Jake’s Awakening

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Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He had a cushioned pew, but the sermon was dragging on a bit too long for his comfort. The sermon was on the pitfalls of prideful thinking. He just saw it as a warning not to think for himself. He sighed and tried to get back into it. His friend Natalie was in front of him. Her studied her necklace and the wisps of hair that decorated it. He wondered where she was the most sensitive on her neck, and for a moment, he imagined kissing her on those spot. The way her bun sat high on her head, her necklace sat loosely on neck, and her hair seemed to tickle lightly. He thought it was beautiful. He shock himself out of it. When did he ever think of her like that? Besides she was dating his friend, Robert.

When sermon was finally over, everyone piled out of the sanctuary. Robert had skipped church that day, but Jake knew it was because he was hung over. They had been out late. Robert lived on his own, but Jake and Natalie still lived with their folks as they attended the community college in their town. It wasn’t that Robert was any more mature than they were, it’s that his step dad kicked him out. Jack felt awful about it… he was going to college and Robert had to get a full time job just to get by. Still… having Robert living in his own place, as ghetto as it was, made drinking all the more easier at 19.

He caught up to Natalie, talking with an older couple, pretending to be interested in whatever they were saying. He offered to take her home.

It’s not that Jack didn’t like his church, it’s just that it didn’t interest a man at 19. Overall, Jack was a pretty good guy. He didn’t smoke pot, drank only on weekends, got B’s in his classes, and had only had one serious girlfriend. That had ended when they graduated high school. She went away to college, and he stayed home going to the JC.

He and Natalie didn’t go home. They drove to Robert’s house. Jack let himself in, and went to check on Robert. Natalie excused herself to the bathroom. Robert was still asleep, with the sheets all kicked off of him. He had some serious morning wood going on, ‘afternoon wood’ Jack thought ruefully, looking at the clock.

Before Jack woke up his best friend to taunt him, he studied Robert. Robert was really one hell of good looking guy. His hair was a bit too long, as if he didn’t care about regular haircuts, he was sporting a 6 o clock shadow, his features dark and dramatic, and his body cut from soccer. Jack noticed his cock… what was that 8 inches? Jack felt a twinge of something… was that jealousy or admiration?

He pushed that out of his mind and jumped on Robert. “Hey faggot! Wake up. You missed church and your mom got mad at me! Natalie’s here, so get dressed!”

Robert groaned and got out of bed. As far as Jack knew, they had never done it. They were “saving themselves.” Natalie never went into his bedroom.

They both headed out to the kitchen where Natalie had made some coffee. “Hey babe,” she cooed, as she handed up coffee the way he liked it.

“Hey” he grunted.

Robert leaned in to kiss his girl, as she turned to make herself another cup of coffee. “How was church? Boring?”

“Don’t say that!” chided Natalie. Jack smiled. She was so good.

They decided to watch a movie. They had watched a horror movie last time, so it was Natalie’s turn to pick. She picked a romantic comedy, she hoped they’d still like. Despite her good intentions, they guys did not like it. Robert feigned interest, but Jack fell asleep. He was hung over too.

Jack dreamed of Natalie’s neck, and the noises she made as it was being kissed. Manly lips caressed every portion of her neck. Robert appeared, with his 8 inch cock, hard and needy. Natalie went down on it, masterfully, better than any porno Jack has ever seen. In his dream, the perspective switched to Jack’s cock being sucked. Natalie wrapped her righteous goody lips around his throbbing cock, and he fucking her mouth hard. He looked down again and it was himself. He was sucking his own cock, tasting it and feeling the full and filling pain. He thought of Robert’s cock, all 8 inches, standing at attention.

Jack woke up suddenly, extremely hard and horny. Robert and Natalie were still watching the movie. Jack excused himself to the bathroom.

Damn he was horny.

As he was rubbing one out, looking down at his cock, he thought about Natalie’s neck, and her lips around his cock. A twinge of guilt hit him. He closed his eyes and tried to think about the last porno he saw. Robert’s cock sprang into his mind, on various male porn actors. He thought about porn stars going down on his 8 inch cock, one after another. As the last golden hued sex kitten pulled away to allow that 8 inch cock to cum all over her, Jack matched it pulse by pulse, stride by stride.

