Husbands, Wives and Lovers Pt. 01

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Close Up

I have written many stories on various topics for Literotica. The following story is dedicated to my wife Jen, our friend Tom and my very good friend Krystal. I hope you all enjoy this unique tale. By the way, my name is John.

A special thank you to Lisa.


I ask that you please be patient to read the sex scenes as there is a longer than usual build up to them.


All parties practiced safe sex. Jen, Lisa & Krystal were also on the pill.


I guess this story begins not too long after Jen and I got married. Jen and I always enjoyed a healthy sex life even before we were married. We both shared our fantasies which added some zest to our sex.

After a couple of years of married life, I noticed small changes in Jen when it came to sex. She seemed more outgoing and wanted to do more sexual experimenting. I didn’t mind it at all and encouraged her actually.

One day I came home early and Jen was in the shower and I noticed that her laptop was on. I peeked at the screen and saw that she was watching a porno movie starring a woman called Lisa.

I didn’t think much of it but I figured that is where she was getting her inspiration from.

When Jen wasn’t around, I looked at some of the movies this Lisa made and boy was she good. I thought to myself if Jen would do some of that stuff, I would be in heaven.

This Lisa was about 5’7″, had long black curly hair, brown eyes, had big tits and large nipples. Her pussy was completely smooth with a pussycat tattoo near her slit.

Jen’s features were similar to the porno star as they both were about the same height and weight and build but Jen’s hair was brown and her pussy had a full brown bush. Jen’s tits were full but not as big as the porno star. Her nipples weren’t as big either.

Over the next month or so, I noticed that Jen let her hair get longer and she dyed it from brown to black. She even had it permed.

One night in bed when Jen undressed, I saw she shaved her pussy smooth. I noticed that she even got a pussycat tattoo near her slit. I was delighted but asked her how come she went smooth. She just said she wanted to try it.

I kept thinking about the porno star and it seemed that Jen was trying to become her or at least look like her.

Now, Jen has big tits but nothing like the porno star and her nipples weren’t quite as big.

One night when Jen and I were fucking, I mentioned that I watched one of Lisa’s porno movies. Jen seemed surprised and asked me how I liked it. I told her that the star was terrific and I even told Jen that she resembled the porno star.

When I mentioned that, Jen’s eyes got bigger and she fucked me like never before. She was uncontrollable.

I came so hard that my cum flowed out her cunt while my cock was still in her.

Jen then shocked me. She said she wanted to be just like the porno star.

I asked her what that meant. She told me she wants to try new things, with my blessing.

I asked her what did she have in mind.

Jen said she wanted to try a threesome with a guy with a big cock.

Surprised, I asked her if she was serious and she said she was. She even asked me to find her a guy.

I told her I would have to think about it.

Over the next few days I decided to go along with Jen.

However, I decided to really surprise her. I was going to try to get Lisa the porn star to meet Jen beforehand.

That weekend I told Jen I would find soneone for her, someone with a bigger cock than my six inches. She smiled, then kissed me then rode my cock until I exploded.

On Monday I started making some calls and finally connected with Lisa’s agent/manager. I explained the situation and told him I just wanted Jen to meet her.

The agent told me he would speak to Lisa and see what she says. I thanked him and he said he would call me with a decision in a few days.

My search for a guy suitable for Jen got started. I placed some ads online and got plenty of responses. After two weeks I narrowed it down to three guys.

One guy named Tom, who was twenty-five. Another guy named Rick was thirty and the last guy was Dom who was thirty-five. All three were single.

I met with each one of them and we gaziantep escort reklamları discussed what Jen and I wanted to accomplish. All three were pleasant enough and I checked out their cocks as well. It was after that I decided on Tom.

Tom was 5’10”, about 180, brown hair, brown eyes, a large and thick uncut cock and big balls. His cock and balls were much bigger that mine. Since Jen was only twenty-five herself, Tom would be ideal as he also lived close by.

We exchanged numbers and I told him I would be in touch.

I didn’t tell Jen I found someone. I wanted her to be surprised and it to be an off the cuff meeting with Tom.

In the meantime, Lisa’s agent called me and said that Lisa would love to meet with Jen. He said that Lisa would be in town next week and would be happy to have dinner with us and spend a few relaxing hours with one of her fans. I almost exploded and couldn’t thank him enough. We made the arrangements and Lisa would have dinner at our house next Saturday evening.

That night, as we were showering, I told Jen I had a big surprise for her.

She smiled and asked if I found a guy. I told her it was something better. She pressed her wet, naked body to mine and sexily asked what it was.

I finally gave in and told her that her idol, Lisa the porno queen would be dining with us on Saturday.

Jen stood there with her mouth wide open and couldn’t speak. Then she asked if I was telling her the truth. I told her I made all the arrangements and Lisa would be dining with us and she will stay for a few hours afterwards.

