How I Got a Maid Ch. 05

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(Thanks to all those who emailed with support. I have been busy with life, and also with a novella I hope to post here soon. I hope you enjoy!)


I kicked at a pile of leaves on the sidewalk as I rounded the corner, walking away from the courthouse, heading back toward the office. I was disgusted, partly with myself for losing my temper, partly with the judge for being such a myopic idiot, but mostly with the screwed-up justice system that left me feeling more and more hopeless.

“Wait up, dude!” a voice cried from behind me.

George Reilly nearly knocked me over as he caught up, his naturally ruddy cheeks a bright pink as he huffed, leaning over, hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“I’ve been trying to catch up with you since you stalked out of the courtroom. That was some kind of a show you put on, Manny. You should have sold tickets.”

“I’m glad you were entertained,” I snapped, turning away and continuing to walk. “Next time, I’ll sell it on pay-per-view.”

“Seriously, dude,” George said, half-jogging to keep up with me, his rotund belly jiggling, “what kind of sick vibe do you have going with Judge Fields? I thought for sure she was going to hold you in contempt.”

“Contempt?” I spat. “Please! She’d have to take a train to catch up, I already hold her in such contempt.”

“Sure, dude, but you can’t throw her in jail.”

I shook my head as we walked, momentarily reveling in the image of slamming a cell door on Judge Marilyn Fields, laughing as steam rose from her starched collar and seeing her horn-rimmed glasses fall off as she screamed at me.

“Really, dude,” George pleaded, “What is it? Did you fuck her and forget to call the next day?”

I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

“Because I love you, George,” I said in a measured tone, “I am going to pretend you never asked that question.”

“It’s just the way you were going after each other,” George continued, ignoring me as he chased me along the sidewalk. “You have the whole Don Juan thing going for you, and with those glasses, she’s got that naughty librarian/dominatrix thing going on. I just wondered if maybe, late one night, you ran into each other in a bar some place and got drunk and did the naked lambada.”

“First,” I sneered, “it is impossible to get that drunk without suffering alcohol poisoning. Second,” I continued as we approached the office,” did you see what she was trying to do to my client? Two days late paying a fine for marijuana possession and she wanted to put him in jail for thirty days!”

“I’ve represented that guy before,” George responded. “What was this, like, his tenth conviction for weed?”

“Not the point,” I hissed, pulling the door opened and stalking inside. “He brought the money to pay the fine, and that bitch was still going to-“

“Excuse me, are you Manuel Torres?”

George and I turned at the sound of a husky, but feminine voice, something like Kathleen Turner with a vaguely European accent. A woman rose, smoothing a royal blue skirt that stopped just above her knee. Her platinum blond hair fell perfectly straight, framing a long, oval face with flawless skin. Along gold chain rested against her chest, sinking down into a deep valley of cleavage, proudly displayed in a V-necked sweater, two shades darker than her skirt. As she stepped forward, I realized she was nearly an inch taller than me.

“Yes, I’m Manuel Torres,” I said, stepping forward.

“My name is Ulla Quintana. I believe you are the attorney for my daughters, Carmen and Vanessa.”

My blood froze as the blond goddess approached us. Over the ten months that Carmen and Vanessa had been cleaning my apartment, and fucking my brains out, each of them had mentioned their mother, lovingly, several times, but nothing they said prepared me for the devastating vision that was stretching her hand out to greet me.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Quintana,” I said slowly, as I shook her hand. “Did we have an appointment to meet today?”

“No, no,” she said, “this is my fault. Perhaps I should have called first.”

“No, it’s all right,” I said quickly, moving a step closer to her. “I would be glad to talk with you about your daughters’ . . . oww!” I yelped as George’s heel ground into my instep.

“Sorry, dude,” George grinned as he stepped past me, “your feet are so big I’m always having to watch my step. How do you do Mrs. Quintana. I’m Mr. Torres’ colleague, George Reilly. Really, I’m more like a mentor to Manny, you see, I’ve taught him everything he knows. If you have any questions he can’t answer, just have him call me. I would be more than happy to be of service.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Reilly,” Ulla said with a coquettish grin, “but I just needed to ask Mr. Torres some questions about my daughters’ . . . legal entanglements, and what he planned to do about them.”

“Well, um, Mrs. Quintana,” I stammered, shaking my sore foot, “if you would like to come upstairs to my office, I’m sure I can answer any questions you gaziantep escort reklamları have about your daughters.

