A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 59

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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people. This story should read well alone, but…

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Chapter 59: An Oldie, But A Goodie!

Like most farmers, Wayne Troutman especially appreciated the mild summer evening. Leaves softly rustled on the nearby trees as he neared their small stable. Being early evening, the moon had the appearance of huge orange as it rose low on the horizon. Bright as it was, inside the small barn it was pitch black. The Oak trees, which kept the stable cool during the day, completely filtered out the weak lunar lighting.

Pausing at the doorway, Wayne listened for an güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri unlikely clue about who might be waiting for him. Straining his ears wasn’t helping, he soon knew he’d have no auditory leads. Blaze and Salute were munching noisily on their hay. Their wanderings within their stalls caused the pine shavings, which they used for bedding, to make shushing sounds like a mild surf rolling to shore.

Gradually his eyes adjusted to the dark interior, he could just make out the short bench a dozen feet down the wide aisle. Strolling over, Wayne sat, then removed his leather boots. Proceeding to slowly disrobe, his mind continued to be intrigued by Beth’s mysterious instructions this morning.

“…of course, for an old man, you are kinda sexy. Apparently someone is hoping you’ll have the energy for some stud service tonight. Matter of fact, if you have the where-with-all to be at the stable at exactly 9PM someone will be waiting for the best stallion on the farm to saunter into the stall past Blaze’s. However, there are strings attached! Whoever is there will be naked, on all fours, and ready to be mounted. You can’t turn on any lights.”

“It’ll be pretty dark, you’ll have to find your ‘objective’ by feeling around. You can only grab her hips! No feeling around for clues to who your lover ‘de jour’ is. Then you may ride your filly as hard as you please. When your stud services are finished, you must dress, leave, then go to your bedroom for a shower. Any attempted at finding out where either Lynn or I are will have future consequences that you won’t be happy about. Deal?”

Since the girls knew his wife had sexually ‘gone out of business’ years ago, only one word was remotely an option for Wayne. “Deal!”

Despite a typical long, hard day’s work, Wayne had trouble getting his boxers off. Certainly, the quick hot shower güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri after dinner had revived him somewhat thank goodness. Knowing a sexy, tight teenaged body was presumably in the dark stall just a few feet away already had him fully erect.

Fully naked, Wayne stroked his shaft. Seminal fluid quickly emerged coating the swollen glans. Was it Beth? Was Lynn the mystery lover whose backside would be raised and ready for his penetration? Rising to his feet, the now ‘horny as hell’ farmer hoped ‘she’ was ready because he sure as shooting was!

More eager than he’d admit, Wayne rapidly strode the short distance to the unlatched stall door. Damn it WAS dark in there. Nearby he could just discern the boundary between the dark stained wooden walls and the fresh cream-colored wood shaving on the floor. Could he see a hint of the upraised naked female tush, or was his mind just filling in the pieces. Unsure, Wayne bent at the waist, then took baby steps ahead. Using his hands like a blind man who’d lost his cane in an unfamiliar room, Wayne groped for the nearly invisible female before him.

At last his fingers felt the silky warmth of a taut female buttocks. Carefully he knelt. Creeping ahead on his knees, Wayne soon felt himself to be in roughly the position he’d need for his impending rear entry. Callused fingers sought the slick opening between the firm cheeks. Indeed she was moist and slippery. Unable to resist the urge, one, two, then three fingers worked into the breathtakingly erotic sheath. Wayne explored the invisible pink flesh until his penis demanded to trade places with the delighted digits.

Using his left thumb as a signpost to her unseen opening, his left hand gripped her left butt cheek. Gripping his shaft with his right hand, Wayne guided his swollen crown along his thumb. Soon his erection was güvenilir bahis şirketleri sinking into the warm perfection of his lover’s pussy. Dear sweet Lord she felt wonderful.

Determined as he was to make this last, without realizing it, Wayne was already pounding into the firm buns of his mute mistress. Summoning his self-control, Wayne slackened his pace. Yet within two minutes the frenetic pace had returned. Gripping her hips as if his life depended upon it, Wayne accepted the inevitable; he was heading into the home stretch.

Allowing his head to droop, he savored the tinglings and tighenings around his groin. Sperm was on the move; his ejaculation was building…building… building. The bellow Wayne sounded was loud enough that even the horses reacted to it with knickers amongst themselves. If his unseen partner made any utterances, Wayne’s own groans drowned them out. Perhaps it was the pitch blackness of their love nest, but Wayne felt the pulsing of his semen as it freely flowed into the tight pussy gripping his cock more intensely than he could ever recall.

The hips Wayne was buried in begged him for every drop he had to give. They still pleaded long after his final contribution had passed into her body. Neither lover seemed inclined to quit, but eventually the pair both sagged from exhaustion and recognition that their union was completed.

Finding the will power to stand then leave without speaking as he’d promised proved even more difficult to summon than expected. Lord above, she’d been magnificent. To simply come and go without knowing who had made him feel such bliss seemed remarkably…impolite? But it was the girl’s game, and Wayne loved what happened when he followed the rules!

As he dressed, he could hear tiny stirrings as someone no doubt also dressed within the dark stall. Electing to torture himself no further, Wayne swaggered out of the barn for the house with the special gait of a man who has just been laid!

Pedaling home Carly thought to herself for the umpteenth time, “Beth was right. The boys are great, but a mature man is something truly special!”

* * * * *

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