A Drive to Remember Ch. 02

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It had been a really long month. Everything in life had been going great, practically perfect, until the day she had come home early and found her live-in boyfriend in bed with another woman. In her bed, with another woman.

Sulking on the couch in her new apartment Stacey thought back to that fateful day and was surprised everyone had made it out of the room alive with how livid she had been. Her blood had been hot then, but along with her heart it had quickly turned cold as the young woman found herself all alone in the world with nothing but a pang in her chest and a never ending supply of ice cream in the freezer.

Lounging out in several-days-worn sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt wasn’t going to solve anything though, and enough time had been wasted on having a pity party so Stacey decided right then and there that she would get off her butt and do something about bettering her currently miserable life. Thinking over her options the slim girl remembered a cabin her aunt and uncle owned only a few hours away that her family had used to visit when she was a kid. Shooting a quick text to her mom confirmed the cabin was still in her family’s possession and a slightly longer phone call with her Aunt Susan secured her weekend plans, setting her up for the perfect escape from her current city of sadness.

I just need to get away from this empty place, the lonely female thought as she looked around the room at the various things she had used to share with Ted with a sad heart, so going away to a secluded cabin with none of these memories will be perfect. Just take the weekend and reset.

When the end of the seemingly endless week finally came Stacey found herself sitting in her car, a duffle bag full of her clothes sitting on the seat next to her. Pulling out of her parking spot in her complex’s lot she could already feel the stress start to slip away with every mile she placed between her and the city she felt trapped in, the muscles she hadn’t even realized were wound so tightly slowly loosening the further she drove away. Rolling the windows down the wind whipped her shoulder length hair back and forth, causing quite a mess – to which not a single ounce of care was given; freedom at it’s finest.

The three hour drive seemed to just disappear into a combination of belting out songs mixed in with the occasional sob or even flat out screaming whenever the reason for her need to escape resurfaced in the troubled woman’s mind. Most of the wider range of emotions had seemed to be depleted however by the time her older sedan pulled off onto the county road that led to her relative’s vacation home, leaving the young female in a more stable mood by the time she closed in on her destination. Turning the corner onto the less than stellar road her car suddenly vibrated heavily, jarring the young woman in her seat before settling down back into a normal combustion pattern and trudging along.

Heart beating a little quicker from the near stall the startled female was suddenly reminded about a time not all that long ago where her car had broken down on her way to the airport to pick up her then boyfriend Ted. Just thinking about that night made the young woman shiver, yet it wasn’t a shiver of fear from her auto troubles: no, it was something she hadn’t felt in what was considered way too long at this point- the feeling of being turned on, of being aroused.

I still can’t believe that night actually happened, Stacey thought as her car pulled into the narrow dirt road that led to the cabin. I don’t know what the hell came over me to cause me to act that way.

Regardless of how irrational and crazy it was to think that she had gotten completely naked in front of a stranger and pressed her slim exposed body against said person, Stacey couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed that night tremendously. Nothing like that had even remotely crossed her mind since it happened and with all that had been going on recently the memory had faded away until just a few moments ago, but now it all came back with a rush. As embarrassing as it was to think about what she had done now that she was clear headed and not a complete horn-ball, the fact was the young woman wouldn’t do it any other way if she had a chance to repeat that encounter again as it was an experience she would never forget, and really no harm or lasting impact had come out of it. Not that she was actually planning on doing anything like that ever again of course as it was a once in a lifetime type of deal, but it would be a memory she would have forever and could always look back fondly on the way the tow-truck driver’s eyes had lit up at seeing the various exposed parts of her lithe body throughout their drive together.

“Now HE was someone who fully appreciated me and what I had to offer,” the disgruntled female snorted as the rest of the memory played out with the mind-blowing sex that had followed with Ted once the nude woman had scampered inside their apartment after her show for John. THAT part of the memory definitely wasn’t going to happen again with that no-good cheating piece of utter trash ex-boyfriend.

