The Pool

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Well that was an interesting weekend…

My first year of college, I was looking for some work over the summer so I became a lifeguard. I was certified and did all the appropriate courses to make sure I could perform CPR and administer first aid. Now, every summer I try to keep up my training and I look for work at a lifeguard at community pools or private country clubs.

I prefer the country clubs of course. They serve fantastic meals and the perks are always a step above anywhere else I have worked. One time I received a fifty dollar tip from a grey haired man who enjoyed that I looked after his grand kids. Honestly, I think he was hoping I would do a lot more for that fifty dollars. He would often leer at me while his grand kids were in the pool.

Being leered at is just a part of the job for me. Being out in the sun all day watching the pool gives me a great tan. I take pride in my appearance and I work out regularly. Of course, being a dirty blond and buxom probably gets me some attention as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the best kind of attention. More than once I’ve caught the teenage boys rubbing their junk as they stand in the pool. If you are standing waist deep in the pool, staring at me, I can tell you are playing with your junk you little creeps! So gross!

There was another time a sweet woman let me borrow her car for a week after she found out mine had broken down. I was actually terrified to drive it. It was a fifty thousand dollar car and there would have been no way for me to pay back any kind of damage I would have caused. The woman didn’t care. She just wanted me to drive hers until I had saved up enough money to fix my own car. Apparently someone had done something similar for her when she was in college and by enabling her to keep working, she was able to make something of herself. Now she is a millionaire.

I still keep in touch with her and I have always appreciated the lessons she has taught me. She is one of the reasons why I still lifeguard during my summers. She let me sit down with her (very expensive) financial planner once. He gave me some great advice on how to properly invest my money. Ever since then, I have always had goals to work for. After this summer, I will be able to afford my own home, which is no small feat when you live in Los Angeles.

That is why I took whatever job I could over the past few summers. Unfortunately, not all the jobs were as nice as the country clubs.

The community pools aren’t as fun. OK, they aren’t fun at all. Instead of tips I get to deal with puking children, poop in the pool, mothers that scream at me because my cleavage is showing, or having a cop car or two show up because the moms are fighting are just some of the highlights. Oh, and getting to clean out the restrooms is always fun. I wish there was a word to describe what some people do to a public toilet. Disgusting just doesn’t adequately describe what I have seen. At least twice, I came across things in a toilet that were so vile, I literally vomited.

I applied at a lot of country clubs this year but I was hired by a small community “members only” pool. This type of facility is between a country club and a community pool. Basically, for a deposit and a monthly fee you can have access to the pool as long as you obey the rules so it keeps out a lot of the…poop.

It’s a nice enough place. It is surrounded by a tall, brick wall to keep the public out, and it has a decent concession stand. It isn’t fine dining by any means but if you need a burger or a hot dog to get you through a long summer day, it is there for you. Lifeguards get all the beverages we want. I’m not a fan of soda so I just drink their delicious lemonade or iced tea.

People that have to pay a monthly fee are generally more respectful and they tend to behave because they don’t want to lose their deposit. There are still rowdy parties once in a while, but they are definitely limited. At the community pools you have you fish out all the furniture that isn’t bolted down at least once a week. Since I started working at this facility, we only had to do it once, after a graduation party.

Anyway, over the past few months, I’ve noticed one man that is at the pool every Saturday. At first, I didn’t even really notice him. He comes in and sits at the table that is furthest away from the pool. He always wears a hat, reads books or the newspaper, and smokes a pipe. Once in a while he will dive into the pool and then get right back out and go back to his pipe and book.

The first time I really noticed him was when I passed by his table one day. I was picking up towels from around the pool. I picked up a few towels near his table.

He removed his sunglasses and said, “My deepest apologies, Miss. I do hope my pipe has not offended you. I shall put it out if you request I do so.”

He was smoking it outside, the aroma was actually quite nice, and since he asked so respectfully, I let him know it didn’t offend me at all and I kept right on working.

