Love is Deaf? Part 2

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Ashley was watching TV when she heard footsteps on her front steps. As the doorbell rang, she already found herself halfway to the door, ready to let her two best friends into the house. With a smile, she flung the door open, revealing Katie and Josh. Ashley noted that Katie was wearing one of Josh’s shirts, but she pretended not to notice as the pair shuffled inside.

The three teens headed towards the couch, starting up small talk. “How did the shopping go?”, “Did you get pictures of the dress”, and “What did you do while we were gone?” were shot back and forth until the teens were seated. Ashley nervously stared at the shirt Katie was wearing, having seen it dozens of times on her boyfriend Josh. Thoughts of infidelity raided her mind, but she was quick to shove them away until she knew more information.

“I like your shirt Katie,” she toyed, signing the words as she spoke them for Josh’s benefit.

“OH! Yeah, her shirt got ripped up pretty good on one of those damned hooks in the dressing room. I had to give her one of mine since I had an undershirt on,” Josh explained, while Katie gave a similar explanation with her hands.

Ashley smiled, pretending to laugh with Josh about the potentially comical event, but in reality, it was a laughter of relief. “See Ashley?” the girl thought to herself, “Nothing to worry about. Just a wardrobe malfunction and a good friend looking out for another. Now stop worrying.”

“I hope you guys got some pictures of the dress for me!” Ashley inquired, but frowned as Josh responded with nothing more than a “Oh shit! We completely forgot about pictures… But you can go with her and her dad to pick it up?”

Changing the subject, Katie cleared her throat. “Ashley, can I borrow one of your shirts? Maybe you can help me fix my hair too?” she signed, motioning towards the bathroom in the back of the house.

“Sure,” Ashley replied, then relayed the plan aloud to Josh. Josh nodded his compliance and reached for the TV remote, sending the girls on their way.

The back bathroom of the house was huge. For this particular trip, it was useful as it had a long, 15 foot mirror stretching down the length of the sink fixture. The girls marched into the room, Katie hoping to get out of the smaller, but still-to-large-for-her-body shirt, but really just wanting to get Ashley away from Josh for a few minutes.

“Did you guys enjoy your one-on-one bonding time?” Ashley asked, signing, genuinely hoping her two best friends would become closer, but not as close as her earlier fears had suggested.

“Oh, it was AMAZING! We found the perfect dress! I really wish we had remembered to get pictures…” Katie responded, her hands speaking for her through the mirror.

“That’s alright, I’m sure it looks beautiful on you sweety. With your body, how could you go wrong?” Ashley responded, as Katie lifted off Josh’s shirt.

Katie frowned, admitting to Ashley that she was unhappy with her body. She gripped her smaller B-cup breasts “Not with these tiny things,” she signed.

“Are you kidding me?” Ashley countered, “I would give up my tits any day to be as skinny as you.” Ashley squeezed her own rather large breasts through her shirt, also frowning. “I guess the grass is always greener.”

“All I know is: I would never be able to land a guy like Josh. You really are lucky. He loves you a lot.”

“I know he does,” smiled Ashley, “And I love him sooooooooooo much. But you will find a guy just as good sweety! Maybe even better!” She handed Katie one of her shirts that she knew would fit much better.

“No I won’t… I’m going to die a virgin!” Katie leaned her head down in shame, giggling with Ashley as they both knew it not to be true.

“If you’re still a virgin by your next birthday, we’ll go out and buy you a dick at Spencer’s, okay?” Ashley concluded and the girls both laughed. Katie pulled the shirt on over her head, then looked at Ashley through the mirror.

“Maybe we should just come as a package deal. We could counter each other’s hotness with our own,” Katie winked. “What guy wouldn’t want to be with both of us at one time?!” She sat there nervously, knowing her prodding might cause Ashley to wonder.

“Well Josh would just about die from excitement, I’ll tell you that much,” Ashley said, still thinking the girls were joking around. “But we have our entire college lives to look forward to for that sort of thing. I’m sure we could talk a few guys into a fun night for us.”

