I Make You My Own

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Waves crash on the beach shore. The sun is setting, and an array of colors shoot across the sky. Sand covers the bottoms of our feet as we side side-by-side on a striped towel, watching the vast ocean in front of us.

I put my hand over yours and give you a smile, which you return. I look around the beach—aside from us, there’s nobody. Even the trees that line the dune behind us seem to be looking away.

I swirl my wine and bring it to my lips, emptying the last of it, before setting down the glass on the ground. You take the queue and do the same. I trace my fingers up your lovely arms, all the way to your cheek. I lean forward and plant a kiss on your lips.

We kiss softly at first, keeping our hands tame—but as the sun disappears below the horizon and the sky darkens, the switch flips.

I take off your glasses and set them to the side. My hand goes to your thigh as I kiss you hard, savoring the taste of your mouth. I pull your head towards mine, wrapping my legs around your body, now sitting on your lap.

I smirk. “Wouldn’t it be fun to go at it, right here, where anybody could see us?”

“Or, we could go back to the room and go all out,” you say.

I kiss you again, then stand up and reach my hand out.

“I’d like that.”

I shoot hungry glances at you as we walk. I see a glint in your eye as if you know what’s coming. My mind is already racing, thinking of what I’m going to do to you.

The elevator door closes. I pull you in and kiss you hard, putting my hand up your shirt and feeling your abs. You bite my lip as I rub your torso, and you squeeze my ass with one hand. I pull down my pants a bit so you can feel my bare skin.

The door opens on our floor, and we exit as if nothing happened. My heart is beating fast as we make our way to our room, and I can already feel myself getting wet, thinking about the possibilities. I smile when I look down and see your bulge growing as well.

The door shuts behind us and I lead you to the bed. I push you down onto it and climb over you, licking my lips. I kiss you again as my hands go to the bottom of your shirt. I lift it up, feeling your chest with my palms. I take it off of you, then do the same with my own shirt.

I see your eyes glance at my cleavage, but I don’t let you have full access yet. Instead, I let you squeeze my ass and touch my thighs as my hands wander over your body. Finally, I reach behind my back to unclasp almanbahis my bra, your eyes lighting up.

I take your hands and bring them to my chest so you can touch my breasts. You squeeze them and play with my nipples, and I can’t help but let out a small moan.

I reach under the bed to where I had previously stashed a pair of handcuffs, and I grin as I lock your hands in them. You keep your arms above your head as I lean down, letting my nipple fall into your mouth.

I let you suck each one for a little while before I sit up again. I remove my pants and toss them aside. I let you watch as I touch myself above my panties, moaning and making eye contact with you.

“You want to see more, Daddy?” I ask, slipping a thumb under my waistband.

You nod eagerly. I rub myself a bit more before taking off my panties. I spread my legs apart to give you a full view of my wet pussy.

I rub my clit back and forth as you watch.

“I bet you’d love to lick me, wouldn’t you?”

You nod again, but I don’t give in as quickly this time. You lie in near anguish as you’re forced to watch me touch myself, and I grin knowing how badly you want to do it for me. I play with my breasts as I insert a finger into myself, smirking at you.

Finally, when I know you can’t bear being ignored anymore, I bring my hands to you. I rub your waist up and down, then slowly pull down your swim trunks. Your cock is already hard as hell.

“You look delicious,” I say. I scoot back and lean my head down to give the underside a small lick. You let out deep breaths as I continue to tease you, only kissing you and licking you gently with the tip of my tongue.

I give the head a slow kiss, my fingers playing with your scrotum. Your cock twitches and I take pleasure seeing you struggle to contain yourself. I touch the base with my fingers and let just the head slide past my lips while I look up at you.

I stroke the base of your dick as I take more of it in my mouth, starting to suck you up and down, only stopping when I taste your sweet precum. You protest, but I have something better in store for you.

From under the bed, I take a bottle of lube. I squirt some onto my hand, then apply it to your entire length, stroking up and down with both hands. I get up on top of you, take your dick with one hand, and rub the tip against my asshole.

