautifully winged lashes, he gave in to his long desire of exploring that brilliant blue blouse. His hands found the hem and slipped in, cupping her supple pair. A sharp intake of breath and slackening distance told him a tale. His finger had found their treat alright. He was doing her the return alright. While one hand kept caressing her tender spot, he found her waist to pull her closer with one strong arm right around. She clung onto him, nails dug slightly onto his shoulder with every flick. The kissing paused, her breath was held in anticipation. Her eyes opened to his amused look. The slight annoyance at his pause was all he could bear at this edge. In a sudden move, that jingled a lot of her jewelry and had the dainty pin come off her hair, she found herself on the bed. He came towering over, removing his trousers and shorts. His strong arms were tugging up her skirt. Delighted to not find any underwear underneath, “God! the woman can prepare,” he thought. He found his balance over her, positioning himself, their sweaty palms entwined. He felt her tense underneath him, expectantly, fervently. She was wet, warm and wanting, she was easy to slide into, until…

Just as he gave up the easeful pace, switching to a racing rhythm; a small cry escaped her lips. She bit it back with tears of thrill. He had broken through her hymen. Her pain met his shock. He had found his rhythm, he had claimed her virginity. He would become her secret. His every push was echoed with her soft moans. The sharp pain had ebbed into perfect pleasure, shuddering into blissful ecstasy.

A while later, they were still gasping for breath, sore yet satiated. For once he couldn’t read through the constricted expression on her pretty face. Brushing aside her curls and blowing at the sweat lined cheeks.

“Are you okay…? I didn’t assume you’d be..”

“What? A virgin?… I have never believed in keeping up with expectations.”

“I’m sorry, I… Are you alright?”

“I’m Happy!”

And with that up she got to her feet, pinning up her hair as she found her balance. She walked to the mirror to straighten up the blouse, rub clean her face and humming a happy note. Sitting on the sofa with her feet on the sheet, she lit up a cigarette. From under the pristine white sheets he watched, unbelieving admiring the view of the woman who passed him her cigarette.

While her cousin would crib and cry on how the rains had ruined her wedding dreams, she sent a secret prayer thanking the rains on the glass panes that would always remind her of the first time.

They met later at cocktails beside the pool that evening, a young people’s party it was termed. There was way too much alcohol and the conversation was easy. Everybody became instant friends, drinks and pools do make a great host! Except between Nikki and Satya. There was just no killing the electricity between them. He was lucky the boys were distracted today. Getting the soon to be wed couple to kiss in public for a pre-honeymoon Instagram video, being their target for the evening. She was happy didi was just to busy with her wedding activities to notice the spring in her steps or the flush in her cheeks. He had hated the way she had walked out of his room. Him still with his pants off, not quite done with musing over his new muse. Only when the door had shut did he realize, she had got up to leave. He knew he wasn’t bad in bed. He doubted if he had offended her in any way, or hurt maybe? He just had to treat her right, once they were alone again. She tried hard to hide the blush every time their eyes met, she tried hard to not meet his gaze. But when they bumped into each other, they both knew there was no escaping this night of togetherness.

The soft drizzle had changed the pace of the party. The dirty dancing stopped, romantic slow music played. The boys finally got their video footage, many cellphones capturing the smooching couple. He’d seen enough nonsense for the night. He needed a smoke, Nikki met his gaze from across a group of friends. Both reading each other’s need correct. They made for a quiet spot kaçak iddaa away from the pool.

“Hey! Sorry, I ..umm, did I upset you in any way?” He began once they’d both got their drags!

“Sorry? Why? Upset, not at all… I’m just a little… we missed protection.”

“Yes, Oh! yes! How very insensitive of me, actually.. should have thought of it, Let me get you the pill first thing tomorrow. I am really sorry”

“What’s with the sorry, Satya? It’s okay, I can get the pill myself but it’d be helpful if you get them for me anyway, thanks” she mocked a kiss in the air.

“Good so we are cool?” He smiled.

“We were always cool!”

“So why did you hurry away that quick?” A mildly accusing voice said.

“Oh! that, Arey! no. I’m here with family no. So someone surely would have started missing me. That’s why… Chill man! I’m all good” She planted a friendly slap upon his shoulders. “See you in 106, tough guy!” She added butting out the smoke.

“Won’t your family miss you then?”

“Well my parents would assume I’m sleeping with didi, and she would assume I’m sleeping with my parents, Mischief Managed!” She called behind her back, springing away towards the pool.

“I’m up to no good!” He yelled right back!

Smart, sassy, smoker and a potter-head. This woman was casting the unforgivable spell. Neither of them was sleeping tonight.

The rain and the party dragged on. He was thinking of walking up to his room just when the boys came over. “Wassup Saty boy?” Yelled one of them, rolling a Joint as he sat beside him. No, No he had decided to treat her good, the joint was going to do no good in that resolve. Just as he was conjuring up an excuse to not smoke up, Nikki plonked herself at his side. She was glassy-eyed and smiley. “Wassup Saty boy?” She repeated slurring. A smile was plastered across the pretty face.

“Which one of you bastards had her smoke up?” he bellowed, half hugging her closer.

“Nobody mate, she must have eaten them brownies” somebody replied.

“Yes! the amazinnnng brownies” giggled Nikki, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Oh boy!”

Nikki was too high for her own good. She kept giggling and cuddling next to Satya. This is no good, he thought. So much for being the gentleman tonight. Before she gave away any more about their.. escapade earlier that day, Satya decided it was time to tuck her in safely for the night. He got up, gathering her up along with. “We are leaving already?”

“Yes! time to put you to sleep dear”, he whispered back.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” He told his friends, busy with their joints people simply murmured good nights.

