Losing My Virginity

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This is the REAL story on how I lost my virginity to a married couple.

The First Time…

The night before it happened we chatted online. I was so unsure if I wanted to go through with it and if I was comfortable or even ready to. They sent me photos of them and a live video saying hi to help with my nerves. We discussed what I would want to do, if anything, and we looked over my toys and they made suggestions of things for me to bring – a dildo, an anal plug, a vibrator, nipple clamps and lube, and they were going to bring a vibrator and a pussy pump. The morning of, I was sick to my stomach from nerves and almost did get sick, and even thought about turning around several times!

Once there, I saw a message from them on my phone. They told me the room number and to just come in, and that they left the door cracked for me. When I walked in they had the tv turned on playing a normal movie, something to have as sound and to make things comfortable before we started anything.

I walked in and John, the husband and the one I mainly talk with, came over and gave me a hug and told me I looked great. Then his wife Danielle came over and he introduced her to me – we had only talked a little the night before. She gave me a hug and told me I was beautiful and that she was happy and excited I was there.

They told me to sit on the couch with them and get comfortable, said that anything we did was my decision. John sat in the middle and after a few minutes put an arm around each of us. I felt pretty comfortable and relaxed around them almost instantly. After about 10-20 minutes, I think he sensed that I had relaxed some because he leaned in to kiss me. He and I kissed for a few minutes before he leaned over and kissed her, then she leaned across him and kissed me.

He slipped a hand up my shirt and felt my breast over the bra and kissed me again before sliding his hand down and into my pants. Rubbing me over my lacy boyshort panties. He then brought his hand up and undid my button and zipper on my jeans.

He then lifted my shirt over my head while his wife removed her shirt and then he undid her bra. She began to rub his cock through his jeans as he continued to kiss me before he slid my bra off.

She reached over to lift his shirt off and he told me to stand and remove my jeans. I was only in my panties. I helped his wife pull his jeans off of him

She began to suck him and he pulled my left nipple into my mouth. He sucked and nibbled my nipple and pinched the other. He told me to go down and suck him with her. She and I sucked his cock together for a few minutes. Then he suggested we all move to the bed. They had me lay down and they both began to lick and rub my pussy. They began fingering me.

Danielle went back to sucking him as he ate me. Then she got on her hands and knees and he fingered us both at the same time. He moved behind her and began fucking her, she squeezed my hand as he did, and he told me to rub my pussy as he watched.

Once casino şirketleri she cane they both started playing with me again. Fingering me, getting me really wet. He told me to get on my hands and knees. He grabbed my large dildo and pushed it into me several times nice and deep, making me cum rather quickly, making me squirt all over. Once I came, he started working his fingers in and out of me again, three, then four, and finally asking if I wanted the fifth. Since I was so wet it slid in pretty easily and he began fisting me, bringing me to squirt again.

Finally he asked if I was ready for him and I said “yes please”. He got behind me and slid into me slowly. First a few slow thrusts and finally he thrusted into me hard and deep. Moans escaping me. He finally came (he wore a condom).

We cleaned up and relaxed and waited for round two!

I pulled my finger from her ass and sucked it. After she came I leaned down and sucked his cock. He stood and bent over to lick her pussy and I began licking his ass and fingering him a little.

Again, we cleaned up and got dressed and sat down to relax. But that didn’t last too long, once again!!

Soon his hand was down my pants fingering me again. He told me to stand and remove my pants and I did. While I bent over to remove them he began fingering me before I could take them all the way off and within moments I was squirting on his fingers, my juices running down my legs and all over my jeans.

I turned and she and I sucked him again for awhile, she stopped and began kissing him. I continued to suck and stroke him, listening to him moaning. He finally came, and I licked a little up and swallowed it. They had me sit down and danielle began kissing me again, and he began to finger and lick my pussy. His left hand running up my body, squeezing my breast and pinching and pulling my nipple. His hand moving further up my chest, scratching a bit – hard enough to feel it but not enough to leave a mark. Then his hand went up further to my neck and he squeezed a little. He saw I was enjoying it and squeezed a little more, asking if I liked it and I said yes, he fingered me more. He told me to beg him to fuck me. And I did beg.

He hand me bend over and they both licked my pussy and ass, again he asked if I wanted him to fuck me, I said yes please. He thrusted into me hard and fast and deep, deeper than before. A few thrusts and he came again (condom).

So the second visit…

I told family I was heading out of town to check out some stores and just spend the day on my own. Instead I was heading in that direction to John and Danielle’s house.

When I got there they both hugged me. We talked for a little bit and then they grabbed a bunch of blankets and pillows. They set all of it up in the living room on the floor – their bed would be too small for the three of us to fit comfortably and they said it squeaked and could be distracting – and then closed the blinds.

He came casino firmaları over pulled down the zipper on the front of my blouse and I shrugged it off as he kissed me, and then she kissed me before they kissed each other. He pulled off my bra and told me to undress her I pulled off her shirt and undid her bra as he began to unzip my pants.

