The Hot Tub

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As we step into the Hot Tub I set down in the corner first, as you slide in between me leaning back against me. Your warm body once again so close to me. I wrap my arms around you my fingers lightly running across your breasts. As we relax in the tub the rushes for water covering both our bodies, mmmmm it feels so good. I kiss the back of your neck as you turn over facing me.

Your sweet ass breaking just out of the water and what a stoke of luck right in front of a water jet that is pulsating water throughout the tub, Mmmmm I know that has to feel good. As you lean over looking into my eyes, me into yours I kiss your lips, my tongue parting them as our tongues find one another, I love the way you suck my tongue into your mouth as much as I love sucking yours, deep into mine. My hands slide across your as your lips break from me and you start kissing down my chest, teasing my nipples with your tongue.

As bahis firmaları you slide on down you sweet ass slides back closer to the jet, I can hear your soft moans. The pulses of water are taking effect on your ass and sweet lips. As you slide your hands under my ass lifting my hips a little I cock breaks from the water as you kiss down my stomach coming to the base of my shaft. Looking down at you I see your tongue slide up the side of it as you look up at me, you start sliding your tongue across the head before letting it slide between your lips. Sucking just the top of it slowly, mmmmm I like that, as your hands slide down massaging my balls. Your lips slide on down and engulf my cock as I watch it disappear deep in you. You hand slide up teasing my nipples, they are hard under your touch.

As your sweet lips slide up and down my hard, throbbing cock you start rocking back and forth, mmmmm the kaçak iddaa water jet getting to you is it? You can feel my cock throbbing as it is ready to explode as you pull your lips from it and stroke it with your hand, inches away form your lips.

As I tense with the pending pleasure the first wave of cum touches your lips as you lick it from them, you lips drop down on it so to suck the rest of it as it comes out, I moan in pleasure and you suck every last drop from me. As I slide out from under you I knell by your side. you are still on your hands and knees in front of the jets. Not gonna give up that spot are you?

As I slide one hand under you I massaging your mouth watering breasts, teasing your nipples, twisting them lightly, as my other hands caresses and slides across your shoulder, down across your back, and over that sweet ass. As my finger lightly passes over you ass and down across your lips kaçak bahis to your clit. I rub it feeling it so hard under my finger, mmmmm I want to suck it so bad. As my finger slide back up across your lips I slide it between them slowly, deep into you, slide in and out gently, as my others tease your clit and ass.

You rocking back on them pushing them deeper as I can feel you squeeze down on them, leaning down I slide my tongue across your sweet cheeks as hips rock back faster sliding back behind you I slide my tongue down across you as I take your swollen lips in my mouth, nibbling them, pulling on them gently as I can feel you ready to cum. Cum for me Darlin, Cum for me A lot. As my tongue slide between your lips were my fingers have left I can feel your sweet juices flowing across it as I lick them, suck them, mmmmmmm you taste so good.

As your hips slow down I can hear you breathing so heavy. As I finish licking all your juices from you I slide back up to the corner were once again you lay back in my arms as I pour us a glass of wine I hand you yours and wrap my arms around you as you nestle back against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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