The Naughty Neighbor

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My name is John, I live in a middle class apartment complex just outside of Houston. Now I say middle class, because it’s on the nice north side of Houston. And the apartments are tiny 500sq ft. for $650 a month. And there probably the cheapest apartments in the woodlands. There is one thing no matter what kind of apartments you live that’s always a problem, noisy neighbors. The couple in the apartment next to me were always fighting, mostly over stupid shit. Yes, I can hear every word they yell at each other through the thin walls.

Now when they weren’t fighting they were awesome to hang around with. I had met Thomas first, we normally would talk about how the local Houston teams were doing, as we saw each other in passing, or at the laundry mat. Now Raven, Thomas’ girlfriend, was smoking hot, without being super model fake either. She stood just at 5’4, with long brown hair and wouldn’t have weighed more than 115lbs. If it weren’t for her massive breasts. They’re big, big enough for me to get curious enough to ask if they were fake.

I had got the courage one night while waiting for my clothes to dry, she had come in there and was pulling her laundry out of the dryer. She had just pulled out one of her bras and was folding it when I figured now or never.

Casually I asked, “How do you manage with those things, don’t they cause you back problems?”

Raven giggled, “Yea, but I love my huge boobs, it would have to get really bad for me to have a doctor take away what my momma gave me.” Giving a little shake of her chest for emphasis.

My eyebrows raised in curiosity as she shook her tits for me, and I thought to myself “Holy shit, she just flirted with me… Now that’s interesting.”

Raven collected her clothes and took off back to her apartment, leaving me standing there like I was shell shocked.

It was about a few days later when I saw Raven again, I was standing out on my balcony smoking a cigarette when she walked out on hers to do the same.

“Howdy neighbor” I called out.

Laying on that Texas twang just for her. It always made her smile, she and Thomas were from Minnesota, and Thomas was just down for a six month job working a turn around on one of the refineries in south Houston.

She gave a halfhearted smile, “just having problems with Thomas again, that ignorant asshole.”

“Well if there is anything I can do… don’t be afraid to knock on my door for help”

She sat there in silence, looking off in the distance. Her eye locked with mine as she took the last drag from her cigarette.

“I might just take you up on that”

Tossed her cigarette butt into the parking lot, and went inside.

A few weeks later I had gotten off work early, when there was an unexpected canlı bahis knock at my door. I opened the door to find Raven was standing there shaking. I ushered her inside and had her sit down on the couch, I sat next to her rubbing her back, trying to calm her down.

“Hey it’s ok, it’s ok, your safe here, what’s wrong Raven”

She just look looked into my eyes, “I really need help.”

“Listen” I told her, “I’ll do whatever I can to help, you have to tell me what’s wrong though. Do I need to call the cops, did Thomas lay a hand on you?”

Now I was getting myself working up, if there is one thing we don’t put up with in Texas, its hitting on a woman.

“No. No. No” she quickly replied, eased to see my blood pressure drop. “That’s the problem he hasn’t touched me in weeks.”

I stopped rubbing her back, and as I sat there dumb founded trying to process what she had just said, I’m sure my confused expression was priceless. Raven however, was on a mission. She turned and threw one leg over me straddling my hips. I tried to protest until I heard her sultry whisper,

“Please, I need this”

Those four words shattered my resistance. My arms wrapped around here tiny frame and pulled her in close to me. Our lips met, there was a hunger in her eyes I have never seen before or since.

We kissed and explored each other’s bodies breaking our kiss just long enough to get a piece of clothing off then we were back at it. I was fumbling with her pants when I notice it, she was so wet she had soaked through and through the crotch of her jeans. Feeling how wet she was, and smelling her sweet sent with a slight hint of musky had me seeing red. I roughly, laid her down on her back, and in one smooth motion pulled her jeans completely off of her tiny hips. As I moved down to try and lap up some of her sweet nectar, she grabbed my head and pulled me up to her.

“You can do that later cowboy, I need you in me now!”

I’m not one to normally rush things but seeing the urgency of her need, I complied. I didn’t get my jeans past my knees before Raven was pulling my back down on top of her. I reached between us and guided my cock to her wet and waiting entrance. She pulled me into her, burying my cock in her in one slow fluid motion. I tried staying still letting her get accustom to my girth, but Raven wouldn’t have it and began to rock her hips fucking herself on me as I held myself over her.

After a few minutes Raven sighed, not liking my pace, she rolled me over like I was a rag doll. Trying not to blow my load in 10 seconds, as a hot little nymphomaniac fucked me for all she was worth, was the toughest job I ever had. I doubt I lasted a minutes before the urge hit me,

“I’m close!”