As the receptionist pressed the button releasing the electronic lock on the door, I hoped I had sounded remotely convincing. I held the door open, smiling graciously as Ulla Quintana swept past me.

“I should like very much to see your office, Mr. Torres,” she said haughtily as she entered.

George grabbed my arm before I could follow Ulla inside.

“Dude, if you need to take care of your foot,” he whispered, “I could totally take care of her while you walk it off.”

“Take a cold shower, you pervert,” I hissed, shaking his arm off as we followed Ulla inside. Pointing the way toward the elevator, I fell into step beside Ulla.

“I must admit,” I said, pleasantly, as I pressed the elevator call button “your daughters have mentioned you several times since I have known them, but I didn’t think I would ever have the pleasure of meeting you.”

“My daughters have been so . . . complimentary of your . . .services,” she said with a small grin,” I felt compelled to meet you, and judge for myself.”

The elevator door opened, and I couldn’t stop myself from checking out Ulla’s ass as she walked into the elevator. High and firm, it was entirely as impressive as her front.

“Dude,” George whispered furtively,” that ass is so fucking ripe.”

A sharp, well-aimed elbow in the ribs left George doubled over, gasping for breath as I stepped inside the elevator and pressed the “door close” button. I smiled sympathetically at him as the door slid shut.

“Your friend is very charming, Mr. Torres,” Ulla said, her tall, slender frame appearing even more imposing in the small elevator.

“Yes,” I smiled, “especially if you enjoy completely unrepentant chauvinists.”

Ulla held her hand up to her mouth as she laughed, then slowly dragged her fingers down her chest, toward her cleavage, and fingered the golden pendant that rested perfectly between her breasts.

“I believe there is a place in the world for a certain machismo,” she said, stepping forward until she stood uncomfortably close to me.

Her blonde hair smelled like lavender.

“My daughters have both spoken very highly of your particular . . . brand of machismo, Mr. Torres,” she whispered as her fingers brushed against my cheek.

“Your daughters are both very . . . special young women,” I croaked, pressing my back against the wall of the elevator, fully aware of the bulge Ulla had created in my slacks.

“You seem nervous, Mr. Torres,” she said with a little laugh in her voice.

“I wasn’t prepared for your visit, Mrs. Qunitana, and I wasn’t prepared for you to be quite so . . .”


“Attractive,” I breathed as the elevator stopped.

The door slid open, and I sighed with relief to find no one waiting. Placing my hand on Ulla’s elbow, I directed down the hallway toward my office. Her height and striking looks drew several passing glances from people heading home for the evening. I held my briefcase directly in front of my crotch. As we reached my office, I opened the door for Ulla, and locked the door behind us. I pulled the chair away from the empty desk across the room from my desk, and Ulla sat down.

“May I ask you a question?” I smiled at Ulla as I leaned on the edge of my desk, legs outstretched, trying to appear comfortable.

“Let me guess,” she giggled. “How is it I came to be Carmen and Vanessa’s mother?”

“Well,” I murmured, feeling the heat rushing to my cheeks, “I have to admit I was surprised when you introduced yourself. Your daughters are so . . .”

“Short?” she chuckled. “Hot blooded?”

She tossed her head back, laughing enthusiastically, yet somehow delicately.

“It is all the responsibility of their father. William’s family escaped Cuba only a year before that horrible man Castro took the country over. He was educated in this country, and he became a successful businessman.”

“How did you meet?”

“He was on holiday in my country, in my town. My family was in the park in the square, having a picnic. I saw him, he was standing by a fountain in the park. He was so handsome, so strong, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I made an excuse to my parents so I could go over to the fountain, and I stood five feet away from William until he noticed me.”

She had a faraway look in her eyes as she reminisced, and her breasts rose and fell softly. I sat silent, rapt with attention.

“Thankfully, I learned to speak English in my school, so we were able to communicate easily. He told me he wanted to learn Swedish, so I offered to be his tutor.”

“Now that’s a legendary pick-up line,” I smirked.

“Don’t be so cynical,” Ulla chastised, smiling. “I took him to meet my parents, and I insisted that they invite him home for dinner. I sat next to him, and stroked his leg under the table.”

“Oh, my,” I said with mock horror. “Just how old were you, anyway?”

“Sixteen,” she replied, “and he was twenty-eight. I knew immediately that I was in love and, despite all my parents’ discouragements, William promised to return and marry me when I was old enough. Two years later, he kept his promise.”

