Iris and Josh

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Iris and I sat at the small table in the restaurant’s lounge, listening to the guitar player. People were looking at us. We expect that. We encourage it. We’re not a typical couple. I’m twenty-seven and Iris is seventy-four. On first glance, we might appear to be a young man having an after dinner drink with his grandmother. But look a little closer, and you’ll see us touching and caressing here and there, maybe stealing a quick kiss. One of us might slide a hand beneath the table and stroke the other’s inner thigh, which can’t be seen, but the warm reaction probably can. We’re a sexual couple. We’re going to have sex tonight, and we’re here in hopes of finding another man, closer to my age than Iris’s, to come home with us and join in.

We had found each other in a bistro very much like this one, a couple of years ago. I was sitting at the bar nursing a drink, and Iris was alone at a table, at an angle from me, watching me. After a while, I became aware of her, and from time to time I’d glance over at her. She would smile at me, and eventually she gave me a wink. The silver hair didn’t throw me, I took her to be fiftyish, so I walked over to say hello. But it wasn’t until I arrived at her table that I realized, in the dim light, exactly what I was dealing with. Nicely dressed, not too heavy or too skinny, but fine wrinkles and considerably older than I had initially thought. Well, it was too late to back out now, so I greeted her and introduced myself, and she invited me to sit down.

We made small talk for a bit, and then she came out and told me her age and that she was there looking for a bed partner. She had become accustomed, in earlier years, to having an active sex life, but that had largely dried up when her husband passed away, and eventually ended entirely when other men stopped coming around. After a time, she came to a decision. She missed it, and was going to do whatever she could to get some of it back. If she looked a bit foolish along the way, oh well, she wasn’t getting any younger, and when her time finally came, she wasn’t going to be comforted by what a prim and proper lady she had been at the end. She invited me to come home with her and, with no better options for the evening, I went.

Once inside Iris’s house, she wasted no time. Putting her hands on my shoulders, she looked into my eyes and said, “Shall we go to the bedroom and get naked, dear?”

I smiled and leaned in for a soft kiss on her lips. “Of course,” I replied, going back for another kiss, this time with tongue. She led me to her bedroom and we began undressing in front of each other. When bare, her breasts were full, and sagged only slightly. She slid out of her full-cut panties, revealing a very hairy vagina, more gray than brown, and a sweet-looking, curvy bottom. She apologized, “I don’t shave like the young women do, dear. I hope you don’t mind.”

I replied, ” Not at all. I love it like that.”

She beamed when I took down my briefs, exposing my uncircumcised penis, hard by the time it was out, and took it in her hand, looking at it and playing with it. After a time, I placed my hands on her hips, and guided her over to the bed. Sitting her down on the edge, and then laying her back, I took my erection in my fist, stroked it briefly, then I knelt down on the floor between her knees. Gently spreading her thighs a bit farther, I brought my lips to Iris’s hairy vulva, licking and kissing the outside, then venturing between her lips with my tongue tip. She sighed approval, and I went to work in earnest.

It didn’t take long for her to become very wet in her pussy, which surprised me a bit considering her years, and I carefully, precisely, licked her to the first of many orgasms she would have that night. In between, she sucked on my cock, rode me astride, got on her hands and knees and had me enter her from behind, and then begged me to press my cock gently against her anus, “But please don’t put it in!” she pleaded. She wiggled her butthole against my hard dick and reached down to finger her swollen clit as I slid my erection up and down in the crack of her bottom.

When I finally came for the first time, I was deep inside her, in the missionary position, with a pillow under her ass, and being very gentle so as to not injure any septuagenarian hips. My orgasm was all soft and warm and wet and fuzzy, and went on for a long time before I stopped ejaculating, withdrew my penis, and stretched out alongside her on the bed. Iris curled up against me and held me. I put an arm around her and we drifted off to sleep for a bit before coming around and starting all over again. It went on like that, and it was a very long night.

Since that night, we’ve been together and had sex many times, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with another man or woman, or, if we can arrange it, another couple, all of widely varying ages. maltepe escort It’s amazing how easy it is to pick up singles and couples with a handsome seventy-something woman as part of the mix. I wouldn’t have expected that.