As he cleaned up in his best friend’s bathroom, as troubled thought kept occurring to him. He had just cum thinking about his best friend’s cock. He chalked it up to envy, and went out gaziantep escortlar to be with his friends. His guilt compelled him to order a pizza for them.

Natalie had to head home, so Robert took her home. Jake didn’t want to go home, at all, so he hung out at Robert’s place.

When Robert came home, Jake asked him if he got any. Robert told him to shut up and went into the kitchen to have some pizza. Jake followed him.

“I think I’m going to be taking some night classes… want to take them with me?”

“Shut up Jake.” Robert responded.

“Fuck Robert! How’s that job working out for you. Holy shit, man, why not?”

“I’m not the college type. No one has ever been to college in my family.”

Jake studied his best friend. He loved this guy. He remembered a time when things were real bad for him. Jake had been late on a growth spurt, and also had the unfortunate ability to sing. So as a sophomore in high school, he was in the varsity choir, looking like he was still in Jr High. Robert had no such problems. He had already made varsity basketball, and had even started a couple of games. When some cock headed jerk, who had been one too many times on the football field decided to make Jake his bitch, Robert beat the shit out of him.

Robert and Jake had been friends since 8 years old. He pained him to see the guy he had looked up to for years, working at a dead end job at 19, resigned to never better himself.

Robert was busy in his kitchen, cleaning up after dinner. Jake said, “I love you man, so I got to say, I’m not giving up on this issue.”

Robert grunted a response.

Jake went to go help him clean up. He filled up the sink with water. Robert was way too poor to afford an apartment with a dishwasher.

Robert looked down, very down. Jake wished his best friend would share with him. He knew that was a not guy thing to do. He never understood “guy things.” He had been told often that he was too personal, too thoughtful, too emotional. That was part of the reason he had been picked on.

He wasn’t gay. Even though it was against his religion, he loved, LOVED, being with his last girlfriend. He fucked her in so many ways. It was like a sport to them, how many different ways they could have sex. He missed her when she left, but not that much. They were still face book friends, and when he saw her partying at her college, with other guys, it caused him almost not jealousy.

Robert didn’t like that. He was saving himself, and wished that Jake had done the same. Jake didn’t see the point like Robert did. But there really wasn’t judgment. Robert wanted Jake to be more virtuous likes Jake wanted Robert to go to college. It was there, but it wasn’t going to hurt their friendship.

Jake felt a sudden urge to put his arm around Robert. Robert, tensed up, but didn’t pull away. Jake thought that was weird, and almost pulled away himself. But he stopped himself, “if Robert was letting me do this, he probably needs it.”

Robert didn’t cry or anything like that. Jake had only seen Robert cry when his dad had died. But Robert did sigh heavily into Jake’s shoulder.

Jake grew slightly bolder. Later he would ask himself why he needed to be bolder at all, since they were just friends, but at the moment, Jake felt like he was trespassing into uninvited grounds. He put his other arm around Robert and pulled him close. It was sweet. Jake started to feel… sticky. He didn’t really understand why this felt needed. Robert still didn’t push away. Jake thought to himself, “it’s because he’s so sure of his manhood” not realizing that that thought said something about himself.

Jake lost himself in the embrace. A nagging thought was at the back of his head, but he pushed it away. Robert sighed into his neck. Jack was taller than Robert, so he sort of nestled there. Robert gave him a squeeze, and then something weird happened. He made the smallest motion, almost so small that he could be nothing. So small, that it certainly could be denied if Jack ever asked Robert about it. Robert thrust into Jake, before he pulled away. Jake said nothing, not even sure it happened, as Robert busied himself getting beer out of the fridge.

For the second time that day, Jake had to take care of business at Robert’s house. This time, he allowed himself to leave Natalie out completely. In his mind, he imagined pulling the sheets off, slowing, allowing them to present the boxer covered cock to present itself. Robert was asleep, handsome as always, caught up in blissful sleep. He imagined slowly releasing the red, angry cock from Robert’s boxers, and admiring it for a moment. Then slowly, carefully, so as to not wake Robert, he imagined putting his lips on his cock. He skillful treated it like he always liked his own to be sucked. Tiffany was a pro, as they had spent hours studying porn, and practicing on each other. He applied all that he had learned to Robert’s beautiful virgin cock. Sucking around the head, licking the fleshy part, hiding his teeth, licking up the base, sucking lightly at first, then firmer and harder as it went on. He imagined Robert waking up, surprised at what was going on. The thought of his confused, shocked, and lustful face made Jake’s cock jump again. He stroked himself further and closed his eyes, jumping back into his fantasy. Robert’s shock changed to acceptance, as he laid back down, and allowed this to continue.

