Stepdad Carl Pt. 19

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Billy told me when we got back home Darren had proposed marriage while they were together, not till after graduation. Billy was over the moon, he planned to move in with Darren once he was done, Darren had a job offer for Billy he could not refuse. Scott and I had discussed he and I cohabitating, but I was not ready to marry him yet.

Life went on, Billy and I talked with our guys nightly, we spend the summer with them, Scott and I travelled on his motorcycle, Darren and Billy tagged along. We had an amazing summer, camping in a tent, sunning on the beach, taking hotel rooms when we needed a shower, it truly was amazing.

With one more year of classes, we were getting closer to being done and being in the work world. Billy and Darren planned their wedding, it would be a small informal ceremony Scott standing for Darren, myself for Billy. A party afterwards, the two of them flying off to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

It’s amazing how quickly time flies by, the year coming to a close, graduation then, work, I was approached by a firm that wanted me to head their office in the east, Scott being in the west would make it really difficult for us to have an actual relationship.

We both knew the long distance thing was okay for a short while but both he and I both needed a warm body in our beds nightly. We would attempt to see if we could work it out but with our schedules we already knew we would not see much of each other. Scott attended my graduation, Darren was here to pick up Billy, they planned to marry as soon as they could.

It was hard to watch all three of them leave me when the time came for them to go, it would be eight months before I would see any of them. The wedding planned to the last detail they did not want to leave anything left unplanned. Work quickly consumed my life, I worked sometimes ten eleven hours in one day, I came home exhausted.

I rented a small apartment close to work so my commute would be easy and I was also close to the gym and shopping. I made some investments that paid off highly, reinvested and made that much more money, I advanced quickly in the firm, I was VP in no time flat. My life consisted of work, work and more work, even when I was not at work I was on my computer or my phone working.

Seeing Scott at the wedding, he picked me up at the airport, I was not sure how to greet the man, could I kiss him, should I kiss him, I still was madly in love with the man. He stood there at the arrivals, I saw him as we came down the escalator, I teared up immediately, Scott too was tearing up. Billy told me Scott dated but he could not find a man he could settle down with.

I myself had no social life unless it was work related, I masturbated when I could but I did not have time to date or even have casual sex. Seeing Scott standing there, my emotions got the better of me, I felt the longing for male companionship. I needed a man to hold me, kiss me, tell me he cared for me, as I got closer to the bottom of the escalator I had to get myself in control, wipe my eyes.

I slowly walked to Scott, the tears again flowing down my face, I so loved this man, I wanted to be with him, I would marry this guy if we could be in the same city. Scott too was in tears, he pulled me to him, I dropped my carry on and held him tight, I kissed his neck, I so wanted to kiss his lips.

We stood there lost in each others arms, his body holding me tight, his cock arching outward, I wanted to get on my knees in the middle of the airport and suck his juices right out of him. He let me loose enough so we were face to face, his eyes on my eyes, his lips coming in closer and closer. Scott kissed me, I was in heaven, it had been so long since I had been kissed. I worried my cock may blow a load in my pants it had been so long since I had actual contact of any kind.

Scott and I kissed lost in each other blocking out any and all passers by, he pulled away, holding my hand in his, we got my luggage and walked out hand in hand. Scott loaded my suitcase in the trunk then opened my door for me, carefully shut it and got into the car, he leaned in for one more kiss before he started the car.

“I’ve missed you so much Tom.”

“Missed you too Scott, still love you so much, think of you daily.”

Scott put the car back into park, looked at me taking my hand into his.

“Marry me Tom.”

“You can’t be serious Scott?”

“I have never been more serious Tom, I love you and want you at my side.”

“I love you too Scott more than you will ever know but at this point in time gaziantep suriyeli escort I can’t say I can marry you, you have no idea how much I want to marry you and be at your side, but you have your business here I have my career on the other coast, I need to get myself sorted before I can commit to you.”

I could tell Scott was disappointed, but he knew we both had our lives in our own cities we had to deal with. Scott was upfront with me telling me of dates he had been on, some so funny, some kind of scary, I told him honestly I did not have time to date or even hook up, I had not had sex with another person, he was my last.

“Tom that was eight month ago, even I hooked up a few times.”

“Nope not once, my life is consumed by work.”

I held Scott’s hand as he drove to his condo, once parked he came to my door opening it for me, taking out my suitcase, insisting on carrying it for me. When we got into his condo he had flowers for me, one dozen roses, and a card telling me how much he really loved me and missed me. I again was in tears, he and I held each other.

“Scott I love you so much, I wish you and I could be together.”

I gently pulled Scott in for a kiss, he kind of held himself back, not letting me hold him or kiss him.

“Not sure it’s a good idea for us to do this Tom, I will get used to you in my bed once again for you to have to leave in a a few days.”

“Would you rather I stay in a hotel Scott? Cause I can if it’s uncomfortable for you to have me here.”

