Ladies Network Ch. 06

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Ever since eighteen year old Gayesha’s first night in Penny’s home where she lived with her two daughters Penelope and Pamela while attending the Miss Jones’ Academy in Sydney as a scholarship student and shared her bed where they made wild, passionate love, Penny had gone through her days sexually aroused. Her heart raced every time she and Gayesha were in the same room, and she hoped Penelope and Pamela didn’t pick up on the attention she showed Gayesha, wishing they would think it was due to her being so new in the house. Of course, Penelope and Pamela enjoyed having Gayesha living with them, too, since it was like having an older sister, and they both were very drawn to Gayesha’s being from Sri Lanka whose skin was quite dark in sharp contrast to their light, olive complexion owed to their Greek ethnicity just like their mom.

It was also strange at first to Penelope and Pamela whenever they heard Gayesha call their mom Mom even though they thought it would be really neat that she did, making them feel even more attached to Gayesha as if she were their older sister. The three of them enjoyed the company of one another immensely, and often Penny would walk in on them in the family room to hear them laughing and see them rolling around on the floor like little girls or hear them giggling behind closed bedroom doors as they shared whatever young, healthy teenage girls did.

Penny also enjoyed having Gayesha come into her bed every night after Penelope and Pamela had gone to sleep to make sensual, sexual, erotic love as they ran their hands all over the body of one another; massaged, fingered, kissed, licked, and sucked the breasts and cunts of each other with lustful, wanton, insatiable hunger, each helping to bring the other to powerful orgasms and drinking their sweet elixir of love juices, each, of course, having her own special, feminine musk-taste that they shared by each holding the last mouthful of ejaculate in her mouth so she could let it run into the mouth of the other during a lovers’ kiss.

When Penelope and Pamela were out of the house, having gone to a friend’s home to swim or just hang out, keeping their own private lives intact even though they had come to love Gayesha and truely accept her as their big sister, Penny and Gayesha made good use of this free time by going swimming in their big pool, lie out on chaise lounges with or without their bikini swim suits on where they often made love, or taking showers together during which time they’d soap down the body of the other, using their hands and fingers to caress their entire bodies.

Penny and Gayesha took turns pressing the other up against the shower wall while the warm water cascaded over their bodies and sharing passionate kisses while wedging their hands between the legs of the other and working their nimble fingers all over their hairy pubic mounds, sliding their soapy fingers into the slit of the other, and taunting and massaging the clit of the other until she moaned in agonizingly, sweet whimpers of pure joy when she had her orgasm.

At other times Penny and Gayesha took turns kneeling on the shower floor with her head between the widely spread legs of the other to eat her cunt until she shot her ejaculate into the other’s hungry mouth to swallow and enjoy the sweet taste of her feminine love juice.

Neither one having ever done it before, but pressed on by their needs for sexual pleasure to satisfy their increasing desire to share just about everything they could, one time when Gayesha was on her knees with her mouth glued to Penny’s aching cunt, by accident after Penny had drained her entire load of sweet ejaculate into Gayesha’s mouth, she still felt the urge to pee in the same way a woman feels as if she has to pee when she’s about to have an orgasm and ejaculate.

Since Penny had not emptied her bladder before stepping into the shower, without warning Penny’s bladder muscles contracted and, unable to hold it in, she squirted a steady, strong stream of pee into Gayesha’s mouth that was still open and pressed around her slit and pee hole.

Startled, Penny cried out beneath her breath that she hadn’t gotten under control since she had her orgasm, “Oh, my god, I’m peeing! I’m peeing into Gayesha’s mouth!”

With urgency Penny tried to stop peeing, but couldn’t. The floodgates of her full bladder had already opened, and there was no stopping the steady stream of hot pee. She then in the same instance put her hands on Gayesha’s shoulders so she could push her away from her since she did not want to continue peeing into Gayesha’s mouth.

Gayesha, of course, heard Penny crying out that she was peeing, and that knowledge sparked a desire in her sex-starved brain that she had never tasted a woman’s pee before, not even her mom’s pee. Now, however, sexually aroused by the very idea that Penny was peeing into her mouth, what is called in sexual parlance a Golden Shower, and that it tasted good…It tasted like Penny…she grabbed onto Penny’s full, round ass cheeks and pushed her casino şirketleri cunt into her face, creating a greater suction between her open, willing mouth and Penny’s nether lips.

