Like Brother and Sister Ch. 13

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Ryan had time to think about everything on the Uber back to his house. What was happening with Nicole was an emotional roller coaster for him. One minute she’s upset and reluctant, the next she’s all over him. Yet after that evening, she looked as if he betrayed her.

What the hell is going on? he thought to himself. He had experienced many ‘firsts’ these past few weeks. Too many to count. But the biggest one was what developed between him and Nicole. He admitted to himself he was falling for her. Even when he was in the middle of a threesome with two of the hottest girls he’s ever met, he couldn’t stop thinking about Nicole. Every little detail of every encounter thus far, he remembered vividly. He never wanted to erase them from memory for fear all this would end in an instant. He hoped that instant wasn’t tonight.

Nicole texted him shortly after leaving. She let him know she was tired and went home. She texted him again to let him know she was back home safe, but that was it. Ryan responded, asking if she was ok, but she didn’t reply. He desperately wanted to see her and talk to her. He wanted to hold her in his arms. He thought about her as he looked out the window of his driver’s Nissan Altima.

As he walked into the house, he couldn’t help but think that it was only thirty minutes ago he was standing on Sarah and Melanie’s patio, his penis firmly planted inside Sarah’s tight asshole. He tip-toed down the hall towards Nicole’s room, but her door was closed. He pressed his ear against it and could hear her sleeping soundly. He let her be and went upstairs to his room.

Ryan stripped down to his boxers and stood in front of his full length mirror. He was a scrawny kid; not much muscle mass to speak of. His hair was a mess. His face lacked any particularly attractive features. At a first glance, most would be surprised to hear of the young man’s sexual adventures that summer.

He pulled his boxers down, exposing his soft penis. It was plump and heavy despite being flaccid. He held it in his hand while looking at himself in the mirror. He gently squeezed it, gauging his substantial girth.

They love this thing he thought to himself. This was his not so secret weapon. This was the reason for his recent explosion into sexual manhood. If it wasn’t for Julie discovering it that one fateful night, none of this may have ever happened. He felt eternally grateful for her.

Ryan smiled to himself as he pulled his boxers up and got in bed. He fell asleep imagining the warmth of Nicole’s vagina wrapped tightly around his cock. He had to fix things with her.


The next morning, Tom, Nancy, and Nicole were already awake sitting around the kitchen table. James Brown’s greatest hits played softly on the Sonos. Nancy scrolled on her iPad. Nicole on her phone. Tom read newspaper headlines out loud while sipping his coffee as if anyone was interested.

Ryan sauntered into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee before joining everyone at the table. Tom peered out from behind the newspaper and smiled at his son.

“Well, well, well. You too?”

“What?” Ryan asked, sipping his coffee.

“I know a hangover when I see one,” Tom joked. “And you and your sister don’t do a great job hiding it.” He laughed as he returned to his newspaper. “When I was your age, my old man would have me out mowing the lawn at 6am the next day.”

Nancy rolled her eyes.

“But not nowadays. You kids have it easy. Let me tell ya,” Tom continued while no one listened.

“Nicole, honey, you should eat something,” Nancy said as she grabbed hold of her hand.

“I feel fine,” she said plainly. She had not yet looked in Ryan’s direction. Nancy frowned, glancing at Ryan. “And how are you feeling?”

“I’m good. Why do you ask?”

“Well, the two of you came home so late last night. I don’t know how you guys can party so much!”

Ryan looked at Nicole, but she was staring down at her phone.

“Welp. It’s time to get a move on,” said Tom as he folded up his newspaper and pushed his chair away from the table. “I’m going to clean the pool filter and then Nancy, my dear, we are out of here.”

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. He forgot about the pool filter. “Umm, Dad let me.”

Nicole looked up at Ryan for the first time all morning. She had panic in her eyes.

“What? Clean the pool filter?” Tom asked, surprised.

“Umm yeah. Sure, why not? You’re right, I should help out more around here.” Ryan stammered. He feared there would be a mess clogged in the filter that he was responsible for. If Tom were to discover his cum that was causing the clog, it would not be good.

“Well, ok then. Thank you, son! Nancy, let’s get our things together. If we leave soon, we can beat the traffic.”

Nicole perked up. “Where are you going?”

“The lake for a few days. Gonna bring the boat up. You two wanna join?” Tom asked, excited that his daughter may want to tag a long.

