School Spirit Mandate

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Susan and Jeff Jackson stood in front of their first house, not believing their luck. Right out of college Jeff got a job offer at a small manufacturing company outside of Philadelphia. Part of the offer was an extremely low-interest rate for a house so rather than rent for a while then finally bite the bullet, they were able to find a very nice house in one of the newer neighborhoods.

“I hope the neighbors are nice, “Sue said happily, “Everyone’s yard is perfect.” She admired the flowers, the flawless lawns feeling the anticipation of a happy life.

Jeff nodded, then picked up his wife and carried her to the front door, and after Susan unlocked and opened the door, he carried her across the threshold. “I should have planned that better,” he laughed, “I’m going to make sure the door is unlocked first with my next wife,” he groaned.

“You’d better, no way would your next wife be as light as I am. My next husband is going to have money so the butler will be opening the door,” she replied. “Plus, he’ll be able to carry me and my luggage.”

“You’re kidding, right? With all your muscle you’re a fucking load to carry,” he chuckled. “Shit, you should have carried me!” he said as he patted her firm ass.

Susan had worked her way to a sixth-degree black belt in taekwondo and worked out regularly. Jeff was right as Susan not only had quickness and flexibility but strength. Looking at her, you’d assume she was about 100 pounds, but with close to zero % body fat she weighed 115.

They were thrilled on meeting their neighbors, especially the ones on the west side. The couple, Cheryl and Tom, was a bit older with an 8-year-old kid named Jason and they found they had a lot in common. Over the years Susan and Cheryl got involved in many charitable events and soon were seen as a team within the community. Tom and Jeff had identical handicaps and became regulars on the local courses.

Since Susan and Jeff found they could not have kids, they became almost second parents to Jason who they came to love. He became a fixture at their house and it was not unusual for him to crash there overnight. He was a tiny kid, usually, the smallest in his class, and sadly was periodically bullied. That is until the 15-year-old Jason came home with a split lip. It was heartbreaking to see the small boy, not ever 5′ tall yet being tormented.

Susan was furious. Jason would not say a word who did this but the following day, she parked across from the school and watched as four senior boys surrounded Jason taking his book bag, then throwing it up a tree. She’s seen those boys before. They were three years older than Jason, and twice his weight. She got out and calmly walked over and told the boys they had one minute to climb the tree or…she patted a 4″ diameter dead branch above them…they’d be using this as a crutch.

The biggest boy laughed, “Shut up bitch, or when we’re done with you you’ll be the one having trouble walking, or at least not bow-legged,” he snorted. “Hell, a skinny cunt like you might just be a lot of fun. Shit! Let’s take the bitch behind the school and teach her some manners.”

Susan jumped, spun, and with a sweeping leg kick snapped the large diameter branch right off. Without missing a beat, she caught it, broke it in half across her knee, and studied the two parts. “I think this might just be right. You have 20 seconds now to decide,” she held out the pieces of the branch.

All four boys jumped up the tree and scrambled up to get the suspended book bag.

Susan looked at Jason, “These the boys that split your lip?” she asked. When the boy nodded she waited until all four were back down. She pointed to the lip, “Which one of you hit this boy?” She spun the branches in her hands menacingly.

They all looked nervously at each other, then the tallest stepped back, saying, “I did it, and I’m sorry,” he said quickly.

Susan stepped forward, “You have a choice. I could split your lip doing the same as I did to the branch, or one of your buddies can do it. Either way, you’ll be spitting blood…how much blood and whether there will be pieces of teeth is up to you.”

The taller boy stepped back again, “I said I was sorry, please don’t…” he pleaded, his voice cracking as tears filled his eyes.

“Oh, fuck it! It wouldn’t be much of a challenge,” Susan sighed. “Come on, Jason, I was on my way to Jerrod’s Ice Cream. Join me?” she said cheerfully. She tossed the branches onto the ground, “You know what? I can teach you how to do that. Let’s have some ice cream and we’ll get started.”

After that, the young boy was glued to Susan’s side. She kept her part of the bargain and trained him not that it was needed after word spread that Jason’s neighbor lady kicked a tree over.


“Sad,” Cheryl sighed, “We’re losing our kid in a few months. Can you believe he’s 18?” she said.

Susan nodded, “I never thanked you, I mean, Jeff and I can’t have kids and we thought about adopting but saw no need with your great kid,” She casino siteleri said, “I mean sharing him with us. I really love the kid.”

“I hope he wasn’t a pain,” Cheryl sighed, “I swear he’s been over here more than at home.”

