One Queen and Two Jacks

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Leia shuffled the cards again. She hadn’t expected to enjoy this party. Maria was not usually known for her social skills. To be blunt, some of her friends were just weird.

However, tonight had been different. Leia wasn’t sure why, but there were plenty of nice looking guys there. Unusually these events were all girls complaining about their lack of a boyfriend.

Leia had noticed a poker table early on and had invited herself to play. She wasn’t exactly looking for a new boyfriend anyway. Her last relationship had been a disaster, which was one reason she’d been hanging out with Maria and some of the other girls around campus.

Her entry into the game had raised a few eyebrows from the guys. College guys weren’t known for their open-mindedness when it came to historically male activities, and this group was no different. Sure, she was allowed to get into the game because she was attractive. Leia knew that she had a nice figure, long legs and large round breasts that were only covered in a tank top tonight.

However, in the first three hands, she’d managed to clean up. In the first hand, the two cockiest guys, who had been drinking heavily, bid heavily on their hands. She could see they were bluffing. The one had an easy tell; the other sweat so hard that it was running off his face. She’d taken three dollars from each of them and their pride to boot.

The second hand had gone much the same with two other guys, both of them with pretty good hands from what she could tell, bid up the hand. She was sitting on a straight and acted confused for a few seconds. That move made them fast to bid and show Leia up. Yet it didn’t work that way. Their hands, three of a kind and two pair, went down and so did their stacks of chips.

Leia had a big stack of chips and cash now, and another guy had tried the same sort of stunts, but she’d ignored his obvious attempts to pretend he had a good hand. She called before he could go all in and left him a few chips.

After that third hand, the game settled down. Everyone seemed to accept that this girl was an okay player and went back to playing without the posturing. Leia was surprised by the expertise of a couple of the guys. They hadn’t come across as skilled in the first hands, but as the group played on, she began to notice their abilities.

As with most of Maria’s parties, guests began to leave early. The poker game dwindled to three players by around 11pm. Leia and two of the better players were still there. Maria was nowhere to be seen, and the room was quiet. “No reason to stop,” said Ted, the dark-haired guy with the easy grin. “I don’t see anyone to tell us to leave.”

Leia nodded. This was the most fun she’d had in ages.

The other guy who had identified himself as John earlier in the evening said, “I’m in, though I’ve only got three chips left. I’ll be done before midnight.” He started to stand up, knowing he’d be out of the game.

Leia looked at them and grinned. While she wasn’t in the mood for dating, she had no objection to some naked fun. “We could play for clothing,” she suggested.

“Strip poker?” Ted asked. He looked a little nervous about the prospect, but John sat back down and tapped the table for Leia to deal.

Leia dealt the first hand. She was pretty confident about these two, but she didn’t take the offered drink from Ted. She wanted her wits about her for this match. She picked up her cards; she had nothing. Four suits and five different cards. Ted smiled at his cards, which was not a good sign. John was pensive, studying them intently. Ted took two cards, Leia took three and John didn’t take any at all.

Leia wasn’t sure what to make of that, but she found out a few minutes later, when John showed a straight flush. The agreement had been that worst hand lost a piece of clothing. The guys had wanted to pick the person to remove an item of clothing, but given the odds, Leia had vetoed that idea. They could have ganged up on her in bakırköy escort a matter of a few rounds.

John gave Leia a smile and hitched his thumb. She smiled back and shucked off her tank top. She didn’t have any problem in showing her bra, and the game went on. The next hand was kinder to her, and she had another straight. This time, Ted had been the one with a pair of two. He seemed somewhat nervous tugging off his shirt, but Leia didn’t see why. He had a great build, round pecs, a flat stomach and that tantalizing trail of hair down into his pants.

Ted had a run of bad luck, and his shoes and socks came off quickly. John had won the same number of hands as Leia, and she looked at him with a new respect. Maybe he’d been trying to snow her by playing poorly before, but Leia didn’t see why he would have. He couldn’t have known that the evening would end like this.

On the next hand, Ted finally pulled out four of a kind, and it was John’s turn to disrobe. He hadn’t been affected at all yet, and the anticipation had been building with Leia to see his body. He stood up and pulled his shirt over his head. He was definitely giving a show here. As the shirt rose, Leia could see why. John’s abs were ripped, a solid eight-pack and his chest was firm and muscled with a dusting of hair over it.

He sat back down and dealt the next hand.

