Jake Weavering Ch. 02

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It had been three months since Jake had met Dec and during that time he’d heard nothing more. Dec’s note had said he’d be in touch soon but as the days wore on Jake realised that was probably just an empty phrase. Eventually he’d gone out with a couple of other people, one in particular was very keen on him but Jake knew in his heart that it was going to go nowhere and so ended it.

Back at reception the ‘phone rang unusually it was an outside call: “Reception, Jake speaking how may I help you?”

“Is that Mr Weavering?”

Jake replied that it was. “Mr Weavering this is Mr Whyte’s Personal Assistant, I have Mr Whyte on the line for you, please hold.” Jake stood motionless, what was this all about?


“Yes, hello Dec.”

“Jake, we need to talk. I’d like you to come down here so we can meet up, there’s a lot to discuss.”

Jake paused before he spoke. He wanted to give this man a piece of his mind, let him know how their meeting had left him feeling but this wasn’t the place, plus something in Dec’s voice stirred still raw wounds and more than a small part of him was intrigued.

“I can’t just drop everything.” Jake said.

“Just say you’ll come and I’ll sort it.” was Dec’s reply. Jake paused again, “OK.”

“Good, I’ll be in touch soon.” and the ‘phone went dead. Jake stood there holding the dead receiver not quite knowing what to do next. He remember so well the words in the note Dec had left and anger rose inside him so he decided to take a break and went outside for some fresh air. When he returned one of his colleagues told him that the General Manager was looking for him and he was to report to his office immediately. Jake went to the General Manager to be told that he’d been temporarily relieved of his duties to take up a secondment at Head Office and he should leave immediately.

So it was that Jake found himself checking in to one of the Company’s premier hotels after a two hour drive and gaziantep escortlar being shown to a luxurious suite by a very young (and cute) bell-boy who thanked Jake for his tip and left the room with a furtive glance backwards. Jake sank into the soft fabric of the sofa to contemplate his whirlwind day. Just what was he doing here, what (if anything) was this “secondment” and what was going to happen next?

As if to answer his questions he heard the swipe entry to his room go and he looked around to see Dec closing the door. Dec was dressed in a formal dark grey business suit with a sober light pink shirt and toning silk tie, as Jake saw him old stirrings started and he stood to meet Dec who walked straight up to him, put his arms around him and greeted him with a long, deep kiss.

“What exactly is going on?” Jake asked.

“Come in here and when we’ve had a fuck I’ll tell you.” and he led Jake into the master bedroom and took hold of Jake’s head with both hands and kissed him again. Dec ground his groin into Jake’s and Jake could feel Dec’s erect cock battling with the thin fabric of the suit. He too was hard and though he wanted to resist and talk he felt his clothes being removed and he felt Dec’s hard cock and knew what he would do. He quickly removed Dec’s shirt and tie and began to tease Dec’s already erect nipples, pinching and licking them. Finally he let Dec’s cock out of its fabric prison and as they stood together naked locked in another deep kiss Jake pushed Dec onto the bed and lay down on top of him. He was going to dominate this man, show him how hurt he’d been and make him sorry for the months of heart-ache he’d been put through.

Without any preparation he wetted his dripping cock with saliva, placed it up against Dec’s moist hole and shoved it in. Both men groaned but Jake just fucked like he’d never fucked before. Weeks of frustration, hours of agony were in that fuck and he repeatedly rammed his cock into Dec’s hot arse so his balls slapped painfully against Dec’s butt cheeks. He held Dec down, pinning his arms against the bed and looking straight into his eyes just rammed and rammed his rigid cock home, deep into Dec’s guts. Soon he was on the verge of cumming and he grabbed Dec’s cock and furiously wanked it until Dec shot long streams of cum between their chests. This pushed Jake over the edge and with a few final massive thrusts he shot weeks of cum up inside Dec.

After a few moments Dec muttered “I suppose I deserved that, I have to say I enjoyed it too.”

“You bastard,” Jake said, “You have no idea of how I felt when you just fucked off!” and Dec took Jake firmly in his arms and held him tight as the tears of frustration and rage took over Jake’s entire body.

When the moment had passed they talked. Dec explained how that weekend he’d been sent to carry out a piece of work relating to rationalisation and he’d had the hotel that Jake worked in on his “hit-list” but meeting Jake had interfered with his thought processes and he had to step back to complete his work in a fair and thorough manner. He also let Jake know that he was about to be made CEO of the parent company and that meant his position and circumstances would change. He then told Jake how he’d felt having to walk out and Jake began to realise how this man really felt about him.

Their warm bodies were nestled together now and as they relaxed this began another reaction; this time the sex was less rapid, less driven by pain and frustration and more tender. Dec willingly submitted to Jake’s fucking and slowly as the afternoon passed the tension built until once more they came again this time locked in each others arms.

Jake woke to hear the sound of the shower; he rose and joined Dec under the streams of steaming water. “This is where it all started.” mused Dec and he offered Jake the soap. Jake started with Dec’s shoulders and gradually moved down his back to slide his hand between Dec’s firm cheeks. He pushed his finger gently into Dec’s hole and felt his lover push back on him. Dec felt for Jake’s hard cock and lined it up with his hole and pushed back onto it so that Jake sank into the silky warmth of Dec’s arse. Jake held him tight as he gently fucked his arse. Both men moved to the rhythm of the fuck Jake teasing and pinching Dec’s nipples and running his hands through the forest of hair that covered Dec’s chest. Soon they were again close to cumming and Jake gently squeezed the low hung balls and rubbed Dec’s straining cock until it pumped the contents of his balls on the floor of the shower. This set Jake off and as Dec’s arse clamped around his cock in time with the spurts of cum so Jake pumped his own juice deep into Dec’s arse.

“Let’s go eat.” said Dec, so they dressed and made their way down to the restaurant. Seated at a quiet table eating their food Dec looked at Jake: “OK,” he said, “He’s the deal. I would like you to come here and work with me.” Jake went to respond but Dec interrupted him by placing his hand on top of Jake’s “Hear me out.” He said.

“I’m expected to bring my own team with me into the CEO post, we’re going to be developing new areas of customer services and I want you to head this up. I want you to come live with me as my lover and partner and you’ll be a Head of Department answering to me. You’ll have a team of people responsible to you and I need you to know I may be an easy fuck in the bedroom but I’m a fucking hard task-master everywhere else!”

Jake looked at this man who a few hours earlier he’d have cheerfully walked past in the street “you serious?” he asked. “Absolutely!” was Dec’s reply. “Now eat your dinner and let’s get back to the bedroom, you can give me your answer tomorrow, but right now my arse is itching for that hard dick of yours!” and Jake felt Dec’s hand moving up his thigh towards his rapidly stiffening cock. When he reached Jake’s cock Dec gave it a gentle squeeze which made it jump and harden even more, Dec winked at Jake and called for the bill.

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