As his beautiful, 8 inch, virgin cock, spent itself into Robert’s mouth, he imagined what it would taste like. He put some pre-cum on his thumb and tasted himself. The salty bitter taste only made him hornier, and he quickened his own pumping.

In his fantasy, Robert was spent, having burst his seed into Jake’s mouth. Jake was almost there… He went for broke, and allowed himself to imagine more and darker. He decided he’d deal with the consequences later. He imagined spitting into his hands, and mixing spit and Robert’s cum into a lotion. He starts at the still hard spent cock, and works his way down. Past the taint and starts to rim the starfish. The thought of Robert’s virgin ass, was almost too much for Jake to bear, but he wanted to finish this. He imagined tracing along the opening, and starting with one finger. He imagined Robert’s face mixed with confusion and pleasure. He waited until it felt more relaxed, and then slowly, gently put another finger in. Jake imagined Robert wincing in pain, and for some reason, that made his cock jump harder than anything Tiffany had ever done to him.

Surprised, he decided again to file that away in a “to deal with later” corner of his brain. Jake would never do this in real life, but hey this was his fantasy. He grunted hungrily, and placed his cock at the tip of the opening. Looking down at Robert’s cock, still 8 inches even thought it was spent, decorating his balls, which created a beautiful trellis over his tight opening,.

Robert’s magnificent muscled butt checks adorning Jack’s cock on both sides as it pointed straight to the promised land. In his mind, Jake thrust in. In reality, he squeezed his hand tight around his cock, pushed in once, twice, three times. Jack has never cum so hard in his life.

Robert sat only slight confused. He had known he felt attacked to Jake his whole life. Jake believed In him when no one else would. Even though Jake never thought so, Jake was a very handsome guy. He could laugh with Jake freer than anyone else, and ever since his father died, Jake was the only one he could truly be free around. His mother jumped into one relationship after relationship with asshole after asshole. She ended up marrying the biggest asshole of them all. Jake always felt rejected when she didn’t turn to him with her grief. He didn’t understand why she didn’t stop his step dad from kicking him out. That was worse than finding oneself himself when his friends were going to college.

He loved Natalie, and thought she was truly beautiful. Once he figured out his life, he planned on marrying her. They never fought, always enjoyed each other’s company, and the fire between their kisses was always there, always present, if not burning. He knew she’d marry him eventually. They shared the same faith, and very few men her age did that. She was going to be amazing one day, and sometimes he worried that he was holding her back. She swore she didn’t skip a university to be with him, but he often wondered if she was being pressured by her mother to get married rather than go to college. Her mother was a dumb brood if she would rather her little girl marry him rather than go to college.

Jake truly got him. He understood his concerns with Natalie, he knew his heartbreak with his mother. Jake liked to talk about shit, that was always kinda weird to Robert. But in his own way, that meant a lot to him. No one else would ask Robert how he was feeling. After a few years of resisting Jake’s intrusions into his thoughts, he finally accepted that there was someone in the world that truly gave a damn.

He sighed.

‘Did Jake notice how I got into that hug?’ If he did, Jake wouldn’t say anything.

Robert watched Jake for the rest of the evening, trying to find some indication that he was upset or put out. At one time, Jake looked back at him, after he noticed Robert had been staring. He didn’t look weird, or indignant, instead he smiled a warm and welcome smile, He seemed to say, “It’s ok dude.”

They played Xbox, drank beer, and did their normal thing. Robert allowed himself to get too drunk, something he usually does not do on a Sunday night before work. He needed the escape tonight.

He woke up on his couch, with his head resting on Jake’s side. He wasn’t really drunk anymore and so he was surprised to find himself in that position. He didn’t move. He could see his reflection in the TV. Jake was awake, looking calm. He took notice of his surroundings. Jake was sitting up, Xbox controller had fallen to his side, forgotten. The TV was off. Robert’s head was resting on Jake’s side, half on his arm, half on his torso. His hand was in Jake’s lap, he noticed with surprise. Still he did not move. Jake was fully aware of everything!

