Making Love to Mahler

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This story is meant to be read while listening to a particular piece of music, Mahler’s Symphony No.2 “The Resurrection”. It would be nice to think that readers streamed it from their music service of choice and did that. It is freely available across the internet.

Making Love To Mahler.

Allegro Maestoso.

When the lightning first lit the sky, Summer stopped what she was doing and looked out of the window and waited. She counted silently, one … two … three … four. Then it came, not so much a crash but a low rumble that built to a crescendo. It echoed between the surrounding hills. She loved thunderstorms, their power and frightening beauty. She felt the thunder viscerally through her body. The storm was close. She knew it was on its way, almost constant rain had been threatening to grow into something bigger all afternoon and now the world was beginning to darken an hour earlier than usual. She watched the heavy clouds roll across the dark sky. Then the inevitable happened, the power went and she was plunged into darkness.

She let her eyes slowly adjust before walking across the kitchen to the drawer where she kept her torch. This was a regular occurrence and she was always prepared. She switched on the torch and went to find her oil lamps. No point in complaining or getting upset, they would do what they could, and power would be restored soon enough. It was out of her hands. She walked into the living room to the cupboard next to the front door where she kept her lamps. On the way she stopped by the window and started to draw the curtains. Something, she wasn’t sure what, caught her eye. A movement, a change in the familiar scene. She glimpsed it again by the gate. She switched off the torch trying to see better and peered through the glass. Again something moved. Definitely not some litter blown in the wind but it was hard to make out through the gloom and the pouring rain. Whatever it was moved closer coming in through the gate into the yard. A stray animal? No, a person. A person pushing a bicycle. It was by now too dark to make out much more than that.

Summer watched as the person made their way to the barn just inside the gate. She wondered who it might be. She had a few friends locally that might come and visit on a bike but not on a night like this. Moorland folk knew when to stay indoors. She watched as the person cautiously made their way to the open door of the barn. Summer cursed herself for not getting it together sooner to mend the door which was now propped up just inside having come off its rusty hinges a few weeks ago. With a final look round the intruder disappeared inside.

Summer sat down on the window seat. She could still just about make out the shape of the barn and the dark hole where the door should be. Another sudden flash of lightning made her jump and lit up the familiar view. There was no sign of anything strange or new. Out of habit she counted the seconds to the thunderclap. The storm was getting closer and it seemed that the rain was even more intense. For a while she sat still looking into the dark wondering what she should do. She reached over and picked up the phone and put it to her ear. As she expected, no dialling tone.

Slowly she went through her options. She couldn’t think that anyone could wish her harm personally and it was a very strange burglar that came on a bike. They’d made no attempt to come to the house so it was definitely a stranger. But it seemed from their actions that it was a stranger that posed no threat. Thoughts of weary and rain-soaked travellers seeking shelter from the storm flashed across her mind. It was a better choice than a stray mad axeman. She smiled to herself. Only one way to find out and that was to go out there and have a look. How did the phrase go? “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

She finished closing the curtain and grabbed the two oil lamps from their hook in the cupboard. Once she had them lit and put on the kitchen table things seemed much brighter. She pulled on her waterproof jacket and wellies and took a firm grip on her torch. She hefted it in her hand. It was comfortingly tough and heavy. Taking a deep breath she opened the front door and was immediately hit by the wind and rain. She stepped outside and closed the door firmly behind her. Without switching her torch on she walked across the yard to the barn. Once there she was sheltered from the worst of the wind and rain and she stopped just outside the gaping door and listened carefully. Despite the rain and wind she could make out the sound of movement and then, suddenly, a muffled voice. “Oh shit.” What surprised Summer the most was that it was a woman’s voice. She suddenly felt less nervous. Taking a deep breath she switched on her torch and stepped into the doorway and shone it around the barn. The beam caught the pale and frightened face of a woman in her late twenties who jumped at Summer’s sudden entrance and instinctively put her hands in the casino şirketleri air, a look of terror on her ashen face.

“Oh fuck. I’m sorry …” and her voiced tailed off.

Summer quickly realised that the woman had no idea who or what was behind the torch.

