The Interview

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It’s a hot, steamy afternoon, I wait alone in the office as everyone else has left for home. I look at my watch wondering where the applicant for the personal assistant position is and wondering if I shouldn’t just write her off and go home myself. She arrives, dressed in a short skirt and sleeveless top, I notice straight away that she’s not wearing a bra, her breast swaying gently as she walks up the aisle looking for my office. She seems hot and more than a bit flustered as I watch her quietly as she tries to locate the right door. Finally she sees me behind my desk and knocks softly on the door.

“Come in Ms Moon” I say in my best business type manner. I can’t help but notice that she has a certain sensual air about her.

“Call me Laura” she replies, a nervous smile crossing her lips. I look at her intently for a moment and notice a bead of perspiration forming on her cleavage and offer her a cool drink. She accepts and I go to the cooler to get her a glass of cold water. When I return I find her looking around the office at my years of collected paraphernalia. My return startles her and she turns around suddenly, knocking the water over her top. The thin fabric immediately clings seductively to her breasts and her nipples stiffen from either the cold water or excitement. We look at each other briefly before my gaze is drawn back to her now transparent top and the sight of her beautiful breasts. I try to say something but the words get caught in my throat, she just gazes back at me uncertain of what to do but makes no effort to hide her self. Desperate to break the uneasy silence I ask her if she’d like to do the interview another time considering her current predicament.

“No, it’s ok, I’m here now and I’m really desperate for the job” she says, her voice betrays her nervousness but has a sexy air to it.

“I could use a towel or something though” she says, looking straight at me as I try to turn my gaze away from her protruding nipples. I go to find something to dry her off with and return with a handful of paper towels to find her removing her wet blouse.

“I hope you don’t mind” she says “but I figure you’ve already seen them anyway and that blouse was starting to drip”.

“No….not at all” I say nervously staring at her pert breasts, standing proudly before me, nipples erect, reaching out as if begging to be touched.

“I’ll take my shirt off if it makes you feel more comfortable” I say jokingly bahis firmaları if somewhat embarrassed.

“Yes, I’d like that” she says as if daring me to. Somewhat shocked but even more excited by the situation I take my shirt off and we stare at each other across the table. The elevator rings and someone steps out and starts to wander around the floor. Panicked by the sudden intrusion Laura dives under the desk and squeezes up into the confined space between my legs. It turns out to be one of my staff who forgot something, as he walks past my office he notices me sitting there shirtless and asks what’s happening. I point hopefully at the blouse drying over the air conditioner and mumble something about clumsy me. It seems to work, he doesn’t notice anything odd, but comes in and sits opposite me.

We chat for a few minutes, all the time I’m conscious of Laura under the desk nervously clutching my leg. Before he leaves he asks if I can sign a petty cash voucher for him. I grab for my pen quickly, dropping it onto the floor under the desk. My mind groans in disbelief as I reach under the table and my hand brushes Laura’s breasts, her pert nipples sending electric ity along my body and causing me to develop an erection. I look down quickly and see Laura staring up at me. She glances at my now bulging pants and then stares up again biting her lip. I can see from her face that she is as nervous and yet excited by the situation as I am. The guy leaves and I look back over the room to make sure that the floor is at last empty and slowly rise form my chair to lock the door to the office.

“I think it’s all clear” I say somewhat relieved.

“I think I need a drink” Laura counters as she crawls out from under my desk, looking extremely sexy as she emerges. I close the blinds and happy with our privacy I go to the filing cabinet to retrieve a bottle of bourbon from the bottom draw. As I turn around I catch sight of Laura adjusting her stockings and suddenly I want her. The sight of her alluring half naked body, her pretty face and her disarmingly open attitude sends my mind into a spin, I no longer care about the interview. I pour a couple of drinks and hand her one, she glances down at pants and thin smile crosses her lips, she already knows she has the job and anything else she desires. She downs her drink quickly and looks at me seductively.

“Well?” she asks.

“Well what?” I reply feebly, somewhat confused.

“Well, kaçak iddaa aren’t you going to ask me any questions?” she laughs teasingly.

I try to clear my brain, but fail dismally.