As we sat in the restaurant bar, we looked around for a likely gentleman. Folks were watching us, and many of them, men and women both, smiled as one or the other of us made eye contact. I had an arm around Iris’s shoulder, and she occasionally nuzzled my neck. Finally, I noticed a nice looking guy at a table across the room. He was looking at us, and when Iris looked back at him, he smiled. He was by himself, so I walked over and sat down with him.

“Hi. I’m, Josh,” I introduced myself.

“I’m Rick,” he replied. He looked to be about forty-five or so.

“That’s Iris over there,” I indicated. “She’s seventy-four. She and I are going home soon to have sex, and she wanted me to ask if you’d like to come with us.” Rick’s jaw dropped, but he kept his cool.

“Seventy-four?” he repeated. “You seem awful young for that.”

“Well,” I told him, “She’s very sexual and, trust me, she’s very sexy, too. What do you say?”

“I say, why not?” He followed me back over to our table, I introduced him to Iris, and we settled up and left, with Rick following us back to Iris’s house. It’s more discreet than my apartment, with nobody coming and going in the halls, and we don’t have to worry about neighbors hearing noises from next door or upstairs.

Upon arriving, we waited at the door while Rick parked on the street and walked up, and then we all entered Iris’s house. Iris asked Rick if he would like a drink, which he politely declined. With that, Iris came to me, we hugged and gave each other a deep kiss, planting a hand firmly over each other’s crotch. When we finished and separated, she moved over to Rick and repeated the process with him. He didn’t, however, lower his hand between Iris’s legs, still feeling his way into the scene. She then led us to the bedroom, and casually said, “All right, Rick, dear, why don’t you take your clothes off.

That’s the game we play with visiting men. Iris likes to see how naked she can get them before undressing herself. If a man balks, she’ll have me start to disrobe, to keep him going, getting me fully naked as well, if necessary. But she won’t start stripping herself except as a last resort. The farthest I ever saw her go before another man got butt naked was to bare her breasts one time. Rick wasn’t putting up any resistance, however, and soon he was fully exposed before us, as I was getting ready to lower my slacks.

His soft penis looked to be a nice size, circumcised as nearly all middle aged and older men are, and surrounded by a fine hairy bush. That’s part of the game. Iris likes to see their dicks soft first, and most men will not be erect while disrobing and exposing themselves before clothed viewers, even if they previously got stiff during the earlier kissing and feeling up. She likes to see if they hang down a lot or just a little when soft, or if they pull back and look, in Iris’s words, “like a button on a fur coat.” She’ll wait for me to get naked as well, then have us stand next to each other while she kneels down to examine, kiss and suck on our cocks, giving us erections together. Despite this routine, Iris isn’t a size queen. She’s happy with penises of all sizes and shapes.

As I lowered my briefs and exposed myself, I saw Rick look a little uncomfortable, just for a moment, upon seeing my uncut cock. I’ve become quite sensitive to this reaction in circumcised men. They hear the stories, even if they don’t entirely believe them, about how intact men feel a greater sensation during sex that they can never know, and how women, even if they say nothing, really prefer a whole penis to a circumcised one. As to the first, I can’t say, and no one really knows, other than maybe the rare male who gets snipped in adulthood, after having become sexually active. As to the second, well, women who have spoken to me about it, and there have been quite a few, as both cut and uncut males are plentiful among my age group, usually say that, although it’s not a big deal, they prefer the cut over the uncut, as it looks neater and they just feel it must be cleaner.

Until she found me, Iris had never had an uncircumcised man, and she took delight in examining and playing with my foreskin, sliding it up and down over the head of my dick, sucking on it, and gently pinching and nibbling it.

As Rick watched, I slid my skin up and down my shaft a few times, and then Iris put us next to each other and knelt down on the carpet. I put my arm around Rick’s waist, felt him flinch just the tiniest bit, and waited for Iris to begin stimulating our cocks and growing them to full erections. She didn’t disappoint. She held our soft penises, mine just a escort maltepe bit larger, kissed them and touched her tongue tip to them, and then began sucking them In earnest, taking turns, back and forth, between Rick and myself. As we became fully hard, it became clear that Rick’s erection was noticeably larger than mine. This doesn’t faze me a bit, as I’ve seen all kinds and sizes along the way, and I know what I do to Iris when I’m inside her.

