A Delicate Mother

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I don’t think I was a day past fifteen when I heard my parents’ first argument. It was a huge shock, really… Mother took extraordinary care of the house and still managed to work while dad was constantly out, trying to earn money to make his wife happy. I was raised innocently, which I don’t regret to this day, but I didn’t understand what mom “cheated” dad out of then.

Now, I can’t say I blamed her. He was gone so long that she either had to please herself or go to other people. She worked just as hard as my father, except she managed to keep everyone happy until he found out. Instead of sitting to talk, his first reaction was probably the most explosive I’ve seen out of any Christian man.

I heard the smack from a few rooms down. I heard the silence and knew he had hit her… All I could feel was tension and worry. Fear kept me rooted in place but care for my mother led my hand to my doorknob. Dad’s last words still echo now and then… “I didn’t spend a decade providing for this family just to have a slut of a wife commit adultery!” A metal object, the wedding ring, hit a wall and he left.

I couldn’t hear the sobs over the roaring engine… It took me the longest thirty seconds of my life to hear my mother sobbing, and that snapped me to reality. You couldn’t blink in the time it took me to get down the entire hallway to reach her, finding her bent over and sobbing into her pillows. All I could do was crawl on the bed and try to pull her up to me. It was the exact same thing she’d done for me as a child during my state of tears. It was my turn to let her cry her heart out into me.

I may have been too innocent then to know what cheating was, but thank God I was mature enough to know how to comfort her. I didn’t ask what was wrong, and I didn’t wonder what she may have done wrong. All I did was hug her and pet through her hair as she let it all out, trying to offer the same comfort she raised me with.

It took thirty minutes before the tears dried up… or ran out, I wasn’t sure which. I do remember an hour of her whimpering and asking herself “Why?” before I started to pull back, sinking into the dry pillows with her still in my arms. Once she got on her side and curled up, I pulled the blankets over us and cut out the lights. Once I got in with her, she hugged me like a teddy bear against her, and I didn’t notice just how far I sunk into her arms. “Thank you, sweetheart…”

I wrapped my arms around hers to keep the hug in place and smiled as her body molded around mine. “It’s okay, mommy… I won’t leave you.”

I woke up with a wet spot in my hair… Even today, I never asked if those tears were happy or sad.

Six months passed. If I was a momma’s boy before, it was even worse now. I knew she was sad all the time, so I never left her side except when she had to work or I had school. The first few weeks were scary for how much silence there was. Then I found mother keeping me close when she could, which I was happy to be. I was her pillar of support, since dad never even came back to get as much as one piece of clothing.

I do credit him on being honest and decent enough to not destroy the family further. He yanked out all his money from his savings and his share from the family’s checking, leaving mom only with what she herself had earned. To be honest, it wasn’t much. The plan was to use dad’s savings for retirement and mom’s for the home. He could have taken everything, but he left with what was his… It still put us in a tricky spot.

One day, she finally came out and told me everything. She hugged me into her soft lap and rested my head under hers. “Honey… We’re about short on money after Sean left, and… well, he left because I broke a promise. When two people get married, they promise to love only each other forever, and he wasn’t around to show it for me, so I needed it from someone else.”

Bear in mind, I was still innocent. I looked up at her and asked, “What about me? You know I love you, mom.”

She laughed and squeezed me ’til I couldn’t help but laugh at something I missed. “I meant… sexually. You’re growing up, Jeff, you’ll learn what an urge is soon enough. You’ll make a lady happy, too. But I need to keep you happy, and that will mean a lot more work for me… I’m sorry, baby.”

That was the last day of my childhood. Back then, I was 4’6″, 115 pounds, thin with long light brown hair, hazel eyes and no tan whatsoever. Mom was 5’8″ and about 315 pounds. I never really thought of her as fat, just soft. I grew in love with being close to her because of that. Now and then doing laundry I’d see things like “54FF” or “52FFF” on her clothes, not knowing what they meant.

It took me less than one year to mature. At sixteen I was working to make sure mom didn’t bear the weight alone. I made sure to learn to do everything dad could: drive, cook, work, plan, and care. A world of responsibilities fell on my shoulders, and I took them so my mom wouldn’t have to share them alone.