Penny wriggled to free herself as she cried out, “No, Gayesha, we mustn’t. I shouldn’t be peeing into your mouth even though I know urine is very sterile when first released.

Nevertheless, Gayesha did not loosen her hold on Penny’s ass cheeks, but if nothing else, pressed even harder to keep Penny’s cunt pressed into her face as she continued to shoot her hot pee into Gayesha’s mouth that she kept swallowing each time her mouth filled with this new feminine elixir which squirted continuously until Penny had emptied her entire bladder into Gayesha’s hungry mouth and she had swallowed every drop with unabated joy and relish.

When Penny had finished peeing into her mouth, Gayesha loosened her hold on Penny’s ass cheeks and removed her face off Penny’s hairy cunt and brought her head out from between her spread legs.

Smiling, Gayesha looked up at Penny, and Penny saw a salacious gleam in Gayesha’s beautiful, dark brown Sri Lanka eyes that even inside the shower picked up what light there was and captured it as two small white dots in the upper right corners.

“Mmmmmmmmm, Mother,” Gayesha said in a sexually, satisfied tone, “That was erotically exciting, your peeing into my mouth. I’d never tasted a woman’s pee before not even my mom’s. You tasted so fresh and delicious.”

“But, Darling, that was my pee,” Penny said, confused with what Gayesha had just said to her.

Gayesha smiled again, “Yes, I know you were peeing into my mouth, Mother. And, yes, I was at first startled since I thought you had already emptied all your ejaculate into my mouth, but I then sensed a different taste about it as you shouted out you were peeing into my mouth and tried to pull away from me. However, my sexually charged brain told me I was enjoying both the thought of your peeing into my mouth as well as the taste of your pee, so I wanted you to finish your peeing into my mouth so I could drain you completely.”

Penny tried to smile back at Gayesha but was still a wee overwhelmed with the very idea of having peed into her mouth and that Gayesha actually enjoyed it. This was a first not only for Gayesha but for Penny, too.

“Did my pee really taste good to you, Darling?” asked Penny inquisitively as she wrapped her mind around the very idea and found herself stirring with renewed sexual hunger.

Gayesha shook her head “yes” as she answered, “Yes, Mother, your pee really did taste good to me. I became very excited once I knew what I was doing and tasting.”

“I never would have guessed it would be that way. That’s all,” replied Penny somewhat dumbstruck.

Sheepishly Gayesha asked in hushed tones as she looked deeply into Penny’s eyes, wanting to read her thoughts about what she was going to ask her.

“Mother, do you think some day you would let me pee into your mouth? That thought really excites me and makes me horny now that you’ve peed into my mouth and I know how much I enjoyed it.

“Not that you’d have to do it as payback.”

A pregnant pause filled the steamy enclosed shower as the water from the shower head still sprayed down over both Penny and Gayesha, having rinsed both of them squeaky clean and leaving them with soft, smooth skin. Gayesha’s dark skin had a special aura about it.

“Well, Gayesha my lovely daughter, now that I’m over the initial shock of my having peed into your mouth and your swallowing it all and having had erotic images running through my sexually stimulated mind, I must admit I am now turned on by the whole idea. So, my answer to you is this, ‘I’d love to have you pee into my mouth sometime so I can feel how that is and taste your hot pee as you did mine.'”

Gayesha got up from her knees quickly and hugged Penny who was able to taste the lingering taste of her pee on Gayesha’s lips when they kissed, especially when she slid her tongue inside Gayesha’s mouth and explored the inside over her teeth and gums with her moving tongue.

‘However, if you can wait, we’ll save that for another day if that’s all right with you. I think we should get out of the shower, dry off, and get dressed before Penelope and Pamela get home. Don’t you?” asked Penny.

“Yes, Mother. Your letting me pee into your mouth will give me something for which to look forward. Ohhhhhh, I’m so excited by the very thought of having your luscious mouth pressed around my slit while I pee into it,” Gayesha sighed aloud.

Thus, that is the way the days went in Penny’s home and with her newest daughter Gayesha about whom she had promised to share some things with Rhoda, the Headmistress and newfound friend and Sister of the Ladies Network come Saturday morning at 10:00 o’clock, and today was Saturday.