In as gentle a voice as she could manage she tried to calm the woman down. “It’s ok, I was just wondering who was sneaking into my barn. It’s a really shit night out,” she added trying to calm her down.

To emphasise her point another bolt of lightning struck followed almost immediately by a very loud burst of thunder.

“Must be nearly overhead,” Summer said.

She lowered the beam of the torch so that it didn’t shine directly into the woman’s eyes. She could see a bicycle leaning up against some hay bales behind the woman fully laden with panniers one of which was gaping open. There was a bag of what appeared to be clothes at her feet. A waterproof jacket was draped over a couple of hay bales still slowly dripping onto the floor. Summer flashed the torch beam back to the woman. She was wearing a dark t-shirt and what appeared to be black waterproof over-trousers. Her hair was a windswept rain-sodden mess. Summer moved slowly sideways and sat on a straw bale. The woman gradually relaxed as any threat diminished.

“So, what brings you a-visiting on a night like this?” asked Summer.

“I got lost”, came the pathetic voice in reply.

“But why were you even out there, today of all days?”

“I’m trying to be on holiday. But to be honest I don’t really know. I must be crazy.”

“So you thought a nice pleasant bike ride across the moors in a thunderstorm was a good idea?”

“Dumb or what,” replied the girl.

“Hey we all do mad things at times.”

“Look, I’m sorry about trespassing in your barn. The house was pitch black and I thought no one was at home. I’ll pack up and move on.”

“The house is dark because we have our usual power cut. It happens all the time up here. And as for moving on don’t be daft. Where else are you going to go?”

“I could find a B&B I suppose,” she replied mournfully.

“Great idea. Another five miles in this,” Summer swept her arm towards the doorway, “and anyway Molly’s shut for the winter.” She let that slowly sink in before she continued, “You hungry?”

The woman looked bemused.

“I ride a bike and it always makes me hungry. I have a pot of stew on the stove and my kettle’s always on.”

“It’s ok honestly, I’ll be alright. If I can just stay in here overnight.”

“Don’t be daft, I’ll enjoy the company for dinner. There’s plenty to go round. Just grab what you need and follow me.”

Summer stood up and went to stand by the door of the barn. If anything the rain was even heavier than before. The woman seemed to hesitate for a moment before grabbing her jacket from where it was draped over the bales and picking up the bag in front of her. She walked shyly towards the door. Summer led the way as they both scurried across the yard to the front door. The welcoming light of the oil lamps greeted them as Summer opened the door and ushered the woman inside. Summer closed the door and kicked off her wellies and hung her jacket in the cupboard before turning to the woman. She reached out and grabbed the jacket from the woman who stood statue-like just inside the door.

“This will need drying out before …” Summer stopped as she felt the inside of the jacket. “Oh dear the rain’s gone right through this. Are you soaked everywhere?”

“Just about,” she replied, hanging her head.

Summer pointed at the bag lying at her feet. “Do you have dry stuff in there?”

The woman looked close to bursting into tears as she confessed, “Not really. The rain got in there as well. Everything’s soaked.” She choked back a sob.

“It’s not the end of the world. First come into the kitchen, I’ve got the fire on in there.”

She led the way and the woman followed obediently behind. Summer opened the door of the range and poked the coals until they burnt red. She hung the coat over the back of a chair and then beckoned to the woman to come closer to the fire.

“Warm yourself up for a moment. I’ll be right back. Wait here.”

The woman watched with confusion as Summer turned on her heels and left the room.

In her bedroom Summer rummaged through her chest of drawers looking for some spare warm clothing. Her visitor seemed about the same height as her but a little smaller. She found a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a warm jumper. She wondered about underwear but felt it might be too intimate, but she did dig out a pair of long thick socks. She grabbed a large towel from the airing cupboard and went back to the kitchen. The woman was standing huddled next to the fire. Summer put the bundle of clothes on the kitchen table.

“There’s a change of clothing for you,” she said, “nothing fancy but they’re clean and dry.”

She looked the woman up and casino firmaları down.

“They may be a bit big but no harm in that,” she said with a smile.