Leia lost that one and John lost the next two. She was in her panties and bra by this time, and both men were wearing pants and whatever was beneath that. Leia dealt and tried not to show her pleasure at her hand, a flush. The betting went fast and soon she was laying down her cards. Ted had a pair of aces, but it was still the lowest hand. He stood up, unfastened his pants and pulled them down. He sat down quickly, but he hadn’t been fast enough to hide the fact that he was bone hard. The head of his dick was poking out of the waistband of his shorts. John snickered, but didn’t speak. Ted reddened as he picked up the cards to deal.

Leia lost the next hand, and her bra came off. John was looking smug since he was the only one with pants on, but he lost the next hand. He stood again and unbuttoned the front of his pants. He slowly undid the zipper and pulled down the pants. John wasn’t wearing any underwear, but the action released his hard dick which now stood rigid in front of him. Leia could understand why John was proud of what he had. It had to be at least 8.5 inches and thick.

Ted smiled. “Guess that means you’ve lost.”

John looked at him. “Not yet. I was going to suggest one more hand. Leia wins, she gets what she wants. I win, I get what I want.” He cocked his head in the direction of Maria’s spare bedroom.”

“And if I win?” Ted asked.

“Is that likely to happen?” John smirked. “You can have what you want, provided it’s not me.”

Ted rolled his eyes. “No worries there, bro.”

Leia agreed to the game. Ted dealt the cards and they all bet. No one wanted to go out this round since folding meant you were at the mercy of the other players. Leia felt confident though as she’d been dealt a full house with kings over queens. John called, and the three players showed their cards. Ted had two pair, John had a flush, and Leia had won.

“First things first,” Leia said. “Ted, you lost, so the underwear comes off.”

Ted stood up and pulled down his underwear. He acted shy, but he had no reason to be. He wasn’t as big as John but he was still well above average. He stood there for a minute and then began to collect his clothes.

“Where are you going?” Leia asked, feeling a bit annoyed.

“I figured it was going to be you and John, so I was going to leave.”

Leia shook her head. During the hand, especially once it looked like she might win, she’d decided to have both of them. It had been months since she’d had sex, but a one-on-one encountered felt too much like dating. She still wasn’t ready for that. So having both beşiktaş escort men would get her off, and not feel like anything serious.

“All three of us are going into the bedroom – now,” she said. She gave Ted a little push in the direction of the room, but John was already standing in the doorway. Leia came into the room last and closed the door. No reason to be interrupted now.

Once in the room, Ted and John just stood there. Leia saw that she would have to take charge of the situation. She didn’t have any experience in this sort of thing, but she did have the desire. Plus she’d won the bet. Besides, she was already wet. The juices between her legs were dripping down her thighs and making her think of all that could be done tonight.

She decided to start with Ted, who seemed a little insecure. She walked over to him slowly. As she approached, his grin grew. He took a step towards her and pulled her into a hug. He was warm, and she could feel the heat radiate off his body against hers. She looked up at him, and he drew her into a kiss. She was surprised at his forthrightness in the bedroom. He’d been hesitant during the game, ready to leave without waiting for Leia to make her choice.

Now he pushed his tongue into her mouth and found her tongue which he caressed with his own. He moaned as he pressed his body and dick against her. Leia could feel the sliminess of his member as it move against her. She was wet and ready though Ted had not made any moves yet to touch her there.

Leia felt a warmth against her back and turned slightly, breaking the kiss. John was behind her now, rubbing himself against her. His mouth was on hers, and he sucked on her tongue, bringing it against her own.

His hand were busier. John slid his thumbs under the waistband of her panties. She gasped as he pulled them down with a swift tug. She now felt Ted against her in the front while John was behind her. John broke the kiss off to ask.

“Who is going to prime you for what happens next?”

He took her delay in responding for an acceptance, and he was on his knees in seconds. He shifted her hips so that she was perched over his face. John began licking the insides of her thighs. The sensation brought goose pimples to her flesh. She turned to face Ted again, and he kissed her again. This was more a battle than the earlier caresses, a passion that had clearly conquered any insecurities. He shifted so that there was no question about being too close to John, but the kissing continued. He broke it off again to trace down her cheek and neck. When he lapped at her collarbone, he moved his hands up to explore her breasts. His gentle motions were like feathers against her nipples and each brush over the areola made her shiver with desire.

