Wife Loses Pride at Casino

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Casinos are strange places. You can win a stinking fortune or slip into the depths of bankruptcy…all in the same day.

You won’t find a clock on a casino floor, as there is no need for the time unless you have dinner or show reservations. Lights flitter 24/7, free drinks flow like a river and men and women dress in ways more suitable for Halloween.

Girl’s night out, bachelor parties, wedding and divorce celebrations and just plain old get away from it all fun.

Casinos win a lot, in case you haven’t heard. How do you think they pay for the massive structures and venues and, yes, those “free” drinks and comps they hand out.

Still, for many people, it is a respite, an oasis to get away from the dull and mundane of everyday life. I have a close friend who hardly ever gambles but sits at a casino watching the “views” and soaking in the atmosphere for 20 bucks a day. I like to think he’s really there to have lightening strike and a rich old lady hit on him and take him to Palm Beach the next day. Whatever.

For me, casinos fit the get out of the ordinary concept. I don’t gamble heavily, but I play the tables and slots for fun. Setting a limit for each visit, cashing in some comps along the way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Years ago I attended a conference in Las Vegas. Played golf, cards and hit the slots. Saw some shows and fell in love with the place. Since then, at least once a year, I make the trek to Sin City. Using loyalty points earned at nearby affiliate casinos my room and board is generally comped, so it’s just the airfare and incidentals that cost me. Oh, and the shows and of course gambling. It’s worth it.

It’s Sin City, but other than bending my wife over the desk in our suite at the Rio with the window shades wide open a couple times several years ago I haven’t been all that naughty. Oh, I saw a couple of the adult shows, but generally it’s blackjack and slots, a show and off to bed. Golf in the morning once in a while.

This last trip was the one I had to write about. I’d been in San Francisco for three days working on a project and worked in a long weekend. Arriving in Vegas at 4pm on Friday I treated myself to a big steak and some blackjack before an early bedtime. Saturday was to be the all-day casino debauchery and Sunday a short day before hitting the airport.

After a big buffet breakfast and a walk around the casino floor I was ready for some action. Mindless action to start, so I stopped at the automated roulette area where there is a real dealer and a real wheel but everything else is automated. Giving the guy $100, he set me up, and I played the zero, double zero combination. That’s the numbers 0 and 00, as well as the 1 and 2 and 27 and 28. A dollar each bet, total of six bucks a roll, and I planned on 20 rolls.

Of course that meant I had to hit something relatively quickly or else my bankroll for the game would be exhausted as I needed $120 for the 20 bets and only had plunked down $100. Four straight missing rolls and I was ready to pack it in and cut my losses.

But before I could quit, up jumped a 1, and then a 27. A miss, another miss, then 0, 28 and 1 again in order. I cashed out five rolls later with more than $300 in chips which was more than a $260 profit.

Blackjack followed, and for the next two hours I won more than I lost, eventually leaving with a profit of $200 and a big smile. Clearly I’m not a big spender, but the casinos love me because I’m a repeat visitor. I used my player’s card for a free lunch and then wandered around wondering what was next.

While the house has a big edge in slots, the machines are addictive. I play for fun, never putting more than $40 in a machine to play and set my bankroll at $200 a day. Today I made that $300 and pocked the rest of my winnings.

For the next two hours I played various machines, losing, but not too much, before settling on a game I’d never seen before toward the back doors. The game doesn’t matter, except that it was a penny machine that required a bet of at least 90 cents to advance to the bonus games that could yield bigger returns.

It was fun! I mean, I was up and down, but wasn’t losing much and enjoyed the action. Sitting there I noticed a woman to my right playing the same game, and couldn’t help notice she hit a couple bonuses but didn’t have the 90 cents in the machine to get them. She stared at the machine as if to answer why not?

I couldn’t help myself. I hated it when my dad did this to people years ago, but I had to say something. Explaining to her was easy, but she said she didn’t have the cash for more than a few pulls. So I came up with an idea. I put $20 bucks in her machine and my backup loyalty card. Heck, I figured I’d move to that machine when she left anyway, so why not get her points now?

She was very appreciative, especially on her fifth pull when she moved to the bonus round and amazingly won $25 bucks. Yippee! When you are hot, you are hot.

