Sky’s Second Adventure

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Thank you to everyone who read my first story and commented/added as favourite. I really enjoyed writing it and putting fantasies I have out there. I am open to any suggestions and ideas for the series, so feel free to pass any on to me. Stay pervy people.


Since their crazy night in the car park a few weeks ago, things hadn’t exactly gone how Sky thought they would. She expected that night to be the spark that started endless sexual adventures, but it was the complete opposite. She kept making attempts to bring up what happened and see where it might lead next, but Sean was completely focused on work and not really engaging in any talk about new adventures. The problem was that Sky now had a fire lit inside her, one she wanted to fuel.

“Noooooooooooo it’s not that time already” thought Sky as the piercing sound of Sean’s alarm shattered her peaceful sleep. Without fail 6am every morning, she was torn from whatever dream or deep sleep she was in. She heard Sean turn it off and get out the bed. She grabbed the pillow she was laying on and covered her head with it.

“You can’t fight it” Sean laughed as he crawled behind Sky and wrapped his arm around her waist. He pulled her into him and nuzzled into her neck. “You’re the one who wanted to start getting up earlier remember” he then recited her speech about waking up early in a mocking voice.

Sky elbowed him playfully. “You’re such a twat” she laughed now very much awake. “Please make me a coffee and I’ll come down for breakfast.” She watched Sean leave to go make breakfast and reached for her phone. “Boring, boring, desperate, weird, boring” was all she could think as she scrolled though posts on her social media. More and more she found it all so pointless and got no enjoyment from it. She opened her browser and went to her saved pages, then clicked on a forum for dogging.

She knew she shouldn’t keep reading through the posts, but ever since that night, reading them took her back to that moment and fed the desires within her, just enough to keep her going. She saw a new post by a regular contributor describing a recent meet, it mentioned a young couple like her and Sean. As she read more, she felt herself becoming flustered, the unmistakeable feeling of her tight little pussy begining to moisten. She read on, checking the bedroom door to see if Sean was coming up. He fingers snaked past the waistband of her shorts she wore to bed, felt the soft hair of her little landing strip, then her wet sensitive clit.

“Baaaaaaaaaabe, breakfast is ready” Sean calls upstairs as he laid out the table “stop being laaaaaaazy.”

The sound of Seans voice broke though Sky’s trance like state. “Coming baaaaaaabe” she called back quickly closing the browser and pulling her hand back. “I wish I was coming” she thought as she went down the stairs.

The sounds of jazz and plates being set on the table filled her ears as she walked into the kitchen. Sean was happily finishing off the food he was preparing. Sky could not help but smile to herself, he was always so happy in the kitchen, even this early. She investigated the pan and saw pancakes cooking away as Sean cut up fresh fruit. She looked to the table and saw her coffee steaming away and took a seat.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked Sean as she sipped her coffee. “I fell asleep so quick, sorry if I didn’t say goodnight.”

“Its fine babe” Sean reassured her not looking up as he chopped away. “I was hooked on that cooking documentary anyway so you would have fallen asleep either way” he joked. He plated the pancakes, topped with fruit and syrup and brought it to his fiancée. He kissed her cheek as he laid the plate in front of her.

Sky’s belly rumbled as the aroma of the food penetrated her nostrils. She wasted no time in devouring it, clearing her plate. As she sat there in a happy moment, she found herself staring at Sean as he ate and looked through sports news on his phone.

He looked up at her staring at him “You alright there you weirdo?” he smiled “What you staring it, I have something on my face?”

“Sorry babe I was miles away” quickly realising she was staring into space.

“Everything okay, you seen a little off this morning?” he quizzed.

“Yeah just still struggling with these early mornings.” That wasn’t the truth, she didn’t know how to say that she was thinking about how much she wanted to cum reading those posts and was a little annoyed she was interrupted. “So, have you had anymore thoughts about our weekend a little while ago?” she asked, wanting to take the chance to push a little.

“What do you mean? I told you I had fun and that I’m completely okay with everything that happened” Sean replied.

“I just want to make sure as you never really talk about it…..or what you want to try next” she stated “Sometimes its like it never happened and I don’t want you to regret it.”

