The Job Interview

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The Interview

It was Friday and I suppose a bit early for me to be nursing a Bloody Mary but it was hot and humid. I had just had a surprising conversation with a young woman to whom I was very attracted. Jane was an Aussie like me she had drifted into the service (foreign that is) and been around for a good many years. She was pretty in a homely way, a little plump, but known as a good sport and absolutely un-flappable. I had lusted after her from the first time I saw her. Her small stature, her short wavy mousy brown hair and above all her dazzling smile had attracted me. She had just put me down; ever so gently mind you and I was nursing my bruised ego with a Bloody Mary.

Just how Jane had done this was taking some getting used to! We had quite literally bumped into each other just a few minutes earlier. Jane was in the Banda Aceh Bistro (Tent!) that had become the de-facto after business hours meeting place for all the aid workers and consular staff, all the foreign nationals working amid the tsunami-devastated area of northern Sumatra. We had embraced; her kiss was full on and genuine. She was pleased to see me! I had instantly thought ‘At last she has some feelings towards me’. Then she said the usual platitudes, ‘I know that you lost everything in the tsunami, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I know that time will heal your wounds. Did you hear about my amazing rescue?’

I acknowledged her words, I knew of her rescue, where was the rescuer? Jane was close to tears and sat beside me, ‘the bastards killed him, and I am out of here! They deserve all they get!’

Her outburst could only refer to what had been reported as a shooting that morning. The rebels had gone back to their old tricks and someone had been shot. “He’s dead?” I held her trembling body close to me.

“Yes the nicest man in my life other than you is dead and I am out of here!” Jane was close to tears.

This was information overload. Yes, it was bad news that the man who had rescued her from a treetop and nearly died himself in the attempt, a man well respected by the locals, someone who had dedicated his life to helping people had been killed for ‘Effect’. But I was struggling to get my head around the other words ‘other than you?’ what did that mean?

“Are you booked on a flight, or looking for a place to sleep?” I held her close as she sobbed into my shoulder. Her head came up and the sobbing stopped.

“No, I do not have a flight booked and it is full until next Monday. I do not have a room booked, but although I once had a thing for you, I will not stay at your place. I will find somewhere, but first I intend to get drunk. Bye for now dear man. Keep safe and watch out for dangerous blondes!”

Jane had made a beeline for the bar and a crowd of sympathetic aid workers. I took the Bloody Mary that was getting warm and sat in my usual corner seat by the notice board. ‘Damn it she had had a thing for me at some time in the past, when? Why had she not told me?’ I must have been involved with someone else at the time just a passing affair, well were they not all. If she had told me, I would have dropped the bitch who ever she was. Damn and damn again!’

The Bloody Mary sank without trace and a second soon appeared at the table, my coaster was ticked and I tried to look aloof and busy with the Times crossword. What happened next I blame on Jane, she really had rattled my cage! I am still wondering just how I was set up and then snared into this adventure that will define the rest of my life.

I think that I need to explain a few things. I am an Aussie; a career diplomat. Not very successful, but as every boss I worked for says, ‘Useful, resourceful competent and a good linguist’. I was the wrong side of forty. I spoke seven languages and could get by in a dozen dialects. I was good with the natives, ‘Sorry, Locals’ I had worked the islands from Fiji, to Java even did one stint in Sri Lanka. I was never going to make ambassador, but after the promotion that had come out of the tsunami effort, I could expect to get full consul status in my next posting.

The Earthquake had interrupted the Christmas gathering at my billet. I had a Dutch, on again, off again girlfriend, and a German doctor and his wife, a very good nurse spending a rather boozy Christmas at my place. The quake bought the house down around our ears. We all suffered some minor injuries. I was worried, I do not know why, this was just a large quake, one of many I had experienced, but I was worried. This quake had been noisy, all quakes were of course, but this noise had been felt rather than being bahis firmaları the crash of crockery and houses falling down. The quake had also been so violent yet went on for so long. About three minutes I thought.

My guests gathered their equipment and made their way towards the most obviously damaged buildings where there was already a major wailing going on. I jumped into the Toyota and said I was going into town. I would try to contact Jakarta! Now my billet was some ten Kilometers out of town, just back from one of the small beaches that lie along the coast. All low lying land but heavily forested. The road led away from the beach and so I was almost into Banda when I saw what I instantly recognized and that which explained why I was so worried.

The ocean had gone. There were people standing around looking at the boats aground where there was normally several meters of water. I sounded the horn in a continuous blast and waved at the people standing there. I looked to the horizon, it looked distorted. I abandoned my intended route, veered along the Jakarta Highway, and then right toward the small hill to the north east of the town. I was blasting the horn and slowed to tell people they were going the wrong way, but they some how did not understand and I soon gave up. I knew I had to get to high ground. Was I being a coward, should I go back to my home and warn my guests. I felt that that way was certain death.