Her visitor returned the smile. She was a few years younger, but it was difficult to be certain how many. Five, maybe ten and despite her bedraggled state was quite pretty. Despite herself Summer felt a slight and unfamiliar hint of lust begin to grow. She quickly thrust the feeling aside and strode to the stove and lifted the lid on the large pot that sat on top. Then she picked up the kettle and filled it from the tap and placed that next to the pot.

“Hot drink first I think,” she said and sat down in a bentwood rocking chair next to the fire. “I should get out of those wet things before you catch your death. Oh, hang on.”

She got up again and went to a large cupboard and dragged out a folding clothes drier and set it up next to the fire.

“Hang your wet things over there. They’ll be dry in no time.”

The woman picked up the pile of clothes and looked around her.

“Where …?”

“There’s the bathroom but this is the only warm room in the house. I’m too mean to heat the rest,” Summer replied with a light laugh. She rocked gently back and forward as she gazed at the woman. “Besides there’s only you and me here and no more visitors expected.”

It wasn’t really true as the kitchen fire fed radiators throughout the house, but she was eager to see how the young woman reacted.

“Oh. Okay.” She replied in a voice as nervous as a new-born foal. She placed the clothes back on the table and began to strip off her wet over trousers. Underneath she wore a pair of cycling shorts that fit her like a second skin. She then half turned away and bent over to undo her shoes and remove her socks. Summer was offered the delight of her lycra-clad backside.

“I must say those are a bit revealing,” she said, half joking and half suggestively.

The woman straightened immediately and turned back, blushing deeply.

“Sorry,” she said plaintively.

“Don’t apologise, my dear, it’s a while since I’ve seen such a lovely arse.”

The sudden coarseness of Summer’s language seemed to startle the woman for a moment.

“Don’t mind me I’ve just lived here too long having to banter with other local farmers.”

As the woman stood there Summer caught the hint of her nipples showing behind the wet fabric of her t-shirt.

“Sooner you change the sooner you’ll be snug and warm,” she said before standing up. Picking up the kettle she walked across the kitchen and began to make two cups of coffee. Seizing her chance, the woman quickly stripped off the t-shirt and replaced it with the new dry one before pulling the thick heavy jumper over her head. They were both at least a size too large but at least the jumper was long enough for her to remove her shorts without further embarrassment. Summer turned around with a cup in each hand just in time to catch a glimpse of a pair of naked buttocks before they disappeared from view inside the oversized jeans. As she sat back in the rocker the woman was sitting by the table pulling on the pair of winter socks. Summer held out one of the cups to her.

“Better hang those wet things up first then bring the chair over by the fire, my dear. You’ll not warm up stopping over there.”

The woman blushed again and picked up her wet things and carefully draped them over the drier then she dragged the chair a little closer and sat down. Summer handed her the steaming cup and she took it gratefully wrapping both hands around the cup, warming them before taking a sip.

“Better?” the woman nodded and smiled shyly. “I’m Summer by the way and you are…?”

“I’m Penny… and … you’re very kind.”

“Piffle! Can’t leave a damsel in distress out on a night like this. I don’t get much company up here. Good to meet you young Penny.”

And Summer raised her cup in greeting. Penny smiled and blushed once more. Summer stood up and went over to the table and picked up the towel. She came and stood behind Penny and shook out the towel.

“I’ll dry your hair for you,” she stated and started to gently rub Penny’s hair.

“There’s no need, I can …”

“Hush up, little one, its no more than I’d do for a new-born lamb.”

After that Penny sat silently allowing herself to be pampered. Soon her hair was drier but still very bedraggled.

“Have you got a brush?”

“Its in my bag,” she replied starting to stand up, but Summers hands were on her shoulders gently forcing her back down.

“Its okay, I’ll get it.” Despite her protestations Summer walked over to the table. The bag was a simple cheap canvas hold-all. She unzipped it and looked inside. Much as she expected it contained a few of the essentials including a plastic hair brush. As she picked it out Summer noticed something underneath that caught her immediate attention. Nestled among the toothbrush and lip salve was a medium güvenilir casino sized white vibrator. She glanced at the woman before a mischievous grin formed on her lips. She picked out the vibrator and experimentally switched it on. A low hum filled the room. Penny let out a horrified gasp before burying her had in her hands.

