Nothing Compares to You Pt. 04

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Summer Of 93′

Nothing Compares To You

Part IV

Continuing my memoirs of an amazing Summer when I was 28 years old. Completely ensconced as a Throuple, we now have a fourth for the weekend!


I woke at 5:15am, Natalie and Maggi were both still sleeping under the covers, still holding one another. They looked so beautiful together. I kissed each of them on the cheek.

I ran out to the swim spa and started my workout, 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes all out swim, then 5 minute warm down, then to the garage. I had a chin-up bar out there. 15 chin-ups, 15 pull-ups then, then inversion boots (devises that strap to your lower legs with steel hooks allowing you to hang upside down on a cross bar). The work out on my abs was incredible.

After my crunches I would just hang, letting my whole body decompress, it felt great especially on my back.

While hanging there, Maggi came out to the garage wearing her silk robe and slippers.

She said, “What a sight, I was looking for you everywhere.”

“Here working out,” I answered.

Maggi exclaimed, “I was worried Peter, (Maggi always called me Peter when she’s serious, angry or scared) I couldn’t find you, look at me I’m shaking.”

She came over to me and hugged my inverted naked body, I thought I must look like a slaughtered animal hanging in an old fashioned butcher shop. The front of her robe parted, low and behold there was Maggi’s silky jet black bush, the furry beauty that was her pussy. It was beautiful, her inner lips were long and protruded about an inch or more, her clit was pronounced and visible, I could smell her scent.

Maggi noticed that my mouth was right at pussy level, laughing she said, “Are you going to kiss me Good Morning?”

I reached around grabbing her firm ass and pulled my face into her pussy, I kissed and licked her lovingly and said, “Good Morning my lovely wife, Good Morning my beautiful pussy.”

“You’re going to make me cum Pete, we have to stop, your beautiful pussy is getting waxed today; I remember why I came out here, get down Pete.”

After flipping up and off my chin-up bar Maggie laid out The Plan Of The Day.

Maggi said, “Natalie and I are going out for breakfast, do you want to join us?”

“No, I need to run at least two miles, then I have to mow the yard and wash The F-150 (My 13 y/o Ford F-150) in that order.” I replied.

“Good, but you have to be done in time to pick up Donna at Noon and bring her back here, she’s bringing Danny’s massage table over, we’re going to use it for the waxing,” Maggi instructed me.

“Sure, no trouble.”

“Natalie and I will have lunch set up for the four of us, ok?”

Maggi has spoken.

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied.

The morning progressed and I got everything I needed to get done, done. Looked at the time, I was a couple of minutes behind schedule. No time for a shower, jumped in and out of the pool then rinsed with the hose.

Arriving at Donna’s place (about 20 minutes from our house) I realized I made up time and was 15 minutes early.


It had been bostancı escort about 8 weeks since I saw Donna and Danny. They were very close friends that we knew intimately for about 18 months. I met Donna at my old job a year before that, I was her boss and she developed a strong attraction towards me. We got to know each other while working together as she always tried to engage me in conversation and subtly flirt with me.

One afternoon I was noticeably upset sitting in my office, she came in and intuitively saw that I was having marriage problems with Maggi. She asked to sit and have a private conversation, I invited her in and closed the door.

Donna was right in tune to the situation without me saying a word. Maggi and I had been married a little less than two years and just moved into our beautiful new home in an equestrian village of Odessa, Fl. We had stopped having sex, we were fighting over everything and had lost touch with all our old friends. We were isolated and unhappy.

Donna explained that the same thing happened to her and her husband Danny, they fixed it by making friends with another couple and started sharing their sex lives after becoming very good friends.

I told Donna that before we got married Maggi and I were pretty open to trying new things and had a few couple encounters that were very fulfilling.

After several double dates with Donna and Danny, Maggi and I felt very comfortable with them as well as physically attracted. The four of us felt comfortable enough together, that we set up a day for exploring our feelings sexually. The day started out at the beach and ended at our home. The day turned into a wonderful weekend, Maggi and I were out of our funk. We opened up to one another again; we started relieving the stress of home ownership and job insecurity together, with a little help from our very close friends Donna and Danny.


Back at Donna’s house.

I knocked on Donna’s door, all I heard was “C’mon in, open.”

I let myself in, “High Donna, it’s me Pete.”

“You’re early, C’Mon back,” Donna yelled.

Walking back I was surprised at how quiet the house seemed, Donna and Danny had three children (6, 8, I felt her smooth skin and her beautiful curves.

“God Pete, you make me melt,” Donna said as she pushed me to her bed.

Now on top of me with her “D” cup boobs hanging she held me down, kissed me again and said, “I masturbated twice last night just thinking about seeing you, it’s been so long Pete, even Danny noticed I was missing you.”

“Really, Danny noticed?”

She said, “Pete, he knows I have a major crush on you, hell Pete, I’ll just say it, I’m in love with you. – Don’t worry Pete, I still love my husband and I know you love Maggi, I love her too, it’s just we need to see each other more often, now that we don’t work together my heart just hurts sometimes.”

I grabbed her and rolled on top of her. I kissed her as I reached to pull down my shorts, I pulled my shirt off and stood up to get my shorts off my feet. Donna slid further up sancaktepe escort in the bed putting pillows under her butt and behind her head.