Finding istanbul escort herself getting worked up from it all Stacey pushed the whole experience aside, not wanting to dwell on anything that brought up Ted again. Having reached her destination anyway the slender girl grabbed her duffel bag and exited her car, making her way inside the rustic cabin to set up for the weekend. Finding the place devoid of the basics younger people were used to growing up with: t.v., internet, data reception for your cell phone, etc., Stacey had to think really hard about what to do only an hour into her vacation, not having planned anything past purely getting to the cabin. Seeing how nice it was outside the bored female decided to take a walk as she had seen a trail that went off into the woods not too far from the turn-off into her current residence.

Changing into a pair of small curve-hugging hiking shorts and a tank top the adventurous woman found a stout walking stick leaning against a wall next to the front door and took off down the uneven street towards the trail, ready to see what the route would bring and excited for a chance to get some fresh air and clear her mind. It turned out to be a nice trail that went several miles into the forest surrounding the houses in the area; having nothing else to do Stacey took full advantage of it, feeling the stress of her life ebb away with each step she took further into mother nature. The lush trees and smell of fresh pine allowed the young woman to focus purely on her surroundings, taking everything in as she continued further inward.

Feeling the exertion on her legs an hour and a half later however the young woman decided she wasn’t in as great of shape as she had originally thought she was, deciding it was time to turn around and head back. Looking down she found her tank top covered in sweat as she had been pushing herself harder than she had realized, all of her anxiety and anger being funnelled into her hike. Having not seen a single soul on the trail this whole time the young girl peeled the item of clothing off and tucked it into her waistband, leaving her only in a lacy bra as she hadn’t planned on taking these hikes and therefore didn’t think to pack a sports bra. Still being decently covered enough to not be extremely embarrassed if she ran into anyone Stacey still felt a little rush of trepidation mixed with excitement at her exposure, and as the bra-topped girl headed back towards the cabin she once again thought back to the last time she had been wearing less-than-acceptable clothing out in public. Thinking such thoughts found herself starting to dampen in her panties, which wasn’t due to sweat- although at this point that also played a factor – and the walk back was spent relishing the way she had felt in the truck cab that night as her ample and very visible body had been ogled at over and over again.

Arriving at the cabin the slightly horny hiker found herself worn out beyond belief and desperately needed to ease her aching muscles, not to mention cleanse herself. Planning on hitting up the shower the young woman stopped on the front porch as her eyes settled on a large empty metal basin sitting off to the side of the door.

Oh my gosh I remember when we were little we used to take baths in that thing back before they got running water out here.

Stepping over to the object the inquisitive girl saw that the basin was actually fairly large, spacious enough to easily fit an adult – as long as they let the large majority of their legs or torso hang out over the edges.

Looking around the “neighborhood” Stacey’s eyes were met with no other moving objects to only confirm what she already had figured in that she was the only person currently for miles in either direction. Feeling her lady parts heat up again a sudden notion was formed and the suddenly naughty woman darted inside to find a bucket. Turning the water as hot as it would go she proceeded to fill the bucket up and empty it into the basin until after multiple trips the basin was full, the water resting just below the lip of the expansive tub. Now that her bath had been filled and it was time to get it in the suddenly anxious girl glanced both ways one more time before shimming out of her hiking shorts, letting them pool on the floor at her feet. Unnecessarily making triple sure no one was around the bra was unclasped and went into the pile next followed quickly by her panties before the completely nude and sweaty woman stepped into the warm basin to sit down with a gasp, the soothing water instantly relaxing her tight muscles as she leaned against the back of the basin, her slender legs stretching out and over the lip of the other side. A small moan escaped her lips as Stacey sank even further into the basin until the top swells of her breasts were barely covered by water, the female in slight ecstasy as she soaked up the warm water outside on the front porch. Closing her eyes she laid there for a time as she felt the efforts of the day washing away, the still hot avcılar escort air of summer helping to keep the water from cooling too quickly.