Sean looked at her sincerely bahis firmaları “Honestly it was a great experience and I had a great time. I’ve just been so tied up with work I haven’t given it any real thought, I want to think about our next step carefully and not rush into anything, you get that right, were only young?”

Sky thought before she responded, she didn’t want to come across too keen, even though she was, and completely put him off the idea. “Yeah I get that I just want to make sure your okay and know that I’m happy to see where things go next.” Just talking about it was getting Sky excited again.

“When I have time to think about it properly, we will sit down and talk I promise.” He said with a final tone that made it clear the conversation was over.

“Okay babe that sounds good” but deep down she was worried that conversation wouldn’t happen soon enough. Horny at her earlier interruption and this talk she looked at Sean and felt a sudden desire to free his cock and have her way with him. No sooner had the thought formulated in her mind, did Sean’s work phone start to ring. “Typical” she thought.

Sean answered the call and immediately heard his boss’s voice. There was another issue at work that needed addressing as soon as possible. “Yeah that’s fine, I’ll be in straight away, just get the conference room booked and I’ll get something together to present.”

“You gotta go in already?” Sky asked not hiding her disappointment.

“Sorry babe, we’re so close to delivering this thing I have to go when there’s an issue. I’ll book us a table at the pub tonight and we can get wine drunk.” He kissed Sky on the forehead and ran upstairs to get ready for work.

“Suppose I better do the same” thought Sky as she started to clear the table. Then again there wasn’t much getting ready to do when you worked from home most days. She made her way slowly upstairs to get ready.

After Sean had flown out the door at 100 miles an hour with barely a goodbye, Sky found herself sat at her laptop, bored, horny and frustrated. She decided that the only remedy for this was a bit of retail therapy. Opening various clothing sites Sky looked through for most of her morning at work, in between answering emails as they came through. Finally satisfied with her haul of cute outfits she opened a page for a lingerie site, thinking it was time for some new naughty goodies. Blessed with a full, round and juicy arse she was always drawn to thongs. She spotted a black lacey pair with matching bra, with a discount on the stockings and suspenders as a set.

“Well I can’t miss an offer that good” Sky thought with a smile. She went to the checkout and realised she didn’t have her bank card. “Where was the last time I used it?” thinking as to where it could be. She found her bag and saw her purse right at the bottom, as she pulled it out a card fell to the floor. Picking it up, Sky saw it was from Bob, the older man who had fucked her on her first adventure. She instantly got flashbacks of being filled by his big thick cock and loving every moment. She shook her head, put the card back in her bag and went back to her desk to buy all her items.

Just before lunch Sky’s phone rang and she saw Seans name on the screen. Excited to hear how his day was going and tease him about her new purchase she answered. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeey babe.”

“Hey beautiful, hows your day going?” he sounded like he was in the middle of the office and being a little reserved.

“Not too bad, works going slow, but I treated myself to some bits as I deserve it” hoping Sean would take the bait.

“You definitely deserve it babe. Listen works a bit more messed up than I planned, we need to go up to one of our clients for a few days or this whole project is dead. I know you hate it when I go away but I cant get out of it” he sounded genuinely aggrieved he had to go. “Ill quickly come home, pack a bag, then ill have to leave immediately.

Sky felt her heart sink a little, with no kids she hated the house to herself and being alone. “Its okay babe, I’ll call one of the girls and get them to stay, I know you don’t want to go so its fine, you will just have to make it up to me when you’re back.”

“That’s a promise babe, I have to go now and get my train tickets and everything, I will speak to you later, I’m sorry and I love you.”

“I love you too” and then then call disconnected.

Sky immediately messaged friends who lived close by, informing them of her predicament and enticing anyone who might want to stay with promises of pizza and wine. Unfortunately, by the time she finished work, one by one they messaged back with different reasons as to why they couldn’t stay. The idea of a few days on her own became much more of a reality with each message and Sky reached for the wine.