Iris stood and backed herself toward the bed, holding Rick’s stiff cock in her hand, leading him to follow her. “Come here, dear,” she said softly, “make love to me now.” Rick may have thought he’d won the prize for having the bigger dick, but in our games, the visitor always gets the first round of pussy. Iris lay down on her back, spreading her legs. Rick moved his head between her thighs, getting his first good look at her furry vagina. Iris’s bush is full, and grows from thigh to thigh, with no shaving at the bikini lines. In fact, she doesn’t shave her upper thighs, either, and has curly hairs, more sparse, just outside her pubic triangle. Rick ran his lips over Iris’s hairpie, breathing in the fragrance and eventually tracing his tongue tip over her labia, on both sides. Iris reached down, spread her pussy lips with her hands, and said, “Rick, dear, don’t be shy. Show me how you can lick my pussy.” He took a deep breath and probed his tongue into her cleft, finding her stiff little clitoris. She moaned contentedly as Rick began licking more forcefully around it and eventually on top of it.

While Rick was occupied eating Iris’s pussy, I took the opportunity to move up behind him. I didn’t want to freak him out, but I wanted to touch him up a bit, and he’d already let me put my arm around him. I placed my hands flat on his back, and when he didn’t start, I began massaging his back, very gently. Eventually, I let my hands slide down to his butt cheeks, then I spread them a bit, and then I just touched his anus with a fingertip. I was going no further. I wasn’t going to try to penetrate him, and he kept on, dutifully licking Iris’s vagina, as her moans grew louder. Eventually, I curled my fingers around Rick’s nuts, just as Iris let out a scream, convulsed, and squirted a jet of hot wetness all over Rick’s face. She kept squirming and yelling, and he kept licking, hard, until her orgasm wound down and she relaxed. Squeezing Rick’s balls from behind, I told him, “Climb up on her now. Fuck her. That’s what she wants.”

“Yes, dear, please! Please fuck me now,” Iris begged. Rick moved his way up her body until his big erection was pressed against her wet, hairy pussy. He found the entrance and, with a thrust, was inside her. Iris wrapped her legs around Rick’s back, and he began working his cock in and out of her cunt, in gentle but measured strokes, as she began moaning once more.

I stood next to the bed, watching them and idly sliding my foreskin up and down as Rick continued to hump Iris. Her moans slowly grew louder, becoming sobs, as I knew she was right on the edge of her second climax. She put her arms around Rick’s neck and held him tightly as they ground their crotches together, and then finally she shrieked as the orgasm kicked in. Rick began pumping harder until he, too, soon convulsed as he filled Iris’s chamber with jet after jet of his hot come.

Afterward, as they relaxed, Rick’s cock still deep inside, Iris reached over with her hand and held my erection, whispering to Rick, “Dear, that was just wonderful!” Amazingly, Rick reached over as well, placed his hand on top of Iris’s, and together they squeezed and stroked my hard penis.

As Rick withdrew, I walked around the bed and laid down on the other side. Iris rolled away from Rick, over to me, and held me as we kissed deeply, with open lips, our tongues twirling around in each other’s mouth. I squeezed her tightly, and she reached down to find my dong with her hand. After kissing some more, and pumping my hard cock, Iris reversed her position, put a leg over me and straddled my face, her big, hairy muff pressed against my mouth, while she began sucking my dick. Rick, who had been toying with his limp penis, waiting for it to recover, moved over near us and began stroking Iris’s ass crack, just above my face. I reached over and found his soft dick with my hand and gave it a squeeze as he teased Iris’s butthole with a fingertip. She wiggled, pressing her bush more firmly against my face, and my tongue found the little man hiding in the sticky-wet jungle.

Licking furiously, with Rick’s come dripping down on my face, I heard Iris squeal, and then a big rush of wetness, Iris’s pussy moisture mixed with Rick’s semen, gushed into my mouth. I swallowed as best I could, and continued licking as Iris’s climax overtook her. I kept going and going for what seemed a long time, until she fairly screamed, “Stop!” maltepe escort bayan She hopped off of me quickly, and Rick took over masturbating my big penis. Shortly, Iris joined him there, and together they slid my foreskin up and down over my stiff shaft. Eventually, Iris stretched my skin back and placed her mouth over my glans, sucking deeply, then taking my entire cock into her mouth.

