The Ice Bar Night with New Neighbor

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Dylan and Sophie, both newly met neighbours going out on their first date, were at a new club called The Sanctuary. The highlight of the new club was The Ice Bar, first ever in Malaysia actually. According to Dylan, drinks were served in an enclosed bar, with a room temperature maintained at between minus 10 to minus 15 degree Celcius. That sounded very interesting, Sophie thought to herself, as she loved the cold, and never missed an opportunity to catch winter in any country that she has travelled to. She can’t wait to check out this new place.

As Sophie and Dylan made their way to the Ice Bar, the main dance hall of The Sanctuary was filled to the brim with party people. There was hardly any room to move, let alone manouvre to the other end of the hall where the ice bar was located. Dylan slipped his hands around Sophie’s waist and guided her through the sea of sweaty bodies dancing away, the loud cheers of toasts from the groups at the standing tables in all directions, passed the DJ console and finally to a corridor leading to the ice bar.

Sophie was overwhelmed by the crowd and was glad there was some space to breathe, though she wished Dylan could have held on to her longer. His hands were placed firmly at her waist earlier, she felt goosebumps running down her back and she could feel the wetness now on her thongs. She knew he was being a gentleman ensuring her well-being and safety, but that turned her on even more. It was the little moments where she could feel the firm grip of his hands on her body that built the mounting pleasure at her groin.

The Ice Bar was neon-lit blue from the outside and it was dim at the entrance. There stood a bouncer and an attendant explaining to everyone queued up that they needed to wear the jackets prepared, as it was going to be sub-zero temperature inside. Sophie was elated at the thought of spending some alone time with Dylan at the ice bar, and drinking in such cold conditions will be a definitely a new experience for her. Fortunately, there were still smaller sized jackets for her petite body and she put one on and watched as Dylan was selecting a jacket for himself. He did not zip up and Sophie caught a glimpse of his masculine chest, she could see vaguely his pectorals protruding through his shirt and she imagined how he would look if he had his shirt off. Sophie has always liked well built men. With Dylan’s height and his bulky frame, he really stood out amongst the crowd.

The moment they stepped into the Ice Bar, it was like a different world altogether. The décor was almost completely white. There was ice on the walls, frosted glass everywhere, a huge polar bear replica at the corner and soft blue lighting illuminated the entire bar. It wasn’t very big the size of the whole area. At the most, about eight people was able to fit comfortably inside, excluding the bartender and the standing stools. It was as expected, freezing cold, and Sophie started to shiver as she didn’t have any dinner, and not much alcohol to drink either prior to entering the place. Dylan immediately noticed that Sophie was shaking, he wrapped his arms around her and said, “I think this is a good time to get you something that will surely warm you up.”

Rubbing her arms and back for awhile, he went straight to the bartender and asked if they served tequila shots. The bartender nodded. “You okay with tequila, Sophie?” By then, Sophie was willing to down any shots as long as they helped with the cold. bahis firmaları She hugged Dylan tight burying her face against his back as he ordered the shots, requesting for extra lemon slices and salt.

He then handed Sophie the first shot of tequila and asked her to down it as quickly as she can. They both did, and immediately Sophie could feel the warmth spreading across her neck and chest. “I think I’m going to need a lot more than that, and definitely some lemon and salt.” She laughed and reached out for her next tequila shot, seating herself on top of a barstool. “Hang on!” Dylan stopped Sophie, and suggested they try something a little more adventurous. He took some salt and spread some on Sophie’s neck, and then on his own. He looked intensely into her eyes, and said to her cheekily, “You can have the lemon slice, after the salt.”