“Room 208, for the girls” informed the bride. She suspiciously looked at the thumbs up from Satya but before she could think further on the rather questionable way her sister was walking, her soon to be husband kissed her back. Amid the wolf whistles and hooting Nikki’s cry of “No! No! It’s 106 for me” was thankfully acknowledged only my his confused smirk.

“What are you laughing at, don’t you dare leave me alone now!” she squealed.

“Hush, hush! I won’t sweety, now careful on the stairs please.”

“Sweety! SWEETY” She was giggling as he got the keys to his room.

Now that they were safely in the room, he had one thing less to worry. He locked the gates. turned on the lights and helped her into the couch. Her cheeks were colored, hair astray and eyes dropping. So adorable he decided, handing her a glass of water.

“Boy! I feel so happy I could fly!” Nikki peeped, slamming the half-finished glass down. He smiled at her dazed banter. It was quite entertaining to see her like this he must admit, but it was also intoxicatingly arousing. He needed to contain that thought. He needed to make sure she slept, the girl looked positively drained.

“Okay now, let’s have you rest shall we?” He said egging her on towards the bed. He’d lie on the couch he thought.

She sat up on the bed with a spring, swinging her feet like a 10 yr old would. He pulled away her stilettos. Noticing how red they had made her feet. Sexy shoes that hurt! “We ain’t sleeping” She pulled at his arm, positively pouting! “Oh no we aren’t.” This was going to be difficult, he thought sitting next to her as she cuddled up to him. Had the woman ever been high before, he thought.

“You know how amazing the sex drive when you have smoked upright?”

There you go, he got his answer, this one was no stranger to the bliss of the grass. “You bet I do” He tried kaçak bahis to stop her unbuttoning his shirt, cradling her ” Babe you need to sleep it out, you look tired”

“Fuck You! No!”

He couldn’t help laughing at her desperation. She shrank away from him and there was hurt growing in her eyes. Well, it was definitely not going to get any easier to keep away from her. Maybe just a kiss till sleep takes over. He hugged her into a soft embrace, kicking his shoes away and pulling themselves over to the pillows. She’d buried her face on his shoulders. She had mistaken his unwillingness for a rejection. He had no intention of letting her go down that road, not when she could feel like she would fly! Cupping up her pretty face, he kissed her. A sincere, loving, wanting kiss. A kiss that comforted her about how much he did want her. A kiss that she understood as an assurance of not sleeping.

His palm went down on her shoulders, down her front and all along her waist, till he had a steady grip upon her, pulling her such that their bodies touched. At his warm touch, she quite lost her senses, giving in to his commanding aura. The spell was cast, she succumbed, clinging to his shirt in a stupor – like a daze. Bliss is all she could feel. She could have been mistaken for sleeping, but he knew better.

Her skirt was pushed up enough to reveal the lacy lavender panties underneath, the slightly soaked shirt showed a matching bra. God! the woman was prepared! There was no turning back. Slowly he unbuttoned the damp shirt, dropping it off the bed to the floor. He kissed her bosom slowly, savoring every inch. With her eye shut and mind fuzzed, he was all by himself. Nikki was oblivious to everything but the pleasure of his touch. With her skirt gone, she seemed to glow in the dim light of the bedside lamps. The lavender lace felt too good under his touch, too good to be true, too beautiful to be removed. Just then he recalled the feel of what lay underneath, he needed to see them too now. With her eyes still shut away to him, he had started exploring the freedom of really exploring her like nobody was watching, like no one else mattered. The lavender lingerie was easy to remove, gently, very slowly he unhooked the bra, pulled down the panties. Her naked body got more restless to his touch. The muffled moans and sighs of appreciation kept him going. With even a slight slacking of his movements, her moans got lustier. He could do this the whole night, just to amuse himself with her impatience. He hit on the pause button every few minutes just to see her brows contract and hips rise up looking for him. On his stroking, she would fall back on the pillows with a lusty smile.

His fingers felt the wetness rise between her thighs, even as she squeezed them together, trapping his palms in the sticky wetness of her honeypot. The warmth emitting from her down under, made the blood rise in his organ. It got more difficult for him to keep the promise of remaining gentle. She gave another powerful squeeze to his fingers.

Something triggered, his fingers resumed their rhythmic caress of her vaginal lips, occasionally pushing inside just a tease – bit. At this, she’d draw a sharp breath, Tensing every muscle of her body. Taking off his shirt and everything else in a split second, he was on top of her. The cool of his damp body sent shivers down her spine. She dug into the pillow with her nails. A tug at the left nip, a bite on the right. He was not pressed against her. his throbbing organ rubbing at her groins. She spread her legs open wide, Inviting him into warm juiciness. He obliged. His thrusts were short, heavy and strong. His orgasm was quick with the long build-up of anticipation.

Hers wasn’t. He lay spent. She groaned for more. Intoxication has the beauty of removing inhibitions. She unabashedly made her desires clear. She still needed satiating. She still needed calming down for either of them to get any sleep.

Amused, amazed and highly gratified, he consented. His fingers working up their magic, sliding inside her. He found her spot with the thumb and continued a frenzy of thrusts. He found her rhythm. He made her shudder and waves of pleasure that rocked her. She shook to a final blow of bliss, holding her hips high and tight together; before collapsing back to the pillows. Her body rocked with pleasure, oozing juices and panting hard. Feebly she looked up at him- endearingly happy and satisfied.

Cleaning up after her, grabbing a bunch of Cleanex and toilet roll, He finally tucked her in, slipping in next to her. He pecked a goodnight kiss to a slightly snoring Nikki. He kept the promise of treating her well. He hugged her. The first thing he remembered that morning was her fresh floral perfume.

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