A Day in the Park

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The sun, the wine, the soft spring breeze, it was all getting to me and I was getting hornier by the second. I know I grinned when you told me to look under the table – the sight of your hard cock always makes me smile.

Fucking in public has always been one of my turn-ons, and the fear of getting caught put a delicious edge on the afternoon. You know I love it from behind, you never fail to knock my knees out from under me, and until you buried your face in my soft ass, that was my expectation. I was so turned on when you started licking my ass, I wouldn’t have known it if the whole damn police force had shown up. Hell – I’d have probably taken a cock or two for backup.

Licking up my juices, and then having your manhood buried in my ass pushed me over the edge. I could hear distant laughter and bees buzzing overlaid on the groans and grunts of a deep satisfying ass fuck. I could feel your cock twitching with every stroke now, and I knew you weren’t far from shooting. Another stroke into my quivering asshole, and I suddenly wanted to cum with you, so I grabbed my clit between 2 fingers, and started to roll my hard little marble around and around, pulling on my pussy lips and feeling the pressure coming to a peak. Another stroke, like a hammer, and I felt you freeze, I knew you were about canlı bahis to blow, so I worked my clit to a frenzy and with my whole body pushed back to bury you deep in me. I could feel the jets of your pearly cum hitting my insides and my orgasm hit me hard.

I must have blacked out for just a second – because as I opened my eyes, I saw a figure sitting at the other side of the picnic table! A cop. Oh shit.

“You want to tell me what you’re doing?” I stammered and stuttered. “Ummmmm…ahhhhh – Hello Officer” I heard you say.

I felt you slide of out my ass and I started to straighten up.

“Don’t make a move missy…I’ll deal with you in a moment.”

“Sir – you want to pull your pants up very slowly” he said. I could sense you behind me, and felt the denim of your jeans touch my thighs as you started to buckle up.

I looked around the park, as much as I could. I could see the cop car, sitting on the tarmac access road, 20 feet away, the gently smoking barbeque grill and a lovely hedge of azaleas. The cop had moved out of my sight, but I could hear him breathing.

We’d chosen the spot for privacy, and we certainly had it now. “Come with me, sir – and you – stop right there – you leave that lovely ass uncovered. I SAID I’d deal with you in a minute.”

The bahis siteleri breeze started to dry the juices slowly sliding down the insides of my thighs, making them feel sticky and itchy. I could hear you talking to the policeman. I knew you were straightening everything out, and there wouldn’t be a problem.

I could see vague movement out of the corner of my eye, and hear you and the officer approach. “Sweetie? I’m going to go wait by the car – you do whatever the officer tells you to, and this will all go away.”

I sniffled – I know I did, I was on the verge of tears…scared, embarrassed and yes, even still very turned on. A good assfuck for us has always led to me wanting more of your hard cock buried in me.

I shivered as the cop then ran the cold smooth edge of his nightstick up my left thigh. “Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want.” ” I know you will. Keep that ass in the air – I’m enjoying the view.” I could hear him work the zip of his pants, and wondered what was in store. His fingers stroked the skin around my gaping asshole, and slid down to pinch a pussy lip, then he grasped my still engorged clit, and ground it between finger and thumb. I moaned loudly. “Keep it right there baby – here I come.”

An enormous cock rammed into my cunt, and somehow, I kept bahis şirketleri from collapsing. Muscles stretched and he began to pound me. He had laid his nightstick across my back, and was now fingering my asshole rhythmically. I couldn’t help but grind back. Suddenly he took his cock out of me, and eased the head into my ass. “Owwww..” I started to protest. “Not a word….or else.”

I bit my lips, clenched my fists and hoped I wouldn’t need a trip to the hospital when this was over. Slowly but surely he worked his cock into my ass, and after a few pumps, groaned that he was going to come. I thought it was going to come out of my nose he unloaded so much spunk. I fell against the picnic bench, eyes closed, heaving for breath. I heard his zipper go up, and the nightstick come off of my back.

“Oh baby – you were magnificent.” I heard you say.

I opened my eyes to see you handing me a towel, and a fresh glass of wine sat on the table now. ” I have someone I want you to meet.”

“Kenny – hey man, come here.” The cop walked up and grinned shyly. I managed to stammer out “What, what…what is going on?”

“Leelee – meet Kenny. Kenny’s the new body man down at the shop. We got to talking about assfucking a couple of days ago, and Kenny mentioned he’d never been able to get his gigantor into a lady before. I knew you’d be perfect, if I could get you turned on enough. You were super. Give Kenny a kiss, and let’s get out of here – I am by no means done fucking you for today.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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