John was continuing to nip and bite between her thighs. Leia knew what was going to happen, but the anticipation was more than she could stand. John finally moved so that he was at her opening, and his tongue ran lightly across it, teasing her more. Leia breathed raggedly, almost panting with the desire for the two men.

He slid his tongue into her. He pushed deep inside of her, making her even wetter as he wiggled it. The movements touched her pleasure zones, and a small whimper escaped. John pulled his tongue out long enough to laugh at the sound – and the notion that he’d brought her to this already.

Replacing the tongue with two fingers, John entered her again. His fingers were thick, and they filled her. John pushed as far as he could into her and then brought them out again. He started a slow rhythm but sped up. The sound of the fingers pushing into her and the moans she emitted were the only noises in the room.

She looked down to see John grab and pull Ted’s arm. The other man went down on his knees, and John let Ted take over between her legs. Ted only waited a minute or two to add a third finger into her. Leia was so full now that she had trouble focusing beylikdüzü escort as John stood and moved in close to her. He pressed his lips against hers, and she could taste her own juices on her lips. She found his tongue and began to lick it clean. She wanted to taste herself.

Ted now stood too; he was close enough that his member slid between her legs and stayed there. Its heat made her start to leak her juices again. John looked at them and grinned. He stepped a few paces away and slapped Ted on the ass. “Fuck her, dude. Ride her.”

Ted leaned her over the bed, so that Leia’s hands were pressed down on the bedspread. She could feel him spread her legs. He pressed against her opening, and then slowly slid in. She was anxious to feel him push into her, but he moved slowly, methodically into her, inch by inch. When he was in fully, he pulled out at the same speed. Then he began to hurry the pace. He drove into her, pushing in until his balls slapped against her and then pulled out.

John moved around in front of her, and Leia took him in her mouth. She licked at the big dick, sucking on its head, but she couldn’t give it her all with Ted inside of her. Ted continued the thrusts and Leia could hear the groans behind her. He had to be getting close.

In a moment, she could feel the spasms inside of her. Ted was grunting as he pushed deep into her. He stopped after a moment. Leia hadn’t noticed that John had climbed off the bed and had moved around behind her.

She started to move back into the same position but John gently took her and turned her around. He walked her to the edge of the bed, and Leia sat down on the corner of the mattress. John lifted her legs in the air, so that she lay back on the mattress.

He smiled at her. She wondered where Ted was, but she didn’t look around to see him. John pulled her closer to him and bent down enough so that the head of his dick touched against her opening. She was still engorged and ready from her encounter with Ted. She wanted to be filled and to climax. She needed the release. He ran his member back and forth over her opening, teasing her with the knowledge of what was to come.

John was bigger than Ted. She could feel it as he slid into her. Leia didn’t know if it was because she’d already been entered or if it was just John’s style, but he didn’t start slow with her. In seconds, he was pumping her as hard as he could. The girth of his member rubbed against her pleasure spots with each motion.

She looked over John’s shoulder and saw Ted stroking himself. The action only made her hotter, the thought that all three of them would climax at once was more than she could stand. She gave him a smile and then put her rested back against the mattress again.

John was a piston, pumping into her time and again. He was relentless, and he didn’t speak or kiss her while they went at it. Leia had no pretensions about what this was.

John pushed deep into her again, and Leia felt the heat well up inside of her. She was going to climax. The sensation hit her without warning, flooding her senses with a blinding light and filling her with gentle warmth. John continued his pace while she orgasmed, riding her through the bliss. She just laid there and enjoyed the feelings. She’d needed a release.

John grunted, and she opened her eyes. He fisted the bedspread as he came inside of her. The pleasure flooded his face, and he looked like he’d won the lottery. The beads of sweat fell from his forehead and landed on her breasts. She moved in time with him, giving him the same continuing motions while he finished off.

From the corner of her eye, Leia could see Ted who was pushing his dick into his fist. He bent forward. Leia could see thick milky ropes ooze from his fingers. She smiled that they’d all enjoyed themselves.

John and Ted went to the bathroom to clean up. Ted brought her back a washcloth as well as her clothes. He dressed quickly. John seemed to be in no hurry to dress. “Pretty good cards you had tonight, Leia. Luck must be a lady.”

She laughed. “You go ahead and tell yourself that. My dad, who plays Texas Hold-em in Vegas, might want to disagree with you on that.”

Dressing quickly, she kissed both of them before heading out the door.

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