Not satisfied with Ashley’s answer to her hinting, Katie continued to test the ice, getting bolder. “I really can’t wait that long. I think we should try it,” she bluntly stated, waiting nervously for an answer.

“Wait, you really want to have a threesome with me and Josh?” Ashley questioned, a little taken aback.

“Well, I don’t know… I mean, who better to lose my virginity to than my two best friends? I was planning on having you coach me through my cherry popping long before you and Josh started dating. I just want someone I trust to be there,” Katie backtracked, innocently enough. Ashley bought it.

“Well sweety, I can be there for you even if I’m not participating…”

“Have you and Josh ever had a threesome?” Katie continued her interrogation.

“Well… no. That’s probably one of the only things we HAVEN’T done…” Ashley responded, grinning as she thought of all of the things her and Josh had tried together. Katie smiled to herself, as she acknowledged she had successfully planted the seed.

“My hair looks so much better! You’re a life saver! I’m going to go pee, then I’ll meet you back out there, okay?” Katie signed, before gaziantep lezbiyen shooting up, content with how the conversation had gone.

Ashley’s mind came back into focus. She nodded her compliance to what her friend had just said, then walked out, shutting the bathroom door behind her. She walked into the front room, half dazed, wondering what Katie wanted with Josh. Did Josh want her back? Was she being replaced? Or was this just something Katie honestly wanted to try with her two best friends? Ashley had never been sexually attracted to a girl, never bi-curious. She wasn’t against trying anything, as it might be fun, but she had never had a desire to pursue the fantasy. Her mind was reeling as she sat down next to Josh, who was watching a rerun of “Big Bang Theory”.

Grabbing his hand with hers, she leaned against him, taking comfort in her boyfriend’s touch.

“Katie is really pretty, don’t you think?” Ashley blurted, interrupting the show.

Josh turned to her, unsure how to respond. “Um… Yeah, I suppose she is… Why?” he asked wearily.

“She just doesn’t like the way she looks…” continued Ashley. Josh gave a sigh of relief that this wasn’t a test and he wasn’t in trouble. “She said she couldn’t get any good guys with the way she looked. I told her it was bullshit of course, but you know the way she is… Would you fuck her? If you weren’t with me, that is.”

Josh choked on air, stunned by the question. After a short coughing fit, he was still disinclined to answer, KNOWING this to be a trap… “Baby, you know I don’t even think about other girls. How could you ask me if I’d be with someone else?” he replied, knowing he had passed her test.

“Oh cut the crap babe, I’m serious. She’s worried she isn’t good enough. Would you fuck her if you had the chance? If I was completely out of the picture,” Ashley pressed on.

Josh grinned. Two out of the three teens in the house already knew the answer was yes, so he found it funny that Ashley, the one not knowing the secret, would be asking him. “I suppose if I didn’t know you, yes, I would love to hook up with her.”

“Exactly. That girl is sexy as hell and she doesn’t even know it. She’s still a virgin you know… But don’t repeat that to anyone, okay? She definitely needs to get some action…” Ashley rolled over the idea in her head just as Katie appeared from down the hall.

The trio all crammed together on the couch, watching TV for the next few hours, bullshitting the night away. Finally, it was getting late, and Katie elected to go to bed, Ashley and Josh quickly agreeing. Katie marched towards the guest bedroom, dropping off her purse and things, before heading into the bathroom to finalize her night routine.

Ashley turned to Josh seductively, then, taking him by the hand, she led him down the hall into her bedroom. Shutting the door behind her, she playfully threw Josh onto her bed, then pounced on top of him. “Baby, I’ve been wanting to get you alone all night!” she whispered as she started kissing his neck.

Enjoying the situation, Josh quickly lifted Ashley’s shirt up off of her, throwing it across the room. “Good, cause baby I need some release. Take my pants off girl.” With that, he unsnapped her bra, also sending it flying.