We joked around, and she told me she was from maltepe escort Topeka on a long weekend with her husband. He is a card player, and was ensconced in the poker room most of the time. Not doing well, and she was worried.

“He always thinks he is one table away from the World Series or something,” said the lady who I believed to be around 40. “He just gets on these losing streaks that are awful. At home he’s the perfect dad, a great guy. But here, well, I guess it’s true that if it happens in Vegas it stays in Vegas.”

I said that’s the way you go, up and down, and she laughed. Yea, he’s mostly down though.

Her name was Lisa, and she was indeed 41, which I found out after a bit of sleuthing. She had brown hair and brown eyes and a catching shy smile. She analyzed her machine. She double hit sometimes, attempting to change her luck. Pulling the arm of the one arm bandit instead of hitting the replay button from time to time.

Her blue jeans were worn and very tight. She looked like a woman you’d meet at a kids’ soccer game, made more hot by the location we were at.

She lost most of her winnings and I put another $20 in the machine for her. Heck, I was getting the points and she was fun to speak to on a lark. We played for about a half hour when she leaned over and startled me.

“Hey Rob, I’m ahead, but I want to make sure I stay ahead. Tell you what, I will show you a tit for a 20.”

Looking at her as if she was from outer space, I said “What?”

She leaned over again and said for a 20 she’d show me her tit. “I want to walk away with a couple bucks, and not just feed the machine. Don’t worry, if I win I will give you your money back.”

Laughing, I said for $20 I wanted to see both and get a feel too! She blushed.

“Okay.” That’s all she said. Just okay.

I looked around and knew the eyes in the sky could see us. But heck there were thousands of eyes in the sky and only a few looking at us. What would be the odds of them catching us with a little flash? To help the cause I draped my jacked over her arms.

“Let’s see those beauties,” was my request.

The woman looked around, coyly, and then lifted her top and then unclasped the front of her lily-white bra. She kept the cups in her hand and looked around. The jacket kept the flash between us to onlookers, but it would be an imbecile who wouldn’t have seen me reach over and caress the breasts. It was no more than 20 seconds, but I had a huge smile on my face when I handed her the $20.

Buttoned up, she went back to playing the machine and I told her that was one of the hottest things ever. She smiled, looked at my pants, and said she could tell.

Now I was the one who blushed.

For the next half hour we traded laughs, playing our machines, just ignoring the world and interacting, discussing kids, sports and work. She was a part-time bookkeeper, and active in the PTA. Two kids, 13 and 11, who were whirlwinds of daily activity. And here in Vegas she had a husband who didn’t know when to quit, a husband who gambled too much at the wrong times.

“He’s always after a big score here. Never has gotten it. He gets an A for Effort but an F for Execution.

We played so much our arms started hurting. I suggested that, although the drinks at the slots were free, we mosey over to the bar for a drink to clear our minds from the noise on the floor.

We started there before she asked if I had a car. I said I did.

“Look, I know this is crazy, and I have never done anything like this, but,” said the girl, stopping mid-sentence.

I asked her what she was thinking. Maybe a ride to the Strip?

“He’s not going to win, I just know it. And while I am ahead right now thanks to your generosity our credit cards are tapped out and we don’t have gas money for the trip home tomorrow. I can’t go to the ATM, there’s nothing in the account. I just know tonight we will be desperate. So I am going to say something that I’ve never, ever said before.”

“What, Lisa, what?”

The woman looked lost, beaten. Looking toward the ground I could barely hear the words. “Would you give me $100 for a blow job?”

I knew it killed her to say it. She wasn’t a whore. I was tempted to give her the money and leave it at that. My dick said something else, tho. And when I realized she wasn’t joking I began the negotiation.

“Okay. I will give you $50, but I will tip you if it’s a good one. Lots of tongue. Lots of sucking. Licking. A real good blow job.” I laid it out for her, hoping she’s change her mind and say no while my mind kept saying “please say yes.”

The woman looked at me and I swear a smile crossed her lips. She told me I was a good negotiator. Then she seductively licked her lips and said ‘let’s go to your car.”

I offered my room, but she said no. She wanted to do it in the car. That was fine by me, a fantasy that took me back to high school.