I look back upon those few minutes; I tell myself that even stopping to give some one a lift would have meant being caught by the tsunami. The Toyota was almost swamped and I was almost swept away as it was. I never saw my girlfriend or my guests again. I looked for their bodies, but with so many and so much else to be done I had forced myself to work, work, and work.

The main relief efforts were now well under way and I had been promoted into a kind of supervisor. I was waiting for a new posting, but was now out of sync with Canberra; I had some leave coming so was hanging around being useful while waiting for the right time to go back to Canberra.

The people in Jakarta had told me that there was a special hush hush job up country somewhere that would suit me, but I needed some R someone so strikingly beautiful would have sent alarm bells ringing all over Banda Aceh and I would have been told of a beautiful blond to add to the dozens of notches to my bed head. “Who bounced you? At least a General I hope! I know that I do not rate a helicopter seat if there is a general around so don’t feel too bad, one has to be well up the pecking order to fly out on a Friday from here. Still you look like Helen of Troy, I bet the pilot wishes you had enough pull not to get bounced!”

I began to feel a little self-conscious, why was I prattling on. She seemed to have accepted the bait. She was smiling and graciously accepted the gin sling I had whistled up. I realized I had ordered her the drink without asking her preference. Jane and now this beauty had put me off my game! I took a deep breath and waited for some response. There had been a flicker of something in her eye back there. What had I said that had touched a nerve? I waited the silence out.

The blonde smiled and responded, “I know who you are of course I think everyone in Banda Aceh knows you. The grey hair makes you look very distinguished. You look a lot better than the pictures of you in the papers. It must have been dreadful loosing so many people. You have done so much to help these poor people and I think you deserve a good break. Have they not offered you anything, not even a hint?”

This conversation was setting the hair at the back of my head on end. Who was she? She knew too much to be a simple secretary on a courier job. A few facts registered upon my unusually dimwitted brain. Three people who I knew well and who usually came to sit with me, had spoken and veered off to sit elsewhere. They were trying to watch me and the beautiful blonde. Finally I put two and two together and the answer came to four. I really had put my foot in it.

I attempted a recovery; words spilling out of my mouth in a veritable torrent, “Can we start again? I feel I have made a bad impression, I am as you know sort of deputy consul and I think you are Helen the person known as ‘Helen of Troy’ and you are here to talk to me about a job, stop me if I am wrong, and I apologize profusely, I did not mean to give any offense, I have had a hard, day, week, month, year, a young lady has just told me she had a thing for me at some time and I did not ask when, I think I need that holiday, I am talking kaçak iddaa too much again aren’t I…?”

I was treated to the most dazzling smile, two megawatts at least. I wilted. “You are doing quite well considering,” was the retort delivered with a devil of a smile and more than a hint of humor.

“Considering What?” I bounced back as best I could.

“Considering the fact that you have just had three Double Vodka Bloody Mary’s and been set up, not bad at all! Yes I know I am called ‘Helen of Troy’ it’s been my Monika all my life and no I do not take offence at being called that. I think I am a little short for the roll but that is as maybe. Now as to this job. Yes, you are considered by the BOSS to be ideal for it. It will mean promotion plus! You will get at least a ‘K’ out of it! You have to pass a selection process to get it though and ‘I’ am your integrator. Now you said you would show me your billet and take me to dinner, so lay on McDuff, but I will drive!”

So began the most incredible, even most illustrious evening of my life. I gave Helen the keys to the Toyota and did not have to tell her the way, she had been well briefed! Back at Chez Nous and I was in the firing line again.

The Am Yah took one look at my guest and vanished. I swear she melted into the background never to be seen again, one can never really trust native help and I needed help! Helen began, “Ok George you have all the right skills according to your profile, but this job is special and I have to assess your suitability. You know its hush hush, I will not tell you what it is about until later, and I will explain why various questions are asked as the occasion demands. Now please understand our masters think you are the man for this job! They also insist that I am the right woman for it! So we will be working together, if I say no to you then I have to look for another partner. You are doing just fine so far, and yes, you can still refuse and I will look elsewhere, but what I have seen so far inclines me to the view that our masters are right!” Helen was still smiling I took this as a good sign; my interest had piqued.

Helen was still smiling as she delivered the next words. “Now I want you to take your clothes off!” As Helen said this, she began to disrobe, her formal white blouse dropped to the floor and the hiss of a zip and soft thud of her skirt falling to the floor quickly followed. “Come on George get them off!”

I confess that at this point I was in shock. The Flight/Fight response had kicked in and flight was the order of the day, yet I was confronted by this vision, ‘Helen of Troy’ in Bra, Panties suspenders and hose, my interest was roused to say the least.

I think I failed the interview then because I froze, all I could do was feast my eyes upon her brazenly displayed FLESH! Actually, I knew that she was going to show me more and I was just playing hard to get, but that is just my male ego talking.

“Ok George, I see you are playing hard ball.” Helens Bra came off, then the hipster panties. I wanted to play this game but did not know the rules! I removed my shirt and pants. I was already erect and was strangely shy about the bulge in my underpants.