The sound of tires on gravel popped the young woman’s eyes open and sit up with a start, curious as to who could be coming down the road. Looking down her eyes opened even wider when they met her exposed breasts heaving from her startled breathing, currently in plain sight of anyone looking in her direction. Sliding down into the tub the glistening naked woman tried to pull as much of herself inside the basin as possible, leaving only her head, shoulders, and slender legs exposed in the end, although anyone looking over at her would quickly figure out the full state of undress she was currently in. Covering up as much as could, Stacey looked up in time to see a small SUV drive by the front of the house, it’s wheels kicking up a cloud of dust as the vehicle ambled down the small dirt road. From her lowered vantage point in the tub the curled-up girl first made out a woman in the passenger seat, who only stared forward down the road, never taking her eyes off it to glance over at the cabin where the nude female was bathing. As the car continued to move forward in seemingly slow motion for Stacey the next person was made out in the back passenger seat, and as that window passed the cabin Stacey could see a teenage boy in said seat, a pair of large headphones draped over his ears. The young man happened to be staring straight out his window towards the porch, his eyes locking with Stacy’s for just a moment as the car drove by. Just prior to the vehicle moving out of sight it seemed to register on the young man’s face what the girl he saw in front of him was doing as he suddenly craned his neck to get another view of the bathing beauty in the basin on the porch as the cabin faded from his view.

As the dust slowly settled Stacey began to breath normally again, calming down as it became clear the car wasn’t going to stop or come back. Giggling lightly she thought back to the boy’s face and for a moment she almost wished the car had slowed down just enough for her to have stood up to give the lad a quick view of what he had clearly been hoping to see.

There’s no harm in giving that boy a little peep show – I’ll never see him again and the way he craned his neck he’s clearly never seen those parts on a woman before.

Sinking further into the lukewarm tub the once more relaxed female’s mind wandered for the third time that day to a time when she had actually been naked in front of someone she didn’t know. Feeling the heat return to her crotch Stacey decided to give in to the feelings clearly building up inside of her, a hand slowly inching it’s way through the clear water over to her clitoris, slowly rubbing it back and forth as the horny girl remembered what it was like to give the older and rustic John such a show. Adding a what-if scenario on the boy who had just driven by a loud moan escaped her lips as the intensity of her rubbing increased; moments later the writhing naked girl in an outside tub was brought to a fierce climax, her body shivering in the water as it convulsed lightly with the throes of her finish.

Catching her breath the nude woman stepped out of the tub, letting the soft breeze of the summer air dry her glistening form as large drops of water rolled off her slender body to splash on the wood porch. Relishing the last rays of the sun she closed her eyes and became one with nature as the effects of her climax were still catching up with her.

Sexually draining herself for the time being a satisfied Stacey headed inside and proceeded to get dressed into comfy clothes, whipping up a simple dinner soon after as she found herself pretty famished from all the workouts she had been getting that day. The night was spent with a book in one hand and a glass of wine from the bottle she had packed in the other, as relaxing an evening as there could ever be. Yet while the young woman lay in bed that night her mind drifted off to what had happened on the porch that day and she couldn’t help but smile at how good it had felt to finally find some way to relieve her built-up tension; a sudden realization came to her that her body had been longing for some kind of sexual release for quite some time yet her mind hadn’t been aware of it until this day as she had been mentally repressing any such thoughts since the breakup . . . Sleep came quickly and easily to the exhausted and satiated woman though as she was too tired to dwell on much of anything for too long.

Waking up the next day after some fairly vivid dreams Stacey had a hard time staying focused that morning as she started behaving like the opposite gender and was suddenly thinking more with her vagina and less with her head. Deciding to take another hike, this time the still-quasi-sore woman disregarded a bra altogether as it was another hot day out and the one she wore yesterday had only made her sweatier and more uncomfortable. Instead she wore a cami-tank that didn’t really count as a bra as her nipples were seen poking out şirinevler escort before she even began, but Stacey was feeling adventurous at this point and chances of being seen were super slim anyway.