From that point on canlı bahis though, I became very intrigued with the man. Maybe it was his accent or the way he phrased his sentences. Maybe it was seeing his beautiful brown eyes that had previously always been hidden behind dark sunglasses, or maybe it was the smile he gave me. Whatever it was, I needed to learn more about him.

It looked like he was in his mid-forties and he was tall man. My brother is over six foot tall and the man looked to be about the same height as my brother, if not taller. He was thin, but not skinny. It didn’t look like he worked out much, but he was still fit, if that makes sense. When he would take off his hat to swim, I could see he had a full head of brown hair. I would say he was attractive, but his personality made him more attractive. He would often hold the door open for others and you could tell he was genuinely a nice man.

I started asking the other lifeguards what they knew, so I could find out more about him. He was from South Africa, and he would come every Saturday for the past few years. He rarely ever missed a Saturday, even coming during the winter. I found myself looking for him every Saturday, and I would often volunteer to switch with the other girls so I could be at the pool when he was there.

The weekend before last, there were just a few people at the pool on that Saturday, so I did my usual routine and I picked up the towels near his table. He took off his sunglasses, tipped his hat and nodded, and then put his hat back on and resumed reading, slowly placing his sunglasses over his eyes. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Excuse me. May I sit down,” I asked.

The question seemed to startle him. I don’t think anyone asked to join him in since he had been going to the pool, and it was as if he was taken aback by my request.

“But of course,” he finally said as he sat up straight, put down his pipe, and started to straighten his reading material.

I stared directly into his eyes, but his eyes would only glance at me. He was shy, although he didn’t need to be. I couldn’t figure out why.

“Can I ask you a question?” I finally asked.

“You may,” he replied.

“I noticed you don’t swim much. You’ve probably only been in the pool two or three times since I started working here a few months ago. Why do you pay the dues and come if you don’t like to swim?”

His eyes stopped dancing around and the focused on floor.

He spoke softly and said, “My wife and I moved here from South Africa. When we lived there, I had done rather well for myself and our home had a pool. My wife would swim every single day. I would finish work, drive home, and I would sit and enjoy my evening pipe as she would swim lap after lap.”

His expression then changed. His eyes became less focused.

He continued, “It almost felt unnatural to my fingers when her skin was dry.” He loosely opened his hands, his palms facing upward, his fingers caressing something that was not there. He stopped speaking, his eyes staring into the past, at a very different time and place. “We then moved to America, hoping to have a wonderful new life here. It had always been a fantasy of hers to move to Los Angeles. She thought Hollywood was a magical place and she wanted to be closer to it. She had always supported me in everything I had done, so when I had the means available to me, we moved here.”

He closed his hands and crossed his arms. He stared at the trees that peeked over the brick wall that surrounded the pool.

“What happened to her, your wife?” I finally asked, hoping to bring him back to the table.

He blinked hard a few times.

“Car accident on the 405. They say she ‘died on impact’.” He said the words with emphasis, still unable to understand their meaning. “Anyway, I now come here every weekend, as a memorial if you will. It takes me back to a place and time where I actually enjoyed myself. I often used to…”

The words coming out of his mouth trailed off until he just sat there in silence. He was lost somewhere in the past. I wanted to hug him and hold him. I wanted to tell him that he would find someone new and one day his heart would heal, but it just didn’t feel right to do so.

The silence hung in the air, waiting for the tension to disperse.

I stood up slowly. “I’m very sorry for your loss. I didn’t mean to pry. I just…”

He just kept staring into nothing. I felt horrible for making him feel so bad and sending him to such a painful place. I turned and quickly walked away. He had done nothing but be kind to me, and I had hurt him. The rest of the day, he just sat there, staring into nothing.

Every time I would glance in his direction, he would just break my heart. I wanted to go back in time and just keep my mouth shut. I wanted to erase that brief conversation and just make it go away. I wanted to find a way to make it right.

He left the pool early that day. He didn’t walk out with the normal confidence that I was accustomed to. He almost staggered, bahis siteleri as if he was struggling to carry the weight of the past on his shoulders.