Jen shut off the water and dragged me soaking wet to the bed and fucked me like never before. In fact, she fucked me all through the night.

The next day I told her to hire a chef to make dinner so we wouldn’t have to do anything. She agreed and said she would take care of that.

She went shopping for a special outfit to wear and we watched all of Lisa’s porno movies.

The day finally arrived. The house was all in order. The hot tub and pool were perfect. Jen wore a red dress that was high above her knees and showed a good amount of cleavage. She wore no bra.

Just before seven, a limo pulled up and we saw Lisa get out and walk up to the door and ring the bell.

Jen nervously answered the door. There, in front of her stood her idol.

Jen welcomed her in and I said my hellos. She was a vision of loveliness in jeans and a white sheer blouse with no bra.

We all went into the family room and I got some wine.

After a few awkward minutes, we all finally got comfortable with each other.

After some small chat, I asked Lisa if she thought Jen resembled her. Lisa looked Jen over and said she did and was flattered. Jen told her that she went smooth and even got a pussycat tattoo put on near her pussy just like hers.

To our surprise, Lisa asked to see it.

Jen got up and, without hesitation, lifted her dress up and removed her thong and showed Lisa her smooth pussy and cat tattoo.

Lisa gave a big smile and said she liked it.

At that time the chef called us to dinner. The food was excellent and the wine flowed freely.

After more than an hour of dining, we went out to the patio. Lisa saw the hot tub and asked if she could use it. Jen told her she could and before we knew it, Lisa stripped naked and got in the hot tub. Jen and I followed.

Lisa then asked, “Jen, why do you want to be like me?”

Jen answered, “Lisa, from the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to be just like you.”

I chimed in and asked, “Lisa, in your movies, did you do all those scenes live? Were any faked?”

Lisa just smiled and said, “Every scene was done live and were for real. Every sex act was legitimate. What you saw was the real thing.”

Lisa turned to Jen, “Jen, do you really want to have a lot of different guys fucking you? Is John O.K. with it?”

I looked at Jen and told Lisa I am O.K. with it if that is what Jen really wants.

Jen looked at both of us and said, “I think I want to try it. My sex drive is insatiable and I need more.”

Just then the chef brought out some more wine.

We eagerly emptied the bottle and enjoying being nude in the hot tub with a porno star.

Then, in a blink of an eye, Lisa moved closer to Jen. I could see Lisa’s hands moving up to Jen’s tits and soon Lisa’s hands had them in her grasp.

Jen looked at me and I nodded an approval. Then Jen kissed Lisa, something she never did with a woman before.

The two kissed and felt each other up. In a short time, Lisa led Jen out of the hot tub and they both walked into the bedroom. I followed with a huge erection.

The two women got on the bed and started making out. Their hands were all over each other and it didn’t take long for them to get into a 69 position.

My wife was devouring Lisa’s cunt as I watched her tongue lapping up Lisa’s juices.

It wasn’t long before their bodies were both shaking with multiple orgasms.

As they rested, I walked over to them and placed my hard cock in front of their mouths. Both women shared my cock and it didn’t take long before I shot a cum load on both their faces.

Lisa stayed with us a couple of more hours before she had to leave.

She gave Jen some pointers and wished her good luck.

We thanked her for coming and she said she would like to stay in touch, then left.

Jen and I had a great night of sex before we both fell asleep exhausted.

Over the next few days, Jen was walking on air. She still could not believe that her porn idol was not only in her house but had sex with her.

The next night I told Jen we were going out to a restaurant for dining and dancing on Saturday. I told her to wear the outfit she wore for Lisa as she looked great in it. I even told her not to wear a bra. She smiled and agreed.

Saturday came and we headed out to the restaurant. I didn’t tell Jen but her encounter with Tom was going to happen. I had already made arrangements with Tom and he was already there when we walked in.

Jen and I sat at a nice table across from the bar where Tom was. During the night I could see Tom flirting with Jen.

When a slow song was being played, Tom came over to the table and introduced himself and asked Jen to dance. Jen looked at me and I nodded an OK with a smile.

I watched as Tom pulled Jen close to him. I could only imagine that Tom’s cock must have been hard and pressing against Jen’s body and feeling its hardness.

After the music ended Tom sat with us and joined us for some wine. we

He said that he had been admiring Jen since she came in.

After a few more glasses of wine, I looked at Jen and then I asked Tom if he would like to come to our house for a night cap. With a smile, he accepted the offer.

We left the restaurant and went to our place, a short distance from the restaurant.

When we got inside I told Tom to get comfortable in the family room. I told Jen to join him and I would bring some wine.

When I brought the wine, Tom and Jen were sitting close together. I could see Jen’s hand on Tom’s knee and Tom had his hand high on Jen’s thigh.

As the two started playing, I got undressed and started taking video with my phone.

I placed the wine down and sat down nearby watching what they were doing.

It didn’t take long before Jen’s hand found its way to Tom’s crotch. He eagerly spread his legs for her.