“Are you married?” I ask, wondering why the hell that question came out.

“Do you care?” She replies as she draws her self close to me. I look into her eyes and before I realise what’s happening we are standing with our faces inches apart, her nipples pressed gently against my body and her hand is on my pants gripping my hard cock. I lean forward and kiss her, softly at first, on the lips and feel her tongue gently probe my mouth. Then I kiss her harder, releasing the building desire as our lips crush together and our tongues twist in a passionate embrace. All thoughts of anything but having her here and now have disappeared. I move her backwards, our lips still locked together, until she against the desk. I push everything aside and lift her up onto the desk. Laura spreads her legs around mine causing her skirt to slide up along her silky thighs.

I kiss her face and neck pausing to slowly bite her soft skin, careful to not leave a mark. Laura lets out a small moan as my kisses reach her breasts. I suck and bite her beautiful breasts leaving rows of small love bites across her supple flesh then slowly trace my tongue around her nipples. I gaz e briefly into her pleading eyes as she cups her breasts and presents her erect, tender nipples to me. I suck hard and slow on Laura’s nipples as she thrusts them into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue and squeezing her sensitive flesh between my teeth. Laura moans quietly again and my cock aches to be inside her. I continue to suck and bite her swollen, hard nipples as my hand slowly slides up her smooth thigh pushing her skirt up to her hips. I feel her hands work away at my pants unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping, then slowly sliding them from my hips. I allow my pants to drop and kick them aside as she pulls my underpants down, leaving me naked, erect and hungry for her body. I ease Laura back, laying her seductively across my desk, her skirt around her waist, her panties wet with desire and a smile of anticipation on her lips. I unzip her skirt and slide it from her body. I lift one leg and kiss her feet, sucking each toe. I kiss her slowly up along her leg to her thigh. Laura parts her legs as I

kiss and bite her down along the inside of her smooth supple thighs kaçak bahis until my mouth reaches her panties. I kiss, her sex once before sucking her juices from the wet fabric. I then slide them from her body and discard them on the floor. I gaze down on the beautiful woman before me and want her so badly it hurts. Laura stares back and whispers

“take me, I’m yours”

I kiss her naked sex probing it slowly with the tip of my tongue. I run my tongue around the sides of her pussy, slowly, deliberately teasing her by sucking the edges. My hands slide across her hips, lightly brushing her tense skin until they reach her wet vagina. I part it slowly and begin to lick her clitoris with short quick strokes of my tongue, then sucking it gently but firmly until her body squirms under my touch. As I feel her desires grow more urgent I increase the tempo, licking and sucking at her swollen clit, occasionally probing her with my tongue, drinking in her sweet sensual juices. Laura thrusts her hips towards me and I respond by burying my mouth in her sex, licking, sucking, eating her soft flesh hungrily. I plunge my tongue deep into her willing body and fuck her with my mouth, the scent of her lust and passion driving me to fill her needs.

Laura lets out a soft long moan as she holds my head hard against her pussy, then releases me. I stand up and look down at her body, limp and compliant, legs spread, face lost somewhere in ecstasy. I pull her body towards my throbbing hard on and enter her with one thrust. I begin to slide my hard cock in and out of her wet silky vagina, slowly at first. I lean over her and bite her neck and immediately feel her tense under me causing me to thrust harder and quicker. Laura responds and meets my thrusts with her own. Driven by the need to be part of her I fuck her harder, driving my hard cock into her as she clutches at my body and responds.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder” she says, her body arched to meet my thrusts.

I fuck her hard and fast, the smooth velvet like flesh of her vagina driving me mad with desire as I plunge my cock deep inside her. Laura moans and I cum, pumping out my seed inside her, thrusting over and over until every drop is released into her. I kiss her passionately, she responds, her tongue embracing mine. We stay locked together for a while not saying anything until I finally rise from her and look once again on her beautiful body. Laura gets up slowly and smiles.

“Is this how you conduct all your interview?” She asks cheekily. I smile and look at her face, a wicked grin crosses her lips.

“This is nothing” I say “Wait until the second interview, that’s when things get intense”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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