After a bit, I sat up, moved her over onto her hands and knees, and climbed behind her, her thick bush sticking out in the rear from between her thighs. I guided my penis into the hair, and slid my length between Iris’s pussy lips and into her vagina. I know how ready she is after being licked to a big orgasm, and I pumped with long, firm strokes, deep in her pussy, all full of Rick’s come, wet and slippery like a young girl’s. After a few minutes, she actually began to scream, and then her cunt clamped down on me as we orgasmed together for the longest time.

When it finally ended, I eased my limp and dripping penis out of Iris’s cleft and collapsed on the bed. Rick was right next to me, pulling on his renewed erection, visibly thinking about where to put it next. “Rick, dear, is your wiener hard again yet?” Iris asked.

“It is,”Rick replied, holding it as Iris moved around to face the stiff penis. Taking it in her mouth, she sucked up and down on it for a while, knowing it would take some time for Rick to reach his second climax. She massaged his balls, and eventually laid him on his back and climbed astride.

“Now, dear,” she began, “fill me with some more of your sweet come. I want my pussy all full of your boys’ juice before we’re done,” and she began riding up and down on Rick’s big organ. He joined in, pumping up and down from underneath her. I lay next to them on the bed, watching and pulling on my pud. I reached over and cupped one of Iris’s heavy hanging breasts, hefting it toward her body, and finding the nipple, which I gently tweaked and pinched until it became bullety hard. Iris leaned down and kissed Rick full on the mouth as they continued knocking their pubic regions together. They both moaned and squealed together for the longest time, until Iris gave a great shout, Rick grunted loudly, and they both came together in a loud orgasm. Iris continued milking the seed out of Rick’s penis until it shrank, and flopped, glistening wet, out of her hairy pussy.

She immediately rolled onto her back and said, “All right, Josh, dear, come up and finish me off.” I moved over her, took one of her full titties in my hand, and sucked on the nipple, working it stiff with my tongue. Then I shifted over and did the same with the other one. I reached down to Iris’s hairy vulva, and found it soaking wet. My cock was big and hard again, so without further foreplay, I eased her legs apart, slid myself in between, and pressed my stiff penis into Iris’s now-sodden love garden. Sliding into her vagina, filled with Rick’s come and my come, I sighed and bent down to kiss Iris on the mouth, working my hips, groin against groin, as I have learned to do with her. Her breathing quickly became loud, and she moaned, “Oh, Josh, sweetheart, that’s it! That’s it!” I felt her rolling her hips in a circular motion, rubbing her clitoris against my pubic area, as I slid in and out of her drenched cleft. It didn’t take long before she tensed up and cried out, “JOSH!!” I began to pound hard and fast.

The only time I can do this is when Iris is right at the onset of a big one and she wants me to take her way over the top, otherwise I try to restrain myself to avoid hurting her. This time she was going off like a rocket. She howled as she came below me. I wasn’t ready to shoot off yet, so I continued the hard pumping. Iris’s climax wound down, and then was followed almost immediately by another, and then a third as I finally unloaded my sperm deep inside her chamber in an explosive orgasm. I kept it up until I couldn’t anymore, and withdrew my spent penis, all red and limp, from Iris’s swollen pussy. I collapsed on the bed, noticing that she was passed out, her thighs spread wide with come leaking from inside herself.

Rick stared. “Damn,” he exclaimed. “Is she dead?”

“No,” I replied, “She’ll come around in a couple of minutes.”

“That was amazing,” he continued. “I wouldn’t have believed it. Seventy-four! I can see why you want to be with her.”

“Well,” I said, “we push each other to our limits, that’s for sure. You definitely added to the mix, too.”

Just about then, Iris opened her eyes, took a deep breath, and exclaimed, “Boys. You dear, sweet boys. You were both wonderful. This has been a night of pleasure, and I’m grateful to you both.” I held her and kissed her warmly. “Rick,” she continued, “You were incredible. Your big penis inside me was awesome. Let Josh have your phone number, so we can perhaps call you again sometime. Josh, you were your usual amazing self. Ohh, what you do to my pussy! Now, dear, go start the shower so I can wash Rick and so he can head home. Then join me, so you and I can gently, slowly wash each other and cuddle up in bed.”

I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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