Jake was just being kind to his friend, he was sure of it. Jake was like that, no judgments. Jake was the last guy you would think to be homophobic. But he also knew that Jake LOVED woman. Tiffany and he fucked like monkeys. Robert had been critical of it for religious reasons, but he had also felt a twinge of envy. Back then he told himself it was because he was a virgin, but at this moment, he knew… he KNEW… it was because he wished Jake was not into Tiffany.

Maybe it was the beer, or maybe Robert was just tired of the charade. Robert knew he could pretend he was asleep the whole time. Robert closed his eyes before Jake could notice them open, and pretended to shift in his sleep. He shifted more into Jake, placing his head on Jake’s stomach, and his hand draped across his lap. He signed a sleepy sigh, to make it seem as if he was truly asleep. As his hand draped across lap, he noticed Jake’s erection. Robert felt stars go through him. His head got fuzzy, and his cock jumped. He still didn’t move. He justified to himself that if Jake thought he was asleep, there was no sin here. He resolved to keep pretending he was asleep.

In a heady, amorous daze, Robert allowed his head to roll forward. His check was not resting on Jake’s navel, and his mouth a mere centimeter from the bulge in Jake’s jeans. He knew Jake must be uncomfortable from those jeans, but also knew that he probably was frozen stiff. He mustered a small snore, to relieve Jake’s anxiety.

It seemed to work. Jake slowly reached down and undid his jeans. He set his cock free, and there it stood at attention. Robert took it in, through barely open eyes. He could smell it, the musky, heady scent of skin and cock. Despite himself, he shifted uncomfortably. He wanted that cock so bad.

Jake placed his hand on Robert’s head. Robert knew Jake very well. Jake is one horny SoB, but he respected his friend. He could feel the internal struggle inside of Jake. He knew Jake wanted to push his sleeping (or so he thought) head into his cock, but also he would never do that to his friend.

Robert didn’t allow Jake to know he was awake. He still believe being gay was a sin, and he fully planned on marrying Natalie. He also didn’t know what it would do to his friendship with Jake if they had sex.

But he wanted to. He wanted that cock so bad. Jake always thought he just wasn’t as horny as he was, which is why he had never slept with Natalie. Robert swore it was his religion. But the truth is, no matter how beautiful Natalie was, or how much he enjoyed making out with her, he just never felt that overcome. He always attributed it to faith and resolve, but he knew at this moment he was wrong. Natalie NEVER made him feel like he felt right now, and if he did felt this way often, he would not be a virgin right now. This had nothing to do with faith. He wanted Jake’s cock, and he wanted it bad.

Despite himself, he let out a groan. He shifted so his crotch was facing down. He allowed himself to thrust into the couch, just enough to seem like he was shifting in his sleep. He didn’t know what to do.

Jake also shifted. He adjusted so Robert was laying in his lap. Jake settled down into a laying position, as best he could with a 6 ft man in his lap. Jake was high on the coach, with Robert lower. His face was no longer next to his cock, which Robert didn’t like. He didn’t know if he’d ever get the chance like this again. So, he shifted again, this time wrapping his arms around Jake, and pulling him close. Jake thrust into his embrace, and Robert allowed his head to loll into his erection. If Jake ever said anything, he’d swear up and down that he was drunk. He took his erection into his mouth and lazily and sleepily sucked on it. Jacob gasped.

Jake laced his fingers though Robert’s hair and pulled him into his cock. They kept up the pretense that Robert was drunk and asleep. Neither of them would admit how farfetched that would be, at least not now. Robert hungrily lapped, sucked, and devoured Jake’s cock. He had no experience in the matter, except for the few porno’s he had watched. He doubted there were anything that was real, so he just imagined what it must be like. He thought about what it would feel like on his own cock, and went from there. The thoughts transfixed him, and his own erection jammed angrily against his jeans. He reached down and let himself out.

He settled himself into between Jake’s legs, and his best friends hands held firm the grip on his head. He sucked Jake’s cock like it was the last time, and cherished every second of it. His mind mentally took note of every detail. He pushed Natalie and church out of his mind, and he thought about the love he had for his best friend, and how sexy and hot he was right now.

Jake tasted like salt and musk. His skin was sweet and the pre-cum was bitter. It was an overwhelming sense, like a filling meal, but like nothing he had ever tasted.

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