After most of a bottle Sky found herself sat on the sofa with Bob’s card in her hand. She wanted so badly to reach out to him and see how he was and talk about their time together, but with Sean not kaçak iddaa there it didn’t feel like the right thing to do. Despite that fact, she was still twiddling the card in her hands mulling over the idea of sending him a message. She settled on the idea of a messaging him to see if he was even interested in seeing them again. Sky thought it would be good to know now before waiting to arrange something with Sean, only to be disappointed. She told herself this was all innocent and Sean wouldn’t mind. She had tried to call Sean to talk about this but couldn’t get through to him. She opened her messaging app, typed in Bob’s number and sent a simple message “Hey, is this Bob’s number?” she pressed send and waited for a reply.

It didn’t take long for the reply to come through “This is Bob who may I ask is this?”

Sky was in business, she immediately responded “Sorry for the message out of the blue, this is Sky, we met at a car park a few weeks ago!!”

“Sorry if it seems rude of me but I need a little more detail than that. I meet a lot of people in my line of work.”

Sky realised he was being cautious to not give the game away, she sent a message leaving him no doubt who she was “Well I was in the car with my fiancé when we met and ended up on the park bench nearby!”

The penny dropped for Bob when he read that “Ohhhhh yes now I remember very very well. How are you? I was thinking I wouldn’t hear from you both again.”

Sky noticed the kiss at the end of his message, it was clear he was comfortable with who she was now. “I’m really good, thank you for asking. I’m sorry its been a while, just been so hectic with work and everything, did not have a chance to talk.”

“Well I’m glad you have found some time to message me. How have you guys been? Had anymore fun since our night?”

“He’s not wasting any time” Sky thought. “No that’s been our only experience so far, well that kind of experience, obviously we have fun together.”

“Ahh well that’s a shame, you’re a gorgeous girl and your fiancé is a very lucky bloke. I had a great time with you.”

It was going well, and seemed though he was still interested, Sky wanted to know for sure “Ahhh I bet you say that to all the girls, I really enjoyed it too, never thought I had that in me. So, I guess you would like to do something again sometime?” she waited for the reply nervously.

“I’d love to get my hand on you again, I thought that was clear from last time. We could have so much fun together!!”

Reading that made Sky giddy with excitement, her mind racing at the possibilities but then becoming frustrated realising she had no idea when any of it may happen.

“I’m so glad to hear that, I would be more than happy to play again, like I said I had a great time.”

“Well my schedule is pretty clear, when are you both free next, maybe we can arrange something?”

“Crap” thought Sky, knowing she could only give him a vague answer. “Well I can’t really say, Mr is really busy at work so I can’t nail down a date at the moment, wish I could be clearer than that”

“Is he there now? I could speak to him if he’s nervous or unsure, he seemed really into it at the time”

Sky realised she needed to talk to Sean as the conversation was progressing quickly. She called him one last time and this time he answered. “Hey babe, sorry to bother you, I couldn’t get anyone to stay with me and I’ve opened the wine.”

He sounded tired “Sorry hun, just got back to my room after meeting after meeting, going to get some dinner and sleep soon, how’s your day been?”

Sky told him about her boring work day, online shopping, what she had for dinner and lack of support from her friends. When it came to the subject of her impulsive messages to Bob she didn’t know what to say “So I’ve been thinking more about our fun the other week and thinking when we might be free next to try something else?”

“Sky I really want to talk about this but I’m not in the mood right now, I need something to eat and a goodnight sleep, how about we talk when I get home, is that okay?”

She couldn’t hide her disappointment “No I get that babe, you make sure you chill out and relax tonight, I love you and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.”

As if he was listening to the conversation Bob messaged again “Hey everything okay, I’m not being pushy, am I?”

Not wanting to be dishonest “No its fine, truth is he’s not here at the moment, I just spoke to him but he’s not really able to talk about this stuff”

“Oh okay, well does he know you messaged me?”

Sky was torn now, but again thought it was best to be honest “No….I’m sorry…I’ve had a few glasses of wine and just wanted to see if you were even still interested before we planned anything”

He took longer to reply this time, Sky thought she blew it. “I’m definitely interested in fucking your mouth and pussy again, truth be told that gorgeous arse too”

Reading that made her pussy flutter a little and her face to blush red, she loved dirty kaçak bahis talk and regularly sent Sean sexts, driven on by the wine she replied “Well I cant lie, I would love you to fuck my mouth and little pussy again, I don’t usually take it up the arse, I’m too tight”

“I’m sure you would be screaming the place down if I slide mine up it babe. So where’s the man tonight then?”