We drove in my piece of shit small foreign rental car from the parking lot, mamak escort going nowhere in particular. We headed away from town, through some industrial park area. “Don’t look at me, I have no idea where to go. This is my first time,” said Lisa, laughing but caressing my thigh. “I really have never done this before. I’ve never cheated on Rick. Never.”

As we drove she said her husband had cheated on her, once with a secretary from work, and once right here in Vegas when he picked up a hooker and banged her royally. He rubbed that in her face for weeks, especially on how he was so hot and he made the whore cum. “The bastard wouldn’t know if she faked it.” Obviously she did we surmised.

Pulling behind an expansive brick building and then in between a couple of trucks, I figured I’d found the perfect spot for seclusion. I could back out of the secluded spot, or, I could pull out forward. Lots of room, but away from the building’s windows and actually with a pretty good view of the mountains in the distance.

Lisa set the ground rules. “Remember, it’s a blow job. Don’t get any other ideas. I’m not screwing you. Nor will I screw you out of a good blow job,” she laughed. “That was funny, huh! Really, I’m going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had…but nothing else, okay?”

What could I say? She had me in her hands. Really. She was stroking me while she was talking, so I wasn’t about to raise a fuss. I looked at her lips and thought of how lovely they’d look around my cock. That’s something my wife hardly ever did anymore, as it was beneath her. But Lisa, well, I was anticipating a wonderful afternoon.

“How should we do this?” was all I could say.

Lisa smiled. “I think you take it out of your pants and I suck it until it spurts some of that disgusting stuff, or something like that.”

Ha ha. What a jokester. She should be on stage with lines like that. “That’s not exactly what I meant.”

She asked what I’d like. I was the boss. She made a point of my paying for her services, almost like she wanted to remind me she was transformed from a housewife into a whore.

When I started out of the casino I thought it might be a set up, that this could be too good to be true. But in that parking lot, with her slipping off her shoes, stroking me while she was doing it, I realized I’d hit the proverbial jackpot. A fantasy come true. A beautiful MILF was going to suck my cock in a parking lot.

Handing her three 20s, she smiled and said she wasn’t going to give me change. I nodded.

The mountains in the distance looked so inviting, but not as inviting as Lisa, who was actually licking her lips when I unzipped and slipped my cock out of my boxers.

“Pull your pants down,” she cooed as she reached into her purse and pulled out a scrunch to hold her hair back into a sort of ponytail. “It will be better for you than through the zipper. Wouldn’t want to scratch you and break the mood, right?”

Lisa smiled as she said it, and I had to agree. My first thought was just to let her have at it while barely out of my pants. But hey, I was paying for this and why not do the complete Robby or something. Unbuckling my belt, I slipped down my jeans and boxers a little to my knees to give her full access.

Unleashed, my cock sprung to the touch of the woman. She slowly stroked it as she told me she hadn’t done this with anyone but her husband in more than a decade. I leaned back against the door, maneuvering around a little to give her more room.

She wasn’t in any hurry. That was a surprise. A fleeting thought had her getting me off quickly, sort of getting it over with. But she wasn’t even moving quickly with her hand action. It was a deliberate stroking of my cock, as if she was getting to know it. She looked as she stroked it, absorbing the action.

“You have a nice cock. I mean, really, it’s nice. Not like I have a lot of experience, but it’s firm, long and thick,” said the girl as I wondered what she was talking about. I mean, my dick was only six inches, give or take a centimeter, and I had no gauge of how its thickness measured up against others when it was throbbing like this.

Lisa leisurely played with my manhood and I felt stirrings that needed just a little more stimulation. I asked her if she’d blow me.

“You are the boss, sir, I will if you want me to.”

“Oh I want you too, I do.”

She leaned over and kissed my cheek, then slipped up onto the passenger seat, kneeling on it. She bent over and slipped her head right above my midsection. She looked up, smiled, and bent her head over.

She surprised me by holding my cock with her hand and then licking all around it. Her tongue was so wet, and it felt wonderful slipping and sliding around my cock.

Slowly stroking my dick, Lisa moved her head up and whispered, “enjoy yourself.”

Damn, that was so very hot. A lovely woman whispering for me to do things just normally doesn’t happen to a guy like me.