Penny awakened early that morning, having spent another night of making passionate love with Gayesha. She showered; blow dried and styled her dark, casino firmaları brown hair; put on her make up; put on a sexy, lacy black bra that was cut low to expose her cleavage and a form-fitting white, sleeveless blouse that was cut low in the front; and a mid-thigh, loose-fitting red skirt; but she conveniently did not wear any panties beneath her skirt nor a half-slip since she loved having her hairy pussy bared to the air, especially on this day since she was going to be alone with Rhoda to tell her about some of the erotic, intimate goings-on between her and Gayesha from the very first night she arrived at her home to stay, and Penny knew from personal experience how horny and sexually excited the beautiful Rhoda becomes when it comes to sex ever since the morning she had been seduced by her and her assistant Kiko. The last thing Penny did was to slip her feet into a comfortable pair of Manolo Blahnik Filoma Leather Slide sandals.

A half hour drive in her Jaguar sedan into the city and Penny was in Rhoda’s office ten o’clock on the dot.

Rhoda met Penny with a warm smile, a hug, and a kiss before they went over to the two, over-size burgundy leather sofa chairs that faced one another with but a few feet separating them and that were near the windows, the mini-blind shades, however, already having been closed to assure the complete privacy Rhoda had told Penny they would have, and sat down, comfortably facing one another.

Rhoda smiled leeringly at Penny and said, “Penny, you can’t imagine how I’ve been on pins and needles ever since our phone conversation about Gayesha and your having told me you had some rather intimate things to share with me about how’s she getting along living in your home with you and your daughters. The wait, I don’t mind telling you, has been pure hell!”

Penny rolled back in her seat and chuckled, deliriously overjoyed with the effect her announcement about Gayesha had on Rhoda.

“Oh, Rhoda, you are a naughty girl, naughty and hardcore. Why your creative, sex-driven brain must have had your body pumped full of all those chemicals that spark every erogenous zone in your body.”

After a momentary pause Penny added, “How many times did you masturbate with such wicked thoughts running through your brain? Better yet, how many times did you have lovely Kiko get on her knees between your legs in this office to eat you out, sucking on your hard, swollen clit until you ejaculated into her mouth to relieve yourself of some of your sexual tension?”

Penny saw Rhoda actually blush because of what she had just asked her, and her blushing told Penny that what she had just asked her was absolutely true.

What Penny didn’t know was that when she rolled back into her seat with glee, her short, loosely fitting skirt rode up to mid-thighs that had spread a little, surprisingly allowing Rhoda a glimpse of her naked, hairy cunt before she went back down onto the cushion.

Now Rhoda’s heart was beating faster, and her breathing was somewhat irregular and shallow as she tried not to let Penny see her becoming sexually aroused.

“So, Penny, and just what do you have to tell me about Gayesha? She has fit in quite well her at school and gets along well with the students; although, I must say Penelope and Pamela have been great in helping Gayesha to adjust and feel at home in a new school environment and being so far away from home and family.

“But, you seem to fit the bill perfectly, Penny. I’m told Gayesha calls you Mom at home. Is this true?” asked Rhoda.

Penny shook her head affirmatively, “Oh, yes, Rhoda, Gayesha has called me Mom since the day after her arrival. Penelope and Pamela thought it was great since Gayesha is like a new, big sister to them, and when Gayesha asked if she should call me, Ms. Penny, I gave her the choice of calling me either Penny, or if she felt comfortable with it, she could call me Mom as do Penelope and Pamela.”

“Well, tell me, Penny, just how did this come about so quickly? Ever since the second day,” Rhoda asked inquisitively.

Penny smiled with the look of the cat that swallowed the canary, remembering Gayesha’s and her making love on the first night of her being there.

“That is one of things I wanted to share with you about Gayesha, Rhoda, and I’m sure you’ll find my telling of it both interesting as well as more than arousing,” said Penny salaciously.

Rhoda squirmed in her seat, already feeling herself becoming wet between her legs, and she squeezed her thighs tightly together to help relieve some of the sexual pressure that was already building inside her.

She inhaled deeply, causing her full breasts to rise, pause, and fall beneath her pale blue sleeveless blouse that she wore outside her Navy blue skirt that was raised slightly above her knees that she had crossed, left leg over her right. From shear nervousness and being sexually aroused Rhoda bounced her left leg on the ball of her foot, causing both legs to bounce slightly in place, a fact not güvenilir casino unnoticed by Penny.