Then she and I started to strip him. Once all three of us were naked and had kissed a couple times, he told her to lay down and told me to lick her pussy. She laid down and spread her legs and I got down between them, my ass up. He fingered me a little and slapped my ass as I slid my tongue in and out and up and down. Her moans and the things he was doing to me were making me horny and wet. He told me not to let her cum too soon because we had planned on something else to really get things started.

We got up and all walked to the bathroom, Danielle stepped in and got the water turned on, John kissed me again and then slapped my behind and told me to get in. He closed the clear curtain so she and I didn’t make any messes and he stood there watching, stroking. She and I each had a soapy washcloth, she and I soaped and washed each other up – neck, breasts, stomach, pussy and ass. John fingered me a little when I washed her. She pulled down the shower head to rinse me off, putting it between my legs to let the stream of water hit my clit.

I stepped out of the shower and John began to dry me as Danielle rinsed off, and then I dried her. When she turned around for me to dry her back and ass, she bent over. I bent over and kissed her ass and licked her and rubbed her, John began to do the same to me.

We went back to the living room and John laid down, Danielle and I sucking his cock together. After a bit she gets up to straddle his face and I suck his cock and lick his ass. Even finger him a little. She slides back and mounts his cock, riding him, I take turns fingering them and licking her ass, occasionally trying to lick his cock. Sucking it when it fell out of her pussy before putting it back. When she finally cums on his cock I lick and suck him clean.

He asks her for a condom and he puts it on and has me get on all fours, and he enters my pussy from behind, he slaps my ass as he does. Finally he cums.

We relax for awhile on the pillows and blankets. He occasionally rubs my thigh or pussy, tugs on my nipple or sucks it, then kisses me hard. He asks if I’m ready to try getting my ass fucked and I said yes.

I get back on all fours and both of them finger me, he fists my pussy, and she licks my ass. Finally he gets behind me and begins to push. No pain, only a little discomfort. He’s not too big and I’ve used bigger toys in my ass. Once in he begins fucking my ass nice and fast, and I feel her rubbing my pussy. After a few minutes he cums. I was close but didn’t finish.

Again we relax a little bit before things pick up again. We decide to try and do dp. Danielle put on the strap on and laid güvenilir casino down and I straddled her and he tried getting into my ass. My legs weren’t spread enough though so he was having trouble. They tried with me on my side, one in front of my and one in back but that didn’t work either. So he tried to lay down and had me get on him that was better but the toy wasn’t long enough to get in my ass so instead he had me ride him.

After he came we relaxed again. Danielle got up to do something and he asked about the mini nipple pumps I brought and wanted to see how it worked. So I put it on for him. He tugged on it and twisted it. Finally after a couple minutes I pulled it off. And he sucked and bit my nipple hard making me cum and then he pulled me down to kiss him.

When Danielle came back over he had her get on her hands and knees and he fucked her from behind until they both came. He had me rub and finger myself the whole time. Finally he tells her to lay down and has me get between her legs and while he fucks me he has me lick and eat her pussy. For what seemed like 10 minutes I was between her legs, my face covered and I swallowed a good amount of her juice. Occasionally fingering her pussy or ass. After awhile he stops fucking me and begins to spank and paddle me hard. Moaning against the wet, sweet, salty, sticky pussy. Forcing me against her mound, making her moan and cum and squirt three times.

After that we relaxed quite a while until he was ready to go again. I was on my back and he spread my legs and entered me. His fingers clawing at my chest, working their way to my neck. He squeezes tightly as he pounds into me, Danielle behind him licking.

He ends up pulling out and while Danielle sucks him he has me get on my hands and knees. Together they begin playing with my ass again. This time using fingers. Sliding them in and out. Feeling pressure as they stretch my hole. I later found out they got to 4 fingers, making me bleed a little.

Once again we take a little break. After awhile, the afternoon winding down we have one more last bit of fun. She and I begin stroking him, she goes down to suck him and I am kissing him, occasionally licking his nipple, my hand rubbing and squeezing his balls. He tells me to suck him, she and I share him before she finally pulls away, and I suck him on my own. He tells me to use my teeth a little and to take him deep, I choke and gag on him. She and I stroke him go get him to cum but he holds off. He tells me to straddle him and I do, and they tell me to make myself cum on his cock, without him inside of me. I grind my clit and wet pussy against his cock, occasionally she grabs it and hits it or presses it against me. I’m moving my hips fast as ai grind and after several minutes I finally begin to squirt on him. My juices between my thighs, on his pelvis, on his cock and dripping down along his ass.

After that we got up, cleaned up and got dressed. I hung out another half hour or so before having to leave. Kissing and hugging them both goodbye.

The next morning I woke up, my ass was really sore. Not the hole but my cheeks. When I looked I was bruised and had blood spots. When I changed a little later I noticed bruises on my breast.

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