His hands moved up her thigh and past her waist and found her tits. He eased one tit out of her dress then the other one.

My lovely wife was now topless. She looked over at me and I smiled and just nodded my head.

With a passion, Jen reached down to Tom’s belt and undid it. He lifted his body and Jen slid his pants down, showing a hard cock looking to get free.

She pulled down his shorts and his huge cock sprang up. Jen gasped when she saw how big it was.

In the meantime, Tom was busy sucking on Jen’s nipples and feeling her up.

In a matter of minutes, Tom had pulled down her dress and ripped off her thong leaving Jen completely exposed.

Tom moved his hand down to Jen’s pussy and started rubbing it. Jen opened up her legs to give Tom complete access to her.

Tom slipped one finger in then another until his whole hand was in her cunt. Jen started fucking his hand furiously until she had an orgasm.

Tom then lifted her up and I led him to the bedroom.

He laid Jen down and she immediately spread her legs. He mounted my wife and placed his huge cock in front of her slit.

I watched as Tom easily slipped his cock into Jen’s cunt until it was completely in her.

He started fucking her and she fucked him back. It didn’t take long for Tom to say he was cumming.

He gave her a few more thrusts, pulled out and shot his load all over her.

As soon as he finished, I joined them on the bed. With Tom’s cum on Jen, I kissed her and mounted her.

My cock was in her cunt in a second and I started fucking my wife as Jen was now sucking Tom’s cock.

As I was fucking my slut of a wife, I asked her if this what she wanted. I asked if she liked two cocks.

Jen kept saying over and over that she loved it…that she loved two guys fucking her.

It didn’t take me long to shoot my load in Jen’d cunt and I saw Tom shoot his load down my wife’s throat.

We all fell on the bed exhausted.

Tom stayed with us that night and Jen enjoyed both of our cocks throughout the night.

The next morning we asked Tom if he would like to join us and become a part of our sex life.

He asked Jen if she would like that and she said she would. To this day, Tom visits often for our threesome.

Jen and I have now been married five years and Jen stays in touch with Lisa and occasionally meets Lisa when she is in town.

It was at one of their get togethers that Lisa asked Jen if I was being taken care of when it came to sex.

Jen told her that I never complained.

Lisa asked Jen if it would be OK if she sent over a woman named Krystal for me.

Lisa said that Krystal is her protoge and that I would enjoy her. She even told Jen that she could enjoy Krystal as well.

Jen agreed and made the necessary arrangements.

One night when Jen and I were in the hot tub relaxing, she told me that a friend of Lisa’s was coming for a visit. I asked her who it was and why she was visiting us.

Jen said that Lisa asked her to show the woman around the area as she was new and it would be a favor to her.

I told Jen that it would be fine with me.

Two days later, on a Friday afternoon, the doorbell rings and it was a gorgeous red head. I asked her who she was and she said that Lisa sent her. She said her name was Krystal.

Let me tell you this, Krystal was about 5’9″, about 130, long red curly hair, green eyes, and an ample bosom.

I welcomed her in and called Jen.

I took Krystal’s bag and brought it to the guest room.

Jen showed her around the house as well as the pool and hot tub.

Finally, we all settled down in the family room. I brought in some wine and we chatted.

Krystal said she was new to the area and that Lisa wanted her to see the area.

Krystal also said that Lisa told her to be extra nice to us, with a smile and a wink.

We had some more wine and I asked Krystal if she would like to use the hot tub or pool.

She said that she would like to use the hot tub and we all got up and headed out to the patio.

I was the first to disrobe to get Krystal’s feel for my being nude. In an instant, Krystal removed her clothes and joined me, as did Jen.

Krystal told us that she has been working with Lisa for a couple of years now and enjoys the porn life.

Jen told her that she has been thinking of doing things like that but has only gotten as far as threesomes and that we had a steady guy for that.

I told Krystal that I gave Jen permission to do more if she wanted.

By this time my cock was already hard and clearly visible.

Krystal moved closer to me and before I knew it, she had her hand on my cock, slowly jerking it.

She looked at Jen and asked if it was OK. Jen told her it was fine with her.

As Krystal was slowly jerking my cock, I was kissing and playing with Jen’s tits.

Krystal told me sit on the edge of the

hot tub, which I did. As soon as I sat down, Krystal had my cock in her mouth. Jen just watched as another woman was sucking me off.

It didn’t take long before I told Krystal I was going to cum. A few more sucks and my cum exploded in her mouth.

As soon as I finished cumming, she went to Jen and kissed her, letting my cum into Jen’s mouth.

This was another first for Jen and she seemed to enjoy it.

After awhile, we got up out of the hot tub and dried off. Jen led me and Krystal to our bedroom.

Jen had me lay down in the middle of the bed as she and Krystal laid down on each side of me.

My cock was already hard and both women were playing with it and my balls.

Look for Part 2

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