Donna sat up looking at me and said, “Damn Pete, you look like a statue of a Greek god.”

She spread her legs and bent her knees, reaching down, rubbing her clit.

“C’mere,” she said and motioned for my cock.

She grabbed me and put my cock in her mouth, taking all of my 7 inches, aggressively licking and sucking me.

Pulling me out of her mouth she said, “I’m so wet Pete, I cant wait any longer.”

I moved on top of her as I thrust my cock, she guided me with her hand, my cock slid right in, she wasn’t just wet she was soaking wet.

The first time Donna and I were in bed together she told me “Three babies came out down there, I’m not a virgin.”

Her Pussy was beautiful but she certainly was not a virgin. I fucked her hard and she begged for more. I could tell she wanted me to fuck her like I just got off the ship after a 6 month deployment. I lifted my upper body and slammed her with every thrust, each thrust made a slapping sound.

Donna looked up at me saying, “Pete, I can’t hold out I’m going to cum, Pete, you’re awesome!”

I sped up just a little and I could feel her pussy clenching, she made gasping noises as she pulled both legs back.

My build up was complete and I released my load, pressing deep into her pussy as she laid her head back, Donna’s neck and chest were red and her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. I lay on top of her as she held me tight.

Donna said, “Whenever Danny goes out of town with the rest of the family you need to stop by every day!”

I said, “You could always come by my house, it’s been a while, doesn’t Danny miss Maggi?”

Donna replied, “Miss her he talks about her all the time, she’s 10 years younger then he is, tall and beautiful like a super model and he gets to make love to her, yea you could say he misses her.”

We got dressed and went back to the business at hand.

I had my truck backed up to the garage so I could put the table in and go, I was out there and picked up the table, “This thing is heavy,” I thought as I lifted it over my head to put in my truck.

Donna locked her front door and yelled, “Pete oh my god, you’re going to hurt yourself, put that table down!”

I put it down and asked, “We’re taking this to my house, right?”

“Pete, oh my god, no, that’s a permanent table for an office, it took two men to bring it in here, we’re taking the portable table,” Donna explained.

I put the table back and Donna showed me the portable table, I grabbed it, put it in the truck and we headed home.

“No wonder that thing was so damn heavy,” I thought to myself.

On the drive to my house Donna slid over to my side of the bench seat and laid her head on my arm. She told me that Danny, and the 3 children were in Key West snorkeling. Sounded pretty fun, I thought.

We got home and I parked the truck in the garage, closed the garage door as Maggi came into the zeytinburnu escort garage from the house and said, “Lunch is ready, you guys are running late.”

Maggi and Natalie were wearing bikini bottoms and nothing else, I raised an eyebrow.

Maggi looked me and said “Oh this, we were out back swimming and sunning.”

Natalie added, “And other things.”

Once inside Maggi and Donna kissed deeply, then Donna and Natalie kissed deeply. I kissed Maggi, she smiled at me, pinched my butt hard then winked at me.

Donna excused herself saying, “I’m going to wash my hands before we eat.”

Natalie said, “Pete what did you do to her?”

Maggi said, “Shit Pete you weren’t gone that long.”

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” I said as I sat down.

Natalie leaned over to kiss me and said, “Pete, you rocked her world.”

Maggi told me, “I called Donna and told her you were coming over but didn’t have time to shower, she said she hoped she could get you in the shower with her and that she was so horny with Danny being out of town, she masturbated twice last night because she was so excited, she said she wouldn’t be able to control herself. I told her I’m sure you would love to have some fun before you came back here.”

Maggi and Nat were giggling like school girls.

Donna came inand sat at the table, everyone smiling as Maggi handed out the miniature deli sandwiches and little fruit tarts. We were all enjoying our lunch getting caught up when the subject of the bikini waxing came up.

Maggi was worried about the pain; Donna explained that there was some but that she was very good at doing it with very little discomfort and the results would be worth it.

I really wanted to watch but my bicycle was waiting and so was the beach; besides I wasn’t sure they wanted me around, this was kind of a girls thing, and I sure as hell did not want to get my balls waxed.

Maggi, Donna and Natalie had several encounters together, both Natalie and Maggi agreed that Donna was the best there was at eating pussy, I’m sure they were looking forward to spending time together.

I stood up and said, “I’ll get the table set up, just show me where, then I am taking my bicycle to the beach, I want to get in at least 30 miles.”

Nat said, “I’ll show you Pete.”

Natalie showed me where to put the table in the guest bedroom suite, this room had the best lighting in the entire house.

She came out to the garage with me, once we were out of sight in the garage she threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply then said, “I just wanted to be alone with you, I love you Pete, I missed you this morning.”

I kissed her again and said, “Sorry Nat, I kissed you goodbye but you were sleeping.”

I brushed her long blond hair, kissed her again and told her, “Natalie, you’re my angel.”

I went inside to say I was leaving and told them I want a good accounting of the pussy waxing, “Details” I said.

Maggi and Donna both kissed me goodbye and I left to hit the beach.

I backed my truck out of the garage, Natalie walked out (still topless) and kissed me through the window and waved as I left. My neighbor Dave was getting his mail and saw the entire thing, he waved as I drove by and gave me the “Thumbs Up” sign.

“This will haunt me later, he’s going to tell the entire neighborhood,” I thought to myself.

End of Part IV

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