It’s good to be the boss

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Being a CEO of a large company has its perks. Particularly, the power to control people.

I took notice of one of my employees. We’ll call him Phil. Phil was a black man who worked hard. Rumor around the office was he put in extra hours to get away from his wife. I recall her from a christmas party. She was very attractive and a strong woman. I remember her great C-cup tits and world class black ass. Not the ghetto booty, but an ass you could appreciate.

I decided to look up Phils address, which was conveniently in our company directory and pay his wife a visit. They didn’t live in the best part of town, but considering I took a cab to get there, I didn’t really care. I found their apartment easily enough and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” a womans voice asked from the other side of the door.

“My name is Geoff,” I said firmly, “I am your husbands boss. May we speak?”

The door opened and there she stood. She was exactly as I had remembered, only instead of wearing a dress, she was wearing sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt. A quick look verified a bra was on.

“What can I do for you?” she asked irritably.

“May I come in?”

“Sure,” she said after a brief pause, “Coffee?”

“No thanks,” I smiled, “I wanted to speak to you briefly about your husband.”

“What about him?” she snorted, “He’s been working late every day for the past three weeks.”

“Well,” I smiled, “You see, his job is in jepoardy. He might have to be let go.”

Her disgust suddenly turned into panic. “What? What do you mean? He’s been working hard.”

“True,” I nodded, “But it really isn’t about him working or not working. This has to do with you. You see, a man of my position gets whatever he wants. Today, I want you.”

She looked at me, puzzled, then gaziantep lezbiyen realizing what I was getting at. “How dare you. Get out!”

“That’s fine,” I smiled, “I’ll leave. But I guarantee that your husband, or you for that matter, will not work in any decent paying job in this town if I walk out the door right now.”

She paused, then reluctantly nodded. “Ok. Alright. I’ll do whatever you want. But if I do, you have to promise me my husband never finds out.”

I smiled, and took off my overcoat. “Good. Let’s get down to business then. First, I want to see what I’ll be working with. Take off your shirt and bra.”

Slowly, she removed her long sleeved shirt, revealing a normal white bra holding her perfect C cup tits. A quick unhook later and I witnessed their full glory. I walked towards her and cupped them in my hands. She gave out a sigh of reluctance and regret. “Very nice,” I smiled, “Now, kneel down in front of me, unzip my pants and suck my dick.”

She kneeled down and began working my belt off, then my pants, and slid my boxer briefs down to reveal my 7″ cock, which had stiffened since I got a look at her tits. She first began to lick the head of my dick, then slowly engulfed it into her mouth, inch by inch until she was nuzzling her lips at the base of my shaft. This woman could suck a dick. Her tongue snaked around the shaft and over the head of my penis when she didn’t have it crammed down her throat. I could’ve easily blown my load down the back of her throat right then and there, but I opted not to.

“Stop,” I commanded her, “Stand up and take off your pants and panties.”

Without a word, she stood up and removed her sweatpants and panties in one slide down. Her pussy was trimmed down to just a line of pubic hair. She stood in front of me completely naked and awaiting my next command.

“Rub your pussy for me,” I smiled, “Go sit down in that chair, spread your legs for me, and get your pussy nice and wet.” She obeyed. Sitting down in a wooden chair, she spread her legs open enough and began rubbing her clit. At first she looked as if she were just going through the motions. But then she began getting into it. This was apparent when her other hand began massaging her breasts and then began pinching a nipple. Her breathing became heavier and quicker as she approached orgasm.

“Stop,” I said, “Now you’re going to stand up, turn that chair around, and bend over for me.”

“I don’t use birth control,” she said cautiously, “So don’t cum inside of me.”

“I’ll do what I please,” I said sternly, “Or you’ll be pregnant and jobless you slut. Now shut up and do as I say.”

She obediantly stood up, turned the chair around so she could use the back of it for support as she bent over. I took in the scene, her lower back arched enough for me to see her perfectly shaped ass and her pussy peeking out beneath. Beads of her cunt juice were slowly making their way out from her pussy. I moved up behind her, and pushed the tip of my head in her extremely wet pussy. She let out a small moan as I slid my cock inside. The warmth felt good against my dick as I slid it in inch by inch. Finally I came to rest against her ass and began pumping my dick deep in her pussy. She began to moan with each pump and started pushing back.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “Fuck me hard.”

“I’m the one giving orders,” I told her, “You’ll shut your mouth if you want me to keep fucking you.”

She nodded obediently as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy was so wet, I could tell she hadn’t been fucked or commanded like this in a long time, if ever. I looked down and watched my dick thrust into her pussy with each stroke. I could feel her begin to tense up, her moans had turned into quick breaths, telling me she was going to climax soon. I pulled my dick out of her soaking pussy and began fingering her enough to get my fingers coated, then smeared them on her asshole.

“No,” she pleaded.

“Shut up slut,” I sneered, “You’re going to take my dick in your ass.”

“Yes,” she obeyed.

I positioned my dick on her asshole, then slowly pushed it in. Her cunt juice helped a little, but there was still resistance until I finally felt the head of my dick pass her sphincter. She let out a little grunt, but said nothing else. Slowly, I began pushing my way into her ass, grabbing her cheeks and pushing them together. Once I was all the way in, I reached down and began to finger her pussy and again, she let out a soft moan.

“I’m going to cum in your tight little ass,” I told her, “And when I’m done, you’re going to come to my office once a week and take it in the ass. If you fail to show up, I’ll make sure the next dick you suck will be for food.”

She nodded and I began slowly fucking her ass. It didn’t take long at this point for either of us. A few slow movements and I felt her ass clench around my cock as she came hard, causing my cock to explode, shooting my load deep in her ass. I commanded her to stay in that position, allowing my cum to seep out of her ass and down her leg while I used her shirt to clean myself off. Once I pulled on my pants and put my coat on, I informed her that I would see her next week in the office.

Every week, she’s shown up to see her husband, then ended up in my office where I’ve screwed his wife. One day she spend all day under my desk, sucking and licking my dick to get her husband a promotion.

It’s good to be the boss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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