She canlı bahis put up a fight on how much I got away with taking responsibility for. She didn’t want me being who the family was dependant on. Me working for her happiness helped bring her out of the rut she was in. It felt good to finally see her smiling more than just when I gave her a hug.

It wasn’t until the next school year, though, that I started to understand arousal. I wound up sitting to the next girl in three of my six classes. She didn’t have a body that made everybody stare, but she was healthy, voluptuous, kind, and funny. I couldn’t help but feel attracted to her as more than a friend… It scared me, but my first time running away with my imagination, I thought I’d even give up watching over mom just to be with Kelly.

Once I started understanding the feeling of wanting to be together, I started nudging mom to do the same. Literally. I’d never noticed, but every piece of clothing she wore showed off the curves of her butt and chest while showing that her waist was tucked in… a true hourglass despite her size. It didn’t change how I looked at her, but it did assure me that she could do well in the world as I gently nudged my elbow to her arm. “Mom, you’re too beautiful to be alone. You’re a great mother and person, you can find someone else.”

She sighed at my first, and for a while last, attempt. She hugged me tight, letting me sink into her softness as she smiled. “I know you mean well, honey, but I’m still not over it… I’ll look as soon as I’m able.”

That was enough for me. She never lied, so I knew she’d go through with it. I hugged her back and smiled, staying attached until I had to go to work.

It turned out to be nearly another year before she was ready. I was seventeen by then, and I grew a full foot. With it, though, I only gained weight to 140 pounds. At least my build was average, so I was proud of myself on not being too skinny like I used to be. Mom, however, didn’t grow an inch up. Instead she grew outward, reading about 360 pounds. It wasn’t an unhealthy weight, she ate extremely well. It was just a slowed metabolism, we thought.

It only made her look more attractive, really. I noticed that her bosom got larger and her butt stuck out just a bit more, but she still maintained a control with her body that kept her from looking any bit grotesque. I couldn’t explain it, but I felt the same physical arousal for mom as I did for Kelly, whom I had dated for four months.

That relationship was constant, but like any first love, it was fading. The friendship wasn’t, but both Kelly and I realized it would turn into a struggle to make it more than dating. So we gracefully backed out of it and I never got aroused for anyone… except mom.

I always wanted, tried, and succeeded in ignoring it. I was her son, I was there to help her out and keep her safe and cared for. But in the four months I had Kelly, she went through two boyfriends. David was a fat (no way around it) slob who just happened to be romantic enough to sweet talk. Orlando was almost the opposite: fit, direct, affectionate, but too serious for mom to enjoy being with.

Then, when I was eighteen and she hit forty-two, it happened. She found Joseph. He was romantic, sweet, tender, and tried to spoil mom in more ways than I could imagine. His only problem was patience. Him and mom made it a year, all the way to my graduation, but the entire trip was bumpy in that Joseph wanted to advance, quickly.

“Please, marry me, Alice.” I heard that request more times than I could stand… “When’s our “special night”, honey? I’m still waiting for you to get…” I’d always shut him out when I heard it, I hated hearing him talk to my mother like she was ready for sex. She believed in chastity before her first marriage, that was how she felt for the second.

She and I could endure, though. He appeared okay for everything until my graduation. One week after my graduation, late at night when he said the wrong thing in an attempt for romance. “When’s junior here going to leave so we can be alone? I want to sit my own babies.” He jerked his thumb at me, since I was in the chair watching TV with him and mom.

I wasn’t immensely irritated, but mom was. She pointed a finger at him so fast that it left her whole chest jiggling against her shirt. “Don’t you talk like you’re going to kick him out. He’s helped this family stay up, so he’s going to stay.”

Joseph held his hands up and gave a cocky, half-guilty smile. “Relax, honey. I didn’t mean—”

Mom stood straight up and looked him straight in the eye as he got up. “Yes you did, you can’t be quiet about wanting me for yourself. You either let me be happy or—”

Joseph didn’t take kindly to being interrupted. He took worse to being ordered and rejected. My eyes snapped open as I heard two slaps at once… One was when his hand connected with mom’s face. One was the echo of my dad doing the same thing.