“Please Helen, what the hell is going on. I do not want that job. I want some leave and then a nice consulate job somewhere warm and peaceful. You are doing one hell of a number one me, please let me go free!”

Helen’s tits advanced upon me, her silk encased legs got very close. How do I know they were silk stockings? Seconds later she was telling me!

“George I just love silk, don’t you?” The silken clad limbs were centimeters away. “Give me your Hands! I held them out and she took them and inspected them just like a school mistress or nurse and pronounced them fit. “Ok these are real silk stockings and I would like to keep them on but as I had to repair a run in this one already and don’t know when I will get replacements you can take it off!” A silken clad foot was placed very firmly in my groin.

At this point, I plead insanity I had never been able to resist a woman’s charms and this woman was testing me beyond human endurance. I took off the silk stocking. Please remember that the leg so encased was beret of panties!

“Now please take of your boxers!” I just had to comply. I stammered as I said, “Helen I really need a shower. It’s been a long hot day!” I was now naked. Helen had a suspender belt and one silk stocking on and I was quibbling about needing a shower!

“George I am the interviewer! I need to know what you smell like! There is no running water where we are going kaçak bahis and if you smell bad, you would not do at all. Now I also need to know what you taste like!” An elegant bright red-varnished fingernail descended upon my erect penis. The glistening globule of pre-cum was lifted from the end and delicately placed upon her tongue. I freaked out of course, an outcome not quite, what I had expected! I was stammering unable to get a coherent word out.

Helen took pity on me and explained again. “George this job is in a remote place there is no running water what you smell like and what you taste like is important. You do not smell bad and you taste good!”

I was in torment, I desperately wanted to fail this interview and I desperately wanted to succeed. I wanted to take this woman, but something told me that I had to wait.

Helen was still smiling as she explained. “George, now this is going to be the most difficult part of this test for you. You have passed with flying colors so far, but this I know is not going to be easy! I knew you were not circumcised it’s in your file, but size is also important!”

Helen took a few seconds while this information sank in. She then pushed me back so I sat with a thud on a chair I had not know was there. Helen then lent forward and took my throbbing penis into her mouth. I was in ecstasy. She rolled her tongue around my foreskin, she sucked and blew. I was almost in heaven, yet somehow I recalled her words. I pushed her head away.

“This is all rather one sided.” I managed to say, “Shift around let me give you as much as you are giving me.”

And so with a subtle shift and with difficult concentration I placed my tongue where it needed to be as Helen sucked and blew. I was near climax and this it seemed was not the way to end such a wonderful experience and so I disengaged turned her around and entered her. Such feelings are I believe common, but such had been the intensity of the foreplay that Helen was instantly in the throes of orgasm. I blame the three Double Bloody Mary’s upon my rampant yet climax free state.

Helen was a noisy orgasmic woman. She begged for more and yet more and suddenly she was pushing me away. We had been in the missionary position and she was forcing me away. I was confused and somewhat put out as my rampart prick felt the cool air.

Helen regained a little composure. “Where we are going this is the way they have sex to make babies.” Of course I knew this and was nodding away like an idiot.

Helen continued, “Where we are going this is the way they have sex for fun!”

I was pushed, pulled, and found myself on my back and a warm tight anus hole wrapped itself around me. “You can play with my tits, please,” said Helen with a satisfied look on her face. Never having had the pleasure of such a sacrifice before, I took great pleasure in thrust, grope, grind, squeeze and thrust some more. Helen was now being very vocal.

“Yes fuck my ass. Squeeze my tits. Yes, More, Yes, More. Tell me tell me before your going to come, Yes Harder. Oh Yes, fuck me good.”

I some how managed to say, “Now, I will come very soon now!” The tight sphincter suddenly was replaced by an equally tight mouth. I climaxed for what seemed to be forever. I pulled her willing body around and buried my face in her warm and very wet gash. Helen exploded into another noisy orgasm.

I think for the first time in my life my erection did not fade. Helen came out of her orgasm and realizing that there was still, an erect penis for her to use spoke to me with a passion I was already feeling. “You have the job now lie back while I try a few different positions. First, this needs a kiss. Now it needs warming up, now buttering up now another kiss.” And so she went taking my very hard cock in one hole then another. I was so hard I lasted three in each hole before coming again in her warm wet vacuum of a mouth.

“George, you will absolutely love this job, the place we are to go to has just one rule that I have not told you about. Do you think can you obey it?”

“What?” I groaned knowing that I would agree what ever the rule was even if that meant the snip.

Helens fingers were stroking my tumescent penis; I had difficulty concentrating on her words “This community is Matriarchal. Males are used as pleasure givers. Anal sex is the norm unless a child is wanted. Also males are very few and considered available to anyone who wants them whenever the females want them, instant acquiescence. Males are in short supply and babies are needed.

I managed to get a few words out, “What have you got me into? You know that after what you have just done to me; with me I cannot refuse you anything, yet you want me to go to a tribe who practice anal sex as a pastime, males are toy boys and used by anyone who feels like it?”

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