That night I went home, drank a bottle of wine and cried as I recalled the sadness that appeared in the man’s eyes. His pain was so obvious and still so intense. As I lay in bed, my head spinning from the Shiraz, I decided I had to help him. I didn’t know how, but I knew I had to help him feel better.

As I started to fall to sleep, it hit me. I knew what I was going to do.

So this Saturday, I waited in anticipation for the South African to arrive. My stomach was in knots and I was very anxious. I hoped that I hadn’t pushed him to go find another pool where he could be left alone without an annoying ditzy blond to ask him stupid questions.

Thankfully, he showed up! He walked in carrying what looked like a grocery bag with handles. I was sitting in the lifeguard tower when he arrived. He stared right at me, smiled and nodded, and then walked over to his table. I was relieved not only to see him, but to see him smiling again. I was so worried he would be upset with me.

He put all of his things down, removed something from the bag, and started to walk toward the pool. He walked around the pool and then right up to the lifeguard tower. I quickly climbed down as he approached. I wanted to apologize and I didn’t want to yell it from on top of Lifeguard Mountain.

As he approached, he moved his arm from behind his back, revealing a beautiful yellow and pink rose. He leaned them forward to me as he smiled.

“My most humble apologies, dear Miss. My departure was completely uncalled for rude, and for that I am sorry,” he said with a smile.

“I was just about to apologize to you!” I replied. “I was so afraid I had offended you.”

“Nonsense. Someone with a heart as big as yours couldn’t offend me. Now, as you may or may not know, the deep pink rose indicates appreciation, and the yellow rose indicates friendship. If you would be so gracious as to allow me to express my appreciation to you for sitting at my table last week as it was the first time anyone has approached me since my wife had passed. It was such a kind gesture, and I hope it will be the beginning of a long friendship.”

He held his hand out to shake mine.

I was so moved that he wasn’t mad at me that I lunged at him and gave him a huge hug. I whispered, “I have a gift for you too, but I have to give it to you after work.”

Releasing him from my tight hug, I thanked him for the beautiful flowers, relieved that everything had been mended and appreciative that he was no longer upset with me.

I excused myself and I put the flowers away with my things and then went back up and sat on the lifeguard tower. From across the pool, the man raised his glass of iced tea, and nodded once more before reading his book.

It was hard to stop smiling as I worked the rest of the day.

I suddenly realized I didn’t even know his name…

The hours passed quickly and I made it a point to volunteer to close the pool. I rushed the other lifeguards out early, trying not to be too overt in my attempts to get them to leave.

My South African friend just sat there patiently reading, just like he always did. He completely ignored me until everyone else was gone. When we were alone, he quietly started to pick up towels and straighten the tables and chairs. I rushed around as quickly as possible, locking all of the gates and doors. I only left the door to the concession stand open, but I rolled down the front metal covers and locked them. At this time of night, there was enough light to see inside of the stand, but it wasn’t too bright. I could have left the lights on, but I chose to leave them off on purpose.

Once I had finished everything I needed to do, I ran over and grabbed the pile of towels that he had gathered for me, tossed them in the bin, and then ran back to where he was standing. I softly grabbed him by the hand and led him into the concession stand.

I traded placed with him so I would be by the door. I made him take two steps back and then slowly took two steps back, leaving some room between us. This area of the concession stand is only ten or twelve feet long, and a few feet wide. On my left was the front counter with a few cash registers, and the appliances to cook the food. the hot dog maker, the condiment trays, etc., sat on a very narrow counter to my right.

“Last weekend I felt horrible for making you so sad. I really wanted to get you something,” I said softly. “I thought about it all week and I think I found the perfect gift for you.”

I pulled my hoodie over my head, revealing my red, one piece, lifeguard bathing suit. I pulled the strap over my left shoulder, and then down over my arm. I then pulled the right strap over my right shoulder and pulled the bathing suit down to my waist. I stood there, topless, and I let him look me over. I could see that he started to breathe a little heavier.

“I really bahis şirketleri don’t know…” he started to say.

I held my finger up to my lips to quiet him. I then licked my lips and I slowly pushed the bathing suit down over my hips, and down my tanned thighs. When it passed my knees, it fell to the floor.

