Just Another Day

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Just another day really, nothing special to begin with. We had been in through the morrning, and we’d been out in the afternoon. We’d done some shopping for the flat, had a few giggles, a little bit off teasing and some playful jokes but now we were back. I had made a cup of tea for myself, a coffee for him, with a biscuit on the side. Every inch the happy domestic scene, but isn’t it always the case that you only hear the ‘something’s going to happen’ music in bad movies?

He was on the computer, playing games. I was almost desperate for him to hold me and cuddle me and to make me feel special but I didn’t dare push it for fear of rejection. we’d had one too many of those moments in recent weeks.

I had a special reason for these needs, for my desire to be cherished. I wanted to know he would trust me, and love me. Unknown to him I had been to the adult entertainment shop in town and bought an item that I was praying he would like. We all have desires, and our own ideas about what our partners really want.

So I waited until I thought I could get his attention without seeming too pushy. He finally turned away from the computer, smiling as he had beaten the machine again and as he reached his hand out toward me I took it and snuggled closer, stroking his arm and loving the feel of his warm skin.

Gradually he seemed to relax and accept my attentions, laying back on the settee with his eyes closed. I moved my attention to his chest, gently opening the buttons of his shirt and smoothing the skin underneath. Clean skin, still scented with citrus shower gel and whatever deodorant he had used that morning. Following my hands with my lips. I was getting turned on just touching him but was still worrying about when or whether I should let him know what I had bought. What if he didn’t like it? Sometimes when you’re trying to get your partner and your life to a new level it can feel like standing on the edge of a cliff.

I could see the slight bulge in his jeans and knew I was affecting him, which had an equal affect on me, the heat rising in my stomach, canlı bahis the liquid sensation moving inside my groin.

Slowly I released the jeans to allow his cock freedom and gently pulled them and his underwear off him. He mumbled something but to be honest I wasn’t listening. I was focused on what I was doing. I bent lower and took his cock in my mouth, savouring the taste and how easily it fitted, he started writhing slightly and his breath was quickening. Now I thought, if I’m gonna do this it has to be now!

He had seemed in the past to enjoy me touching his anus and I had become more confident in touching him there, even inserting my finger slightly and he really seemed to enjoy it. So I had been reading about different ways of giving a man pleasure and on a whim had bought a strap-on and lube. It was hidden just under the front of the settee. Call it planned spontaneity.

So I asked him to roll over so I could stroke and kiss his back and his cheeks. Thankfully he complied. As I stroked and kissed him, especially his cheeks, he was making slight grinding movements into the settee. He couldn’t deny he was enjoying himself. I parted his cheeks and started running my tongue along the crack – at which he almost involuntarily raised his arse higher. In my head I wanted a video of the scene, of him offering himself to me. I reached down with one hand and got my new toy out. I had been practising putting it on so I didn’t make a fool of myself. Had I posed in fron tof the mirrror with it on? Of course. I’d loved its weight, and the way it looked. I was still kissing his cheeeks, leaving my hands free to put it on.

He sensed I was up to something and tried to move to see what I was doing but I told him to stay still, to ust wait and see. And yes, the fact that he trusted me, and turned his head down so he couldn’t see was also a turn on. I got the lube out and started gently massaging it around his hole and a little on the dildo. Then I instructed him to slide his legs off the settee and onto the floor slightly apart so I could kiss his balls. He bahis siteleri did as I asked so I flicked my tongue over his balls and started massaging his cock which was just hard enough to let me know I was still doing okay. Do I love the weight of his balls on the tip of my tongue? Oh yes…

Then I said to him ‘We are doing something different tonight’ and before he could say anything I laid the dildo against his arse. He stiffened slightly but didn’t try to pull away. Did he know what I was going to do? I like to think so. I like to think I’d judged him right, that I’d known what he wanted all along. I continued stroking his cock, warm, firm, pulsing in my hand, and using my other hand positioned the strap on at the entrance to his arse. Then, holding my breath, almost sick with desire and anxiety I gently but firmly started to push it into him. Slowly at first because I didn’t want to hurt him and I so wanted to give him pleasure. There was resistance at first but gradually the muscles relaxed and accepted the probing, so I pushed in still further and started slowly rotating my hips, feeling more and more confident. He moaned and I thought ‘Oh God I got it wrong’ but when I asked if he wanted me to stop he said ‘no’. Just that. Yes he was moaning, but they were moans of pleasure, deep, baritone moans of joy that had no words, just emotions and lust written into them.

And me? By now I had both my hands on his hips; I was fucking him and the sounds he was making turned me on even more. I was so wet underneath the straps, each thrust as my pussy hit his cheeks causing amazing sensations within me. I tried not to go too hard or fast but he was pushing back onto me now almost desperately and then it happened. I wouldn’t have believed it could happen if I hadn’t seen it but he orgasmed, his body shaking beneath me. I slowed the movements down and waited for him to calm before withdrawing altogether, gently massaging his cheeks as I did so. There was a sob in his throat as he caught his breath, trying to recover.

Gradually I realised he hadn’t cum in any bahis şirketleri physical sense; his cock was only semi- hard but his reactions were real. I asked him if he was ok – he mumbled something which I took to be some sort of yes. Slowly I ran my fingers across his now very wide arse hole and as I did he stiffened and arched to meet my hand. I recognised a movement I’ve made myself. ‘Do you want more?’ I asked, ‘Please’ was all he could manage.

So I entered him again, easily this time. there was no need to be subtle or discreet; he knew what was coming. I had lost all ability to think by now, but when he reached back to hold his bottom cheeks apart my pulse rate went through the roof. I was pumping him hard and fast, he was moaning and writhing beneath me and I knew I was close to cumming and told him so and we orgasmed together; all I could think of in my head was ‘You’re mine now.’

I had almost collapsed on top of him, so as my breathing returned to normal I withdrew and he rolled over to look at me. He still hadn’t ejaculated; that gorgeous cock of his was half erect, shiny with preccum but nowhere near as stiff as I’d seen it other times. It wasn’t just about his cock. He looked different somehow, more aware and more knowing. The way he looked at me and the dildo sent wonderful quivers of expectation through me.

‘Your turn now’ he said and pushed me to the floor and removed the strap on. He put his head straight between my legs and started licking my wet pussy, a little roughly maybe but I didn’t care. It felt so good, too good almost. Suddenly he pushed his finger deep into me with his tongue still teasing my clit and I exploded again. God, this was so good.

Before I had time to come down from the place he had sent me his rock hard cock was inside me pumping away, he was almost growling words at me. Words of love or self assertion, I hadn’t a clue and didn’t care. I was starting to climb to that special place again and he took me there with the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced as he filled me with his cum.

It took a while for either of us to speak or do anything other than just lie there and touch one another gently. Finally he said ‘ I need a cigarette’ to which I giggled. We were back to earth again, but we were different, and we both knew it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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