Sophie was taken aback, but her heart raced as she knew what Dylan wanted her to do. She raised her shot of tequila, did a bottoms-up and gave a flirty smile at him before pulling him close and licked the salt slowly off his neck. Dylan did the same and Sophie felt his tongue flicked gently just below her chin. Very quickly, he took a slice of lemon and put it into his mouth, but only partially. He lifted Sophie’s chin and pushed the lemon slice into her parted lips. She took the lemon from him and sucked on it. The both of them locked gazes with each other for a moment. Sophie removed the lemon slice from her mouth, and next thing she knew, Dylan’s lips was on hers. He held her face in his hands and kissed her on her quivering lips. There was this feeling like a flame burning down her throat from the tequila, but even greater was the sudden heat all over her body as she kissed him back. Her mind was spinning, she could see his smouldering eyes, with his almost perfect features looking back at her. She felt this immense urge to just continue kissing him but she was conscious of the people around looking at them nonchalantly. All she could think of was this burning desire for him, but right there she just gave him a hug and rested her head on his chest.

Dylan whispered to her, “Let’s go.” He paid for the bill, gave a tip, and turned around holding Sophie’s hands as they silently walked out of the ice bar.

During the drive on the way back to their apartments, there was an awkward silence between Sophie and Dylan. Each buried in their own thoughts over what happened between them at the Ice Bar. It wasn’t planned, even less expected as they both got acquainted just several hours ago.

Dylan could feel his manhood pressed hard against his jeans, he was still aroused from the kiss he shared with Sophie. She reminded him of his ex, as both of them were petite and shared a similar demure, fragile demeanour, yet seductive in their own ways. In his mind, he could still smell her rose perfume scent where he licked the salt off her slender soft neck. The thought of Sophie’s ruby lips parted as he pushed the lemon into her mouth earlier made him think of his cock sliding into her pussy. He deeply desired to do that, as he recalled being captivated by Sophie’s sweet innocent look, dressed in a sexy tube dress from the moment he laid eyes on her at his doorstep. He was already turned on back when they were seated with his friends at The Sanctuary. As Sophie leaned against his chest, he could see her cleavage peeking out from the top of her dress. Her dress was short, and it revealed her beautiful kaçak iddaa slim thighs. It excited Dylan earlier as her silky long hair and bare shoulders were just below his chin, he thought back how he had the urge to see her nape and caress her shoulders.

Wild thoughts were running through Sophie’s mind as well. She had no idea that Dylan was so suave and smooth. His gentle touches, hug and kiss had completely overwhelmed her. She felt honoured to be able to be on the receiving end of his affection or lust, it didn’t matter to Sophie at that time. Her pussy was all wet and she was worried it would permeate her dress and leave a trail of her juice on his carseat. She wondered if Dylan was drawn to her, as his actions seemed to say so, but that may just be his charming self. He could be this way with other female acquaintances as well. Deep down, Sophie just wanted Dylan to overpower her and devour her body as she has not had intimacy with a man for many, many months. She knew her wide eyed, innocent looks hid her suppressed appetite to be dominated and to dominate any man she was attracted to. She was able to hold back her knawing hunger and desire for pure hard sex, until Dylan came along. She had hoped from the very beginning this man would be able to fulfil that fantasy.

The short drive back seemed like eternity, both had their hearts racing, partly due to the tequila shots, and also the uncertainty of what was going to happen next. Dylan and Sophie were having the same thoughts although both had no idea what the other was thinking. They maintained their composure as the elevator finally reached their floor. So far none of them had said anything to each other. When Dylan reached his unit, he turned to Sophie and gave her a tight long hug. Sophie held on to him, and finally broke the silence. She asked, “May I go in?”

The moment Dylan closed the door behind him, he pulled Sophie over and went straight for her lips, licking her sweet mouth and was greeted by her soft tongue. They continued french kissing and made their way towards the sofa area, where there was a dim light coming from his Ikea standing lamp. Enough for them to see the other’s expression, as they kissed passionately whilst still standing up, bodies pressed against each other. Dylan moved his kisses downwards to her neck, sliding his tongue over her bare shoulders and her cleavage as his hands went to the back of her dress and unzipped her. Sophie’s tube dress just fell to the ground revealing her turquoise bra and thong. Sophie was also unbuttoning his shirt, and she planted soft kisses all the way from his lips, his chin and to his chest which had really soft hair between his pectorals. She licked his nipples in a circular motion while her hands went straight to stroke his hardened manhood beneath his jeans. He gave a groan as he could feel his cock almost bursting out through his jeans.