Ashley cooed as she slid down the length of his body, gripping his jeans and unbuttoning their fastening. She tugged them down with a seductive grin as Josh was busy unbuttoning his overshirt. His pants now passed his ankles and onto the floor, Ashley quickly targeted his underwear, sliding them off similarly. Now seeing his exposed dick, she quickly took it in her hands, guiding it into her mouth. “Mmmhmm, baby, I’ve wanted your cock all day!” she exclaimed between her licking and sucking. Josh just closed his eyes and relaxed, happy he finally would be able to release the lust he had accumulated all day.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. A strained “hello” could be made out, announcing it was (of course) Katie. Ashley hopped up to open the door. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Josh started, not believing his bad luck. Ashley scoweled back at him playfully, before opening the door just a crack, peeking her head out.

Katie stood there in nothing but her panties, apologizing for interrupting. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” before explaining. “There is just no things in the front bathroom. No towels, no tooth paste, no anything,” she signed, before apologizing again. “Can I run into your bathroom and get them?” She then thought for a moment before adding “If you guys are… “exposed”, I can wait out here for you to get them.”

Ashley signed back to Katie that that was a good idea, then, telling the girl to wait right there, she darted for the bathroom. Katie saw the light around the corner turn on, signaling Ashley was looking for the supplies. Quickly, Katie snuck her head into the room, seeing Josh lay there. His mouth was moving, so he was obviously asking Ashley what was going on.

Quietly, Katie crept into the room, catching Josh’s attention. He mouth stopped moving as his eyes landed on her naked body. Katie seductively blew him a kiss, grabbing her tits as she toyed with him. She slid her hand into her red panties, then slipped back behind the door with a wink. She smiled to herself, as she knew she had successfully gotten her point across. She was sure Josh knew that she was willing whenever he was.

Ashley exited the bathroom, the light flicking off in the corner of Katie’s eye. She opened the door just wide enough to slide the items through, as to shield her friends from seeing each other’s exposed conditions. Both Josh and Katie chuckled to themselves at the irony as Katie was handed all of her needed toiletries. With her hands full, she strained a verbal “Thank you,” and the girl was off, headed for the front bathroom.

Ashley jumped as she felt two hands grip at her waist, squeezing playfully. She turned around to be met by a passionate kiss as Josh’s arms wrapped around her entire body. He gently walked her back to the bed, their lips never parting. Finally, she felt herself being forcefully tossed, landing in the middle of the bed. She squealed, leaning forward as her pants were soon tugged off of her body. Josh pushed until she was flat on her back, then climbed on top of her, planting another kiss on her lips. Tugging down on her panties, Ashley found that both of the lustful teens were now completely naked.

“Baby, I am sooooo wet already. Just fuck me! Please!” Ashley pleaded. Josh wondered if the reason she was so aroused was the same reason he was. “Argh, please baby, I want that cock!”

Josh was quick to oblige, as he quickly plunged his member into her awaiting pussy. A slight moan escaped Ashley at first, as she had needed this for a while. It didn’t take long and they were both in perfect sync with each other, hips moving rhythmicly as to maximize penetration and pleasure. They continued their gentle fucking for quite a few minutes, using their experience together to aid in each other’s pleasure.

Pulling out momentarily, Josh flipped his girl over, placing her on all fours. Ashley smiled and cooed for Josh’s benefit as she begged for him to fuck her harder. Josh quickly inserted his dick into the girl’s drenched snatch. Grabbing the girl’s hair and pulling back, Josh leaned down and whispered into Ashley’s ear. “Damn baby, you are really heated tonight! What’s got you so horny?”

“Mmmm, I’m not the only one sweety. You seem more enthusiastic that usual, now arn’t you? I guess we just both need this badly tonight,” she replied, not sure herself what the reasoning was.

Josh reached around to the front of her body, gripping both of her boobs forcefully, using them as better leverage to slam into the girl even harder. Ashley screamed as the invading dick rammed against her cervix, the feeling of him gripping her body so tightly made her go wild. “Fuck yeah, baby. Keep it up! Oh shit! Aaaaagghhhhhhhhh!” Her body started shuddering with her first orgasm of the night. Her pussy muscles were spasming, squeezing and releasing Josh’s dick uncontrollably.