“No, no. You guys go have bahis firmaları fun. I’m meeting up with Julie today,” said Nicole. Feeling dejected, Tom nodded. “Ok then. Stay out of trouble you two. This city’s gonna run out of booze if you keep it up!”

Tom and Nancy went to pack their things while Nicole cleaned up breakfast. She leaned over the sink scrubbing dishes while Ryan approached her. Her shapely breasts jiggled under her t-shirt as she scrubbed. He couldn’t help but be amazed by their beauty.

“Hey,” he said softly, but she remained looking down into the sink. “Nicole,” he said again.

“Nicole, please. Look at me.”

Finally, she stopped what she was doing and looked up. “What?” she whispered.

“You left in such a hurry. I’m sorry what you saw.”

“You’re sorry what I saw? Oh thank you, little brother. You’re so compassionate,” she said sarcastically as she continued to scrub the dishes.

Ryan grabbed her arm, indicating for her to stop. “I didn’t mean for you to see that. Shit, I didn’t even mean for that to happen.”

“But it did,” she said as she looked down at the plate. Even though it had been clean for several moments, she still scrubbed at it.

“It was a mistake,” Ryan said, struggling to find the words.

Nicole finally stopped and looked up. She paused for a moment to make sure Tom and Nancy were still out of range. She turned back to Ryan. “Do you think I liked hearing them fawn over your dick? Do you think I enjoyed listening to them giggle and laugh with each other as they jerked you off? Do you think it was fun for me to see you with your fucking cock in her ass while she and Melanie played with your cum like it was Playdough?”

Nicole had tears in her eyes. She was visibly distraught. Stunned, Ryan didn’t know what to say.

“Nicole… I… I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She shook her head as she dried her hands on a dish towel. “Well… ya did. Congrats, Ry,” she said as she stormed off into her room.


Ryan nearly gagged as he pulled out the pool filter basket. It was indeed clogged up with all sorts of debris including what had to be his days-old cum. He thought about how stupid he had to have been as he hosed everything off.

When he was done, he inspected the rest of the area to make sure there was no lingering evidence from the other day that may implicate him. In doing so, he couldn’t help but picture what had transpired here. Everything from showing his dick off to the girls for the first time, to getting a handjob from Julie in front of Nicole.

Unsurprisingly, his cock twitched as he recalled the various events. He gently rubbed it over his shorts and thought about how he needs to fix things with Nicole ASAP.


Things didn’t go as planned, however. The next few days as their parents were away were torture for Ryan. Nicole didn’t say much to him, but always seemed to be around. As he sat and watched TV on the couch, she would sit opposite him to paint her toes. He loved Nicole’s feet. They were petite and slender. Watching her meticulously paint them in front him drove him nuts.

Then Nicole would openly walk around in just a towel. She seemed to wear it for an extra long time after showering, making sure to be in Ryan’s way as much as possible in it.

One afternoon as Ryan sat outside on one of the pool loungers, Nicole walked out in nothing but a super small bikini. She strode past him flaunting her large breasts and firm ass before taking a dip in the pool. Ryan’s cock hardened as he tried to conceal it.

She swam up to the side of the pool nearest Ryan and hoisted herself up and out, making sure to display her sexy body directly in front of her brother. Ryan stiffened even more. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” he finally said.

Nicole looked confused. “I’m allowed to go swimming,” she said nonchalantly as she walked past him to a chair on the opposite end of the pool deck. Ryan openly stared at her perfect body as he tried his best to cover his aching erection.


Things came to a head later that day as Ryan sat on the couch watching TV. Fresh out of the shower, Nicole emerged wearing nothing but a silk bathrobe that appeared to be just a bit too small for her. This time she sat down on the other end of the couch near Ryan and crossed her leg. With her freshly painted toes in full sight, she rested her hands by her side. In the process, her robe opened slightly revealing one of her breasts.

Ryan took notice. He looked at Nicole who stared at the TV, but he was sure she was aware her breast was exposed. It was too much for him. He was as hard as a rock and it was no longer possible to conceal his nine inch throbbing dick. “N-N-Nicole?” he asked, trying to alert her that she was exposed.

When she casually turned to him, her second boob popped out. “Yes?” she asked.

“Your breasts are showing,” Ryan said. His tented erection was obvious. kaçak iddaa

Nicole smirked and turned back to the TV. She took joy in putting Ryan through such torture. She switched her legs but made no attempt at covering them more with the robe.

