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Sometimes when my lover is fucking me, I ask him if he understands that my body is his, that he can do anything he wants with it, with me. He always gets harder, thrusts harder, and answers that he loves it that he can do whatever he wants, he can fuck any hole, use me in anyway he pleases. That being said, he usually continues the vanilla sex that is our norm.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of sex. But we’ve grown lazy lately, mostly having tired sex while spooning, right before we both pass out asleep. Gone are the days of pornographic sex. We hadn’t had oral sex in months. And while I would not give up my lover for the world, I started working on ideas to get him to spice up our sex lives.

At first, nothing worked. I tried talking dirty to him, before and during sex. It turned him on, but did not change the sexual routine. We went on vacation, and he teased me about having hotel sex, but that didn’t happen. I was beginning to feel frustrated and was resorting to a lot of fantasizing during masturbation to satisfy my more carnal needs.

I got my break one day when we were cleaning up the apartment. My lover found old hardcore porno mags he had from before we were dating. We stopped our cleaning and sat on the bed flipping through the pictures. I have never been a very visual person, just seeing pictures of people having sex does not turn me on. However, the idea of my lover being turned on… I started pointing out a lot of pictures for him to look at, hoping he would get some dirty ideas. As he looked at the pictures, I reached down his shorts bahis firmaları and started rubbing his cock, which already semi-erect from the pictures. I worked on him just with my hand, until he felt as hard as a rock.

“You have no idea how wet I am right now, feeling you so hard…” I whispered in his ear.

“Then why are you still wearing panties?” he asked in response.

I got up, closed the bedroom door, and took off my clothing while my lover watched, rubbing himself. Then I crawled on the bed and started kissing him as I pulled off his shorts.

“Suck on me” he whispered. In a second, I was in between his legs, taking his entire length into my mouth, loving the feeling of his cock in the back of my throat. I worked on getting his cock as wet as possible so that I could move my mouth over it more easily.

It didn’t take long before he commanded me to get on top of him so he could start fucking me. I was so wet by then that his wet cock slid into my pussy to the hilt immediately. I had been so turned on, first by the porn, then by my lover’s enthusiasm, that just having him fully inside of me sent me into an orgasm. Feeling me tighten up, he grabbed my hips and started moving me around on his cock, controlling me even as my vagina spasmed out of control. My lover is so big and strong that I am always at his mercy. He could do whatever he wants with me, and there’s little I can to do stop him. The whole while, I am screaming his name, telling him that I love him that my body belongs to him. He just thrusts and thrusts until he feels my body kaçak iddaa go limp, exhausted from a pent up orgasm finally released.

But he will not let me rest then. As I lay collapsed on his chest, he starts moving his hand down around my butt cheek and slides two fingers into my sopping wet pussy, next to his cock. “You are so wet, you really liked looking at the porn, dirty girl.” With that, he slides one long finger up my ass. He starts pumping in me again, his finger in my ass pumping with his cock in my pussy. I start moaning again. He adds another finger.

Then, because he knows that I am his, he does not stop to ask questions. He just takes. He spreads the two fingers in my ass apart, stretching me out, then he pulls his cock out of my pussy and eases it into my ass. For months I had been dying to feel him in my ass, and I was not disappointed. He is able to get about half of his length into me, but then he meets resistance, since his cock is much longer than his fingers. He tries to push deeper, but after a few minutes, grows frustrated. He lifts me off his cock and goes to the bathroom to find lube.

“Get up, I want to take you from behind” he orders. I stand up and lean over the side of the bed, presenting my ass to my lover. He bends me over further, then, separating my ass cheeks, starts pushing into me until he is completely buried and I can feel his thighs against my butt.

Anal sex is the most amazing sensation to me. I love the feeling of my lover’s cock inside of my ass. It makes all my other nerve endings tingle. I am completely kaçak bahis his when he is in my ass.

My lover fucks me, deeply, pressing me into the bed. His balls slap against my pussy, my clit is teased by the tiny moments of pressure from the thrusts and slaps. I am well lubed, so he fucks my ass with as much speed and strength as he does my pussy.

He eases off of me for a second, takes my hand, and guides it to my clit. “Touch yourself for me.”

I eagerly comply. My pussy is still dripping wet, and when I wet my finger inside of my love pot, I can feel my lover’s cock moving behind the membrane. I start strumming my clit, and he starts to pick up speed with his thrusts.

I can feel the glimmers of another orgasm welling up in me. I want us to cum together. I continue to touch myself while begging him to cum with me. I love it when my lover cums. His face, which usually looks so sweet to me, looks brutal and animalistic. He thrusts into me, no longer caring about how I feel, if he is hurting me. All he cares about his how he feels, his instincts are coming out and he will claim me. He know that I feel this way, loves to hear me beg for him to cum. I can feel my ass starting to contract around his cock.

But since he is the one in control, and he knows that too much of these events have been completely to my liking, he will not allow me to control him further. Just as I am about to reach my peak, he pulls out of me completely. “We have a lot to do, and I always get tired when I cum” he says as he heads to the bathroom to clean up.

For a second I hate him for denying me his orgasm. But then I realize that he can do whatever he wants. I follow him to the bathroom and clean myself up.

That night, he fucks me soundly, missionary position, until he comes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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