Sleeping Surprise

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Big Dick

I really wish you were back; the bed has been awfully cold and lonely. I keep myself busy during the days, but at bedtime I think about you and what we do together. If you were a little closer, this is what I’d do:

I drive to your hotel; I find a way to convince the clerk at the desk to give me a key to your room. He says he can’t; I look him in the eye and say I want to surprise you in your sleep, that I need a couple of hours alone with you after being apart for too long. He looks at me awkwardly, imagining what I’m about to do. He hands the key over and I head up to your room, heart pounding and hands shaking. Good, no light is coming from under the door; you’ve probably fallen asleep by now. It’s past midnight; we’ll both be tired tomorrow, but I’ll make sure it’s worth it.

I turn the key in the lock and push the door open as quietly as I can. Damn! It squeaked as it swung open. I freeze and wait to see if you bahis firmaları wake up. It’s too dark to see, but your breathing sounds like you’re still sleeping. I walk slowly to the bed; it’s still dark, but my eyes have acclimated enough to walk through the room. I start to shed my clothes; my shirt and pants drop to the floor; I think about whether I should keep on my bra and panties so that you can rip them off me, but decide I want to slide into bed naked and warm and soft; I want it to feel almost as if it is happening in a dream.

Finally, I’m naked. I lift the covers and slowly slip in bed with you. You are in your boxers, the way you always sleep. I reach into the opening and start to stroke you. I feel your cock start to harden right away; it starts to push out of the opening in your shorts. You moan; I don’t know if you are still asleep or just pretending to be, and it doesn’t matter. I move down until I can lick kaçak iddaa the tip of your cock, just a little, with my tongue. I can taste the drop of liquid at the tip, nice and wet and slippery. I move my tongue up and down the shaft, feeling all of the veins under the skin. They feel like they’re about to burst.

I move to try to get a better angle and slowly, inch by inch, engulf you in my mouth. You are moaning more and more, and your hips start to thrust. I know you’re awake now, but it’s okay; it’s all part of the game. I move my mouth up and down on you, while I reach into your shorts and cup your balls with my hand, then move up to grab the shaft. My saliva coats you so there is just the right amount of friction. I was planning to suck you off until you came in my mouth and I could swallow it all, but I’m getting so wet, feeling your cock in my mouth, that I can’t stand it.

I get on top of you and impale myself kaçak bahis all in one movement. The feeling of you plunging inside me makes us both gasp. I ride you, knowing I probably don’t have long before you finish. You lick your thumb to make it nice and wet, and start to rub my clit while you keep thrusting. I can feel you all the way up inside me, hitting against that spot that feels so good. It doesn’t take long before your breathing and thrusting speed up together and I feel you come inside me, the noise you make half moan, half gasp.

I am on the edge of climaxing; you keep rubbing my clit while I stay on top of you. I get to that second that is my favorite part, when I know that orgasm is inevitable, only a second away, and then I’m coming, with you still in me. It feels so good, so intense, it goes on and on until it’s almost painful. I hate to tell you to stop, but after a minute, I have to. I climb off of you and curl up in your arms, burying my face against your neck, stroking your hair. I put my hand on your chest, feeling your heartbeat slow down and your breathing return to normal. We fall asleep like that, intertwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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