After several moments with her chest exposed and thighs on display, she turned to Ryan. He was helplessly staring at her. His cock was jutting out under his shorts painfully hard. She glanced at it and allowed herself to smile. She turned back to the TV. “Jerk off.”

Ryan was stunned. “What?”

Confidently, Nicole looked back down at his penis. “Just jerk off if you’re so hard.”

“Right now?” Ryan asked.

“Right now,” she answered.

Ryan unbuckled his pants faster than he had ever done so in his life. With his rock hard penis on full display, he immediately began to stroke it with both hands. Nicole smiled contently as she watched him jerk the long and thick pole. His eyes canvassed her body while he masturbated, thinking of nothing other than orgasming.

Nicole knew it would be fast. She masterfully spent the last couple days tormenting Ryan by showing off as much as she possibly could without paying any attention to him. She caught him several times staring at her and getting hard in the process. She watched as Ryan jerked off aggressively. He outstretched both his legs as he stared hungrily at her sexy body.

“Oh fuck!! Ohhhh fucking Christ!” Ryan belted out as he came quickly. A thick glob blasted him in the chest. Another on his shoulder. He whimpered in delight.

Nicole watched, mostly expressionless as her brother came all over himself. After about five thick blasts, he shot one that landed directly on his face. He turned his face while still stroking as not to get hit again. Nicole covered her mouth and tried not to laugh.

Ryan continued to moan as three or four more loads flew out his engorged cock head, falling harmlessly to the floor. He leaned back on the couch, spent, but still sporting a hard cock.

Nicole buttoned her robe and stood up, looking down at Ryan who was out of breath and covered in sticky white cum.

“You better clean all this up,” she said before walking down the hall into her room and shutting the door. Ryan was left vulnerable, cum-covered, and embarrassed as he begrudgingly cleaned up after himself. His cock was still remarkably hard.


The next day was still no better. After the incident on the couch, Nicole went back to avoiding Ryan and not speaking to him. Tom and Nancy were set to return the following day so Ryan knew this was his last chance to mend things with Nicole and have another opportunity to be with her.

He was going crazy with desire for her. He knew she still had feelings for him otherwise she wouldn’t have done what she did on the couch yesterday. He had to do something and it had to be bold. Or else he may never get to be with Nicole again.

It was late afternoon when he heard her shower running. The sound of it alone sent shockwaves directly to his crotch. As if under a spell he headed towards her room from the kitchen with one thing in mind.

The smell of Nicole’s shampoo entered his nostrils as he made his way through her room. He could hear her singing softly to herself in the shower. He spotted a pile of clothing next to her bed. Black yoga pants and small pink panties. Upon closer inspection, the panties had a significant wet spot on them. Ryan squeezed his cock in delight at what he saw. Something was getting her wet. He then took off his clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Standing on the other side of the shower curtain, Ryan listened to Nicole singing to herself as she rinsed off. She had a beautiful singing voice. He gave his penis another squeeze before slowly opening the curtain.

Nicole shrieked when she saw him. “Ryan! You scared me!” she said, not realizing his current state yet. Without saying a word, Ryan stepped into the shower with her.

“What the hell are you doing? Why are you naked?” she asked, taken aback.

“Let me join you,” Ryan said plainly. He wondered if his plan was backfiring.

Nicole glanced at his penis and then back to his eyes. “You need to get out, Ryan,” she said softly. “We can’t be doing this.”

Ryan didn’t budge. “I want to know why. You’ve been so cold to me lately. You barely speak to me yet you walk around showing off and then tell me to masturbate. I’m confused, Nicole.”

Nicole could no longer escape the conversation. As the two of them stood naked, facing one another in the hot shower, she knew she had to address the situation. Once again, she looked down at his penis. It was half hard and appeared to be getting harder. Water streamed down its length and off the tip. It almost looked as if he was peeing. She spoke to him while continuing to look at his manhood.

“I freaked,” she started to say while trembling in her voice. “I saw you with the girls and I freaked.”

She broke her gaze from kaçak bahis his crotch and looked him in the eye. “I know I shouldn’t have. But I guess I just like what we have going.”

“I do too, Nicole. I like it a lot,” Ryan pleaded.

“For some reason, I had a feeling those two were after you,” she continued. “Ever since the game in the basement. I knew meeting them that night may have resulted in what happened. That’s why I was so drunk. I just kept drinking trying to calm my nerves.”