Pulling my hips back bahis siteleri into the couch, Raven proceeded to tuck her heels under my knees, to keep me from escaping her warm embrace.

“Not yet, I’m so close”

Her body started to shake almost violently, as her pussy clamped down on me. I tried, I really did try to hold back but felling her death grip on my cock I lost the fight, shooting load after load of my seed deep inside of her.

I saw stars I came so hard, and was barely able to catch her from hitting her head on my coffee table as she blacked out. She came to a few minutes later with a large sigh and nuzzling her face into my chest, we just laid there cuddling for half an hour.

I heard a whisper in my ear, “Thank you, I needed that.”

Lifting her head, and placing a kiss on my cheek, she gathered her clothes, and was gone. Worked picked up over the next month and didn’t see much of Thomas or Raven. I returned home from work on a Tuesday to find a U-Haul parked out front of their apartment. Raven was loading small boxes onto the truck while there car was gone. I figured I would face the awkwardness and at least see if she need help with any large items. As I walked up, she spotted me and a huge grin came over her face.

“Hey stranger”

“Hey um… Just seeing if you need a hand with any heavy items”

“I could use your help with one in the back room” she thought out loud, more so than directed towards me.

“Lead the way.”

Once we got to the room, I was looking around trying to find the heavy box when I heard the door close behind me. I turned to find Raven shrugging off the light summer dress she was wearing, to my astonishment she was completely nude underneath it.

She gave me a coy grin and whispered, “This package is marked fragile.”

I closed the distance between us taking her small body in my arms, and was greeted with a soft kiss. She slowly undressed me, taking her time to run her hands over my body, as I got to explore hers like I had always dreamed of. Raven broke away, leaving me standing there with an erection waving in the wind. Sauntering to the bed and laying down, Raven didn’t say a word as she motioned me to her with a curl of her finger.

I approached her, and kneeled at the edge of the bed. I felt as if I was worshiping the goddess of sex herself. I ran my hands up her thighs caressing her smooth skin. Latching my hands on Raven’s hips, I gave a slow tug pulling her to me until her ass was at the edge of the bed. Lifting her knees to my shoulders, I began to kiss my way up her soft legs.

Raven’s breath started to labor as I teased her, running her hands through my hair enjoying the excruciating pace. I slowly sucked her lips into mine giving bahis şirketleri each a gentle tug of suction. I was getting slight moans for my efforts, letting me know she enjoyed the teasing.

Raven gasped when my lips found her clit and her hands balled into fists in my hair, pulling my face into her sex. She moaned and squirmed as I started rubbing my tongue back and forth over her clit while my lips were sucking it into my mouth. Raven clamped her legs around my head and her body rocked as a massive orgasm washed through her. Letting her limp legs fall from my shoulders I half climbed and was half dragged by my hair up Raven’s body, until I was lost staring into her eyes.

As I looked down at her, I had ruin the mood and say it,

“Look last time was amazing, but were going to have to find a condom. The last thing I need to do is send you back to Minnesota with your boyfriend, carrying my child.”

Raven leaned up to my ear,

“It’s a little late for that, daddy”

she laid back and wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me into her, my bare cock entering her for the second time. The way I had taken her last month and apparently, given her my child. We moved in unison, our limbs intertwined with nothing between us, molding our bodies into one. We kisses softly as I steadily drove into her, grunting as I exerted more and more effort.

This time, it was me that came first, not needing to pull out since she was already carrying my child. I drove deep into her, reveling in the pleasure of cuming inside her. I must of set her off, as her sex began to milk me, coaxing every last drop of my seed into her already occupied womb.

Raven spurred me on,

“Yes, daddy. Yes, cum deep inside me, oh god yes!”

I kept thrusting, fighting the oversensitivity, dragging her orgasm out.

She finally wrapped me up with her arms panting,

“Ok, Ok, baby I’m good.”

We laid there kissing, both our hands running over her smooth stomach, this would be as close as I would get to holding my child. We were pushing our luck laying holding each other late into the afternoon, Thomas would be getting home soon. We managed to get dressed and make ourselves decent, just before Thomas walked into the house

“Howdy, neighbor.”

Working my way past him to load the box I was carrying onto the moving truck. After I had dropped the box off, he shook my hand.

“Thanks for the help, I was worried we’d have the truck loaded and ready to go my dinner time.”

Raven appeared at the door and gave her boyfriend a kiss, welcoming home from a head day of work. I felt my stomach cringe in jealously, I pushed those feeling aside. She was his, I was the third wheel. The truck was all loaded before the sun went down, and I waved as they pulled out of the apartment complex. As Raven drove their car past me, I could see a single tear running down her cheek. That was the last time I saw her as they made their way back towards Minnesota.

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