Sophie didn’t stop there. She loosened his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his engorged cock. She nibbled along his manly trail leading from his navel to his manhood and she open her mouth to envelope his throbbing cock. She did all this whilst she knelt on the floor and gazed upwards to Dylan as she could see his eyes closed and fully immersed in pleasure. His wide girth of his cock filled her mouth as she started sucking on his shaft, up and down, leaving a glistening trail of her saliva. His thighs shook when she gave him long hard sucking over his kaçak bahis tumescent dickhead, whist tonguing his corona. Dylan continued to groan as she was turning his pleasure tool into a pipe about to burst. Sophine licked his ball sack, and started deep throating him. He let her continue until her mouth was covered with her saliva and mixed with his precum, it tasted sweet. She did all this without using her hands, call it her expertise in giving a blowjob.

Dylan lifted Sophie up from her kneeling position and removed her bra. In his state of ecstasy, her perky breasts and hardened nipples drew him like bees to nectar. He caressed her breasts and cupped both his hands on them, hungrily sucking her nipples as Sophie gasped and started to moan. She loved to be milked hard and she trembled as he flicked his tongue over each nipple. He almost tore through her thongs as he removed them and pushed Sophie into a lying position, where he spread her thighs and placed his hands over her mount. It was flowing with juices like a stream, he was further aroused knowing that Sophie’s love hole was awaiting for his pleasuring and he lunged forward and penetrated her with his tongue. She arched her hips upwards and gave a muffled cry of bliss. Her clit was swollen and covered with her love juice, as he hungrily fed on it and sucked and licked at a fixed rhythm until she climaxed, with a gush of fresh juice flowing down her inner thighs.

Sophie’s face was flushed and she said out loud, “I want you inside me, now.”

Dylan lifted her legs and held her thighs wide open, whilst he stroked his cock and guided it into Sophie. She immediately let out a loud moan as he started thrusting his throbbing manhood into her love hole. Her pussy was so warm and wet inside, he could feel her inner walls while he pounded her, each thrust harder than the previous. She clenched onto his shaft and grabbed his arms while looking at his lower body pumping her. She just wanted him deeper and she wrapped her legs around his neck, allowing his cock to directly plunge into her love hole. Dylan could feel the back of her pussy wall in that position, and he knew she would cum if he continued to pound her as Sophie’s moans got louder and she was gripping his arms so hard that they hurt.

Dylan turned her over and started to doggy Sophie from behind, fingering her pussy fast and hard for a while in between her butt cheeks before he slid his cock into her wet inner lips. He gave her long hard strokes that sent a sensation like a bolt of electricity from his groin to his head. He knew he was close to climaxing and he wanted Sophie to have a simultaneous orgasm together. He bent down lower until his chest was on Sophie’s back, while still pummelling at her love hole, and whispered to her, “I am going to cum soon baby, I want you to cum with me.” Sophie was in the midst of muffling her moans with his cushion pillow and she could feel his sweaty chest against her. She was already in a dazed state from total pleasure with his huge cock banging away from behind. She too was also close to climaxing as the sounds from both their love juices can be heard. Dylan increased his speed and rigorous thrusting until finally they came in unison. His hot cum shot into her as she moaned in total esctasy with a hard vaginal orgasm. Dylan let out a long and loud groan as Sophie gave a loud cry of gratification, and he slumped his body against hers. They were both sweating profusely, and he pulled his cock out slowly from her wet filled pussy, a mix of cum from the both of them.

Dylan and Sophie then laid down next to each other and he kissed her once more on her lips and whispered. “Welcome, neighour”.

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