“I had no idea, Nicole,” Ryan said. Anytime Nicole looked away, he stared at her perfect naked body as water cascaded down it.

“Look, I know we’re not, like, boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever. As weird as that sounds,” Nicole said as she held both Ryan’s hands. “I don’t know what we are really anymore.”

“We’re brother and sister,” Ryan confirmed. “That’s what we are and what we’ll always be.”

Nicole half-smiled. “Ones that happen to fuck.”

Ryan laughed. “Yes. Ones that happen to fuck. Sure, but siblings nonetheless.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been weird,” Nicole said.

“I’m sorry I had sex with your friends.”

“Butt sex,” Nicole said, giggling. Ryan burst out laughing. “Yes, butt sex. I’m sorry I had butt sex with your friends.”

Smiling, Nicole looked down at Ryan’s cock again. It was hard. Despite the gap between them, it was so big, the head was nearly touching her belly. She held it in her hand. “Ryan, I know you’re going to be with other girls. I need to accept that.” She stared at it as she spoke. “We’re both going to be with other people. But always know we have each other at the end of the day.” She looked up at him. “Deal?”

“Definitely, sis.” Ryan beamed.

Nicole kissed him on the cheek before looking down again. “I can’t believe this went in Sarah’s tiny little butt,” she joked.

Ryan laughed. “That makes two of us.”

Nicole looked up while still holding his penis. Shower water streamed down her pretty face as she looked into his eyes. “Did you like it?”

Ryan hesitated as he looked into her eyes. He didn’t want to hurt her. But he also had to be honest. He subtly nodded. He did enjoy it.

Nicole smiled. She was happy for him. “I’m glad.” She looked back down at his cock as she softly stroked it. She began to laugh. “You certainly looked like you did when you had this thing stuffed inside her!”

They both cracked up laughing. As their laughter subsided, Nicole continued to stroke Ryan’s throbbing hard erection. She squirted a little soap on it before expertly massaging it. She meticulously pleasured him, focusing on all areas of his shaft and head. Ryan groaned in delight. He felt as if he’d died and gone to heaven. There was no place he’d rather be than in that shower with Nicole.

As she jerked him off, he stared at her perfectly round breasts as they swayed back and forth with her motions. She caught him staring, smiled, and continued her work. She wanted to give him an orgasm.

“Are you close?” she asked quietly. Ryan nodded and gritted his teeth. “I’m sorry,” he said, apologizing for the quick release he was about to have.

“Let’s get this quick one out so we can have some fun later,” she whispered as she knelt down and engulfed his cock.

Ryan didn’t expect her to suck him off. “Oh God, Nicole,” he moaned as he spread his legs and held onto the back of her head. She jerked him with one hand while blowing him. The water splashed down on her face as she closed her eyes and sucked the daylight out of him.

She hadn’t blown him more than sixty seconds when he felt the unmistakable wave of arousal throughout his body. “Oh God… oh fuck… Nicole… Nicole, I’m gonna cum.”

Ryan whined in pleasure causing Nicole to moan herself. The hot and creamy blast caked the inside of her mouth like a fire hydrant. By now, she knew all too well how much cum there would be from her little brother, trying her hardest to take it all in. His cock lurched and pulsed as he fired his thick seed into her mouth. “Mmmm God, Nicole. Oh shit!” he screamed out, echoing in the shower. He squeezed her head as he moaned.

It was too much. Nicole removed his erupting phallus and jerked out the rest of his orgasm with her hands. He blasted her tits and stomach with what was left of his drained balls. Once Nicole was satisfied he was done, she stood up and put her arms around Ryan’s neck. She smiled before opening her mouth carefully.

Ryan peered in and saw that her mouth was completely full of his bright white cum. Her tongue was covered and her teeth caked in the gooey substance. It went all the way to the back of her throat. Then, Nicole shockingly leaned in closer to Ryan and kissed him.

Their tongues swirled together. For the first time in his life, he tasted his cum. It was salty. A bit sour. It was still hot from being inside the depths of his balls. Nicole withdrew after only giving Ryan a taste. She swallowed hard before opening her mouth to show it was gone. She patted her belly triumphantly as they both laughed and kissed again.

“Was that a first?” she asked, arms around his neck.

“That was a first,” Ryan responded.

“You’ve had a lot of firsts lately, huh?”

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