That was the trigger. “Bastard!” bahis siteleri My entire body was shaking, head to toe, as I jumped from the chair and put my entire body weight into one punch aimed straight at his chest. He was thrown backwards and gasping for breath as I shook my hand, stinging from the blow. “Get out!”

Mom took me and tried to lead me back, worried of a fight in her home. “Baby, no, you shouldn’t have…”

Joseph got to his knees and looked at me, clutching his chest as he saw mom trying to keep me safe from his anger. “You love that boy so much? Marry him, you bitch.” He walked out pulled away. I was still shaking and watching for his lights to come back, or for the police.

It never came. Mom tucked her head next to mine, and for the second time in my life, I had to hold onto her for dear life as she poured out everything into me… That time was worse. She spoke. “Why can’t I do it anymore? Why can’t I keep a—a man at a-all?

All I could think of doing was holding on as tight as possible, making sure she knew it was my arms she was in. “Because they don’t think you’re an amazing person that needs to be spoiled… They probably see your body and assume you’re just desperate. That’s what I see happening at school… These guys are probably just as ignorant. Mom…”

She sobbed, still wet all over the face, and pressed her lips to mine. I don’t know what caused it, but when our lips met, my entire body did a flip inside and melted away as she poured out her sadness, joy, worry, and comfort into a tender kiss. It was more than a mother-son kiss… I was still wondering what was meant by it as I tucked her head into my shoulder and she whispered, “Thank god for you, sweetheart…”

I didn’t know how to respond. What was that feeling…? I never felt that with Kelly, not even the first kiss. I had enough sense to lead mom to her room, pulling her in with me again. It was eerily similar, the way we were dressed for bed and wound up together. She pulled me into her again and I was more than happy to curl up against her body, sinking into even more softness and warmth as last time it happened.

Shamelessly, I noticed that my head was cushioned by her breasts as she whispered thanks for me and fell into a light sleep. I don’t think I could have stayed awake if I tried. That was the most comfortable sleep I could ever hope for.

It took exactly one month for her to get over Joseph. And so much happened in that month, I still can’t keep up with it now. Mom didn’t sleep alone anymore; she wanted me with her every night. I was the only one that could comfort her anymore, and I was happy to help her smile again. Every time I did, though, my body would go wild with arousal.

Every night since then, I had to relieve myself because of how I reacted to her body. I always thought the fat was comfortable and warm… Now I was finding myself attracted to her. I wanted to be enveloped in her arms, tucked against her, stuck in her body. I wanted closeness enough that I couldn’t escape if I wanted to. And mom would never refuse. Her arms always instinctively opened when I came into the same room as her. When I hugged her, of course I felt the warmth and affection, but I also felt the desire to more with her body.

I wouldn’t, though, not without consent… Would she really let me? That was my question. I didn’t know, so I jerked off at least three times a day just to keep from putting an erection against her. What shocked me was, while at work, I found pictures of me masturbating on her dresser. It was the perfect shot to see almost all seven inches within my hand… She apparently was watching me as I watched her.

When she walked, I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts and fat bouncing and jiggling. And I couldn’t help but fake a bathroom break almost every time. Still within a month, I noticed mom doing the same thing. I’d come home from work or wake up to hear moaning from the bathroom, and the two times I stood outside the door wondering what she was doing, she blushed such an intense red that only an innocent idiot would miss what she was doing.

Oh, wait, I used to be that innocent idiot. What was I now…? 5’8″, 153 pounds, with hair down to my waist and eyes that were slowly turning almost grey instead of hazel. I was decently built, not really solid… Mom grew one inch, to 5’9″ and wound up bloating out to 386 pounds. Depression truly messed with her metabolism…

Her looks didn’t matter for how I felt. In one month, devotion and care undoubtedly turned to love. I loved her, I wanted to be who would keep her smiling forever. But I had to know, I had to find out if she felt the same!

It happened exactly one month after Joseph’s departure. While she was cooking, I got behind her and hugged her gently. My dick was sticking up in my pants, and fit snug into mom’s butt as I squeezed myself in close. If there was a way to test, this was it. She turned her head at me and smiled. “Yes, honey…?” It was slow, deliberate… bahis şirketleri She knew something was up.

