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Imagine a soft whisper of breath touches your neck and the words “close your eyes” cascades past your ear. You succumb to the sensation of lips touching your bare neck and the shiver of the taboo experience races to every nerve in your body. You sence of touch reveals deft hands nimbly unfastening the buttons of your shirt one by one. You know you should resist but wait to see what happens next. You can feel the air touch the skin of your chest as the shirt is pulled away. A gasp of pleasure falls across your ear as the stranger sees your bra enshrouded breasts.

The fabric of your shirt is pulled over your shoulders and you lean forward to ease it off. Warm lips touch where fabric so recently conceled and the hairs stand erect on your arms. The taunt bra straps can be felt sliding over your shoulders followed by the feeling of a hand sliding behind your back and with precise and practiced handling the catch is released. The fabric relaxes and and your breasts follow. Rolling your shoulders forward the stranger slides the straps off and your breasts are revealed in full.

“Simply amazing.” The sound is soothing and complimentary and you are pleased that the sight of your body excites him further. You can feel his soft hands sliding from your sides following your rib cage without causing your tickelish spot to make you jump. The feeling of his hands sliding around to your stomach and up uder your breasts makes you hold your breath. You think to yourself, “This is so wrong, but it feels so good.”

His hands cup the undersides of your breasts and lifts them feeling their weight and heft before sliding up to explore the rippled and erect nipples. They stand out begging to be fondled, caressed, büyükesat escort and suckled on. The fingers cozy up to them and light pinch and tug at them. The inner connection between them and your moistening inner thigh is undeniable. Your squirming goads him to venture deeper. You inhale as his hands slide down your stomach, circling your belly button and dancing about the edge of your pants. You suck in you tummy creating a gap for his fingertips to breach under the taunt fabric.

His fingers touch the top of your panties and you intake sharply knowing that he will soon be touching other things. You feel the button on your pants pop loose and the slight vibration as your zipper is opened inch by inch. Kisses touch your arm as you feel him move around to your side and then front. Lifting your hips from the chair he slides your pants off leaving the panties in place. Your knees spread in anticipation of his touch. A warm tongue glides from your knee slowly up to your inner thigh stopping as it touches the edge of your panties. His hands are smothly exploring the tender cloth and all you can think about is “Do it, take me now.”

You slide to the edge of the seat presenting your sex to him. The light cloth of your panties is pulled taunt against your pussy and the outline becomes obvious that you are excited and wet. A soft whimper escapes past your mouth as you feel his lips touch your panties. His hot breath on your lower hips and sends thrills through you. You realize you’re shaking with anticipation at this point. His mouth slithers over your pussy and you can feel his warm breath mixing with your heated pussy. Fingers are felt sliding under the edges of your panties çankaya escort and grazing the edges of your lips. You want so desperately to feel his fingers exploring every inch of tender wet skin.

“Oh yes” your legs spread wider inviting him in. He slides the panties away from your crotch and lightly kisses your clit like a long time lover tenderly kisses a forehead. The volt of electricity shoots through you. You can feel the warm juices seeping from your pussy. A finger slides over your slick lips and glides around the outer edge of your pussy. A tongue touches your clit and wriggles about delving into the inner folds and you can feel every bump on his tongue as it moves about. At the same time a finger slides up to your waiting entrance. and presses against the tight muscles there. Pushing slightly it breaches the way and you gasp at the wave of pleasure. Your breathing halts as you entire focus is on the events taking place in and around your hot wet box.

He plays with you and you can hear him say “Absolutely beautiful, is there nothing about you that isn’t perfect in my eyes?”

You feel him bend inward and kiss your lips lightly at first then deeper and stronger. At this point he is french kissing your pussy like a long lost lover. Your eyes are shut tight and cute wrinkles form at the edges of your eyes as you focus on the fantasy imagery swiming past your dream like vision. Your own hands slide down to your inner thighs and rake your fingernails over the tender area leaving pink lines on your milky white skin.

His teasing continues and your hands inch closer want desperately to dive in and finish yourself off. As his tongue slithers and wiggles on ankara escort and in your pussy he takes one of your hands in his. Your grip tightens around his hand as you moan out load. His other hand is busy twisting two fingers into you and back out again as his mouth takes your clit in and suck on the tender nub. He takes it gently in his teeth and flicks the tip of his tongue over the exposed inner core.

You can barely breathe as you experience the intense waves of electricity pulsating through your spine, spiking out to your nipples, and finishing the jouney to your dream enshrouded mind. You don’t remember running your fingers into his hair and pulling his face into your pussy but as the first orgasm approaches you feel the tightness in your arms start to build. You inhale loudly as the brink approaches, your stomach tightens and pulls you forward as your entire being is centered on this one moment in time. His face burried in your pussy, this man whom you would never have assumed could make you feel this good, he whom has surprised you at every turn, he is the focus of your thoughts emotions and desires. He has given you so much and only wants you to be happy in return.

Then like the busting of dam, you let loose with and ear rattling “YES! Oh fuck yes, that’s it, oh my god.” Like jumping off a cliff in a hang glider you pass over the edge of your first writhing climax. You are flying high above the world, floating blissfully on the clouds of extasy. You can only barely recall how you got here but you are blissfully aware of light and tender movements at the entrance to your inner being. The obviously juicy fingers are skimming over your lips and inner folds of the most beautiful flower on the planet. Your world returns slowly and you can feel the air around you caress your skin once again.

You slowly open your eyes, “That was amazing, where did you learn to do that?”

“Sweetheart, that was only the begining. I could pleasure you for years. Ready for another?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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