Scott looked at me, holding me at arms length, a single tear down his right cheek, I went in and wiped it away with my thumb. He would have me in tears in no time here, I let my arms pull away from his body, Scott held his on my hips, his eyes on my eyes.

“No Babe I want you to stay, maybe you should stay in the spare bedroom.”

I could not hide my disappointment, I longed to be in this man’s bed, in his arms, him deep inside of me, I was starved for affection. I brought my suitcase in the spare bedroom, Scott watched as I walked into the room. I got myself settled in, hanging the clothes I needed for the wedding, they started out it would be casual and changed it to semi formal.

I had bought a new suit for the occasion, a nice black one fitted so it was perfect on my body, the tailor suggested a fitted shirt, new shoes, I looked like a million bucks. Scott was in the living room when I came out, he was looking out the window not talking.

“Scott if it’s uncomfortable to have me here I can call a cab and book a hotel.”

“No Babe I want you here, I’m just disappointed is all, I so want to marry you.”

“Scott I did not say No, I said we can’t right now, I love you more than anyone in the entire world, but marriage does not fit in my plans right now.”

Scott seemed to perk up, he realized I had not said no, but not right now.

“Beer Babe?”

“Yes please I am parched, I need a few of them I think.”

Scott grabbed us each a beer we caught up on our work, he elaborated on his dates he had been on, some of the guys a total nightmare. He and I held hands again, I pulled the man in for a kiss, my hand on his leg, working its way upward. Within minutes our beers drained, he and I in bed, Scott made me cum three times, his cock rocked my mouth and ass, I would make up for lost time.

He and I ordered in, I did not want to get out of his bed, I would drain his balls over and over. The food delivery guy came to the door, I jumped out of bed and grabbed my credit card. I opened the door to a very shy young man who could not speak, or so I thought, try as he might he could not tell me the total of our bill.

Scott got up to see what was going on, I was sure the young man would have a heart attack there at our doorway. I paid the bill, gave him a generous tip, then patted his bum as he exited the doorway. He turned and gave Scott a sly smile.

Scott and I ate dinner naked of course, we would have to meet up with Darren and Billy to do a rehearsal, they had a beautiful venue, it promised to be a beautiful ceremony. Dad and Timmy were invited, but would arrive tomorrow, they decided to drive. Billy’s parents Barbra and John to arrive tomorrow as well.

We had drinks and got all caught up, Billy asked if I planned to stay with Scott now, I explained that Scott had asked me to marry him but I had unfinished business in my own career I had to sort out before I could marry and live with Scott. Billy and Darren were stressed to the max, worried about everything.

I told them as long as you too are together before the officiant saying your vows, marrying each other what more did you need. If and when Scott an I marry it will be on a white sand beach, family and close friends only, barefoot in shorts shirts optional.

“Babe we could do a nude wedding.”

“No Scott there are some people I would rather they wear clothes to our wedding.”

We had a great night with them it was like old times, joking laughing, talking about the husband and wife in that hotel. Scott and I headed home, he and I both exhausted, I so looked forward to being beside him in his bed. We had a nightcap then he and I undressed each other. Scott and I made mad passionate love to each other, I told him multiple times I loved him.

The wedding was perfect, all went as planned, it was great to see Barbra once again, she and I in tears as the said their vows, Billy too had a hard time to keep his emotions in check. The reception was perfect, Scott and I got to dance the night away, he and I making out at every chance we had.

It was so good to see Dad and Timmy at the wedding, we talked for hours, I told Dad how Scott had asked me to marry him. However we would both wait for the right time to marry each other. Dad agreed it was good to wait till the time was right. John and Barbra had invited Timmy and Dad over for dinner a few times, Dad and Timmy doing the same.

Scott and I convince Dad and Timmy to stay the night, they could stay in Scott’s spare bedroom. Dad only smiled, he gave Timmy a sly look.

“Is Scott still a screamer Son?”

“Oh my yes and with the both of us not getting much action, he is even louder than he was when we were in your home.”

Scott leaned in his head on my chest his face bright red, I held him pulling him in for a kiss. Billy and Darren talked his parents to spend the night as well, they planned a honeymoon but not for another week or so. We would all meet for breakfast in the morning, The four of us headed to Scott’s all of us tired from the long day.

Scott showed Dad and Timmy around the condo, the views spectacular, we sat had a beer, Timmy and I a wine, I put out some snacks. It was nice to sit and talk just us four, Dad filled us in on the gossip in town, seems Dad and Timmy were the talk of the town, their relationship on everyone’s radar. Timmy had signed up for university courses it was all going very well for them indeed.

Scott and I talked about our work, I was working far to many hours, even being here there were things I had to get done. We all went to bed we had an early morning breakfast to attend tomorrow. I made Scott scream out a few times that night, you could hear Dad and Timmy chuckling in their bedroom.

We were up early I got coffee on, and woke everyone, we would have a quick coffee grab a shower and be on our way. We had a wonderful time, the food incredible, Billy and Darren invited us over for lunch, we could see the house he and Darren had bought. The home was huge four bedrooms three bathrooms, open concept, very beautiful indeed.