Just outside the rooms door, Katie was entering an orgasm of her own. Peeking at the couple occasionally through the cracked door, and adding her own imagination to the mix, she was more aroused than ever before. Her fingers deep in her own cunt, she was cumming hard, just as her best friend was.

Josh was close himself, as Ashley was a lot more enthusiastic tonight. While Ashley was coming-to, Josh quickly pulled out of her pussy. Positioning himself for anal penetration, he asked Ashley if she was ready for a little more fun. Ashley smiled, answering his rhetorical question with a yes, but Josh was already sliding his dick, now drenched with Ashley’s natural lube, into her rectum.

The girl screamed as her insides were filled. No, this wasn’t her first anal experience with Josh, but it was still few and far in between, and it was always a tad painful for her. Even still, she never could deny, she loved the feeling, and Josh loved it, so she was usually willing whenever he tried. Josh was now at his usual fast pace, slamming into her backside. Grunting a bit, as he was getting closer and closer, he asked Ashley where she wanted his spunk. He always loved asking her where she desired it, as she never disappointed. If it wasn’t filling her pussy or ass with the hot cum, it was shooting it on her face, watching her lick up all she could.

“Mmm, baby, fill my pussy. I want to feel you deep inside me!” Ashley decided, Josh quickly pulling out of her ass. Sliding back into her cunt, he started pumping, passing the point of no return. Holding it in for a bit longer, he continued pumping into her, slapping his ball sack against her ass. A few more pumps, and he announced he was cumming. Stream after stream of jizz shot up into Ashley’s contracepted womb. Ashley collapsed onto her belly as Josh finished, loving the feeling of his love juice inside her. “Damn, baby, you were amazing tonight! I love you!”

Rolling her onto her back and leaning over the top of her, Josh kissed her gently. “I love you too babe,” he finished, rolling off of her, holding her body as they laid there, recovering their breaths.

Katie was continuing to finger herself, unaware the duo was done. Pinching on her nipple with one hand, she had 3 fingers deep inside her pussy with the other. She slowed down, removing her hand from her snatch. Curious about herself, she lifted her hand up to her face, tasting her own juice. She frowned quickly, as it was very bitter to her. Not knowing why guys would ever enjoy that taste, she decided to finish her entourage in the shower that she was scheduled to take. She stood up, and quickly darted off to the bathroom, accidentally bumping her elbow against the door as she stood up. Unaware of the sound it made, she continued to the bathroom.

The couple inside the room sat up, thinking Katie was again knocking at the door. Josh stood up to answer, but Ashley was quick to her feet. “That’s okay baby, I’ll help her out, you can lay down and recover. You’re in for a surprise if you think I’m done with you tonight,” she said with a wink.

“Nonsense baby, I can help her find a toothbrush, or whatever she is looking for, just as easily as you can. You can just lay down and relax.”

“Joshua! Lay down. She’s naked out there, and I don’t want you opening the door, okay?” Ashley admited. Josh grinned, already knowing that the girl was naked, but he decided to listen to Ashley, as she was still unaware.

Ashley opened the door, but was surprised to find no one there. “Odd… She’s not even here… You heard the knock too?” she asked Josh, who affirmed that he had heard it as well. “Weird… maybe… I don’t know, it doesn’t matter…

“Now! Where were we?” Ashley finished with a wink, jumping on top of Josh, finding him rock hard again. “Damn baby! Something sure has you worked up tonight! I like this new found stamina!” She straddled her boyfriend, inserting his dick inside of herself. She smiled as she bounced on top of him at a leisurely pace, not exerting herself yet at all. Josh leaned his head back against her pillow, closing his eyes, and just enjoying the feeling of his dick inside Ashley’s pussy.