“Just like that?” I asked, incredulously. “It sounds awfully romantic, but a little implausible.”

“Well,” Ulla giggled, “the fact that I snuck out of my house every day when he was first there, and went to his hotel to fuck his brains out might have been persuasive.”

I covered my face with my hands as I leaned back, chortling until I nearly couldn’t breathe.

“So,” I asked as I regained my composure, “how many years have you been married?”

“We had twenty-six wonderful years together,” she said, wistfully, “before his heart failed him three years ago.”

“My God, I’m sorry,” I gasped. “They never told me. I never would have brought it up if I had known.”

“It’s all right, Manuel,” Ulla said, waving her hand in the air. “I think of him every day, and every time I do, it makes me feel warm inside, so thank you for that. Now, I believe you owe me the answer to a question.”

I stiffened slightly, trying to figure out what to say when she asked how long I planned to continue boning both her daughters.

“Your office is so empty,” she said, turning in her chair, pointing at the blank beige walls.

“Pardon me?” I coughed, stunned. “My office mate resigned several weeks ago. I don’t think they plan on moving anyone else in here to replace him.”

“I mean,” she said, crossing her legs, “the walls are so bare, Manuel. My daughters remarked upon several lovely pieces of artwork in your home. Why is there nothing here?”

“I don’t know, “I said, self-consciously staring at the blank beige walls, “I guess it’s because I think of my apartment as my home. I don’t feel the need to decorate here as much.”

“But you do everything here that you do at home, don’t you?” Ulla said, rising from the chair. “You read at your desk,” she continued, walking toward me, “you eat at your desk, you even sleep at your desk, occasionally, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I croaked weakly as she stepped in between my outstretched legs.

“There is nothing you can do at home that you cannot do at this desk,” she whispered, her icy blue eyes suddenly afire.

My hand shot out, wrapping around her swan-like neck, pulling her head toward mine. Our lips met and we tore into each other. I slid my hands up and down her body, as my tongue slid into her mouth and flicked against her tongue. Her fingers snaked through my black and silver hair. She laughed as she yanked my head back and attacked my mouth, devouring it, plunging her tongue in my mouth as she pushed me backward, onto a pile of papers on my desk.

My cock throbbed in my pants as she ground her pelvis against mine. I was enveloped in a cocoon, her hungry kisses and the heat of her body the only things in the world that mattered at that moment.

I grabbed at her sweater, yanking it up until it slid over her breasts. Ulla pushed away from me, lifting her arms, allowing me to pull the sweater over her head, and standing, allowing me to drink in the sight of her breasts, encased in a satiny, midnight blue brassiere. They were, in a word, massive, at least 44DDs, and made me wonder, for a moment, how she managed to walk upright Transfixed, I leaned forward, brushing my lips over the exposed tit flesh, savoring the moment, resisting will all my might the urge to try and swallow them whole.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred as my hands encircled her globes. “Carmen said you are a great worshipper of breasts. I saw you noticing mine earlier.”

“How could I not?” I panted. “They are magnificent.”

“You think so?” she giggled, wrapping her hands around my head, pushing my face into the deep cleavage. Grabbing my hands, she pulled them up behind her back. I unclasped the bra, and it fell to the floor between us, as Ulla raised her arms, displaying her pendulous bosom to me. I gasped as I beheld her spectacular bounty, still hanging firmly, showing no sign of sagging. Like Carmen, her aureole were huge circles, a few shades lighter than her daughter’s. Her nipples were almost the size of ripe cherries.

“I think that you approve, no?”

“God, yes,” I groaned, leaning forward and sucking one of her nipples into my mouth.

“Yes!” she cried. “Suck on my tits! Worship them, just like my William!”

Swirling my tongue around her protruding nipples, I latched on to one of the buds with my teeth, squeezing and tugging on it, as Ulla purred and bunched her fingers in my hair. Sliding my hands down her back, I filled my palms with her firm ass, roughly squeezing her cheeks.

“Oh, yes, Manuel,” she whispered. “Take me. Worship my body, show me your power.”

Reaching up, I grabbed her arms and pushed her back a step. Standing and latching onto her mouth, I kissed her voraciously as I pushed her slowly backward, toward the wall. Her nails dug into my sleeves as my tongue probed her mouth. As she hit the wall, her leg slithered around mine, rubbing up and down my calf, pushing against me, urging me forward.