Sighing slowly through her slightly parted lips, Rhoda said, “Well…Penny…how long are you going to keep me in suspense? Get on with your story about Gayesha’s first night at your home and how it came to be she’s been calling you Mom ever since the second day.”

Knowing full well she had Rhoda’s undivided attention, Penny told her about Gayesha’s crawling into bed with her with all her clothes off and her being awakened by her massaging her breasts all the while having no idea who was lying beside her since it was dark.

Penny went on to tell Rhoda what passionate love she and Gayesha made throughout the better part of the night while she told her about the incestuous sexual lifestyle they live in Sri Lanka because it is forbidden by the government to talk about sex and sexual matters and that there is no formal sex education classes taught in the schools nor is it allowed to be discussed within the homes with parents, so, therefore, they are left on their own to learn about sex the best they know how, and that best way leads to incestuous relationships among family, including mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends and acquaintances such as teachers and next-door neighbors, as well as maids and drivers if a family had enough money to have them.

Penny went on to tell Rhoda about Gayesha’s having an incestuous relationship with her mom with whom she shared a bed in their small, two bedroom home while her father slept out on the old, worn sofa and her older sister and brother shared the second bedroom.

She went on to tell Rhoda about Gayesha’s telling her of her seduction of her dad while he was asleep on the living room sofa while Gayesha fingered her clit, making it all swollen, hard, erect, and creamy wet. How she massaged her dad’s flaccid penis until she slipped it out the slit of his underpants, wrapped her hand around the shaft and rolled his foreskin over the expanding head and then how she licked and sucked on it until her dad’s cock was hard, erect, and swollen that caused him to get awake and put his hand on the back of her head and push down on it, shoving her mouth fully down onto his cock until her face touched his coarse pubic hair around the base of his elongated shaft and how together, her dad pushing down on her head and she sucking on his hard cock, her dad had an intense orgasm, ejaculating his thick, hot cum profusely into Gayesha’s mouth that she swallowed down her throat.

Penny told Rhoda that by then Gayesha had fingered her cunt and licked and sucked on her clit so much that she made her have a series of orgasms that caused her to ejaculate all over Gayesha’s fingers and hand, after which she buried her face into Penny’s drenched, hairy forest and licked up all the ejaculate and pussy cream with her tongue.

During the telling of this story about Gayesha’s seduction of Penny as well as of her dad, Rhoda got so sexually turned on and so very wet on her pussy lips that had swollen three times their normal size, she had no compunction in undoing the buttons on her blouse, removing her bra so she could play with her hard, erect nipples, and sliding up her skirt around her waist and remove her short, black panties so she could finger her slit and play with her swollen clit that had poked its big head from beneath its protective hood.

Penny didn’t see anything of Rhoda’s she hadn’t seen, smelled, touched, massaged, fingered, licked, and sucked when Rhoda and Kiko had seduced her in this very office not too many months ago that led her to be inducted into the Sisterhood of the Ladies Network.

In fact, what Penny saw Rhoda doing with herself sexually aroused her as she retold the story about Gayesha and their night of mad lovemaking. So much so, Penny, too, had her breasts with their puffy, goose flesh areolas and hard, erect nipples naked while she had her hairy cunt spread wide as were her legs so she could play with her cunt and swollen, erect clit.

Penny and Rhoda sat opposite one another as Penny told her story about Gayesha while they watched one another finger-fucking their excited, sopping cunts and massaging their throbbing clits, both working towards their orgasms.

Without being asked, Penny got up from her seat and quickly took off all her blouse and skirt and kicked off her sandals, leaving her standing naked before Rhoda who said not one word but hungrily devoured Penny’s body with her eyes.

Silently Penny got down on her hands and knees and slowly and seductively crept across the short distance separating Rhoda and her, looking like a lithe feline leopard stalking her prey. Penny even emitted a low, menacing growl deep within her throat as she came closer and closer to Rhoda whose eyes were locked on the beautiful predator, caught up in the primitive tension that surrounded them.

Rhoda breathed shallowly and more rapidly as her inner self responded to the erotic nature of Penny’s animal-like posture, her head bent down yet her dark, brown eyes looking up and capturing Rhoda’s fully aroused attention. Penny’s shoulders rose and fell with each forward movement while her broad, full hips swayed sensuously side to side.

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