The Girl with the Lily Tattoo

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He had first noticed her a few days ago whilst he was at the antique market. She had been browsing at old prints on one of the many antique and retro stalls. It was not her face or body that had caught his eye, but the amazing display of colourful lilies she had tattooed on her back. He had been amazed at how lifelike they were, as though they had just been placed there after a trip to the florists. The pinks and purples were vibrant and seemed to glow in the sun.

She had been wearing a black and white halter neck dress that showed her tattoo off for all to see. Her red hair was neatly pinned up and she wore dainty black, Mary Jane shoes that accentuated her long pale legs. He watched her for nearly 10 minutes before she made her purchase and walked off to another stall. He was sad to see her go and hoped that he would see her again.

He noticed her again, as if by chance, whilst buying a bottle of wine in his local shop. She was in the queue waiting patiently to be served by the shop keeper, who, seemed more interested in chatting on his phone. Again, she had on a backless top and again he admired her tattoo from afar. If he was honest with himself, he knew that he had a tattoo fetish, bordering on obsession, he just couldn’t get enough of ladies with tattooed skin.

He thought to himself that if he didn’t speak to her now then he never would, but just as he plucked up the courage to do so she had left the shop. He put down his bottle of wine and rushed out of the shop hoping to catch her as she walked down the street.

Unbeknown to him, she had also noticed him at the market and again tonight. It had amused her how he had stared at her tattoo illegal bahis for what seemed like forever. A smile crept across her face as she thought of him and how he had studied her back intently.He was also quite a handsome man albeit in a quirky way. He was taller than her with dark hair and brooding eyes that reminded her of leading man in a classic hammer horror, her favourite type of guy.

She heard footsteps behind her and slowly turned around hoping that it would be the man she had her eye on. He was walking straight towards her and looked like he was going to ask her a question. She put her finger to her mouth as though gesturing him to be quiet, she didn’t want this moment ruined by words. There was no need for words as she knew she would never see him again after this night. She slowly took his hand in hers and led him towards the alleyway to the rear of the shops.

He was amazed by the turn of events and was slightly shocked by her actions, he was expecting her to tell him to piss off. He shivered slightly, not with fear but with anticipation of what might happen next. He walked slowly behind her, letting her lead him and take control. He was not normally submissive but knew that he would let her do anything that she wanted to him, anything at all. He could see her tattoo in the moonlight and it glistened under its glow. Just being that close to the tattoo was making him hard and he could feel his cock throbbing in his boxers.

She could sense the sexual tension in the air and it made her feel so much more in control. She loved to dominate men and would do so at any opportunity that she could. She stopped at the end of the alleyway and illegal bahis siteleri leant against the wall and slowly pulled him towards her so she could see him face. He looked slightly bemused but also intrigued about what would play out in the alleyway. She moved her lips towards his and ran her tongue over his lips, she could feel his shivers by this one single act. She kissed him hard on the lips and pushed her hips against his body, feeling his hardness against her. Her pussy was getting wet and she could feel her panties getting damp. She leant back against the wall and slowly lifted her dress up revealing red lacy panties that tied up at the sides. She slowly undid the ties and let her panties fall to the floor leaving her glistening pussy exposed for him to see.

He was shocked to say the least, he had never, ever been in a situation like this but he knew he liked it. He moved his head down towards her pussy and slowly started to lick her clit. He could feel her squirming beneath his tongue so he pressed harder with each stroke of his tongue, feeling her juice running down his chin. He moved his hand upwards and pushed one then two fingers inside her, licking her clit at the same time. He could now feel her grinding her pussy on to his mouth and fingers and knew she was close to cumming. He pushed another finger in her ass as he felt her muscles contract and juices gushed all over his face. She moaned gently as she came and pushed her pussy onto his face.

She felt her body quivering after her orgasm and her muscles inside contract against his fingers. He certainly knew how to make a woman cum! She remembered how he had been staring at her canlı bahis siteleri lily tattoo that day at the market so she turned around to face the wall so he could see it in all its glory.

He thought he had died and gone to heaven. Her juices were slowly drying on his face and now she had turned around so he could see her tattoo and its beauty. He used his finger to slowly trace the outline of the tattoo, getting harder and harder with each touch. God, he was getting obsessive about tattoos, he thought to himself. He started to run his tongue over the tattoo, getting harder and harder until he could take no more. He needed to feel her warm wet pussy encircled around his large throbbing cock. He bent her over slightly so that he could just slip inside her and slip inside her he did. He most intense feelings swept over him, he had never felt a pussy so wet and tight before. His cock slipped in and out so easily as it was so wet and he could feel her juices dripping onto his balls. She moaned slightly and this gave him the encouragement to carry on. His right hand was on her ass, grabbing at the fleshy, soft mound whilst his left was on her tattoo. He thrust harder and harder whilst stroking the tattoo until he could feel himself cumming. He pushed deep inside her and came hard and oh so deep he thought he would disappear in her pussy.

A sly smile crept over her face as she felt him cumming, she knew he had enjoyed it by the throbbing hardness of his cock. She could feel his cum dripping over the top of her pale thighs and enjoyed the sensation this made. She put her fingers towards her pussy and wiped some of his cum on them before licking them clean whilst he watched like a deer caught in the headlights. She chuckled quietly and picked her panties up before putting them in her handbag. She smiled knowingly at him and walked away leaving him standing there with his trousers round his ankles.

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