My hands slid all over her writhing body as I dragged my teeth over her neck and shoulders, kissing and biting, sucking on hr flesh. Slowly, I slid down her body, tongue pressed against her skin, as she pushed her pelvis off the wall, grinding into to me. Ulla moaned loudly as I sucked in a mouthful of her huge breast, swirling my tongue around the nipple. Her fingers bunched in my hair, pushing my head down, trying to smother me with her bosom.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped, sliding up and down the wall while I ravished her tits. “Take my body, use it, make it your plaything!”

Continuing my lustful descent, grabbing at her flesh with my teeth every few inches, I felt her writhing, groaning under my touch. Sinking to my knees, I forced my hands between her thighs, pushing he legs apart. Rivulets of sex juice dribbled out from beneath her blue satin panties, and I greedily licked them up before burying my face in the hot satin. As I licked greedily, Ulla undid her skirt, letting fall to the floor and kicking it away.

Ulla’s fingers snaked through my hair as she ground her pelvis into my face. I sucked on the soaking wet satin, tasting her sex through her panties. She sighed loud and long as I pressed my tongue flat against the satin, dragging my tongue all the way up to her waist band.

“Take it!” she panted through gritted teeth. “You know you want it, you bastard! Take it!”

I yanked the waistband down to reveal a small triangular patch of wispy blond hair, just above her glistening labia. She groaned as I dragged her panties slowly down her legs, and squealed when I buried my face between her legs. Desperately, I licked and sucked at her juicy twat, my tongue swirling over her lips as my fingers dug into her firm ass.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled, thrashing against the wall, gripping my hair, grinding my face in her sopping wet snatch. “Eat my goddamn pussy, you filthy animal!”

Her juices were thick and salty on my tongue. Pushing my tongue deeper, I probed further into the inner recesses of her sex. I drank deeply from the well of her desire, and went back for more.

“I love your mouth, so hot, so strong” she groaned, sinking against the wall as my tongue rubbed over her lips. “Suck my clit, darling, please suck it!”

Dragging my fingers from her ass to her pussy, I slid two fingers into her cunt as my lips grabbed her throbbing button.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck,” came her almost feral groan, her ass pushed flat against the wall, pushing herself up as her legs trembled. “Oh God, you’re making me cum!”

Arching her back, Ulla pushed her cunt hard against my face, her volcanically hot sex smothering me, her juices flowing into my mouth and dripping down to my chin. She slumped down against the wall as her anguished cries subsided, and I rose, sweeping her legs off the floor. She slipped her arms around my neck and plastered her mouth against mine, pushing her tongue inside and wrestling with my tongue, as I carried her to the empty desk.

“You’re an animal,” she grunted. “A dirty, rutting beast, just like my William!”

As I laid her on the desk, she leaped at me, tearing at my shirt, ripping it open, spreading kisses all around my chest as her icy blue fingernails raked my flesh. Groaning, I watched as she slid down my body, tongue swirling through the dark, curly hair on my chest and belly.

My prick was throbbing, painfully, straining against my slacks as Ulla sank to her knees in front of me. Smiling coyly up at me, she unbuckled my belt and undid my slacks. I sighed as my slacks slid to the floor, and gasped sharply as Ulla’s fingers slipped inside the flap of my boxers, grasping my shaft.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes,” she murmured, massaging my prick gently. “It’s so long and thick, the veins throbbing so hard. It’s just as long and thick as Carmen told me it was,” she smiled before pulling the veiny sausage from its casing and sinking it into her wide open mouth.

My head flew back, my eyes squeezing shut, as I groaned out loud. Her tongue slid along the underside of the shaft as her fingers stayed inside my shorts, tickling my balls. Swaying as Ulla lathered my cock with saliva, I put my hands on the back of her head, forcing her to swallow more of my pulsing prick.

If I was afraid of choking Ulla with my cock, it appeared I needn’t have worried, as she looked up at me with fiery lust, her mouth inching downward on my dark shaft.

“Goddamn,” I grunted, as Ulla dug her nails into the backs of my thighs. “You really know how to suck dick!”

Something that sounded almost like laughter was muffled by my shaft. Her straight platinum hair shook as her head bobbed on my prick. Slowly, she eased her bead back, removing me from her mouth.

“You are surprised,” she laughed, rubbing my cock against her face, “that an old woman like me could please you so expertly?”

“I never,” I grunted, “called you old.”

“But you thought it, darling, even as you were lusting over my body.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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