“That’s one way to keep warm on a chilly night in a tent I suppose,” Summer said with an air of mockery in her voice. She switched it off and placed it, not back in the bag, but in plain sight on the table.

“We’ve all been there no need to be ashamed. Now, head up while I brush your hair.”

Gently she teased out the tangles. The compliance of the young woman revived old memories for Summer, memories she found both disquieting and exciting. The silent ritual continued in the gentle light of the paraffin lamps and the glow from the fire. Eventually Summer stepped back.

“Better?” she asked, and Penny simply nodded and muttered “Thanks” in her timid voice.

“Time for supper I think,” Summer announced. She started to clear the table and was about to replace the vibrator in the bag when she hesitated before placing it on the dresser. Maybe it could come in useful later. She filled two bowls with steaming stew and laid them on the table and sat down at one end.

“Come, bring your chair over and eat some food.”

Penny dragged her chair across, sat down and started to attack her bowl with relish. The effort of cycling all day up the hills onto the moor as well as the emotions of her chance meeting had made her ravenous. She finished quickly and Summer stood up at once and took the bowl and refilled it. This time Penny ate more slowly. After supper they chatted a while about nothing in particular before Penny’s eyes began to droop and she found it harder and harder to stay awake.

“You poor thing, you’re exhausted and here’s me nattering on and on. Grab your bag and I’ll show you the spare room.”

Summer picked up one of the lamps and led the way out of the kitchen and up the stairs, opening the door to the spare room. She stepped aside to let Penny in. The room was small, and the double bed took up most of it. It was warmer than expected as the spare heat from the kitchen stove was directly below. It felt snug and warm.

“The sheets are clean, I changed them only a couple of days ago. The bathroom’s directly opposite when you need it. I’ll leave you to get settled. I hope you sleep well.”

“Thank you so much, you’ve been so kind I don’t know what to say.”

“Then say nothing and have a good sleep.”

With that Summer left the room and quietly closed the door. Smiling to herself she went back down to the kitchen. As she tidied up she listened to the muffled noises from the room above which finally ended with the creak of the bed. Summer went to the back door and opened it, sniffing the air as she did so. The rain had stopped, and the half moon could be seen through breaks in the clouds. The storm had passed. She stepped back into the kitchen, riddled and re-stocked the fire and then stood silently listening for any sounds from above. She looked at the dresser and the pale toy still lying there. With a grin she picked it up then, taking the second lamp, she headed up the stairs. She listened intensely outside the door to the guest room before knocking gently and opening the door immediately. She was in time to see Penny franticly pulling the sheets up to her chin, her eyes wide with shock.

Summer held up the vibrator and smiled, “You forgot this,” she said gently, “I thought you might need it,” and she winked at the girl in the bed.

At this point in the score Mahler asks for a five minute rest before the music continues as the turbulence of the first movement was too great a contrast to the softness and tranquillity of the second. I suggest you do the same, assuming you are determined to continue reading. Make a cup of tea, pour a glass of wine or simply sit quietly for a while.

Andante Moderato.

“You forgot this,” said Summer with a twinkle in her eye. She paused, looking directly into the frightened gaze of her new guest. “But something tells me you’ve been making do without.”

Summer winked and came further into the room, slowly approaching the bed. Penny said nothing but simply clutched the sheets more firmly under her chin.

“No problem,” said Summer, “we all have needs.”

She sat down uninvited on the edge of the bed, the vibrator still held tauntingly on display. Still Penny lay silently but flinched suddenly as Summer’s hand came to rest gently on her leg. She could feel the weight of it through the covers. She stayed still, too nervous to protest, as the hand began to make tiny caresses, down and then up, her thigh. Summer leaned forward and placed the vibe upright on the bedside table, a potent symbol between them, before gently moving Penny’s hair to one side and stroking her cheek.

“You’re like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights,” observed Summer.

The caresses on Penny’s face and thigh synchronised but each time the touch on her leg seemed to drift higher.

“Just what were you up to when I came in, little rabbit?”

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