“I…” It was on the tip of my tongue. Damnit, why couldn’t I say i—!?

Mom tilted her head into mine and our lips met. I instantly hugged her even tighter, ignoring everything except the pure fire that shot up my body the moment her lips and mine sealed together. She gave off a gentle moan and raised a hand to cup on my cheek, rubbing very gently over it as our lips were connected what seemed like a lifetime.

Her lips peeled so slowly from mine that the kiss almost took another year to finish. It took one more year after that for the smell of the bacon to finally pierce my nostrils and the sound of sizzling to bring me back to earth. A pop, from the toaster, shook me back to reality as I saw on the clock that only three minutes had passed. ‘Good, that’s a few more years with her’, I thought.

I had gone a month pretending that the signs weren’t there. What was the point anymore? I didn’t notice as she took the food and put it on the table. Her chair was much larger than mine, but I couldn’t help myself watch her entire body as she moved. When she went around to her chair, I stepped over to it first. She stopped with a light gasp to watch me sink into it and pull our plates together. “Honey, no. I don’t mind you in my lap, but I’d crush you…”

I smiled and opened my arms anyway. I wouldn’t and she knew it; it was my last chance to gracefully bow out of what I was trying to get into. I took her hand and gently pulled her to me, and she willingly stepped over and lowered her entire behind in my lap.

It was only the second time it happened in my life, and I never knew just how good it felt to feel her soft body smother my own like that as she sank down until she had me trapped. Somehow my dick found the strength to shove through my clothes and her fat, stiffening out against her skin. I blushed but she only smiled, wiggling a tiny bit and grinding her skin firmly against me in the process. “Mom?”

She smiled and turned her face to mine. “Yes… Jeff?”

I raised myself up against her, hugging her by her front and sinking into her backside to kiss her again. It was a soft, sweet embrace that left me longing for more when I let it go. “I love you.”

Her face blushed ever so softly as she smiled even more. I didn’t know if she was afraid of having to say ‘no’ to me or in disbelief that her own son was trying to spend his life with her. All she could do was take my plate in one hand and rise up, twisting a bit to get sideways in her chair. The second time she sank onto my waist, my dick started throbbing from beneath her. I was cumming and I didn’t even make a move…

She fed me like a baby, holding out the food and watching me devour it gently from her hand. I’d never felt so spoiled and happy until I could do the same for her. I’d rarely watched her eat, but she bit into everything with a slow, deliberate care. She enjoyed every second of it; I could see it in her eyes.

What caught me off guard was when she started suckling my fingers clean, gently licking at them in her mouth and moaning quietly the entire time. My breath became short, and choppy, and jagged, and… I didn’t even notice her reaching her hand around my head, when I finally saw her face getting close to mine, I gasped.

No kiss measured up to this one, ever. She turned around to face me completely, straddling over my lap as she pulled me into her breasts and belly, letting me sink completely into her as she took my lips for her own. I opened our mouths, slowly, wanting to feel our tongues together. She complied instantly, rubbing hers against mine with a gentle movement, wrapping around it and sharing her love with my own as she kept hugging me closer and closer. For the second time in that morning, my dick was being rubbed against her softness, causing it to throb and convulse again in another powerful orgasm. The pleasure gave me the will to rub my tongue back against hers with all the love I could muster into one kiss.

I couldn’t count the time. Our lips never separated, and I was never let go of as long as our lips were connected. The clock chimed three separate times before she finally let go of my mouth, starting to cry in happiness. I couldn’t help but look down at her chest… There were two dots poking out greatly from her shirt. Even lower, I saw a wet spot on my leg, where her waist was. My mouth was sore from the embrace, and I was shivering in love as she tucked her face into my hair.

The clock finally hit eleven. She had to get up, no matter how reluctantly… Even feeling her remove her weight from me sent my dick into another orgasm. Once she stood up, I look her hand in mine and she smiled down at me, in the most bliss I’d seen her in my entire life. “I love you, too, Jeff…”

The moment she left, I had to move. I rushed into her room and looked through her jewelry box, finding the rings I often saw her toying around with wearing and not… There! The emerald was a fake, but it was the one that she often wore on her ring finger. I knew it was the size, and after nearly three years, I knew I had the money.

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