Again, I don’t give you want just yet—instead, I keep rubbing you almanbahis yeni giriş against me as I play with my tits, putting on a nice show for you. You squirm around, trying to get yourself into me, but I giggle and lift myself up so you’re unable.

I rub my pussy and moan, dragging out the wait. But eventually, even I can’t wait any longer, and I bring the tip to my hole

The head takes some force to get in, but the rest slides in smoothly until your entire length disappears into me. It’s a tight fit, but a good one. I lean back, giving you a full view of my body.

I lift my pelvis up until only your head remains in my ass, before sitting back down and letting you fill me up again. Our moans fill the room as I slowly fuck you, picking up speed as my body adjusts.

I keep moving, your grunts telling me I’m doing it right. My breasts bounce as I ride you, my eyes shut and my mouth open. You move your hips, making it even rougher. Eventually, though, I start to feel sore and I take you out of me.

Our breathing slowing down, I scoot forward until my pussy is right in front of your face. I lean back and move my hips in a circle, coaxing your tongue out. You finally lick me, and it’s like heaven. You swirl your tongue around, touching every bit of me as I encourage you with my moans.

Your tongue finds its way into me, and I gasp at the sudden feeling. Despite your hands being restricted, you’re still able to make me feel magical. However, it isn’t long before I move my body back again—I can’t take the waiting anymore.

I lean forward to let your mouth play with my nipples for a few seconds as I stroke your cock. The lube has rubbed off, but I know I’m wet enough for that not to matter. I rub your precum around, even bringing some up to my mouth to taste,

I see in your eyes how much you want me—but I don’t give it to you yet. I keep stroking you and letting you lick my nipples for just a little while longer.

“You feel really nice in my hand,” I whisper, moving back a little so I can kiss you.

Finally, I decide that you’ve had enough. Smiling at you and giving you a wink, I rub the head of your dick against my pussy, moaning as it touches my clit. I grind myself against you as you watch my tits sway back and forth.

I bring my hand to your mouth and insert two fingers into your mouth, letting you lick and suck on them as I rub your cock against my vulva, covering almanbahis giriş it in my juices. You feel so good against me, and I sigh out loud.

After one last circle around my clit, I guide your dick to my entrance. I lower myself slowly, letting only the head enter me. I lean forward to silence your groans with a kiss, my hips moving in a small circle, feeling you inside of me.

I sit down a little more and you slide into me smoothly, my tight walls gripping you perfectly, and our moans once again filling the room. I let the rest of you enter me before sitting there for a moment, feeling you inside of me.

I move my hips back and forth a bit, feeling you at all angles and breathing softly. I lean over you and move my pelvis up and down, letting you leave me almost completely before pushing your entire length back into me.

I position myself so that you can see the action below, in between my breasts. My nipples poke your skin gently, and my lips touch yours as our bodies become one. You fill me up so completely, so perfectly, and I never want it to end.

Bliss rushes through my veins, but I want more. I pick up the pace with no warning, causing an audible gasp to escape your lips. I moan loudly with you, not caring anymore about the sound going through the walls.

I bounce up and down on you like it’s the end of the world. My eyes are shut tight, but my mouth is wide open, swearing and moaning your name. I can tell you want to reach forward to squeeze my boobs or ass, but your wrists are still handcuffed above your head.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” I sigh, and you moan in response.

As I rub my clit while you penetrate me, I feel the goodness rising up, filling every part of me. I feel light and relaxed as pleasure shoots through my spine, climbing to a peak. My moans became shorter and faster, and I can hear the same from you.

Everything is building up, and I can feel it tipping within me. The world feels so far away, but you’re so close to me. You convulse inside of me, and finally, I reach my climax.

Reality comes to a stop as the pleasure within me explodes. Waves of pleasure crash over me as loud moans escape my lips. In the back of my mind, I hear your groans as well, and I realize you’re almost there. I keep riding you, excited for your finish.

With another groan, you push your pelvis up, and I feel your warm cum shoot into me. I ride you for a few more seconds, but we’re both too sensitive to do much more.

I get off of you, my arms shaking, and lie down beside you. We’re both breathing hard and sweating a bit, but our smiles are wide. I look at you, grinning, and lean into you for one more loving kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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