Library Submission Ch. 02

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It is two minutes to two, and I stand with sweaty palms outside your office door. Last night I couldn’t sleep, reliving the moments when you took me like a little slut in the empty college library. As soon as I got home last night, I took a shower, focusing the spray on my poor abused asshole. It is still tender today from where you jammed your thumb up me, pistoning in and out of my dry tight virgin ass. I can feel my cunt juices flowing as they have been since your dominance of my body set it aflame.

Tentatively I knock on your door. You bid me enter. I do, closing the door behind me.

Your office is typical of a professor who has been here a long time: every space covered with books and bookcases, save for the mammoth desk which dwarfs the space, making it feel claustrophobic.

You ignore me as I stand with my back against the door, unsure what to do. You grade papers, continuing to ignore me. As the time ticks on, I get impatient, shifting from foot to foot, breathing out a little huff of frustration. You look up at me, over your glasses, and I freeze in fear. Your face hardens. You remove your glasses, throw them on the desk.

“Get over here, slut.”

I come around the back of the desk, and you swivel your chair to face me. You are naked from the waist down, your cock and shaved balls exposed. You are half-hard, your big cock draped over the top of your thigh.

“Take off your dress.” I do. No underwear, as you’d ordered. You nod once. I feel a surge of relief.

“No doubt the boys you play with are so gratified to have a horny bitch like you that they spend all their time pleasuring you. But I’m not a boy. I’m a man and you are a slut, here to serve and service me, without regard to your own needs. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir, I’m your slut, here to service you for your pleasure. Thank you, Sir.”

“Kneel.” I do so, with trepidation. “You gave a terrible blowjob yesterday. I’m going to teach you how to suck my cock. You’re welcome.”

“Thank you, Sir, for teaching your slut how to please you.”

I reach for your dick, but you slap my hands away. “Only your mouth, slut. Put your hands behind bahis firmaları your back, so you aren’t tempted to touch my magnificent cock.”

I shuffle on my knees between your open legs. Your cock still rests, semi-hard, on your thigh. I sink down lower, awkwardly with my hands behind my back, and using my lips, gobble you into my mouth. I kneel upright, my lips now fully wrapped around your cockhead. You put your hand on the back of my head, grip my ponytail for control and push me down slowly as you slide more deeply into my mouth.

“Suck in your cheeks, bitch, more suction. Swirl your tongue around the rim of my head when you get to the top. Suck the scar at the back of the head and lick the vein. Yeeeesssss, slut, worship my fucking cock.” You hold my head in place, grinding up into my mouth.

Not being an experienced cocksucker, and terrified of displeasing you, I try to follow your instructions to the letter. My mouth is making so much saliva it drips down, glistening on your shaved balls. They look so appetizing; I relax my throat when you push my head down so I can get closer to your beautiful orbs and flick a quick lick at them while I’m down there. I feel your cock tickle the back of my throat and my gag reflex is triggered.

“Gargle my cock,” you growl as you thrust deep, jamming my head down to face fuck me. “Who told you to lick my balls, hm? You do what I say, when I say it, you stupid cunt.”

You pull me off your cock, your vice grip on my ponytail dragging me up. You slide your ass down to the edge of your office chair, throw your legs over the arms and lean back. Using one hand to pull away the fleshy globe of your ass, you fully reveal your hairy brown asshole as you yank me by the ponytail into your ass crack.

“You want to lick my balls so much? Fine, you fucking whore, wash my balls and asshole with your tongue.” I lave you like an overheated bitch laps water. The smell of you — musky, sweaty, all male — turns me on, and I surreptitiously try to rub my thighs together, hoping you won’t notice.

“Jam your tongue up there, bitch, clean my asshole, you nasty little slut.”

You press my kaçak iddaa face deeper into your crack, and the taste of you is driving me wild. I have an overwhelming urge to bite the inside of your ass cheek, right next to your rim, to rub my face back and forth over your asshole, smearing my face with the wetness created by my tongue, your sweat and ass juice. I know I can’t do that without your permission, and I moan in longing, wiggling my ass and spreading my legs to cool my hot, wet pussy. My smell assails your nostrils, and you growl in displeasure.

“The nasty little cunt thinks this is about her. I need to disabuse her of that notion.” You yank me back from your asshole and throw me, bent face down on the desk. With one hand gripping my wrists to hold me in place, you crack hard, unforgiving slaps on my ass, my left cheek then my right, over and over, enflaming them, until I break down weeping. You let go of my wrists, but I hold the position, lost in the sensation of my flaming red ass.

You take your necktie and tie my wrists together in front of me, then you tie the other end to the leg of the desk, bending and stretching me out over the desk once more. I whimper in fear and arousal.

You kick me heels apart, widening my legs, increasing your access to my cunt and asshole.

“You have cunt juice running down your legs, slut, did you know that? Look.” You slide two fingers up the inside of my thighs, capturing my liquid, then present it to me. “Open your mouth and see what a fucking nasty slut tastes like.” I crack my mouth open as little as possible, but you don’t care and jam your fingers in my mouth, twisting them against my tongue so I don’t miss a drop. You keep them there, gathering my saliva.

Your other hand unexpectedly slams a punishing slap on my ass cheek. You dig your nails into the fleshy globe near my rim and yank me open, exposing my tiny pink asshole. You work your two saliva-laden fingers into my tight pucker. It is so tight, there isn’t nearly enough lube, as you corkscrew your large manly fingers into my helpless little ass. I am moaning incessantly, my legs shaking.

You slap my ass again. kaçak bahis “Relax, bitch, you have a long way to go to be able to fit my big cock up your nasty little ass.” You grab my ponytail, yanking me back as far as your tie will allow, impaling me further onto your fingers plundering my ass. I pant as you frig my ass unmercifully. My clit rubs against the desk, the movement created by your pistoning fingers getting me closer and closer to coming, cunt juices pouring down my legs now, the smell of my sex permeating the tiny office.

As my climax hits, my ass spasms around your fingers. You spread them apart, stretching my hole. You lean your cock head into the space your spread fingers created, then remove your fingers and jam your cock in. My asshole snaps shut over the edge of your cock head and you thrust — hard. I scream and cum again. “Take it all you nasty little fuck slut.” With every spasm of my orgasm, you drive further up my ass, and your relentless driving keeps me spasming and coming.

You reach around front and grab my tits, not for my pleasure or yours, but as leverage to pull yourself more deeply into my tight hot hole. I am so fucked out, I just lay on the desk, completely passive while you pound my asshole with your cock. I moan when I feel your head swell and I know you are close to cumming.

“Please, Master, please cum in your nasty little slut’s ass. Please let me please you, Sir.”

You grunt, driving your cock into me faster and harder.

“Why should I give a nasty little whore like you the gift of my cum?”

“Because I want to satisfy you, Master. I want to give you everything. I want you to take whatever you want and use me for your pleasure, Sir.”

You are sweating and grunting, barely able to hold back.

“Then take my cum, you nasty bitch.” You pull out of my ass with a popping sound, and step quickly in front of the desk to shoot your load into my face. I open my mouth eagerly to catch what flying cum I can. Once you’re done shooting, you rub your cock all over my face. I nuzzle my Master’s cock like the nasty little whore I am. You shove your cock in my mouth and I clean you.

You untie me, throw my dress at me, and sit back in your chair.

You say, “That will be all. If I need to be serviced again, I’ll let you know. Now get out, you filthy skank, your cunt is stinking up my office.”

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