Timmy and I helped Billy get the food ready, Barbra and I side by side laughing, I loved her so much. We got the food ready set the table and we would eat once more, I will have put on twenty pounds by the time I got back home.

Dad and Timmy insisted on leaving that afternoon, I knew how Dad was he liked to get home with time to spare, he was back to work the next day and Timmy had classes. We said our goodbyes, tears were flowing, I promised to have them all over at some point when my schedule was not so insane.

Scott and I had one more night alone, my flight early afternoon the next day, Scott and I planned to sit around naked order in and have a nice lazy night together. He and I made out every chance we got, kissing each other licking and sucking each other all over.

We ordered from the same place as last time, and you guessed it we got the same delivery guy, he was not so shocked when I opened the door naked this time. Scott came up and put his arm around me his other hand on my cock. I held Scott’s cock with my one hand my credit card with the other, both of our cocks getting harder Scott’s dripping precum like a faucet.

The young man winked at Scott, his mouth open his tongue licking his bottom lip, I scooped up some precum and sucked it off my finger. He presented me with the debit machine so I could pay for our food, again a generous tip, his mouth still hung open.

“Want a taste, from the hose?”

His eyes grew larger, his mouth closed, he reached in and grabbed Scott’s cock, he scooped up all he had beading at the tip, brought his hand to his mouth. I placed my hand on his chest and guided him backwards, I slowly shut the door and locked it. Scott’s cock was rock hard and dripping.

I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth to the base, Scott quickly started to fuck my mouth, his cock ramming my mouth his hands holding my head firmly. Scott shot me full of cum, his cock exploded in my mouth, Scott being Scott he was very verbal about his orgasm.

Scott and I heard a strange noise outside the the entry door, then footsteps walking away. I opened the door and found someone had jerked off and shot all over the door. Like Scott and I did not know who it was, I got a rag and cleaned it up. Scott was still wiped from his last orgasm.

Scott and I ate then snuggled on the couch, trying to figure out how we could be together more often, with his schedule and mine. If I had a time I could get away he had meetings, investors meetings, it never ended for us both. He and I would keep in close contact, if we really wanted this to work then we would have to try to make it work. He and I would not be with anyone else we both agreed, if we needed each other we could fly out for a weekend.

Scott and I were like wild animals in bed our last night, not sure either of us got ten minutes sleep, it may be a long time before I get to have actual sex with another person so I planned to enjoy every second of our time in bed together.

I did not look forward to saying goodbye to this man, I loved him so much, I got packed up and ready to head out. Scott was a bundle of nerves, I too was anxious to say goodbye to him. We got to the airport Scott was acting differently, I checked in, they told me I had a half hour till boarding would begin.

Scott and I walked towards my gate, he still was not himself, I assumed it was cause we were about to be apart for who knows how long. When we got to the gate he stood there in front of me, he held my hands, his eyes on my eyes. Scott let go of my hands and took my left hand in his, he reached in his pocket and got on his one knee.

“Tom Matthews will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the entire world?”

I stood there the floodgates of tears flowed down my cheeks, I grabbed him and pulled him in close to me. Seems we had gathered quite the crowd watching us. I looked directly in his eyes and said.

“Yes oh my Yes I will marry you Scott Mitchell.”

The crowd all applauded, Scott and I lip locked, we thanked them all, they called my last boarding call.

I kissed him over and over, Scott put my engagement ring on my finger, it was beautiful for sure.

“This way you won’t forget about me Babe.”

“Scott I could never forget you, you are the love of my life.”

The stewardess told me I had to get on or I was not getting on this flight, I went through the gate looking at the ring my man had just given me. My flight uneventful, once home I dove back into work.

The president and CEO giving me a hard time about being away for such a long time, I sat and listened to the man rattle on about how he had almost lost one of his biggest clients, but that one of the department heads had brought him back to the table. I was fuming as he rattled on about how well this guy, George his name had saved the account by being there to take care of him.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself Tom?”

“Oh yeah you dam well know I do, it was not George who saved the account it was me, while on a short vacation to be at a friends wedding, I talked the man to stay with our company, George simply did what I told him to do, as for your tone I do not appreciate it much or at all, I need time away and if that does not work for you then accept my resignation right here right now.”

“But George said it was he himself who got him back.”

“Call George in and lets ask him who saved that account.”

George came in his tail between his legs, not a word said, he knew I was mad by the look on my face.

“So George Bill here says you were the one who saved the account with our biggest client, is this true George?”

“I ah, I may have insinuated that it was in fact me that saved the account but being honest it was Mr. Matthew’s who indeed did so.”

“Get out of my sight George, right now, I will deal with you later, as for you Bill you have my resignation you want it then take it.”

“Oh no Tom I’m sorry for the mix up, I should have known it was indeed you and not George who kept our client happy, I definitely do not want you to leave our fine firm here.”

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