Finding her leg muscles loosening up with every step she took another long hike was decided upon as the young woman found a split in the trail and took that even further along, having packed some snacks in order to make it a full day of exploring. Hearing the sound of running water a few hundred yards later the curious female ventured slightly off the trail through the sparse foliage, making her way through the trees before coming into view of a spring bubbling out of the ground to form a small crystal-clear pool. Sitting down on the soft grass near the edge of the water Stacey took the scene in, feeling the sweat cling stickily to her body as she reached out and touched the deliciously cool water, dipping both hands in and running them through her sticky hair. Having once again seen no one on the trail and already starting to cramp up just sitting there the tired girl once again felt a stirring in her loins as she stared longingly at the refreshing body of water, wanting nothing more at the moment than to become one with it. Giving in to her urge Stacey decided to be risky once more, muttering “oh what the hell why not” to the empty space and without a second thought peeled her sticky cami off, exposing her pert breasts to mother nature. Slipping off her shorts along with panties the now naked girl dipped one foot into the spring to test the water while subconsciously covering her private areas with both hands. Finding it to her satisfaction as it was cool yet refreshing all modesty was forgotten as the nude girl lowered herself into the water until she was up to her shoulders, emitting a slight gasp when a shiver ran through her as her slender body adjusted to the new temperature. Feeling free in more way than one the refreshed female waded around the water hole for a good while, her breasts popping up out of the water every now and then as the pool wasn’t very deep in most places; even under water they were on full display to anyone who happened upon the pool as the spring water was extremely clear, yet Stacey paid no heed to how exposed she was as she enjoyed her private oasis.

Feeling sufficiently cleansed and relaxed a while later the naked woman decided it was time to head back to the cabin, pulling herself out of the water and onto the ground where her clothes were. Wringing out her hair Stacey stood next to the pool in her birthday suit, looking around to make sure no one was around yet feeling slightly disappointed when her eyes only met more nature. Deciding the water was worth the skinny dipping anyways a rejuvenated Stacey slipped back into her clothes, her still mainly wet body soaking her cami instantly to make her nipples even more visible; it didn’t help that they were still hard from her daring dip moments ago. Smiling to herself the happy girl made her way back to the trail, casting one last longing look at the spring before ducking into the surrounding foliage. Finding the trail the adventurous girl took only a few steps before spotting two men marching down the trail in her direction. They were both older men and as the pair passed and said hello the well-formed woman found both sets of eyes lingering on her nipples poking out of her tank, causing the onset of another rush to course through her as she realized that if they had only come down the trail a few moments earlier and wanted to check out the springs like she had their eyes would have been treated to so much more than the slightly see-through cami they were currently ogling.

Not knowing what the hell had gotten into her as the thought only turned her on the young woman shook her head of such notions and plodded back down the trail, getting back to her cabin with only an hour left before the sun set.

Having enjoyed her bath outing the day before and feeling just as sexually amped today after her close encounter the ritual was carried on again, this time however the lone woman stripped off her sweaty clothes prior to pouring herself a hot bath, stowing all her belongings inside to be in nothing but her skin as she padded back and forth from the porch to the house in order to fill the large basin, enjoying the feel of the warm air on her nude form as she moved freely about in the open. This time no cars drove by as the bathing beauty washed outside, which oddly came with a pang of regret for the now fully horny female, but the desire for another outdoor climax still managed to be reach her pussy as her thoughts dwelled on some more what-if scenarios of the two men who had been minutes too late to she her lithe naked body on full display. Feeling the need to up the sexual ante the charged-up female stepped out of the bath, sitting fully nude on the porch swing as she brought herself to a fierce climax – her breasts heaving mightily from the effort as fingers plunged into her inner folds over and over again while her other hand flicked her clit, her pussy being opened up in plain sight of the road to any lucky passerby. The sun began to set on the completely deserted road as her passionate throes subsided without any audience however as she lay stretched out on the swing, causing the spent woman to call it a night and head inside, not having quite quelched the full urge of passion inside of her.

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