“Susan laughed, “I needed someone to work out with and he’s great at helping out. He actually took out the trash yesterday morning before Jeff even got up. You raised a great kid.”

“We raised a great kid. Can you believe how much he grew this year? I think at the end of last year he was 5′ 2″. Now he’s 5′ 11″? I’ve been buying him jeans every three months,” she smiled. Cheryl paused, “I’m a bit worried though. He’s grown physically, but he’s still the smallest kid in his class, I mean inside. He hasn’t asked any girl to the prom.”

“You worry too much. He’s a great-looking kid. I’ll bet there are a few girls who’ll ask him. He’s shy, but he’s not dead. I’m sure some pretty young thing will hint around or just ask him,” Susan said hopefully. “He should ask me,” she laughed, “Just kidding. My senior year my parents were in a car accident, me in the back seat. Drunk driver swerved into us. I was in the hospital prom night. I had the most beautiful dress…still have it,” she sighed. “Anyhow, he’ll find a girl. I’m sure of it.”

Cheryl hugged her friend, “That’s sad. I’ll never forget my prom night,” she blushed, “It was…well, over quick. At least the first time. I thought it would last longer,” she chuckled. “I made sure of it the next 6 or 7 times,” she said softly.

Susan laughed, “At least I didn’t miss out on that,” she said, “I might have been a bit of a slut.”

“Looking back, I wish I have been. I mean marriage is great and all that, but those were the opportunities lost,” she sighed.

Jason stopped by later that afternoon. Jeff was sitting in the living room and Susan had just gotten back from a run and was heading up to shower when the boy walked in.

“Hey, Mr. Jackson, dad told me you got two eagles yesterday? I’ve never had even one,” he said as he gave the man a high-five. “Mrs. Jackson, you went for a run without me? I’m going to have to kick your ass tomorrow,” he laughed.

“You can try,” the tall brunette chuckled, “You’re getting better but maybe you just want to rest since you spend a lot of time on the mat downstairs,” she chuckled.

Jason sighed, “But last week I surprised you. I’ve been practicing.”

“You boys want anything for dinner? I can start after my shower,” Susan asked, “Your parents told me about the awards banquet tonight so you’ll be stuck with us,” she sighed.

“I told Ed I’d help him entertain a couple of his top clients at the downtown Marriott. I will most likely need to get a room, you know how Ed loves his martinis,” he chuckled.

“Got it, just Jason and me. Jason, you think about what you want and after my shower…” she trotted up the stairs.

“I agree,” Jeff smiled at the boy.

“What? Agree with what?” Jason took his eyes off that tight muscular ass to look at Mr. Jackson.

“She does have a great ass, great everything,” the man smiled “but I’m sure there are a ton of cute girls at your school with great bodies. I remember high school, so many great girls,” he said with a tone of wistfulness.

“I wouldn’t know,” the boy sighed. “I’ve never actually gone out with any.”

“What? Not my business, but you’re a good-looking kid, not that you should ask my opinion, but you are,” he said.

“I guess kids still see the smallest guy in the class. The girls just look right past me,” he sighed.

“Damn!” Jeff sighed, “Can I ask? Are you…?”

The boy blushed, “Does kissing count? I kissed a girl at the homecoming dance, or she kissed me,” he stammered.

“Holy crap! I guess we can drop it, I’m not trying to embarrass you,” he patted the boy’s leg.

Susan dried her hair considering for the umpteenth time whether it is worth it. She just had it trimmed, never cut her whole life. Jeff loved how it looked draped on her back down to her ass. She studied herself in the mirror. Vainly she flexed her abs seeing the clear definition, turning she did the same with her ass. All in all, she had changed little from the cheerleading days at Westfield High and State. Maybe a bit less body fat and her breasts had filled out a bit. She always felt a bit left out back in high school as the other cheerleaders had B, C, or D-cup breasts and she was stuck with As. But over the last decade or so she had developed nice firm Bs. She cupped her breasts admiring them. On the other hand, she’d always had nipples the other girls periodically jealously commented on, large, pink, and puffy when she got excited.

The two men looked up as Susan trotted down the stairs, her breasts bouncing enticingly. Jeff looked at the boy and winked, “Again, I agree,” he whispered.

Susan stopped and looked at the two, “What? There’s something conspiratorial going on,” she demanded.

Jeff laughed, “He’s a boy. He admired your ass going up the stairs and, well, we both were admiring the canlı casino front as well,” he chuckled.