Not wanting to seem to keen Sky coyly replied “Well you might find out, who knows. He’s working away for a few days.”

Bob clearly sensed an opportunity “Well send me your address and I’ll be over.”

Sensing that was a step too far Sky held back “Nice try, but I couldn’t do that without Mr here.”

“You’re a good girl aren’t you? I prefer it when your bad. Are you free for a coffee tomorrow? Nothing funny, just to catch up and see if there still the attraction in the cold light of day, just a coffee I promise.”

“Just for a coffee, I can do that, does 1 in town work for you?” Sky told herself it was just a coffee and nothing more.

“I can make that work for you. I look forward to seeing you again Sky”

She put down her phone and mentally debriefed what just happened. She had told herself it was just a message to see if he was interested, but meeting for a coffee, was that what she wanted all along? She told herself repeatedly it was just coffee and nothing more. She finished her wine, went to bed and thought about the day ahead tomorrow.

The morning went just like any other. Work was boring, breakfast basic without Sean to cook it and the house quiet. The difference was each hour it got closer to 1pm the more nervous and excited she became. Just before 12 she went upstairs to get ready. She picked out some black tight jeans that she squeezed her big juicy arse into, white top to match and white thong and bra under. She did her make up, nothing too heavy, just the right amount for a casual meet, or so she told herself. Hair wavey and to the side, she was happy with how she looked. Her phone buzzed with a message from Bob.

“We still on for 1?” he wrote.

“We sure are, I’ll be leaving in 5 minutes” she coolly replied.

“See you soon” simple and to the point.

Sky got into her car, put on the radio and told herself over and over that all this was perfectly innocent, and she wasn’t doing anything wrong. The more she drove and the closer she got, the more excited she became. Her heart was beating out her chest as she pulled up to the coffee shop. She took a quick look at herself in the car mirror, fixed her hair and got out the car and entered the shop.

Sky looked around for Bob as she entered the shop, half remembering what he looked like. She clocked him sat in the corner staring at her smiling. In the light of day he was bigger built then she remembered, a big thick chest and arms with strong looking hands. Sky remembered them holding her waist. He had thick greying hair smartly styled and brushed over with a salt and pepper beard to match. He had almost piercing grey eyes that looked straight through her. Dressed smartly in a shirt and jeans, the term silver fox suited him, or maybe silver bear she thought. The main thing that appealed and clamed her, was he had a kind face.

As Sky approached the table he stood, smiled and held out his large hand, he was 6ft easy and dwarfed her 5’1 frame. Even with her killer curves he was massive compared to her. “I’m so glad to see you again” he said warmly “You look even better than I remember” drinking Sky in with his eyes, roaming over every inch of her body.

“You too Bob” she said taking his hand, enjoying how tiny hers felt in it. She took a seat and sat, not knowing what to say.

“I must say you look good enough to eat, your fiancé really is a lucky man” he confidently said.

“Your going to make me blush, but that you for the compliment. To be clear this is just coffee and he doesn’t know about this meet, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t say anything” she felt bad just saying it.

Bob just smiled warmly and looked at her “Just coffee”. He ordered a large cappuccino and a latte for Sky paying for both. “So, what made you message me out the blue? Not that I’m complaining.”

Sky mulled it over for a moment but before she knew it was answering him, she told him everything she had been feeling recently, hoping his experience in the scene would help her in some way. She told him about being ready to try more things but life and Sean’s work interfering, how she felt frustrated and guilty for seeming more ready than him to progress things, as she spoke she felt a weight being lifted from her shoulders.

Bob, ever the gentleman, sat and listened intently, sipping his coffee and nodding. Once Sky had finished her explanation, he took a moment to think. “Firstly, thank you for telling me all that, I can see how it can be conflicting. All I can say is its perfectly normal, you had a great experience so naturally you will feel frustrated you can’t move forward at the pace you want. I bet when you do get that chance your going to take it with both hands.”

Sky felt so much better. “I’m sorry for unloading like that, I’ve been holding it in and thought you would understand.”

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