“Baby,” Ashley piped up, as if they were sitting across the dinner table, “how WOULD you feel about a threesome?”

Beings how the couple had done nearly everything sexually with each other, it hadn’t ever been completely out of the question for either of them. Josh was excited about the idea, of course, and Ashley was always into trying new things, especially if they kept her lover happy.

“I think it’d be a lot of fun baby. Why? Do you think Katie is THAT lonely out there?” he jested, hoping that that was exactly what Ashley was thinking.

“Hell no!” Ashley said, trying to sound playful, but stopping her bouncing movements. “I was thinking about that earlier tonight, though, babe. I don’t think I could bring myself to do that… She’s my best friend! She’s practically my sister!”

“You know, if your actual sister wasn’t married….” Josh countered, obviously joking.

“Okay, you can forget the threesome!” Ashley scolded playfully, declaring her judgement, yet resuming her fucking, faster now.

“No! Wait! I was just kidding! Who did YOU have in mind??” Josh tried to recover the situation quickly, scratching at Ashley’s back.

“Oh I don’t know. I was thinking we could just go to a club or go online and find someone who would join us. Someone neither of us knows, so it wouldn’t be weird,” explained Ashley.

“Are you kidding? No way! That’s how you get the fucking clap! Needs to be someone we know babe. Someone we both know well…” Josh coaxed.

“Do you really want to sleep with Katie…?” Ashley asked, a little hurt honestly, stopping her bouncing again.

“Well… babe she’s gorgeous. We JUST talked about this. If I didn’t have someone like you making me happy, I wouldn’t be against someone like her… And you can trust her since you know her so well! I think it’d be perfect!” Josh tried to convince her, pumping his hips into Ashley’s, who’s was now stationary.

“No babe. That’s not okay at all. How would you feel if I wanted to be fucked by you AND Kurt?” Ashley responded, naming one of Josh’s closest friends. “It would hurt you and weird you out, right? So it is NOT happening. I’m willing to do a lot for you baby. You can pick any hottie in school, and I would be okay with watching you fuck her while you eat me out. How many girlfriends would be okay with that? But I won’t watch my best friend lose her virginity to my boyfriend. That would just be… not okay with me.” She concluded.

“Alright, damn, don’t trip babe! It was you who gave me the idea. I wasn’t going to force you to do it. We will make a list of hotties tomorrow that we can try to seduce. It’ll be fun!” Josh said, trying to regain the happiness of the moment with a smile. It worked, as Ashley laughed, as she resumed impaling herself on his member.

“What are other things you’ve fantasized about, baby? You know, besides my best friends and siblings,” Ashley said with a giggle. “What else do you want to try together?”

“Well I can’t wait until it’s hot enough to use your pool again. We are going to have fun in that thing!” Josh announced, before continuing on with his list. “I also wouldn’t be against a little road-head now and again…”


Hours later, the two teens laid in bed, cuddled against each other. Josh was fast asleep, his arms holding onto Ashley tight. The girl laid there, wide awake, her thoughts getting the best of her.

It seemed as if both her boyfriend and her best friend both obviously wanted to fuck each other. They had both hinted strongly, even outright asked for it. Ashley wondered what had happened at the mall that day to start these thoughts in their heads, but she did not like it.

However, if there was one thing she had learned from past relationships, it was that if a partner wanted something, and you were unwilling, they would find someone else who was… But Josh wasn’t like that was he? He truly loved her, she was sure of it. The many years of being best friends, the amazing relationship they had now… There was no way that it was all an act. On the other hand, what was the big deal about the group having a threesome? Was she afraid Josh would leave her for Katie? He could hardly speak to the girl, and she was nowhere near as experienced as Ashley was. Maybe it was just her nervousness that was telling her she shouldn’t… Maybe she should give the sex triangle a try…

Ashley’s mind continued to race throughout the night. Katie, only a bedroom away, was also still awake, wondering if her “inception” had been successful. She slowly drifted off to sleep, hoping that Ashley would succumb to her and Josh’s plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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