Susan looked down at herself. She’d thrown on a tee-shirt and shorts over her bra and panties. Perhaps the tee was a bit tight, but it wasn’t see-through. She looked up, “If this is sexy then you boys both need a cold shower,” she groaned.

“I was his age once and a babe in a burlap sack would get my juices flowing,” he smiled. He looked at Jason, “Too bad Susan doesn’t still go to your school, she and a couple of the other cheerleaders had a, what was it called? The School Spirit Project?” he asked.

“Ok, let’s change the subject,” the brunette blushed, “Have you thought about what you want for dinner? I’m thinking since Mr. Jackson is being a jackass we take his credit card and do the town. What do you think?”

“Um, sure…what was The School Spirit Project?” the boy looked at each of the neighbors he’d grown up with. “It must be bad, I’ve never seen you so red,” he said softly.

Susan sighed, “School Spirit Mandate. Three of us girls on the cheerleading team were sort of between boyfriends…Christ! This is going to make you think I’m a slut,” she sat down across from the boy. “We were joking around how…um, certain needs weren’t being met,” she paused.

“Cock. The girls were whining they weren’t getting their daily dose of cock,” Jeff laughed. “Damn! I love it when she gets that flustered,” he chuckled, “Do you know this is a once-in-a-decade occurrence?”

Susan stuck her tongue out at her husband, “Ok, we were complaining we weren’t getting cock,” she blushed more, “so Lexi suggested we do something beneficial for the school and ourselves,” she said softly. “Raise school spirit one virgin at a time, ‘man date,’ get it?”

Jeff finished, “They found a boy in one of those clubs, I don’t know, chess, Latin, anyhow, they had him find out which boys were still virgins and he’d suggest to one of them, you know, ask Susan or another girl out on a date,” he chuckled. “They were not told that they’d be getting lucky just that the girl didn’t have a date that Saturday night, or whenever and was bored. It was always stressed it was a one-time thing and were sworn to tell no one what happened on the date. How many cherries did you take?” he asked.

Susan put her head in her hands, mumbling something.

Jeff laughed, “I might just get a room at the Marriott tonight as long as I’m there since otherwise, I’ll be sleeping here tonight,” he patted the couch.

“Shit! You should check their monthly rates,” she sighed, “Don’t think bad of me,” she said, “but there were about a dozen boys I dated.”

Jason looked stunned, “Wow! I mean, is that a lot?”

“For a high school girl, yeah!” Jeff said, “But it wasn’t as if she were a slut or anything, imagine how many lives she changed. I’d consider her for sainthood if I were religious,” he said. He looked at his wife, “I have always admired you for that. You have the biggest heart in the world and it’s the main reason I love you,” he smiled.

Jeff started to get up, “What do you plan on doing tonight?” he asked.

Susan thought a second, “Good time to watch our favorite movie,” she said looking at Jason, “Our boy here has never seen The Martian. How’s that sound?” she asked the boy.

“Great, but a movie without popcorn isn’t a movie,” he grinned.

Jeff laughed, “I agree, with extra butter. Crap, maybe I should stay.” He went over and kissed his wife, “Have fun tonight,” he said, “I’ll call you later to confirm whether I’ll be in any shape to drive.” He looked at his watch, “I’ll call no later than 11,” he sighed. “if I haven’t passed out by then.”

Susan was used to this. Ed Martin was a lush, and he made it tough on those with him to stay sober. “Go. I’ll have the bed to myself I assume,” she kissed her husband. “No macho shit trying to match him drink for drink,” she sighed.


After dinner, Susan started the movie, “It’s a fairly long movie so if you get tired, let me know and we’ll pick it up tomorrow night,” she said.

“I’m good,” he moved closer to her, “Is it ok if I just imagine this is a date?” he asked. He suddenly realized what he’d said, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean like you did with the unpopular boys in high school…I meant…never mind,” he stammered.

Susan laughed, “Damn! A hot guy like you? I’d love to have you as my date,” she patted the seat next to her on the couch. She leaned against the boy as he tentatively put his arm around her shoulder.

Jason felt the warmth of a woman next to him for the first time in his life and had a difficult time concentrating on the movie. He was stroking her shoulder and arm while watching wondering what would she do if he stroked her bare leg pressed against his. He kept having to fight the pulsing in his shorts aware of the feel and scent of the beautiful woman next to him.

Susan sensed the boy was looking at her, so she paused the movie, “You don’t seem to be watching,” she sighed, kaçak casino “Tired?”

“No. I like it, but…” he hesitated, “Perhaps I should sit over here,” he patted the far side of the couch.