I stood up slowly, letting him see me completely nude. I had made it a point to be completely shaven for him. I wanted him to see. I wanted him to be unencumbered when I gave him my gift.

“This isn’t your gift yet,” I said, nearly whispering, noticing my own voice was trembling.

I turned and walked toward the pool. The cool night air wrapped around my naked skin causing me to shiver slightly. I placed both feet at the edge of the pool, turned and looked of my shoulder and my admirer, winked, and then turned back toward the water and dove in. The warm water instantly warmed my cold flesh and being completely nude in the pool was so erotic and enticing. Before I surfaced, I wondered if I should change my plan and have him join me in here. I had never been skinny dipping before, and it was extremely liberating. I was rather excited as my head surfaced and I drew the cold night air into my lungs.

Swimming over to the ladder, I noticed how good it felt to have the water rush over my naked ass as I swam. It was a sensation that I had never noticed before and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, as I climbed up the ladder and exited the pool, I realized just how cold the evening air was becoming. I ran back to the concession stand as quickly as I could, ran inside, and slammed the door behind me.

I stood there, naked and dripping wet. I put my hands and arms by my side so he could see every inch of me. I don’t know what was making my nipples harder, the cold or the fact that I was very excited to have a complete stranger looking at me.

I finally spoke up as I stood there, shivering. “I’m not your wife. I will never replace your wife. I know she was an amazing woman.” I slowly started to walk toward him. “But I know there was one gift that I could think of that only a woman could give you.” I stopped when I was very close to him. “You can touch my wet skin, anywhere you want. For the next ten seconds, ten minutes, or ten hours, I am completely yours. I will go back to the pool as many times as you like. You can touch me as much as you like, until the sun comes up.

He stood there in shock. In reality, I think he was afraid to move. There was a woman who was half his age that just completely undressed and offered herself to him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a normal, everyday event for him.

Slowly, he reached out his hand, and softly dragged his right forefinger down my right arm. From my shoulder to the forearm, his finger slid over my wet skin. I closed my eyes and exhaled. It gave me the shivers…in a good way.

He then reached out with both hands and slowly and softly grabbed both arms and slid his hands down over my shoulders, and down the length of my arms.

It felt so good to have his warm hands on me. I was wet, cold and very nervous to offer myself to this stranger, but his motions were slow and his touch was tender. It put both of us at ease. I could see a peace come over him, a peace that I had never seen in all the days he had come to the pool.

Very softly, placed his fingers on the inside of my elbows and indicated for me to raise my arms. I slightly tilted my head to one side as I raised my arms up over my head. He then placed his hands on my hips and turned me slowly, until my back was to him. He then placed only his fingers on my shoulders, and softly started to run them down my back, touching as many of the droplets that he could find. Back and forth and up and down, his fingers caressed my skin. Over muscles and bones, his fingers found what they were looking for, wet skin to touch and caress.

When his fingers reached my waist, he slid them around my hips to my tummy. It tickled, but I only exhaled. I didn’t want to laugh or do anything to cause him to stop. He opened the palms of his hands and slid them over my tummy and then he moved them back and forth across my stomach as they slowly slid higher and higher.

His hands moved over my stomach, ribs, and then right under my breasts. As his hands softly cupped my breasts, his warm lips kissed my neck. I exhaled heavily. He had found my weak spot. I slowly lowered my hands behind me and played with his hair as his lips kissed the wet skin on my neck and his hands softly squeezed my breasts. I let out a soft moan when his fingers started to play with my rock hard nipples.

It felt so good to have an experienced man’s hands on me. The last boyfriend I was intimate with would only touch me for only thirty seconds before he was trying to poke me with his penis.

That was not what was happening today. This man was slow, patient, and he seemed to enjoy every second he was touching me. I wanted him to touch me more. I wanted him to touch me everywhere, all at the same time.

His lips softly kissed from my neck, up behind my ear. I lowered my hands until they covered his and I squeezed his hands around my ample breasts, showing him I wanted to be grabbed, showing him I was ready for more than being caressed.

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