All the while she was stroking ankara escort my dick she was sort of moaning. I mean, it wasn’t like moaning in passion but more like humming in happiness. Again she moved her head toward my cock and licked. First the tip, then around the crown, and then down the rock hard staff.

As she did this she released her hand from the base of my cock and licked all the way down. It was sensuous watching her move down there, all around my dick. My cock wasn’t overly cooperative, throbbing here and there, but somehow she got down to the spot between my cock and my balls and I groaned.

Pausing, she asked if I was okay, but I just ordered her to keep doing what she was doing. Her one wrist served as a balance as her other stroked my leg and then regained a hold on my dick.

I was ready to cum, and the girl had yet to suck my dick. It was just such an amazing set of sensations. I cautioned her that I was going to shoot and she backed off my dick.

She pushed herself up next to me, and I wanted to grab my dick and jerk off an orgasm but she’d have none of that.

“Don’t you dare cum yet,” said the woman. “I want it in my mouth. If that bastard is making be earn money with my mouth, I want the satisfaction of you leaving your deposit in there.”

She smiled, and then added. “I’m going to swallow it too, just to spite the gambling bastard.”

Speechless I just nodded. “You want cock? You want to swallow some cum? You came to the right place,” was all I could muster, attempting to sound gruff when all I was thinking was how lovely she was and how lucky I was.

Taking my hand, I carefully placed some pressure on her head. “You know what to do, Lisa, you know what to do so go ahead and do it.”

I want to say I lasted an hour, that her mouth hurt for a week and that I shot all over that pretty face or that I came a couple times. Nothing correct in any of those statements.

She licked around the tip of my cock again and I merely groaned in the sensations. She ovaled her lips and slowly worked those tight lips down my cock without help from her hand.

Down the shaft a couple inches she reversed the action and slowly went up my cock, then back down again a little further. She quickened her pace, loosening the hold and then tightened again. She was a master of mouth action.

But after several minutes there was nothing I could do except explode.

“I’m going to cum!!!” was my warning.

That merely spurred her up and down my cock several times before trying to put the whole thing in her mouth. She didn’t succeed, but it did the trick and my dick began spurting volley after volley of sticky man sauce into her mouth. True to her word, not a drop was missed.

She didn’t come up off the dick; she just kept sucking and swallowing around my throbbing cock. I don’t think I’d shot that much semen in months, as the woman drew out more and more of the stuff while draining my dick.

Lisa stopped sucking but kept the cock in her mouth for at least a minute, putting her head on my thighs and just laying there, exhausted. I could feel her swallowing the leftover residue; something I have to say was extremely sensuous.

In the distance I heard a siren and that stunned me to pulling her up and then pulling up my underwear and pants. Lisa looked at me, and when I was presentable she made a show of wiping her lips with her shirtsleeve.

She looked me in the eyes. “Damn, that was good. That was a huge load, when’s the last time you came?”

I laughed and started the car. We drove away from the parking lot in silence. I mean, what do you say to a girl who you barely knew who’d just sucked your cock? Thank you. And I must have thanked her five times on the way back to the Rio.

We parked and I kissed her. I know, I know, she had just blown me, but I had to thank her. While I did I slipped two 20s into her hand after writing my cell number on one.

“You are a sweetheart, I have to thank you for making that so enjoyable,” she said.

Damn, she was thanking me, and she had been sucking MY dick!

We walked back into the casino and there was a little bit of silent awkwardness. I asked for her phone number, but she thought that wouldn’t be a good idea. But she did offer an email address she said was private.

Watching her walk down the casino floor I smiled at the events of the last couple of hours. Then I watched as she stopped and looked toward her right. She said something to someone, a guy, and he reached out and pulled her over.

He had obviously been drinking and was loud and obnoxious. She looked around, saw me and smiled.

She planted a big, sloppy kiss on her husband, I can’t help but think she wanted him to have a nice taste of her recent activity as punishment.

I couldn’t help it, but I watched Lisa and her husband from afar at the casino. He had her on his lap and was obviously inebriated. She looked disgusted, but he didn’t notice. The drinks were more than he could take and stay somewhat sober.

Hard to imagine that an hour before his lovely soccer mom wife had given me the blowjob of my life in my POS rental car behind a Vegas warehouse. Smiling at the thought, I played a machine while constantly glancing at the twosome across the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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