“Why? I’m sorry if I’m crowding you, sure. We can do that, I feel bad, I like to snuggle against a man,” she sighed.

Jason felt a rush, “It’s not that, I guess I like it too much,” he said softly.

Susan chuckled and looked at the boy’s lap, “I can see that. Tell me you’ve snuggled up with a cute girl before,” she looked at the boy who shook his head.

“I um, haven’t been very lucky in that department,” he sighed.

“Aren’t there girls at your school you like?” she asked.

“Sure. I asked a couple of girls out on dates, but…” he trailed off.

“But, they said no?” she asked.

“In a way. One gave me a blank look, walked away, and before the end of the day, everyone was talking about how I had the nerve to ask Stacy Ryan out,” he said sadly, “Then another just said, ‘As if!’ and laughed as she joined her friends. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t have asked the cutest girls in my class out.”

“Wow! Ok, then the opposite of how we were with the less popular kids. and that is just plain rude,” she sighed. She looked at the boy, “You’re a great kid, great-looking and bright. Any girl would be so lucky to have you as a boyfriend.” She said softly. He was a good-looking guy, perhaps skinny, but she saw the potential, but at 5′ 11″ 122 pounds he was fairly gawky…not exactly one of the hotties at his school.

Jason chuckled, “And here I am on a Friday night, sitting at what is pretty much my second home,” he said sadly.

“With your second mother. That does suck,” she sighed.

The boy snorted, “I quit looking at you as a second mother some time ago,” he said, “Let’s get back to the movie. I still can’t believe they won’t tell the crew!” he said.

Susan turned to face the boy, “I need you to be honest with me. How do you look at me?” she asked.

The boy blushed, “I think we should drop it, I never should have said anything.” He shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

“Oh! Like that. Wow! I never considered that,” she said softly. “I’m flattered. I am a lot older than the girls at your school and I never thought you considered me more than a…babysitter or another mom,” she said.

“I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship,” he said, “I’d hate for you to feel uncomfortable around me, but it’s just that you’re so beautiful and, um…sexy,” he said.

Susan thought a minute then looked at her hands then back at the boy, “How much have you done with girls?” she asked. Then she sat up, “forget it. You don’t have to tell me,” she paused, “It’s none of my business. I feel we crossed a line somewhere.”

Jason looked down, “I kissed a girl once,” he sighed. “That’s it.”

Susan lifted the boy’s chin, “That’s absurd. Was it just a kiss, not, you know, not a french kiss?” When he shook his head, she smiled, “Would you like to?” she asked softly.

Jason nodded feeling a rush through his stomach and was taken aback as Mrs. Jackson leaned over and kissed him. It was not like she’d done many times before, the quick peck on the lips, but this was with pressure, tenderly sucking on his lower lip, then gently nibbling before opening her mouth. He felt an instant throbbing in his crotch as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. This is what french-kissing is, he thought as her tongue gently played with his. He stifled a low moan as their mouths opened more.

Susan planned on giving him a taste of a good kiss but she felt something inside as the boy shifted himself pressing more of his body against hers as they locked mouths. At first, his hands just were on her shoulders but then began stroking her back while pulling her closer. She was surprised how much into this she became and was aware of how aroused the boy was. Any previous thoughts they’d stop were fading as his passion was infectious. Ok, not just his passion. She’d not felt like this in 10 years. She let out a soft moan as he untucked her tee and slid his hands under it, stroking her back.

Jason felt her smooth skin, her muscles flexing as she pressed herself against him. He slid his hands over the bra strap aware of what was right there on her front. He never felt his cock so hard before as it angrily throbbed in his pants. He tried to lift his leg to hide the tent but gave up.

The boy might be skinny, but his hands felt strong as he explored her back. She had the sudden image of Jeff or Cheryl walking in and stopped kissing the boy. She sighed loudly, “Wow! You don’t need any tips on how to kiss a woman or make her feel wanted,” she smiled. She looked at the boy’s crotch, “I feel bad but I’m almost your mother and, well…this might be inappropriate to do anything more.”

Jason nodded, “I get it. I should splash cold water on my face,” he said sadly. He started to get up but the woman’s strong hand on his upper thigh stopped him.

“Screw it. I’ll take care of it, “she said softly, “You can never tell anyone…ever,” she said firmly. Susan slid onto the floor, undid his pants, and pulled them off as he lifted his hips. She smiled as the hard member popped free, ‘Not everything on the boy is skinny,’ she thought happily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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